Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/30/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/30/13


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Sonny tells Will that Justin called to tell him the jury selection went as he thought and that he'll call back. Will decides he'll call EJ. Sonny asks if something else is going on. Will is afraid he was a little too hard on Gabi earlier but Sonny thinks he let her off easy as she should know better than to let Nick anywhere near his kid.

Eric lays in bed and begins having nightmares again until Nicole knocks on the door, asking if he's in there and if she can come in. Eric wakes up in a panic again. Eric says he's fine and tells Nicole to go away.

Nick helps Gabi with her homework at the town square. Gabi decides she must get back to Arianna. Nick offers to come with her but Gabi says it's okay so Nick assumes Will did have a problem with him holding Arianna

Brady proposes to Kristen which shocks her.

EJ says she doesn't have anything on Stefano. Sami says he would have to give her something. EJ asks if he doesn't. Sami says then she would have to give something on him. EJ questions her deal. Sami explains she gets maximum five years in prison if she gets them Stefano so she told Melinda that she could get him. EJ questions if the deal is giving him up. Sami says if she has to but they want Stefano. Sami says she just can't spend the rest of her life in prison. EJ asks if she thinks he can.

Nicole says Eric is scaring her but he insists he's fine. Eric says he's awake and will be in the office soon so Nicole leaves.

Kristen reminds Brady about taking it slow. Brady says they can have the slowest engagement and points out that she hasn't accepted yet. Kristen then kisses him.

Sami tells EJ that he won't be behind bars while she will still serve 5 years if he makes the deal to give them Stefano. EJ questions how she could be so naive and stupid to think they'd give him immunity. Sami insists that they will if he gives them Stefano. EJ yells about her sending him to prison. EJ shouts that his name is DiMera so they would never let him walk. Sami argues that he wouldn't go to prison. EJ says she knows better than that. Sami asks him to give her something on Stefano and to help her. EJ asks what she thinks he's trying to do. Sami complains that she doesn't know as she's stuck in there. Sami says this is her only deal. EJ questions getting 20 years or life in prison. Sami doesn't think that will happen but EJ says they will both go to prison and she'll get out before he does. Sami says it's not what she wants. EJ tells her that is the deal and questions when she decided to go this way. Sami tells him that she doesn't have a chance at trial and wonders what she was supposed to do. EJ questions when the deal was brought up. Sami admits Justin was there and it was before the jury selection. Sami says she had thought about it and knows how it sounds. Sami repeats that she can't spend the rest of her life in prison as she can't do it that to the kids. Sami says they are not in this together because she's in the cell all by herself. Sami asks what she was supposed to do.

Sonny asks Will if he really wants a guy who called him a faggot to be holding his kid. Sonny says he knows Nick has had trouble and is getting better but they can't forget everything he did to them. Will agrees but thinks if a bigot wants to change then they can't keep treating him like dirt or else he won't change. Sonny agrees to try for peace. Will thanks him.

Gabi tells Nick not to worry about it. Nick insists as he doesn't want to make her life harder. Gabi says it's not him but just a rough patch for everyone. Nick asks if they are treating her differently and if it's because of him.

Victor and Marlena talk at the Kiriakis Mansion, wondering who Kristen's affair could have been with. They talk about her past and then about Jennifer being who Kristen was talking to. Victor says they may only have one shot to get Kristen away from Brady.

Kristen reminds Brady about agreeing to take things slow and she figured that's what she deserved. She asks what changed. Brady says she did. Brady says he can't stop thinking about how she was so supportive and loving with Jennifer. Kristen calls that a minority opinion. Brady says they don't know her like he does and he knows he's right about her. Brady knows she's the woman he wants to be with for the rest of his life. Brady proposes again.

Eric enters the rectory and asks Nicole for notes from a meeting. Nicole brings them and apologizes for before. Eric brushes it off and continues working. Nicole brings up that he freaked out when she knocked on his door earlier and asks why.

Gabi tells Nick that it's just been a hard week. Nick apologizes for making it worse. Gabi says she's a single mom, a student and living with two gay guys so her life will never be normal and she has to take every day one step at a time. Gabi then walks away. Nick looks over and sees Will walking.

Kristen gets teary-eyed and is speechless. She says she's not avoiding but is savoring the moment. Kristen says yes and accepts Brady's proposal so he puts the ring on her finger. Kristen repeats yes as Brady says he loves her and they kiss.

Nicole offers to talk with Eric but he asks her to let it go. A nun comes in needing Nicole's help on a program. Eric assures Nicole that everything is fine as she exits. The nun comes back in asking Eric for keys to the van. Eric looks through his drawers and finds matches from the hotel he stayed at and has flashbacks again.

Sami tells EJ how much she loves him. EJ turns away. Sami cries about missing the kids. Sami says she wants out to be with him and she knows he loves her. EJ turns to her and says he loves her. Sami believes EJ could get immunity if he gives up Stefano. EJ holds her and tells her there is one small problem. EJ declares that Sami can't give him up to the prosecutor because she has nothing on him to give.

Nicole returns to Eric asking if he found the keys to the van. Eric asks her why the hotel matches are there. Nicole says she just shoved everything in a bag and doesn't want to think about that place as she's pretty sure he doesn't either.

Kristen talks about how much she loves her new ring. She thinks they should tell their families. Brady agrees and asks where she wants to start. Kristen says she has to go back to the rectory tomorrow so they can start with Eric but Brady wants to tell him right now so he can see how happy he is. Brady kisses her goodbye and exits the park.

Victor and Marlena wonder who else Kristen would confide in other than Jennifer. Victor complains about Brady not seeing it. Marlena decides she may have a solution and she'll be in touch as she exits.

Sami asks EJ what he means. EJ tells her that she would have to provide proof of a crime which she can't do. Sami says she knows all about his business. EJ asks if she does. Sami brings up different instances but EJ has an answer for each one being legal. Sami brings up him kidnapping Sydney. EJ asks if she wants to bring up past crimes as what he did to her is intertwined with what she did to him. Sami declares this is not what she wants. She shouts that she doesn't want to hurt him. Sami begs him to give her something small that she can give to get out of here. EJ asks how many years she thinks would be too many for him to spend in prison. Sami insists that he could talk his way out of it as she breaks down crying. EJ stops her and tells her to forget about him as they should be focusing on clearing her name. Sami says they have tried. EJ refuses to give up. Sami tells him to be realistic that there are no other options or other ways. EJ asks when she lost her faith in him. EJ says he would move Heaven and Earth to get her out. EJ encourages her to have faith in him. Melinda arrives, saying she has Sami's paperwork. She asks EJ for a moment alone with Sami.

Nick follows Will to the Pub and asks if he has a minute. Will says no as he's going to say hi to Caroline. The waiter tells him that Caroline is taking a nap right now. Nick promises to make it quick.

Roman meets with Marlena at the coffeehouse. Marlena says she needs a big favor and he can't ask her why. Roman asks what she needs. Marlena wants Kristen's phone records with her call history of the last few weeks and he's the only one that can legally get it for her.

Kristen returns home and pulls out the adoption papers from her purse. She thinks back to her and Brady planning on adopting a child.

Nicole asks Eric what is bugging her. Eric says it's just her because there's nothing bugging him. Brady enters and asks if he's interrupting. Brady comments that Eric looks like hell. Eric asks what's going on. Brady says he just has a little bit of news about Kristen.

Melinda senses she was interrupting. EJ says she is as he's conferring with his client. Melinda asks Sami if they have a deal or not.

At home, Sonny apologizes to Gabi as he knows things have been tense around here and he wants that to go away. Sonny knows he crossed the line but he wants everything to work out for all of them. Gabi feels the same. Sonny says it's special that they share Arianna in their lives. Gabi credits Sonny for helping her give birth. Gabi assures him that it will work out.

Will wishes Nick well and hopes he gets the help that he needs to get better to live a happy life but when he saw him holding his daughter, he absolutely hated that. Will wishes he was a bigger man that that like he was telling Sonny that people need to give Nick a chance but doesn't think he can. Will is sorry for what happened to him in prison as he has to live with that for the rest of his life. Will says he has to live with being ashamed of what he let Nick do to him.

Marlena can't tell Roman how important this is. Roman wants to help but says he can't legally get them or else they'd both end up in jail. Roman tells her that she will have to find another way. Marlena understands. Roman apologizes and asks if she'll be okay. Marlena assures him and says it was just a silly idea. She tells him to take care as he exits. Marlena then exits as well.

Nicole starts to leave but Brady wants her to hear this as well. Nicole mocks Kristen. Eric says Kristen has been a big help with the scholarships. Brady says what he has to say is about he and Kristen. Brady is about to make his announcement but Nicole stops him.

Sami tells Melinda to take her deal and shove it as she changed her mind. Melinda says it's funny that happens when a DiMera is around. Sami insists that she is innocent. Melinda thinks she is making the wrong move. EJ tells her that he will see her in court. Melinda tells Sami that she will be sorry as soon she will only have photos of her kids. Melinda exits. They complain about her. Sami apologizes to EJ. EJ says they need to focus on finding the evidence to clear her name. Sami then declares that she has an idea that will actually work and it might be exactly what they need to set her free. Sami says if they could just tell about Stefano and Bernardi then she wouldn't be in this mess. EJ reminds her they don't have proof. Sami suggests evidence just turning up and then realizes EJ already thought of it. EJ thinks back to worrying that the FBI could know it was a setup. EJ tells Sami that she'd be convicted for sure if it came out that evidence was planted. Sami agrees that makes sense and is glad she talked to him about it first. EJ assures her that he will get her out and back home with the kids.

Will says he let Nick control him and was a coward to him. Will says he tried to justify it by saying he was protecting his family but they all almost died because of what Nick was running from. Will says he will never take that chance again. Will declares that he does have a problem with Nick holding his daughter.

Gabi and Sonny joke around together at home. Gabi takes Arianna to bed while Sonny searches for Arianna's blue bunny. He looks underneath the couch and finds the condom wrapper as Gabi comes back into the room.

Nicole questions if Brady really did it. Brady was hoping Eric would be happy for him. Nicole thinks she's right about this. Eric asks what's going on. Brady announces that he has asked Kristen to marry him.

Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion. Kristen tells her that EJ isn't there and tries to shut the door but Marlena says she came to see her and walks on in.

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