Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/28/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/28/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen goes to exit Jennifer's but Brady surprises her and kisses her.

Justin and EJ meet with Sami at her cell.

Abe talks with Cameron at the hospital and asks him what happened with he and Abigail.

Abigail goes to the coffeehouse looking for her necklace that she lost at the club opening. Chad comes up behind her and brings it to her.

Rory joins JJ and Bev at the park, complaining about his final. Rory talks about cheating off JJ. Bev jokes that they should take notes. JJ's phone rings and Rory jokes about it being Jennifer and says JJ is supposed to jump when she calls but JJ says not anymore.

Daniel goes to the Rectory where Nicole is working on the computer. She asks how he's doing. He asks if Eric is around. She tells him that he just went to bed and with any luck, he's sleeping like an angel. Nicole asks what Daniel is there for and if he found something new about when Eric was sick before.

Eric lays in bed and has nightmares starting to remember what happened to him in his hotel room then he wakes up in a panic.

Kristen asks Brady what that was for. Brady says it was for giving him a chance to see the real her.

Eric wonders what he was dreaming about.

Nicole asks Daniel to tell her. Daniel brings up doctor-patient confidentiality and says Nicole can't keep a secret. Nicole assumes he came for counseling from Eric because she told him that Jennifer might be pregnant so she thinks Daniel found out that she really is.

Jennifer leaves a message for JJ saying they need to talk and asks him to come home. She then looks at Daniel's number on her phone but says she can't.

Kristen tells Brady that she doesn't understand. Brady says he heard her talking and didn't mean to eavesdrop. Brady says he heard her telling Jennifer not to give up on Daniel.

Eric continues wondering about his dream sa he lays back down and tries to go back to sleep.

Brady and Kristen go back into Jennifer's living room. Brady says they both made mistakes in the past. Kristen thinks his only mistake was trusting her. Brady understands that she was working things out. Brady believes it's all behind them. Kristen doesn't think John and Marlena would agree. Brady says he doesn't care how they feel as he heard her today and it hit him that he can trust her so this time he knows it's real. Kristen hugs him.

Justin tells Sami that their consultant was watching the jury selection to try and get the odds. Justin tells her that the odds are 80% that Sami will be convicted.

Cameron tells Abe that he likes Abigail but that's all. Abe thinks there's something wrong. Cameron says sometimes you have to look at the big picture and try to do what's right. Abe asks what that means. Cameron misses having Lexie to talk to.

Chad asks Abigail how she's doing. She says she's okay too as she was a mess when she thought she lost her necklace as it's the last gift her dad gave her. Chad is glad he found it. Abigail doesn't know how she would've explained it to Jennifer if she lost it. Chad says she would've understand since her family takes care of each other.

JJ sells some drugs to a guy in the park. Bev says that was pretty awesome and then jokes about the doughnuts. JJ tells her that he will make it up to her and then kisses her until Bev's ex, Cole interrupts.

Brady admits to Kristen he was pessimistic about their second time around. Kristen says he had good reason. Brady always believed there was something real between them and now he knows he was right after hearing her talk to Jennifer. Kristen asks what that means. Jennifer comes back in and forgot Brady was still there. She asks if she's interrupting. Brady says it's nothing they can't continue later. Jennifer offers to make lunch but Brady says he has everything he needs right now.

Daniel tells Nicole that Jennifer is not pregnant and the test was for a friend. Nicole apologizes for getting his hopes up and disappointing him. Daniel doesn't want to discuss his feelings with her. Nicole says she thought they were friends. Daniel says they are but this topic makes him very uneasy. Nicole says she's been rooting for he and Jennifer and tried to help make things work for them. Daniel asks Nicole what is in it for her.

Eric's nightmares about what happened in the hotel continue. He again wakes up in a panic.

EJ tells Sami and Justin that they are not going to give up. EJ insists that Sami won't go to prison as she didn't do anything wrong. Justin decides he should let Sami get some rest. Sami admits she wants some time alone to think. Justin exits. EJ tells Sami that he will be back and then exits as well.

JJ tells Cole to leave. Cole says it's a public park and questions what he's doing with Bev. Bev reminds him that they are no longer together as she walks off with JJ. Rory tells Cole to chill and offers him weed but he refuses. Rory then walks off. Cole says he's going to pay for that.

Chad sits with Abigail and asks if she had fun at the club opening since he wasn't paying full attention. Abigail understands since it's his club. Chad notes that he didn't kiss her goodnight so he makes up for it by kissing her now. Cameron then walks in and sees them.

Eric prays at his bedside asking for guidance.

Daniel thinks whatever is in it for Nicole has to do with a man. She says she's a strong independent woman, whose life no longer revolves around men. Daniel jokes with her. Nicole asks why it's hard to believe that she's changed and doesn't need obsess over a guy. Daniel says she just somehow always kind of does.

Brady kisses Kristen goodbye and tells her that he will catch up with her later. Jennifer sits with Kristen and realizes he heard them talking. Jennifer apologizes as she thought he left. Kristen tells her not to apologize and hugs her as she calls her the best friend she ever had.

Nicole and Daniel talk about how both are with relationships until Eric walks in. Nicole exits to let them talk. Eric asks Daniel why he wanted to see him. Daniel asks him what's wrong as he realizes something is up. Daniel asks if he finally remembered something about the night he got sick.

Cameron turns and exits before Chad & Abigail see him. Abigail tells Chad he probably has a lot do. Chad says he can always make time for her. Abigail calls it sweet but says she'd like his full attention so she'll get going. Abigail then exits leaving Chad confused as to what just happened.

Jennifer suggests since things are going well, Kristen can tell Brady about there being someone while they were apart. Kristen says it was one meaningless night and she only should've told him before they got back together. Jennifer says she shouldn't be talking since she was lying to JJ about Daniel. Kristen encourages Jennifer about Daniel and asks if she really thinks it's good for JJ to let him get away with keeping them apart.

Nicole goes to the park where JJ is with Rory. Rory exits. Nicole asks JJ if he's having a picnic. JJ asks if she's stalking him. Nicole says she knows where to find trouble which is what they are. JJ asks why she cares. Nicole says she cares about Jennifer. Nicole says it's wrong to keep Daniel away from her. Nicole says Jennifer think he's changed but she knows he hasn't. Nicole says Jennifer and Daniel are in love while JJ is a selfish brat that's not worth sacrificing that for. Nicole then storms off.

Eric tells Daniel that he still doesn't remember anything but wishes he did. Daniel asks why he looks exhausted. Eric blames it on being at the hospital all night and seeing a patient die. Eric asks if that's why Daniel came to see him. Daniel admits he came to talk about Jennifer. He asks Eric to help him see the situation clearly.

Abe goes to visit Sami and says he talked to Melinda. Sami wishes she was dropping the charges. Abe says Melinda feels pretty confident about the jury. Abe notes that he's been called to testify for the prosecution. Sami says everyone has except Marlena and Caroline. Sami says Justin mentioned them as possible character witnesses but she wonders the point when no one seems to believe that she shot Bernardi to save Rafe. Abe tells her that he believes her.

EJ and Justin go to the DiMera Mansion. EJ complains about making Sami feel like she doesn't have a chance. Justin talks about all she will have to do. EJ insists that Sami is going to beat this. Justin asks what makes him so sure about that.

Brady and Kristen sit together at the Pub. Brady suggests they go to Hawaii for some time alone to get to know each other again. Kristen declines the offer.

Eric asks Daniel about Jennifer wanting to keep things secret from JJ. Daniel says this is all about JJ's anger with Jennifer as he's actively trying to make her miserable. Daniel doesn't know how this situation will ever change. Daniel says it feels like no matter what he does, JJ wins. Eric suggests he's too immersed in the situation. Daniel admits he spends most of his time trying to figure something out. Eric suggests asking God for perspective to help see things that may have been missed right in front of them.

JJ returns home. Jennifer tells him that they really need to talk. JJ says all they do is talk and he knows everything about her and Daniel. Jennifer says he doesn't know everything about she and him which is about to change.

Sami thanks Abe for believing in her and tells him how much it means to her as it helps her feel like she has a chance. Abe tells her if there's anything to tell then now is not the time to hold back as he exits.

Justin brings up warning EJ not to undermine him again. EJ says he didn't. Justin asks why he was so sure that the cops would find something in Bernardi's house. EJ says he was a corrupt cop. Justin assumes EJ planted something there and talks about EJ being sure that something is still going to surface to prove Sami's innocence. Justin questions if what EJ really wants is to make sure that Sami is found guilty.

Abigail catches up to Cameron in the town square, saying he walks so fast. Cameron says he's late for an appointment and rushes off.

Jennifer tells JJ that she loves Daniel and wants things to work out for them but right now, she doesn't know if they will. JJ doesn't know what to say. Jennifer knows he doesn't like Daniel but also that he hasn't given him a chance. Jennifer says she wants to work things out with Daniel so whatever happens between them, JJ will just have to accept.

Daniel shows Parker's birth certificate to Eric. Daniel talks about wanting to show Jennifer since he and Parker love her and he knows she loves them too. Daniel asks if it's a sign he's been ignoring because he's been so mad at JJ. Daniel thanks Eric and decides he's going to talk to Jennifer to see if they can figure something out. Daniel again says that Eric looks like hell and thinks something is definitely bothering him. Daniel asks if maybe Eric is ignoring something right in front of him. Daniel suggests Eric take his own advice and try to deal with it.

Kristen tells Brady that the school year is about to start so she has to interview more scholarship students. Kristen says she'd like to go anywhere with him but it's not a good time. Brady understands she loves kids. Kristen mentions Daniel getting Parker's birth certificate and how she can't imagine what it must be like for him. Brady suggests maybe one day for them. Kristen thought they were taking things slowly. Brady talks about surprising her and kisses her.

Abigail follows Cameron out of the town square. She doesn't buy that he's late and wants to know why he's avoiding her. Chad walks up and watches from behind the gate.

Justin tells EJ that he's letting his feelings cloud his judgment and he worries about Sami. EJ says he would never do anything to jeopardize Sami's safety. Justin talks about evidence suddenly popping up and how Melinda would make everyone think Sami was in on it and she'd be sent away for life.

Sami does pushups in her cell. She stops and looks at her kids pictures on the wall. Sami thinks back to Melinda's deal offer. Sami then calls for the guard and says she needs him to call Melinda for her.

Cameron tells Abigail that he hasn't been avoiding her but was just busy. Abigail questions him telling Chad to spend more time with her. Cameron says that's not exactly what he said but he knows she's confused about Chad. Abigail questions Cameron making decisions for her and giving her to Chad.

JJ tells Jennifer to do whatever she wants with whoever she wants but asks her to stop freaking out when she thinks he is lying to her since she's been lying to him. Jennifer doesn't think she's been lying but JJ brings up Jack being the only person she loved. JJ suggests they both stop pretending who they are not and stop acting like they are a close family. Jennifer says they are going to deal with this right now but Daniel arrives. JJ turns and asks Jennifer if she wants to talk to him or Daniel.

Brady runs into Nicole at the town square. Nicole says she was just getting some fresh air. Brady assumes it's because Kristen showed up at Eric's office but Nicole says she didn't know. Nicole mentions Eric having a lot on his mind all day. Brady asks if it's something important. She responds that he just hasn't been himself.

Eric talks on the phone at the rectory to one of the priests and says he's very disturbed about some things that are interfering with his duties. Eric explains that it's an unclear dream he keeps having and he doesn't know how to interpret it. Eric feels God is trying to speak to him but he doesn't know what he's trying to say. Kristen then arrives in the doorway.

Melinda meets with Sami. Sami says she wanted to speak privately. Melinda says her assistant is there as a witness and any conversation they have will be on record. Sami wants to make her deal.

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