Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/26/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/26/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny goes home with his subpoena being served to testify against Sami. He calls Will, who tells him that he received the same thing.

Sami feels hopeless and says if she goes to trial, she'll spend her life behind bars. EJ asks what she means if she goes to trial. Sami claims she meant if she makes it through but EJ points out that's not what she said. Sami complains about every day getting worse and her chances being terrible until Kristen arrives.

Nick walks through the town square, talking on the phone to Maggie about being off parole and a free man. Nick says they will celebrate and hangs up. Nick sits down with his parole paper and wonders what there is to celebrate and what now.

Daniel talks about thinking about Jennifer all the time. Daniel says he loves her and wants the world to know it. Daniel asks if he can take it as a yes. Jennifer hesitates but says yes and they kiss until JJ walks in. Jennifer tries to explain. JJ gets upset and says he doesn't know who she is anymore but she's sure as hell not his mother.

Kristen tells Sami that she must be stressed in her hard time so she came to wish her well. Sami thanks her. EJ tells Kristen it's not a good time as they were just talking. Sami then decides she's very glad Kristen is there.

Sonny tells Will that he will talk to Justin to find out what to do next. Will suggests they meet at the club. They say they love one another and then hang up. Sonny texts Justin to meet him at the club as it's important. Gabi comes out of her room and tells Sonny that she has to get to class so she's glad he's there for Arianna. Sonny tells Gabi that he and Will have an urgent meeting to go to. Gabi questions if she's just supposed to miss class. Sonny suggests someone takes notes for her. Gabi says she let them go to the club and now it's her turn so she's going out but Sonny stops her.

Daniel warns JJ not to speak to his mother like that. JJ accuses Jennifer of acting like a slut which causes Daniel to grab JJ and warn him about speaking to her that way.

Sami tells Kristen that she needs her to get the shoes she wants for the trial. EJ offers to do it but Sami says he brought her the wrong shoes before. EJ then agrees to go with Kristen and tells Sami not to worry as things may not be as bad as they seem. They kiss as EJ then exits with Kristen. After they're gone, Sami asks Justin if he really thinks ten years is the best deal she can get. Sami thinks she could do better than ten years if she gave up EJ and got him arrested.

Adrienne runs into Roman at the Pub. Roman complains about Sami's trial. Adrienne apologizes. Roman asks if she's sorry about Sami or about turning in the evidence to put her in prison.

Gabi questions Sonny giving orders. Sonny explains that he and Will got called by the court to testify against Sami. Gabi argues that he can take Arianna with him. Sonny says he can't because he doesn't know how long it will be and she might wake up. Sonny says they might get sent to court right away. Sonny worries that Sami could go to prison. Gabi regrets taking summer classes. Sonny suggests Gabi sleep now and someone will give her notes. Sonny says it will all work out but he has to go as he exits.

EJ and Kristen talk at home. Kristen insists she wants to help Sami. Kristen then jokes about adding prison orange to Sami's outfit in their portrait.

Jennifer breaks things up between Daniel and JJ. She tries to ask JJ to let her explain but JJ storms out and slams the door. Jennifer turns to Daniel and asks why he did that. Daniel declares that he won't stand there while JJ calls her a slut. Jennifer argues that she's his mother and can handle it but Daniel responds that she's not handling a damn thing.

Nick goes to the club and greets Will, complimenting the renovation. Will assumes Nick's paper is another subpoena but Nick tells him that it's his parole termination. Will congratulates him. Nick doesn't feel he's done anything wrong since he got out. Sonny joins them. Nick greets him. Will asks Sonny about Arianna. Sonny explains that Gabi had to skip her lecture because of what they are doing. Will feels bad that Gabi had to stay home again. Sonny tells him that Justin will be there as soon as he can. Nick says he'll leave them and wishes them luck on the club as he exits. Nick then thinks back to being with Gabi and smiles as he walks off.

Daniel argues that Jennifer has been treating JJ like he's made of glass and always gives in to him. Jennifer says JJ was doing so much better until Daniel wrecked everything they were trying to build. Daniel can't believe she's putting it on him. Jennifer accuses him of attacking her son. Daniel points out that JJ called her a slut. Daniel says she may be smart but when it comes to JJ, she's deaf, dumb, and blind. Jennifer questions Daniel thinking JJ is a criminal and asks for proof. Daniel admits he heard some things and saw him around shady characters but he doesn't say anything because of her. Jennifer thinks JJ is right that Daniel just hates him. Daniel says he loves her and wants to help her. Jennifer says he's doing just the opposite and then storms out, leaving Daniel frustrated.

Gabi finishes a call with a friend to get notes for her class. Nick arrives. Gabi complains about missing her lecture and notes while trying to do her homework. Nick tells her to calm down and go to the lecture while he takes care of Arianna but Gabi doesn't think that's a good idea.

Kristen finds Sami's shoes and brings pictures of the kids to bring Sami as well. She asks EJ about the trial going badly. EJ says he's encouraged by how things are going. Kristen notes Justin not feeling optimistic so she asks why he is. EJ calls it a gut feeling. Kristen thinks he may have used blackmail or bribery. EJ claims to have no idea what she's talking about and says it will be a fair trial. Kristen hopes he's not charged with anything or that he doesn't leave an opening for Stefano. EJ says he did not spend his life waiting for Sami to let their chance slip through his fingers.

Justin asks Sami if she's thinking about accepting Melinda's deal. Sami thinks it should be worth more than ten years. Sami asks if she can get it down to five years if she got Stefano. Justin responds that in order to give her Stefano, she'd have to give her EJ. Justin then asks if she's ready to do that.

Rory calls JJ asking him to give him the answers for his final. JJ says he just has to take care of some business first as people are going to want to party after the final. Rory says he doesn't sound so good and asks if he's okay. JJ says he's fine and hangs up with plans to meet at the park. Jennifer returns home and tells JJ that they need to talk as she stops him from walking away.

Daniel tries calling Jennifer to no answer. A package is delivered for Daniel which is Parker's birth certificate.

Adrienne asks Roman if he wouldn't have done the same thing to protect his own. Roman says he won't lecture on right or wrong because she did what she did but he wishes she hadn't.

Nick tells Gabi that he understands he can't babysit after what he did to Will and Sonny as some people won't forgive and forget that easily. Nick says Gabi can't go to her lecture but asks about helping with her homework. Gabi remembers Nick's parole hearing and asks him about it. Nick jokes about understanding Gabi had more to worry about. Nick tells her that he's a free man. Gabi congratulates him. Nick says it feels good like he may have a shot at a good life now. Nick says that's for later and now they will focus on her homework.

EJ apologizes for missing Kristen and Brady at Chad's club opening. Kristen says they just left early. EJ asks if everything is okay with them being back together. She says there's no problems. Kristen then thinks back to telling Jennifer about having an affair. EJ doesn't believe her. Kristen says she knows what she wants and knows how to make it happen.

Sami asks Justin if EJ could work a deal to not do time if he gave up Stefano. Justin questions how EJ would react if Sami handed him over to the prosecutor. Sami says he'd be angry but he loves her and would do anything to save her. Sami thinks EJ could get out of it since he's gotten out of worse. Sami says if the prosecutor reduces her sentence to something short and she gives up EJ then he can work out a deal to give up Stefano. Justin asks what happens if EJ can't deliver Stefano. Justin tells her that would mean Sami and EJ would both be in prison. Justin says he has to take off but tells her to try not to worry. Sami wants him to tell her that he will make sure she doesn't go down for murder. Roman arrives as Justin exits. Sami asks Roman what he thinks her chances are.

Arianna starts to cry so Nick goes to get her while Gabi figures out her homework. Nick brings Arianna to Gabi and she quiets down. Nick checks her homework and tells her that she got it right.

Daniel smiles seeing Parker's birth certificate and thinks back to seeing Jennifer play with Parker. Daniel then tries to call Jennifer again.

JJ apologizes to Jennifer for calling her a slut and says he feels awful. JJ wishes he could take it back but isn't sorry in the least for the rest of it because she lied to him. Jennifer claims she never did. JJ says she told him they were done. Jennifer said they were taking a break. JJ accuses her of making him believe they were done. Jennifer wants to talk but JJ wants to leave. Jennifer declares that they are going to sit down and settle this. She tells him that she's never lied to him. JJ tells her that he has a final so he can't miss it. Jennifer tells him to go take it and come right home so they can finish this. JJ hopes he can focus so he doesn't fail.

Adrienne goes to the club and talks to Sonny and Will. She understands why she wasn't invited to the opening but calls the place terrific. Sonny says right now isn't a good time. Justin arrives. Adrienne asks Justin to explain that she just came to wish Sonny well. Justin says he needs to speak with Sonny and Will so he asks her to leave. Adrienne gets upset and exits.

Kristen tells EJ to be careful as she exits.

Jennifer answers her phone as Daniel calls. Daniel says he knows this is hard as a terrible situation got way out of hand. Jennifer questions if that's what happened. Daniel wants her to know that he will do anything to help. Jennifer wanted to stick to keeping things secret. Daniel questions sneaking around and lying to people. Jennifer says all she knows is that she has to focus on JJ. Daniel asks if they are going to take another break and pretend they don't care about each other. Daniel says JJ walked in on them kissing so it can't be undone. Daniel calls her idea of sneaking around ridiculous and refuses to do it. Jennifer then asks Daniel why he's making it all about him.

Justin advises Sonny and Will to tell the truth and hire their own attorneys. Justin agrees to forward them two very good attorneys. Justin says he has to get back to Sami as the jury selection starts today. He tells them to hang in there as he exits. Will tells Sonny to call his attorney while he goes to relieve Gabi. After Will exits, Adrienne returns. Sonny asks if she was out there the whole time.

JJ sells weed to a guy in the park. Rory joins him. JJ wishes he could do some himself right now. Rory suggests he could but he has finals. Rory then says he's never seen JJ this down before and asks what's wrong.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he gets that this between them and JJ. Daniel says he called because he loves her and is concerned. Jennifer says she needs his support and if JJ needs protection then she has to protect him. Daniel questions if she's going to pitch the idea of sneaking around again. Daniel asks why it would work when it didn't before. Jennifer asks him to listen to her. Daniel shouts that he won't keep it a secret and slams the phone down as Kristen enters and asks what Jennifer told him about Brady.

Will returns home and finds Nick holding Arianna with Gabi. Will takes Arianna to bed. Nick tells Gabi that he should get going. Nick tells her to call him any time for anything as he exits. Will comes back in and asks Gabi what the hell was that.

Roman encourages Sami to stay positive. Roman tells her that EJ will do all he can to help Justin get her a fair trial. Justin returns. Roman tells Sami that he loves her and to hang on to it as he exits. Sami asks Justin if Melinda offered a better deal. Justin says they can't expect that as it's up to them to accept her deal or not. Justin adds that she could always just pull her offer. EJ returns with Sami's shoes. Justin notes that the jury selection starts in ten minutes. EJ gives Sami the photos of the kids to put on the walls. Sami thanks him but wishes she didn't have to see the walls.

Adrienne tells Sonny that she's worried. Sonny tells her about them being served to testify against Sami. Sonny worries about Will. Adrienne is thankful that Sonny is protected. Sonny just walks away.

Sami tells EJ that she loves the pictures but wishes she could see the kids in person. EJ says she will soon as he won't let anything bad happen to her. Justin returns with a guard and says it's time. The guard lets Sami out of her cell and she hugs EJ.

Will questions Gabi as to why she thinks he would be okay with this. Will tells her that Nick is the last person he wants in their house regardless of who invites him in. Gabi attacks him for choosing when she watches Arianna and now picking her friends. Gabi says Nick is a free man. Will shouts that Nick may have paid for what he did back then but not for what he did to him. Gabi points out that Nick apologized. Will is not fine with Nick holding his daughter. Gabi remarks that Arianna is her daughter too and they need to remember that as Sonny returns home.

JJ and Rory talk about Jennifer lying to JJ.

Jennifer sits at home crying.

Daniel asks Kristen what she's talking about. Kristen says she heard him say he wasn't going to keep it a secret. Daniel asks if she's talking about she and Brady. Kristen then says that would be crazy because they're in love and don't care who knows it. Daniel asks what she thought he was talking about. Kristen says it doesn't matter as she only came looking for Jennifer but she's not there. Daniel shuts the door and tells her that he's sick of lies so she's not leaving until she tells him what secret she's talking about.

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