Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/23/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/23/13


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Daniel works at the hospital. Maxine asks him why he's working since she cleared his schedule after his magazine photo shoot got moved up. Daniel says no one told him. Jennifer approaches and says she left him a message. Daniel says he didn't listen to it. Daniel suggests they forget the whole thing.

JJ talks to Will at the coffeehouse. Will mentions Theresa being at the club last night. JJ reads on his tablet about the fight and asks if Theresa was involved.

Hope goes to Jennifer's office and tells Theresa that she's taking her out.

Jordan goes to Rafe's hospital room. Rafe asks if it's time to go to the physical therapy room but she tells him that there is a long time until he'll be ready for that.

Kate runs into EJ at the town square. Kate brings up EJ threatening her but EJ doesn't care.

Justin talks to Sami in her cell. Melinda arrives and tells Sami that they can skip the trial if Sami accepts her offer.

Jennifer talks to a man at the hospital that was involved in Daniel's magazine photo shoot. Jennifer argues that she doesn't need to be involved. Anne approaches and accuses her of not doing her job.

Jordan talks to Rafe about eventually moving him to a wheelchair before moving on to the physical therapy and hopefully getting him to walk again in time.

EJ tells Kate that he meant everything he said. Kate questions him blaming her and Rafe for what happened to Sami and planning to punish them. Kate understands EJ loves Sami and things aren't looking good. She says she's reaching out to him so he should give her a chance.

Justin questions Melinda playing games. Melinda says her deal is simple and generous but is only available today. She tells Sami to plead guilty and there will be no trial, she'll only serve ten years.

Will tells JJ that he doesn't think Theresa was involved in the fight but she was with the guy. Will asks him about school. JJ says his first final is today. JJ talks about proving to Jennifer that he's a serious student. JJ mentions bringing coffee to Jennifer at the hospital. Will asks how Jennifer is doing. JJ thinks she's pretty good. Will asks if she's still working with Theresa. JJ claims he tries to stay out of it but thinks they are getting along better now. Will figures yesterday must've been weird. JJ talks about Jack being gone a whole year. JJ mentions they got his note and says his family is closer than ever.

Jennifer and Anne argue over her job. Anne thinks she isn't taking her job seriously. Anne thinks the photo shoot should be done by now and the magazine photographer has a deadline. Daniel interrupts and says she misunderstood since he had the scheduling problem not Jennifer. Daniel says he fixed the problem so they are going to the photo shoot now. Jennifer follows Daniel out with the photographer as Anne walks away.

Hope takes Theresa to the Pub and sits with her. Hope says she could use coffee after her late night with Vargas. Theresa claims not to know him and says she just went to the club opening for Will and Sonny. Hope tells her to stop lying.

Rafe says Jordan didn't brighten his day. She says it's not her job. She tells him that he has a tremendous amount of work ahead of him. Jordan tests lifting Rafe's arm as part of his physical therapy.

Kate tells EJ that she won't pretend that she and Sami will ever be close but she's offering an olive branch as she understands she did what she did to protect Rafe. Kate says she doesn't want to see her spend her life in jail so she will do what she can to help. EJ questions what she thinks she can do.

Sami argues with Melinda that she can't spend ten years in prison and insists that she's innocent. Melinda sticks to Sami shooting an unarmed cop and brings up Rafe testifying against her at the trial. She mentions Kate, Sonny, and Will being on the jury as well. She claims she was kindly offering Sami a deal to escape life in prison.

JJ goes to the hospital and asks where Jennifer is. Anne remarks that Jennifer is finally doing her job. Anne says Jennifer got caught not working so she is now. JJ questions Anne talking about his mother. Anne sarcastically apologizes and asks him about shoplifting. JJ calls her a nasty bitch that's always trying to ruin things for Jennifer and says that it stops now.

The magazine photographer takes photos of Daniel with Parker at his home. Jennifer watches on as Daniel plays with Parker. Daniel goes to the back room as the photographer sets up the work shot. Jennifer sits with Parker and tells him he did great. Jennifer tells Parker that he can keep the toys and tells him how much she's missed him. Daniel comes back in and smiles as she plays with Parker.

EJ questions Kate if she saw Bernardi's razor or if she can convince Stefano to admit what he did. EJ remarks that she should've kept her mouth shut about her and Rafe. Kate is sorry but insists that she will do anything she can to help. EJ thinks she's done enough by giving Stefano a motive and Sami a gun. EJ doesn't think she needs her help and walks away.

Rafe finishes lifting his arm ten times for Jordan. Abe arrives. Jordan decides she'll come back later to work on his legs. Abe talks about Rafe working hard. Rafe asks about Sami's case. Abe says they are starting jury selection today. Rafe talks about reading in the paper that it will be a closed trial. Rafe asks if Abe thinks Sami stands a chance.

Sami tells Melinda that the people on the jury will do what they can to help her. Melinda brings up Kate. Justin says if she was so sure, she wouldn't be making an offer. Melinda says her deal is ten years for Sami but she forgot to mention that she also wants Stefano.

Anne questions where JJ gets off talking to her like that. JJ asks her the same. Anne tells him to go home as she doesn't have time for this. JJ accuses her of badmouthing Jennifer because she wants her job. Anne calls Jennifer lazy and entitled. JJ argues against it and threatens to tell the hospital board on her. Anne walks away. JJ comments that Anne is the meanest woman on the planet. Maxine agrees. JJ hopes he didn't screw things up for Jennifer. Maxine tells him that he's fine and she's glad he stood up to Anne. JJ decides he should warn Jennifer and calls her. JJ tells her he came to see her at the hospital and ran into Anne. JJ says he let Anne have it so she should be ready next time she sees her. Jennifer thanks him and says she can handle Anne on her own. Jennifer asks about his final. JJ asks where she is as Jennifer looks back at Daniel.

Theresa questions Vargas blaming her. Theresa asks Hope if she thinks it's her fault. Theresa says she knows her rights and argues that Vargas is a creep. Theresa insists that she's innocent. Hope brings up what happened to her in Los Angeles and how this is a repeat. Hope says Theresa is self destructing again.

Abe talks to Rafe about having no evidence that Bernardi was dirty. Kate arrives and greets them. Abe decides to take off. Abe tells Rafe that everyone on the force is thinking of him and wish him well. Abe exits. Kate asks how Rafe is feeling. Rafe says he's lousy and worries about Sami going down. Kate says there is nothing they can do about it but Rafe argues that there's always something and they have to find a way to help her.

EJ meets with his forensics expert outside the town square and asks if he has good news. He informs EJ that he set up the deposits of $100,000 into Bernardi's son's account and no one can trace it. EJ says he may have just saved Sami's life.

Sami argues with Melinda that she has no idea where Stefano is. Justin talks about no one being able to put Stefano away. Melinda says Stefano has been at the top of the list since she started her job. She says if she wants Stefano, Sami can give her EJ and she'll do the rest. Sami questions her expecting her to betray EJ.

Daniel thinks they are done but Jennifer suggests a few more photos so Daniel has more taken. Jennifer says he'll be done soon. The photographer needs to get another lens from his car. Daniel thinks that means he's done but Jennifer decides she will get the lens and exits. Daniel reads Jennifer's notes and reads Maxine writing a blurb about him.

Rafe suggests they talk about the night Sami shot Bernardi but Kate wants him to stay calm. Will arrives and shows Rafe a picture of Arianna. Will apologizes for interrupting. Rafe says they were just talking about the night Sami shot Bernardi. Kate talks about all the evidence having been gone over. Rafe says he hasn't so he wants to talk about it from the beginning.

Sami tells Melinda that she loves EJ and they are going to get married. Melinda remarks that they won't unless the warden allows it. They bring up Sami and EJ's past. Sami tells her to go to Hell. Melinda understands she needs time to process. She tells Sami to think about her children having no mom for ten years or their entire lives. She advises Sami talk it over with Justin because it's an excellent offer as she then exits.

EJ's expert hopes Sami is grateful. EJ insists she will be as they are in love.

Sami tells Justin that the idea of betraying and setting up EJ is crazy. Justin admits that it's the best offer and probably the only offer that she's going to get.

Daniel reads Maxine's blurb about him and then reads Jennifer's as well. Daniel reads about Jennifer praising Daniel as a doctor and his warmth and caring as well as the times Daniel operated on her. Jennifer comes back in as Daniel is reading.

One of the nurses jokes with Maxine about hoping Daniel's photo shoot has him remove his shirt. JJ listens from behind. Maxine talks about Daniel never allowing that. The nurse talks about Daniel and Jennifer being over. Maxine questions everyone gossiping about the staff. She tells her to lighten up but Maxine refuses. Maxine says she knows Daniel is so in love with Jennifer that it will never be off. Maxine thinks the photo shoot at the apartment might be just what they need to fix things which JJ overhears.

Jennifer brings the lens to the photographer. He says he changed his mind so the photo shoot is done and has Jennifer sign off. Jennifer thanks him as he exits. Jennifer tells Daniel that she will get back to work and thanks him for doing it. Daniel stops her.

Hope brings up that Theresa was arrested in LA six times. She tries to argue it was two but Hope says she had her file e-mailed. Hope goes over her past arrests including possession of cocaine. Hope tells her how lucky she's been. Hope talks about her family worrying about her. Hope thinks she's starting all over again. Hope suggests Theresa go to rehab. Theresa laughs it off and says she has a job to do. Hope tells her to do good at her job as it's her last chance. Theresa exits the Pub.

Rafe asks Kate to go over how many people were in the room after Bernardi was shot. Will insists Sami wouldn't have shot unless she saw the razor. Kate hopes they have an impartial jury. Jordan returns so Rafe jokes that his next torture session is about to begin. Kate and Will prepare to leave as a man enters and says he just hit the motherload.

Sami asks Justin to be honest if her case is completely hopeless. Justin says it's not good. Sami asks for his advice. Justin tells her that she won't do better than this deal and it could be much worse. EJ enters and asks if everything is alright. Justin tells him that everything is fine. Sami says she is just stressed out. EJ mentions feeling better at things because he just has a good feeling. Justin hopes he still has it after they pick the jury. Sami feels hopeless and that if she goes to trial, she'll spend her life behind bars. EJ asks what she means by if she goes to trial.

Jordan asks the man to leave the room but he first serves Will, Kate, and Rafe. They open the envelopes and find out that they have all been called to testify against Sami.

Daniel finishes reading Jennifer's notes to her. Jennifer says it was just the truth. Daniel notes that anyone could read that including JJ. Jennifer says she put anonymous but Daniel brings up that he would recognize the heart operations. Daniel says it's Jennifer from the heart and anyone that reads it could tell she loves him. Daniel talks about how this could be read aloud at the gala. Daniel says he got two tickets as he is expected to attend the event with a date. Daniel thinks it's a terrific opportunity for them. He tells her that she'll have a few days to talk with JJ about what's going on and then she can be his date in public as they start over. Daniel says it would mean the world to him. Daniel talks about thinking about her all the time. Daniel says he loves her and wants the world to know it. Daniel asks if he can take it as a yes. Jennifer hesitates but says yes and they kiss until JJ walks in.

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