Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/21/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/21/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen tells Jennifer on the phone that Brady can never find out that she slept with someone else when they were apart while Marlena stands outside the living room holding Sydney. Kristen hears a noise from out there.

Nick goes through a box at the Kiriakis Mansion left by Gabi. He looks at a picture of her until Victor comes in and calls her the one that got away.

Gabi, Will, and Sonny are at home with Arianna preparing to go to the grand opening of the club when Will gets a call from Kayla.

Chad sits at the club going over the guest list. He thinks back to telling Cameron that he's dying. Abigail enters and jokes that he better get a bigger crowd but Chad tells her that just the two of them would work for him.

Kristen goes to check after hearing a noise but doesn't see anyone. Outside the mansion, Brady runs into Marlena with Sydney and asks what's up. Marlena tells him more than he could imagine.

Theresa and Vargas meet up for their date at Vargas' place.

Will, Gabi, and Sonny talk about people they could call to watch Arianna since Kayla can't. Kate's in a meeting, Lucas is out of town and Sonny doesn't want his parents involved. Gabi offers to stay while they go but Will decides he will stay since Gabi had been looking forward to it.

T arrives to the club with a friend named Robin and they talk with Abigail and Chad. They joke with Chad about naming a drink after Abigail. Chad asks Abigail to dance. Abigail says they're the only ones in there. Chad jokes with her about her dancing. They then begin dancing together.

Brady says Marlena sounded intense. She says she didn't mean to sound that way and had just been busy. Brady asks if she was just leaving. Kristen comes out and says she thought she heard something. Brady says he wasn't sure if Marlena was just coming or going. Kristen realizes it must've been her that she heard. Kristen asks how long she had been there. Marlena says she was spending time with Sydney. Sydney misses Sami. Marlena sends Sydney with the babysitter. Kristen thanks Marlena for babysitting and goes to leave but Marlena tells her not so fast. Marlena says she loves Sydney and doesn't consider it babysitting. Marlena says there's something she wants to tell her that Brady should hear too.

Theresa asks Vargas to tell her about his life. She finds a prison statement on the table and asks about it. Vargas asks if she's scared. She says no and asks if she should be.

Victor asks Nick if he's thinking about what could've been with Gabi. Nick says he knows he blew it and disappointed a lot of people. Victor reminds Nick that his parole officially ends tomorrow. Victor points out that means he doesn't have to live with family supervision anymore. Victor tells Nick to pack his bags because tomorrow, he's leaving his house.

Gabi and Will talk about it being Sonny's big night. Gabi argues that Will should be with Sonny on this night. Will argues that he's a dad now. Gabi tells Will to be with Sonny. Sonny thanks Gabi and says they will make it up to her. Will compliments Gabi and says they can switch later. Gabi insists and sends them on their way.

Nick is surprised that Victor is kicking him out. Victor says he doesn't share Maggie's compassion and understanding for him. Victor trusts Nick to be out by tomorrow night.

Vargas tells Theresa that there's no reason for him to be scared of her. Theresa jokes about not wanting to hear about his childhood. Theresa suggests he take her out so he pulls out a roll of cash. Theresa notes that it's a lot. He tells her not to ask so she says she wouldn't. Vargas states that she's so different. Vargas puts his money can back up as Theresa stares on.

Kristen tells Marlena that they don't have time for this. Marlena says it's okay as it won't take long.

Chad and Abigail finish dancing. Chad thanks her for being his first dance on the club floor. T jokes with Chad about the music. Will and Sonny arrive and greet them. Robin notes Will and Sonny as a great couple. Sonny brings up Brent's help with the club renovation. Chad and Sonny talk about it being good business. Vargas and Theresa then arrive with Theresa saying it looks like they found the party.

Marlena says they are talking about this situation. Marlena says she didn't come to talk to Kristen but sometimes things change. Brady says he's lost but Marlena thinks he knows exactly what needs to happen next. Marlena says she's talking about Sami and how everything changed for her in a moment. Marlena says their family has to pull together so they have to bury the hatchet.

T asks Abigail where Cameron is. Abigail doesn't know if he's coming. Chad says he's working. Chad brings T to have a drink made. Theresa and Vargas sit at a table and talk. Theresa thinks things could be better and says she needs to go powder her nose. Vargas hands her drugs as she goes to the bathroom. Chad, Will, and Sonny toast to being a great team. Chad asks where Gabi is.

Gabi sits at home reading a magazine with a glass of wine as Arianna sleeps. A knock at the door makes Gabi excited that Kayla came to babysit but she opens the door to see Nick.

Brady questions if Marlena wanted to bury the hatchet. Marlena says that's why she stayed behind and she needs to put her feelings about them behind for Sami. Brady agrees. Marlena asks Kristen if she can do that and they can just get along.

Nick asks if it's a bad time. Gabi says no and invites him in. Nick brings the box of stuff she left behind. Nick notes that she's dressed up so he doesn't want to make her late. Gabi says it's Sonny and Chad's club opening. Nick says he heard about that and tells her to have fun. Gabi reveals she's not going because the babysitter canceled. Nick offers to do it. Gabi calls it tempting. Nick says he hates to see her stuck there when she deserves a night out. Gabi says the club will always be there another day so she'd prefer to stay with Arianna. They talk about it being a full time job. Nick asks if Gabi gets a break. Gabi says she has some shows recorded to watch. Gabi talks about Will and Sonny helping out all the time too. Nick understands she was ready for a night out. Nick asks if she wants him to stick around and keep her company.

Theresa returns to Vargas. Vargas jokes about it being good that she's not driving. She passes the coke back to him and he goes to the bathroom. Theresa turns around and notices Will, wondering what he's doing there. She gets up and bumps into another guy. He apologizes but she tells him not to be sorry. Will and T talk at the bar about Robin. T says they hang out but there's also other girls. Will asks him what the deal is. T admits he wants what Will has in a relationship. Will jokes with him that Sonny is taken.

Kristen agrees to bury the hatchet, saying life is short. Marlena says she's taken up enough of their time so she exits. Brady says that was good news to have peace. Kristen doesn't trust Marlena and says they know where she really wants to bury the hatchet. Outside, Marlena makes a call wondering where they are and saying she has to talk right away. Brady thinks they should accept Marlena and give her a chance. Kristen agrees but doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Kristen and Brady discuss what they should do tonight. Kristen brings up Chad's club opening so she has to go say hi. Brady agrees and they kiss.

Victor answers the door at home to see Marlena. Marlena tells him that it only took one day for the right thing to fall into their laps.

Gabi asks Nick why he didn't go to the club tonight. Nick doesn't think Will and Sonny would want him to show up. Gabi thought things were better. Nick says they are but this is their night. Gabi agrees for Nick to join her in watching TV and pours him some wine. Gabi asks Nick about his job opportunities. Nick says it's been good and Kate's been supportive but he wants something steady. Gabi wishes him luck and then realizes that Nick's parole is up tomorrow. They talk about how it was going to be a big day for them and how Nick is a free man tomorrow.

Vargas goes dancing back to Theresa, bumping into Abigail along the way. Theresa tells Vargas that she has a family member there that she wasn't expecting to see so she has to play nice. Theresa kisses him and says she'll be right back. Theresa greets Will at the bar. She says she's having fun. Will tells her his boyfriend is the owner so Theresa asks if there's a family discount on drinks. Brady and Kristen arrive and greet Chad. Chad goes to get them drinks but Brady offers to so they can talk. Kristen asks if Abigail is a reason why Chad is so happy and having a great night. Chad says definitely and asks about her and Brady. Kristen says it's working for them so far.

Marlena tells Victor that she's already found out that Kristen has a secret and she knows what it is.

Gabi tells Nick that it will still be a big day for him since he can do what he wants. Nick mentions he wouldn't even have to stay in Salem. She asks if he wants to leave. Nick says he doesn't know. Gabi thinks he's thought about it. Nick asks if she would want him to go. She responds if it's best for him. Nick doesn't know and calls it hard to think about since he always felt the best thing for him was her.

Vargas walks through the crowd and bumps into Abigail some more as he looks around for Theresa. Will and Brady talk at the bar. Will shows him pictures of Arianna. Brady asks about Sami. Will says she's dealing but he wishes she could come home. Kristen pulls Brady away to dance, saying she missed him. Kristen says she made her appearance and now has other places she would rather be with him. Chad takes Abigail outside for some fresh air.

Nick apologizes to Gabi. He says it wasn't the wine talking but may not have been too bright to say out loud. Gabi says he can't be saying that all the time. Nick doesn't know why he's saying anything tonight then says he does. Gabi asks him what's going on. Nick thinks he has too much time to think as he's been replaying the past year in his head, trying to figure out where he went wrong and what he could've made better. Nick says he gets stuck at the beginning when it was just them at the Pub and even with the baby. Nick says the time they spent in her room was as perfect as life could get. Nick says he never felt closer to a person.

Vargas continues drinking and then goes outside where he finds Theresa getting close with the guy she ran into, making him angry. Brady and Kristen exit the club. They scoot past Vargas, who is staring furiously at the guy with Theresa.

Marlena tells Victor that she was tempted to tell Brady what she heard but she didn't and made up a story about burying the hatchet. She says Kristen isn't aware that she knows about her indiscretion. They wonder who Kristen could've slept with and how they would need lots of proof for Brady. Victor wants to make sure it kills Kristen's relationship with Brady.

Nick asks Gabi if she ever thinks about what it was like. Gabi says of course. Nick calls her the most beautiful woman he's ever known. Nick says he can close his eyes and still feel her.

Sonny asks Will where Chad is. Will suggests he's outside with Abigail.

Chad and Abigail stand together outside. Vargas pushes the guy outside and puts his arm around Theresa. Vargas says he was right where she left him after latching onto another guy. Vargas argues with the guy over Theresa. He pushes Vargas so Vargas knocks him down with a punch. Chad runs over to break it up but Vargas knocks him out with a punch too. Abigail rushes over to check on Chad as Vargas continues fighting with the other guy.

Brady and Kristen have sex at home.

Victor tells Marlena that they will have to find out who Kristen was sleeping with but it could be tricky. They can't imagine anyone wouldn't know better. They wonder who Kristen was on the phone with as well. Victor says finding out will be the beginning of bringing her down.

Brady and Kristen continue to make love as Kristen says she can't lose him.

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