Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/29/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/29/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ turns and asks Jennifer if she wants to talk to him or Daniel. Daniel apologizes for not calling. Jennifer says she's just surprised. Daniel understands if it's a bad time and will go if she wants. JJ calls it Jennifer's call.

Theresa shops online at work and talks about spending all the money that she stole from Vargas.

Cameron says he knows she's confused about Chad. Abigail questions Cameron making decisions for her and giving her to Chad. Cameron says he was wrong to pressure her into anything because he doesn't have time for anything serious with his job. Cameron says she and Chad have a bond. Abigail questions him planning to end things with them and asks when he decided.

Nicole mentions Eric having a lot on his mind all day. Brady asks if it's something important. She responds that he just hasn't been himself. Brady gets a call from John.

Eric explains to Father Matt on the phone that it's an unclear dream he keeps having and he doesn't know how to interpret it. Eric feels God is trying to speak to him but he doesn't know what he's trying to say. Kristen then arrives in the doorway. Eric says he'll continue the conversation later and hangs up. Kristen notes that he seemed upset and asks if there's a problem.

EJ meets with his contact at home who informs him that the $100,000 has been planted in Bernardi's account to make the cops think he was taking bribes. EJ asks if there's any way it can be traced back to him.

Sami tells Melinda that she wants to make a deal. She asks if that means she's willing to give her EJ.

Eric tells Kristen that he's just tired and drained from being up all night with a patient that died at the hospital. Kristen says she's sorry. Eric remembers she's there for the student interviews. She offers to do it alone and let Eric sleep. Eric says he tried but had bad dreams.

EJ's contact assures him that nothing can be traced to him. He says the FBI could find out that the money was put in after Bernardi was killed. EJ worries about them knowing it was a setup. EJ wonders what he's done for Sami.

Sami tells Melinda that she's negotiating for her life. Melinda says getting EJ would be great but doesn't necessarily mean she would get Stefano. Sami suggests not giving up EJ but everything on Stefano.

Cameron doesn't know what Abigail is talking about. Abigail thinks he's playing dumb. Abigail says she talked to Kayla, who hinted that she doesn't need to be torn between two guys because the answer would be clear so she thinks Kayla knew Cameron was going to break it off with her. Cameron says he didn't say anything to her. Abigail says it doesn't matter because she went on a date with Chad last night and was thinking it wasn't fair to lead Cameron on anymore. Chad continues to listen from behind the gate.

Roman goes to Jennifer's office and greets Theresa. He asks what she's up to. Theresa says she was just finishing things up. Roman says he was looking for her as he talked to Hope, who told him she was hanging out with Vargas just before he got arrested for possession. Theresa says she was just bored and had no idea what Vargas was in to. Roman doesn't believe her and warns her about making any more mistakes. Roman questions her hanging out with a convicted felon who had drugs. Roman tells her to focus on her job and grow up as he then exits.

Jennifer tells JJ that it's very important that they finish their conversation but right now she's going to talk to Daniel. JJ says it's good to know where he stands with her.

Eric and Kristen go over the list of students. Kristen talks about kids and being a kid.

Brady returns to Nicole after his call with John. Brady says he told John about he and Kristen and that John acknowledged that he can't do anything to change it. Nicole asks if John approves of his relationship. Brady says John just isn't going to fight him on it anymore but will never accept them. Nicole hugs Brady.

Cameron asks if Abigail has decided that she wants to be with Chad. Abigail says Chad is funny and smart and they have a lot in common. Cameron says he's happy for her as Chad's a good guy. Cameron suggests she take things slow as there's no need to rush. Abigail says she wasn't planning on rushing but thanks him for the advice. Abigail is glad things worked out for the three of them and no one got hurt. Cameron tells her to take care. Abigail says she'll see him around. Cameron says goodbye and walks away.

Jennifer tells JJ that he's her son and she loves him but she decides when it's time to talk. JJ takes his backpack and exits. Jennifer goes into the living room with Daniel. Jennifer is glad he stopped by because she wanted to apologize for getting so upset on the phone earlier. Daniel tells her it's okay because he gets it now. Daniel opens his bag and pulls out Parker's birth certificate to show her. Jennifer excitedly hugs him and says she knows how much it means to him. Daniel says he wanted her to see it because she sacrificed so much to make sure Chloe didn't take Parker away from him. Daniel says she recognized that nothing mattered more to him than being a dad to his son. Daniel thinks he finally realized that he had been terribly unfair to her.

Nicole tells Brady that she's so sorry as she knows things were getting better with John before he left town. Brady expected a worse reaction and says he seemed more resigned than angry. Brady assumes John thinks he'll just come to his senses. Nicole says that they all want that and prays that he will see the light some day. Brady insists that Kristen is what's best for him. They hug goodbye and Brady walks off. Nicole says to herself that Kristen is such a snake and maybe she can prove it.

Melinda says Sami already admitted she can't get Stefano and that's why she wanted EJ. Sami says she was just holding out to see what else she could get. Melinda doesn't believe her and calls it a waste of time. Sami admits she caught her bluff as she doesn't have anything on Stefano but can still give her EJ.

Theresa sits alone in the town square eating. JJ walks by so Theresa stops him. She asks if he got grounded again. JJ says goodbye and starts to walk away but she stops him. She apologizes and says she's having a bad day too. JJ sits with her and asks about her bad day and her date last night getting arrested. Theresa questions her family telling everything about her. JJ complains about Jennifer and says she's like a stranger to him that he doesn't get at all. Theresa thinks they both need an escape. JJ asks what kind she's talking about. Theresa suggests pot.

Nicole sits with Roman at the Pub and asks for a favor. She needs him to prove once and for all that Kristen is an evil, diabolical skank.

Kristen tells Eric that she'll have everything ready for the interviews tomorrow. Kristen exits as Father Matt arrives. Matt is glad Eric and Kristen are able to work together. Eric admits she's great for kids but says he feels a little uncomfortable about her at times but can't figure out why.

Chad talks with EJ at the coffeehouse and asks about the jury selection. EJ says things didn't turn out to their advantage. Chad feels bad about the video he filmed. EJ tells him not to as he's not the only one that made an error in judgment with this case. Chad asks what that means. EJ explains that he's been doing everything he can to help Sami but he's afraid he may have made the situation worse. EJ says if he ends up hurting her, he'd never forgive himself.

Melinda asks Sami what incriminating evidence she can give her on EJ. Sami insists on a better deal. Melinda says she just wants justice and she will do it with or without her help. Sami wishes her luck and says she won't get another opportunity like this. Melinda says if she gives up EJ and then EJ gives up Stefano then she will knock down her ten years in prison to a possible five with parole. She then asks Sami what she has for her.

Theresa asks JJ if they are going to party or what. JJ says he can meet her after class tomorrow as it's his last day of summer school. She kisses him on the cheek and says she trusts him and will see him tomorrow after school as she walks off.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he can't fault her for how she's handling her son, especially as a single parent. Daniel says he's come to realize that there is no right way as she has to do what she feels is best at the time and he has to support that which is what he intends to do from now on. She asks what he's trying to say.

Roman tells Nicole that Marlena must be beside herself but he's not sure what she thinks he can do. Nicole thinks he can dig in her records and find something to prove to Brady what a waste she is. Roman reminds her that he's suspended so he's not the acting commissioner and has no access but even if he did, he'd have to say no. She asks if he cares about Brady. Roman says he's told Brady the same things but it's obvious that he will have to find out the truth about her on his own. Nicole says John said the same thing but wonders where the truth is going to come from.

Eric tells Father Matt that he thinks his uneasiness with Kristen has to do with her family more than her. Matt asks about his disturbing dream. Eric doesn't think he wants to hear but he says to try him. Eric says he was making love to a woman but didn't see her face and doesn't know who she was. Eric explains that the sexual nature of the dream wasn't the concern as he feels there is a part of it he should remember but doesn't. He feels God's trying to tell him something but he doesn't know what.

Brady brings Kristen to a Hawaii set up in the park. Kristen says she has no words. Brady says she didn't have to leave work as he brought Hawaii to her. Kristen says she loves it and loves him as they kiss.

Sami questions Melinda expecting her to give up what she knows without her lawyer or anything in writing. Sami adds that she wants immunity for Will. Melinda asks if it's because Will and Sonny covered up the video of her and Bernardi. She mocks Sami asking for more things. Sami says if she can gets Stefano directly on her own without EJ then she wants a maximum of five years with possible parole. Melinda exits. Sami looks back at the photos of her kids and cries that she's sorry to EJ but wonders what else she could do.

Cameron goes to the coffeehouse and says he came to check on Chad after he took a shot to the head at the club opening. Chad tells him to back off as he doesn't want people to know. Cameron thinks people will know when he starts treatment but Chad thinks his doctor will help him beat it before anyone knows. Chad tells him to keep his word and his mouth shut.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he will step away like she did so he could be with Parker and now he has to do that for her with JJ. Jennifer doesn't think that's the answer. Daniel says JJ does not want him in her life and she has to care how he feels. Jennifer cries that JJ just needs a little more time to get over losing Jack and feeling better about himself before he can accept another man in her life. Daniel says he gets it and maybe they can talk if that happens. Daniel tells Jennifer that he can't keep living with false hope that maybe some day things will work out. Daniel says they need to live in reality right now and for now, she needs to take care of JJ and focus on him while he focuses on Parker. Jennifer cries as Daniel says goodbye and that he loves her. Daniel then exits.

Father Matt brings up Eric losing a patient earlier. Eric doesn't know what that has to do with his dream. Matt brings up watching someone die and how sex is life affirming. Matt tells him to stop worrying and get some sleep as he exits.

Brady massages and kisses Kristen. He tells her to get the sunscreen but she pulls out an empty bottle that Brady left for her.

EJ visits Sami. Sami is glad he's there. EJ asks if something happened. She says Melinda was there. EJ asks why he didn't know about it. Sami explains that she offered her five years for Stefano. Sami says she needs to come up with enough information to put Stefano behind bars.

Abigail sits outside the Pub wiping tears. She gets a call from Chad. Chad says she took out so fast before that he didn't get to ask if she wants to go out again tonight. Abigail says she would love that and asks what he feels like doing. Chad tells her to leave it to him and he'll call her later. Abigail hangs up and says Chad is a great guy so everything worked out like it's supposed to.

Theresa returns to using the computer in the office. She decides maybe it's not such a terrible day after all.

Daniel returns home looking at Parker's birth certificate. He puts it away in a drawer then looks at framed photos of he and Jennifer. Daniel takes that and also puts it away in the drawer.

Jennifer lays on the couch at home. JJ returns for his school notes. He stops and asks where Daniel is. Jennifer informs him that Daniel is gone and not coming back. She tells him to just go do his homework.

Eric lays in bed and begins having nightmares again until Nicole knocks on the door, asking if he's in there and if she can come in. Eric wakes up in a panic again.

Kristen opens the bottle and finds a paper inside that reads "Will You Marry Me" as Brady brings out the ring and asks her if she will.

EJ questions Sami talking to Melinda without he or Justin. Sami says it was five years. EJ says she doesn't have anything on Stefano. Sami says he would have to give her something. EJ asks if he doesn't. Sami says then she would have to give something on him.

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