Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/27/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/27/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric sits in a hospital room over a patient. Nicole enters and brings him the holy oil, asking what happened. Eric talks about the patient's surgery as she wakes up and tells Eric that she doesn't want to die.

Gabi says Nick is a free man. Will shouts that Nick may have paid for what he did back then but not for what he did to him. Gabi points out that Nick apologized. Will is not fine with Nick holding his daughter. Gabi remarks that Arianna is her daughter too and they need to remember that as Sonny returns home. Sonny says Arianna can hear her yelling. Gabi then yells about them lecturing her on how to raise her daughter.

Jennifer looks at her phone at home. She goes to Daniel's number and says she can't call him then goes to JJ's number and says she can't call him either because he's taking his final. Brady arrives and says he needs to talk to her. Brady notices she's upset and asks what's wrong, then says they have some talking to do as he hugs her.

Daniel shuts the door and tells Kristen that he's sick of lies so she's not leaving until she tells him what secret she's talking about.

Sonny tells Gabi that he's not trying to tell her how to do things. Gabi brings up how he told her how to do things when he left. Sonny and Will say it was an emergency while Gabi questions what happened to being all three of them together.

Nicole tells Eric that she will leave but the patient asks her to stay. She tells Nicole that she looks like her sister. Eric assures the woman that they will be right there with her and not go anywhere.

Jennifer explains to Brady that JJ walked in on her and Daniel kissing and lost it then Daniel lost it and she lost it. Brady is confused as he thought they broke up. Jennifer says they were trying to keep distance for JJ's sake. Jennifer says JJ was doing so much better but she gave in for one minute with Daniel and now she may have lost both of them.

Daniel tells Kristen she can leave so she starts to but Daniel pulls out his phone and says he's calling Brady which stops her.

Nicole sits with the patient and tells her about having a sister too while encouraging her. Eric anoints her with the holy oil. Eric tells her not to be afraid to let go as the woman then dies.

Sonny asks why they are fighting. Will explains that he walks in on Nick holding Arianna. Gabi mocks it being a big deal. Will says he just said he didn't want Nick in there. Gabi brings it up being her apartment too and says they'll have to make an agreement. Gabi explains that Nick has changed and is on parole. Will shouts about Nick blackmailing him, threatening to send him to jail and saying that he wasn't good enough to raise his daughter because he's gay. Will then reminds her of Nick attacking Sonny by calling him a faggot.

Maggie talks to Nick in the town square about him leaving the Kiriakis Mansion. Nick thanks her for all she did. Maggie says it sounds like they'll never see each other again. Nick says it's not like that. Maggie says her phone will always be on. Nick appreciates it and then brings up hearing what happened to Vargas. Maggie assumes he's on his way back to prison. Nick says that could've been him.

Jennifer talks to Brady about trying to do everything for JJ. Brady asks about Daniel. Jennifer thinks she's ruined everything because JJ thinks she's been lying to him the whole time. Jennifer says she needs to talk to JJ. Brady thinks she needs to talk to Daniel too but Jennifer says they are done talking.

Daniel questions Kristen as to why she doesn't want him to call Brady. She says he will say things that aren't true. Daniel declares that he's done with lies and secrets while Brady is his best friend. Kristen says she loves him. Daniel brings up her hurting him too. Daniel says he won't let it slide so she can tell him or he'll call Brady. Kristen decides she will tell him everything.

The patient's sister joins Eric and Nicole. Eric tells her that she died in peace. Eric gives her his card as she thanks him. They leave the room to give her a moment alone. Nicole talks about how terrible of a tragedy it is. Eric says death isn't horrible when you're with God like she was and she's in his arms now.

Nick tells Maggie that he's going to get his life going again and then he doesn't know but he wants to get back some things that he lost. Maggie tells him not to plan too far ahead as they say goodbye.

Gabi says she understands that Nick shouldn't have said those things and hates that he did. Will doesn't believe. Gabi blames what happened to Nick in prison. Sonny argues against it. Will says they are not going to excuse what he did. Gabi wants them to give Nick a break because he's been through a lot. Will asks if they haven't.

Eric and Nicole sit together at the Pub. Eric thanks her for staying at the hospital. Nicole talks about how all Eric does is give and she thinks he deserves some happiness himself.

Kristen begins talking about Daniel knowing Brady better than anyone and how Brady honors truth. Kristen talks about being terrified that Brady wouldn't give her a second chance. Daniel wants to know what the secret was. Kristen says Brady is the only one that sees any good in her other than Jennifer. Kristen explains that she began to doubt and question if they had any future and things got so bad that she thought about breaking it off and that's what she told Jennifer. She claims Jennifer talked her down and made her realize things weren't so bad for them. She says it was a secret because she didn't want anyone to know what almost happened.

Brady tells Jennifer that they don't always see eye to eye but she's special to him as a good friend. Brady says he feels comfortable saying something to her that he hopes doesn't cross the line. He tells her that she needs to give it another shot with Daniel and start over like he is with Kristen. Brady then asks why she's looking at him like that and what's wrong.

Kristen apologizes for making a big deal about Jennifer not telling anyone so she freaked out when she heard Daniel talking about a secret. She says he doesn't have to believe her but he can call Jennifer and she'll tell him.

Eric tells Nicole that he is happy. Eric yawns and says he's really tired right now. Eric talks about following God's path and will. Eric tells Nicole that he knows it's been a very difficult time and becoming a priest was a difficult decision as he still has feelings and doubts as he holds her hand.

Gabi says this is how it's going to be because it always comes back to them and she's the odd one out. Sonny doesn't want her to feel that way. Gabi says they have each other. Will says she has them too and Arianna. Gabi thinks they are against her but Sonny says they aren't. Gabi talks about being married to Nick and thinking she was going to have what they had. Will blames Nick going crazy. Gabi thanks him for reminding her about how her life fell apart. Gabi wants him to imagine her life and how her future was yanked out from under her. Gabi then storms out.

Daniel tells Kristen that all he cares about is not seeing Brady get hurt again. Kristen says she doesn't want that either so she just has to stop questioning everything so that her doubts don't screw things up again. Kristen says she'll just be positive. Daniel apologizes for being intense. Kristen asks if something happened with he and Jennifer. She jokes about hoping that one thing would lead to another while they worked together. Daniel suggests she leave so she starts to but then sees Parker's birth certificate and asks about it.

Jennifer tells Brady that she and Daniel are having so many problems while she really wants he and Kristen to work out. Brady tells her that everything is great and he thinks because of last time, they're more careful now and it's better so they are closer than ever. Jennifer talks about Brady thinking Kristen was hiding something from him awhile ago. Brady questions why she would bring that up and asks if Kristen said something to her.

Kristen tells Daniel that it's so awesome that Daniel is officially on Parker's birth certificate as his father. Daniel talks about how good it is. Kristen bets Jennifer is thrilled. Daniel mentions that it just came today so he thought Jennifer would be the first to see it but she's gone and doesn't know when he will see her again. Kristen thinks they belong together and hugs Daniel.

Eric talks to Nicole about going through with his vows and becoming a priest. He tells her that he was haunted for a long time after what happened in the Congo. Eric talks about sitting in silence as the priest there died in front of him. Eric talks about Nicole helping him through this and helping him see it was God's plan for him so he will always share a special bond with her. Eric adds that he's really glad she stayed on and worked for the church even with her doubts. He calls it part of God's plan for her too.

Jennifer tells Brady that she's just trying to say that she wants them to be together and happy. Brady gets a work call that he has to take and steps out. Jennifer then goes back to her phone until she hears a knock at the door and Kristen arrives, asking if she's alright.

Maggie brings Parker to Daniel and talks about the good time they had but Parker wanted his train set. Maggie asks about Daniel's photoshoot and Jennifer then says he can talk about it when he's ready. Daniel says he has something to show them.

Sonny tells Will that he understands why he was upset. Will says he unfortunately didn't say anything to Nick but just attacked Gabi after he left. Sonny feels he made things worse. Will says he just doesn't and never will trust Nick. Sonny thinks they will have to bend a little for Gabi as she made some good points. Will calls Sonny incredible and asks how he can be so understanding about this. Will talks about Sonny getting them this place for them all to live in and doing a third of the work with Arianna. Sonny insists that he's where he wants to be. Will says he loves him but wonders how long this can work out. Sonny asks if he's talking about them.

Gabi sits in the town square doing homework until Nick approaches. Nick thought she was finished with her homework. Gabi says she's just doing extra credit. Nick offers to help. Gabi says she's already halfway through. Nick sits with her and tells her that she's almost done. Nick asks if something is wrong and if it's him. Nick says they talked a lot earlier but didn't really address what happened so he hopes she doesn't regret it.

Daniel shows Parker and Maggie the birth certificate. Daniel suggests they Skype with Melanie later on to show her. Daniel sends Parker to go get his train set. Maggie holds back tears while looking at the birth certificate. Daniel says he doesn't know why it seems so important to him but even though he doesn't expect a hard time from Chloe anymore, he now knows that Parker can never be taken away from him. Maggie says she almost dreamed that he and Jennifer would raise Parker together. Daniel hugs her as she cries how happy she is for him.

Jennifer asks Kristen why she was at Daniel's. Kristen explains that she came to take her to lunch but she wasn't there. Jennifer explains what happened with JJ. Kristen says Daniel is a heartbroken mess.

Nicole tells Eric that she's sorry for ever doubting that he made the right choice.

Kristen tells Jennifer that JJ needs to man up and accept the fact that she's in love. Brady walks by and hides around the corner to listen in. Kristen tells Jennifer that Daniel got some great news today so she needs to go find out about it. Kristen tells Jennifer not to blow her chance and not to be stupid like she was. Kristen says Brady is the best thing to happen in her life and she wants Jennifer and Daniel to be as happy as she knows she and Brady will be which makes Brady smile.

Nicole and Eric return to the rectory. She suggests he get some sleep. Eric texts his patient's sister to let her know if she needs him. Eric then exits to get some rest.

Will tells Sonny that he's not talking about them but about their setup with Gabi but it does come down to them because it's a lot to ask for Sonny to keep raising his daughter. Sonny points out that he said he wanted to and insisted. Will doesn't believe him. Sonny insists that he's willing to do whatever it takes to make this work and they have to understand it won't be easy for Gabi. Will just hopes Gabi opens her eyes with Nick.

Gabi tells Nick that it probably shouldn't have happened but it did so there's no reason to regret it. Nick talks about being with her and how it was like a dream. Gabi says she has to get to class. Nick wishes her luck as she walks off.

Kristen asks Jennifer to at least try. Jennifer agrees to call Daniel so Kristen tells her to do it now. Jennifer thanks her and says goodbye. Kristen wishes her luck as Jennifer heads upstairs with her phone. Kristen goes to exit but Brady surprises her and kisses her.

Daniel goes to the Rectory where Nicole is working on the computer. She asks how he's doing. He asks if Eric is around. She tells him that he just went to bed and with any luck, he's sleeping like an angel.

Eric lays in bed and has nightmares starting to remember what happened to him in his hotel room then he wakes up in a panic.

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