Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/22/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/22/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nick calls Gabi the most beautiful woman he's ever known. Nick says he can close his eyes and still feel her. Nick then kisses Gabi.

EJ meets with a man, who he tells that he wants to solve a financial mystery. The man doesn't understand but EJ says he will by the end of the night.

Kate runs into Hope at the town square. Hope is on her way to the club. Kate says she's on her way to the hospital as she doesn't like to leave Rafe alone. Hope thinks Kate sounds like a woman in love.

Cameron goes to the club and greets Sonny at the bar. Cameron asks where Chad is. Sonny tells him that he's outside.

Vargas argues with the guy over Theresa. He pushes Vargas so Vargas knocks him down with a punch. Chad runs over to break it up but Vargas knocks him out with a punch too. Abigail rushes over to check on Chad as Vargas continues fighting with the other guy. Cameron comes out and checks on Chad. Sonny, Will, and T interrupt to break up the fight.

EJ and the man he met with go over what EJ has on Bernardi. EJ tells him to find Bernardi's hidden accounts. He says it will keep him busy for weeks. EJ gives him two hours and says the life of someone he loves is on the line.

Hope says to Kate that it's not her business. Kate understands and feels she almost cost Rafe his life. They are glad Sami was there to save him. They talk about Rafe being called to the jury. Kate worries about it stressing Rafe. Hope gets a call and says she's on her way. Hope tells Kate that there's been an assault and rushes off.

Vargas is arrested. Abigail says she saw the whole thing and Vargas started it all. Theresa watches on. Cameron, T, Will, and Abigail help Chad up and bring him back into the club. Abigail goes to get water. Chad doesn't want Cameron to make a big deal out of this. Outside, Sonny tells everyone to get back inside and let the police work. The cop tells Vargas that he's under arrest and then finds his cocaine and adds possession. Hope arrives and gets filled in then realizes it's Vargas.

Theresa rushes away to the town square.

Hope talks to Vargas and suggests he remain silent. Hope tells the cop to get statements from all the witnesses while he will book Vargas. Vargas argues the cocaine wasn't his. Vargas complains that the handcuffs are too tight as Hope takes him away. Sonny and Will send people back inside.

Cameron talks to Chad about the damage being punched could do to him. Chad doesn't want to worry. Cameron tells him that he can't take risks like that. Chad talks about not letting a fight ruin his grand opening. Abigail brings him water and asks if he's okay. Chad says he's fine with no problem.

Nick apologizes for kissing Gabi and says he thought she was feeling it too. Nick adds that he knows they're not married anymore for good reason but thinks they also got together in the first place for good reasons too. Gabi thought he said that was a mistake. Nick said he was just giving her room to get away. Nick tells her that how he's always felt about her is real. Nick admits he misses her and them. Nick adds that he thinks about how her life must be like now. Gabi says she's okay. Nick says she's sacrificed so much for Arianna and he knows she's happy to do it but she deserves to know what a beautiful woman she is every day. Gabi turns back around and they begin kissing again.

Sonny and T check on Chad. Chad wants another shot at Vargas. Chad thinks it's a good thing that the club will have a reputation now. Abigail asks Cameron if Chad is really okay. Cameron says he looks fine and tells them to enjoy the party as he walks away. Abigail comments that Cameron couldn't get out fast enough. Chad says he knows it's their night and takes her to dance. Kate arrives and talks with Will. Will tells her about the fight and Vargas being arrested. Will goes to get Kate a drink. Abigail tells Chad that they probably shouldn't be dancing. EJ arrives and congratulates Chad on the club. EJ talks about seeing the fight being cleared and says Chad can handle anything. Chad talks about using some calm after that as Stefano then enters the club with Cecily.

Hope brings Vargas to the station. Vargas argues that this isn't necessary. Hope talks about him resisting. Vargas says he was just caught by surprise. Vargas swears the cocaine isn't his and says there was a woman. Hope doesn't believe him. Hope says Vargas never looked this stupid and accuses him of coming up with a story. Vargas calls it one big misunderstanding. Hope warns him that this isn't going away.

Theresa sits alone in the town square. She checks her purse but has no money. She calls it the worst date ever and then thinks back to Vargas getting his money out of a jar at his place and walks off.

Kate praises Will and Sonny for the club. Kate asks if Gabi is inside. Will says he totally forgot and explains that Gabi is home with Arianna since they couldn't get a babysitter. Kate says they could've interrupted her meeting. Will decides he will go take over so Gabi can have some fun.

T talks up the fight to Cameron. Stefano greets EJ and Chad. Stefano congratulates Chad on the club and walks away with Cecily. Chad tells EJ that they'll need better bouncers. EJ says he'll get him a list of names. Chad thanks EJ for not attacking Stefano. EJ says it's not the time or place since it wouldn't be good for any of them especially Sami. Chad apologizes for his video putting Sami in jail. EJ says they both know who put Sami in jail and he will rot in hell for that.

Nick and Gabi lay together after having sex. They call it incredible. Nick says he misses her. Gabi can't believe it was almost a year ago since he was paroled. Nick talks about coming back to Salem and falling in love with her. Gabi talks about being a mom now and being the best role model she can be for Arianna. Nick encourages that she is. Nick tells her that she was wrong that she wasn't special or that no one would love her. Nick then kisses her again.

EJ tells Chad not to worry since Abigail will come back. EJ asks how it's going. Chad says his cards are on the table as she knows how he feels and Cameron does too. EJ tells him not to worry. Abigail comes back and they talk. T talks with Sonny and Will about how he could be the bouncer. Will insists on him needing to leave to take over for Gabi. T goes off to find his date. Will asks Sonny if he thinks things are working out with Gabi. Sonny says it is for them but he doesn't think it's so great for Gabi. Will thinks they help her out all the time but Sonny worries that she's lonely.

Gabi tells Nick that he can't be there since Will could come home anytime. Nick tells her it's okay as he wants people to know when she's ready to tell them. Nick kisses her goodbye and gets up.

Vargas tells Hope that he made poor choices but brings up the help he offered Salem PD to find Jensen. Vargas reminds Hope that he had her back then. Hope agrees and it gave people hope that he turned the corner. Hope talks about Vargas betraying Eric's trust. Hope asks if he's picking up where he left off before prison. Vargas insists he's changed and thinks there has to be another way. Hope warns that he's looking at four or five felony charges that could send him back to prison for good with his record.

Theresa goes to Vargas' place and steals his money out of his jar. She counts up $1300 and says it's evidence that the cops would confiscate which would be a total waste.

Kate talks to T outside the club about he and Will's friendship. Stefano and Cecily come out. Sonny and Will follow out. Stefano tells Sonny that he deserves to be complimented. Stefano brings up Sami but Will doesn't want to talk about her. Stefano says he's sorry. Will doesn't think he is because he knows what he did. Sonny reminds Will to go home and watch the baby so they walk off together. Kate approaches Stefano and tells him to get lost. Stefano sends Cecily inside for a moment alone with Kate. Kate tells him that she figured out why he sent Bernardi to Rafe's hospital room.

Gabi apologizes to Nick. Nick tells her it's okay. They kiss goodbye and Nick exits. Gabi wonders what she just did. Arianna starts crying so she goes to check on her.

EJ tells Chad goodbye. Chad thanks him for coming and tells him to tell Sami that he's pulling for her. Chad walks away as EJ turns and tells Abigail that he wants to talk about Chad. EJ says it's good that she's there. Abigail calls it an amazing night outside of the fight. EJ says it's because she's there. EJ says Abigail makes Chad very happy and that she could be too. EJ tells her goodbye and goes to exit but runs into Cameron. EJ asks about work and his life. Cameron says it's very busy but needs to ask him something. Cameron says he saw him with Abigail and Chad and asks if Chad seemed alert and focused after his punch earlier. EJ insists that Chad is fine. Cameron says he's just concerned. EJ tells him that Chad and Abigail are having a wonderful time. Cameron says it was good to see him and walks away.

Stefano questions Kate wanting to talk to him about sick and twisted. Stefano brings up what she was doing with Rafe. Kate tells him that he won't get away with it. Stefano mocks her. Kate says she means it. Stefano asks if she knows how many people have said that to him in the past.

Hope tells Vargas that he will be booked and printed in a few minutes. Hope says he can have his phone call now. Vargas can't find his attorney's number. She tells him to call someone as it's his only call tonight. Vargas calls Theresa, who is counting up his money. He asks her where she went. Theresa says she wasn't going to stick around when the cops showed up. Vargas asks her to go to his place and get his lawyer's number. She claims she can't get in without a key but Vargas thinks she knows how to get in and is giving her permission. Vargas says she should've stayed away from that guy. She pretends to lose the call and hangs up.

T talks with Robin and Sonny about the fight. T makes it like he broke up the fight and then kisses Robin. She goes to get a drink. T follows her as Sonny watches on. Chad approaches and says it looks the party is winding down. Sonny says it will be good if people are there still when Gabi makes it. Chad asks if they are cool now. Sonny says Gabi is trying. Chad brings up what she did to Melanie. Sonny talks about not letting Will find out about that and the agreement Chad made with Justin not to tell anyone. Sonny doesn't want Arianna involved in it either. Chad suggests maybe Gabi has changed.

Will returns home where Gabi is sleeping on the couch with Arianna. Will comments that it looks like Arianna wore Gabi out.

Nick goes home and lays in bed smiling while looking at Gabi's photo.

EJ returns to his expert's office and asks what he has. He says all the accounts he found, the cops had already been through. EJ asks about Marge's account. He says he checked everything that went through and there's nothing out of place. EJ says there has to be something as Bernardi is dirty. EJ asks about what he checked. He says the only account the police didn't find was a savings account for his kid. EJ calls that careless of them.

Chad and Sonny say they did it and talk about putting in a lot of hours to keep this going. Abigail approaches Cameron and says he didn't have to ignore her all night. Cameron says he was just checking the place out and knew he couldn't stay long. Cameron quickly exits while Chad smiles.

Nick lays in bed and says maybe they can make this work and really start over.

Gabi wakes up calling for Arianna. Will comes out and tells her she's asleep and fine. Will says he decided to just let her sleep unless she wants to go to the club. Gabi says it's too late for that. Will apologizes for not coming back sooner. Gabi is glad he was there with Sonny and asks how the opening was. Will says it was great and a typical night at Salem.

Vargas throws his phone and calls her a bitch. Hope asks about the girl. Vargas calls her names and lets it slip that her name is Theresa which Hope asks about.

Theresa sits in the town square looking up designer skirts on her phone.

Vargas tells Hope that her name is Theresa Donovan which Hope recognizes.

EJ's expert tells him about the son's savings account and it only has $23. EJ tells him to look again and find deposits over $100,000 over the past year. EJ says to make it look like it's where Bernardi was being paid off until his death. He calls it illegal and hard to do but EJ has faith in him. EJ tells him to make it happen and make sure nobody knows how it happened.

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