Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/20/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/20/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer and Daniel kiss as JJ approaches behind the door. Theresa stops JJ as Jennifer realizes JJ is outside.

Kayla asks Cameron for an update on Chad's condition.

Abigail goes to the coffeehouse now remodeled as the club, looking for Chad. She goes inside and finds a drink waiting for her. Chad comes in and asks what she thinks, she loves it.

Marlena goes to see Victor, who thanks her for coming by. Marlena knows he's not thrilled about Justin representing Sami. Victor says he hopes Sami gets exonerated for her sake. Marlena asks why he asked her to come. Victor thought she'd be an excellent ally against Kristen.

Kristen comes down the stairs with the pregnancy test. Outside the DiMera Mansion, Eric arrives with the scholarship fund papers. Kristen puts the test down and answers the door. Eric says he wanted to make sure she got the scholarship papers to look over before their next interview.

Chad and Abigail sit together. Chad toasts to Jack. Chad talks about knowing it's been a hard day for her. Abigail can't believe it's been a year. Chad asks about Jennifer and JJ. Abigail says they seemed okay at the memorial. Abigail says JJ is sometimes sweet and funny but losing Jack changed him a lot. Chad suggests it might be easier for JJ to talk to another guy outside the family like him. Chad can't promise he'll get through to him. Abigail thanks him for even trying.

Jennifer worries and tells Daniel that he needs to hide. Daniel refuses to sneak around but Jennifer says he has to hide for her so JJ doesn't see him.

JJ asks Theresa what she wants. Theresa convinces him to walk away with her.

Daniel tells Jennifer that they have bigger problems than JJ seeing them. Jennifer doesn't want JJ to think she's lying to him. She checks outside the door and sees no one which she calls weird. Daniel decides he'll get going so no one gets the wrong impression that they are back together.

Eric asks Kristen if everything is okay. She insists she's fine. Eric thinks she doesn't seem like herself. Kristen then invites him in, saying he deserves to know what's going on.

Cameron tells Kayla that Chad asked him not to discuss his case. Kayla asks more. Cameron says Chad wanted his own specialist. Kayla calls it understandable and brings up Abigail being her niece, knowing there may be tension between Chad and Cameron. Kayla asks about the specialist. Cameron says he didn't say much.

Abigail comments that the renovations look amazing. Chad says he should now have a lot more time on his hands. Abigail then tells him that there's something she wanted to talk to him about. Chad thinks back to seeing Abigail and Cameron kissing in the park and says he wanted to talk to her too. Chad asks her to be his date to the grand opening. Chad claims Cameron has been encouraging him to spend more time with her like he wanted him to ask her out. Abigail asks when this was. Chad says it was earlier today.

Jennifer doesn't want Daniel to be upset and thinks they can work if they are careful. Daniel doesn't want to hide his feelings or sneak around. Daniel doesn't want to have this conversation. Jennifer gives Daniel the envelope with information for his photo shoot for the magazine article that she was going to mail. Daniel decides that concludes their business and exits her office.

JJ and Theresa walk through the hospital. JJ admits he was kind of a jerk earlier but says she was too. JJ tells her that if she needs a hookup, he's her guy but she won't get it free and he doesn't want her attitude about his mom. Theresa talks about having a more age appropriate guy and thinks JJ is jealous. JJ says he was just trying to do her a favor and walks away. Theresa turns around and sees Daniel leaving through the elevator. Daniel drops the envelope that Jennifer gave him as he gets in. Theresa sees and picks it up.

Victor tells Marlena that he wanted to call John but he's out of town on business and they don't know when he'll be back. Victor adds that he doesn't think Maggie has it to get dirty. Marlena says she would do anything for Brady but doesn't think she's a match for Kristen. Victor says Marlena was the one who got Brady to walk away from Kristen before. Marlena says it didn't last. Victor tells her to stick with him and with the two of them, Kristen won't stand a chance.

Kristen apologizes to Eric. Eric asks why she wouldn't want to take the job. Kristen talks about being a social worker in the past and working with kids. Eric compliments her on working with Haley. Kristen talks about her dreams. Eric brings up that Brady mentioned their adoption plans in the past. Eric asks what's weighing on her. Kristen responds that it's something that concerns them both.

JJ goes to Jennifer's office. She asked if he stopped by before. JJ says he got a call and had to step away. JJ asks her if it's okay if he hangs out with Bev tonight. She says ok and asks what they will be doing. JJ finds Daniel's pen on the floor and asks if he was there. Jennifer says they went over work stuff. JJ asks if he said anything negative about him and tells her about running into him earlier. JJ talks about things being better between them since Daniel hasn't been around to tell her what a jerk her son is.

Theresa goes to Daniel's. He asks what she's doing there. She says she came to see him and gives him the envelope that she dropped as she walks in. She comments about him being a bachelor and then asks Daniel out for drinks to make up for dropping the concert tickets. Daniel slows her down and says they are not going out.

Kristen tells Eric that she's concerned about two people that they both care about, Sami and Brady. Kristen wishes she could help Sami. Eric asks why she's worried about Brady. Kristen brings up today being the anniversary of Madison's death. Eric says he meant to talk to him earlier about it. Kristen says he seems fine but she's not sure. Eric asks if that's all. Kristen asks what else there would be. Eric thought she was going to say working with him. Kristen asks what he means. Eric brings up their family history while they are working so closely. Kristen says she's not going anywhere.

Victor talks to Marlena about wanting Kristen to go to Hell and talks about the lies Kristen could be spinning while they only have to find one. Victor says they can be silent partners and start with Kristen's greatest weakness.

Kristen thanks Eric for bringing the folders by and being nice to her which she didn't expect. Eric says they always be connected due to her and Brady and Sami and EJ. Eric tells her to have a good day as he exits. Kristen goes back to the pregnancy test and calls Jennifer, asking her to come over now.

Cameron talks to Kayla about not knowing the type of tumor but Chad indicated it could be terminal. Kayla asks if Abigail knows. Cameron says Chad doesn't want anyone know including his family. Cameron and Kayla agree that he could use their support in his recovery.

Abigail tells Chad that she would love to be his date tonight. Chad calls it great and asks what she wanted to talk about. Abigail informs him that she told Jennifer that she knew about the Sami/Bernardi video. Abigail says Jennifer was upset at first but understood and she talked to a lawyer who said everything would be okay. Chad calls it a relief and thinks she's brave. A worker comes in and tells Chad that they finished another part of the renovation. Abigail lets him go and Chad says he's looking forward to her date as she exits.

Theresa tells Daniel that she didn't mean to offend him. Daniel says he just needed to make things very clear. Theresa asks if he's seeing someone. Daniel tells her that nothing is going to happen between them and thanks her for coming by. Daniel says they should limit their contact to the hospital from now on. Theresa exits.

Marlena goes to the rectory and tells Eric that she's so glad the bishop had him stay even if it means working with Kristen. Eric says it will only last a while and talks about Kristen really loving the children. Marlena laughs and says he sounds like Brady now. Marlena insists that Kristen only cares about herself and that her whole act is not real. Marlena asks Eric not to fall for it.

Jennifer goes to see Kristen and asks if she is pregnant.

Abigail goes to the hospital and greets Kayla. She asks if Cameron's around. Kayla says he just went on break but she has a few minutes if she wants to talk. Abigail says she's probably busy but Kayla says she's never too busy for her. Abigail says she's trying to figure something out and can't talk to Jennifer about it but probably shouldn't talk to Kayla either. Kayla assumes it's because she works with Cameron and it's about Cameron and Chad.

Chad talks to the workers at the club until Cameron arrives and notes him being upbeat. Cameron asks if he got better news from the specialist. Chad tells him that he has nothing to worry about it as he's still dying.

Eric admits to Marlena that he's enjoyed working with Kristen but he's not trying to upset her. Eric knows she has all the reasons not to trust her but he thinks she's a bit more complex. Marlena gets a call and says she'll be right there. Eric asks what's wrong. Marlena tells him that the very complex Kristen decreed that her grandchildren be banished from her presence because she wants to be alone. Eric asks if there's anything he can do. Marlena responds that she thinks there is. Marlena tells him to remember that Hell will freeze over before Kristen changes and when it's all said and done, she is the actual embodiment of evil.

Kristen tells Jennifer that she's not pregnant and blames being late on stress. Jennifer asks if this is good news. Kristen says of course since it would've been over for good with Brady. Jennifer asks if part of her wanted a baby. Kristen says she gave up a long time ago on that. Kristen says she dodged a bullet so she shouldn't be sad. Jennifer doesn't think it would be crazy.

Abigail can't believe Jennifer told Kayla all about her situation with Chad and Cameron. Abigail talks about Jennifer thinking Chad is a horrible person. Kayla encourages her that only what she thinks matters. Abigail says she sort of made her mind up after a great afternoon with Cameron but then she saw Chad and he said something that turned things upside down.

Cameron tells Chad that he wants him to be cured and wants to help him beat this. Chad appreciates his concern but doesn't want to talk about his sickness. Cameron agrees not to talk about it. Chad mentions the grand opening tonight. Chad says he and Sonny have been dreaming of this so he won't let anything screw it up for him. Chad says that's why he won't tell his friends or family and Cameron won't either. Chad says he took Cameron's other advice about spending more time with Abigail as she's going to be his date tonight.

JJ and Rory walk through the town square, talking about Daniel. JJ worries that Daniel knows something but Jennifer doesn't know they are dealing. Rory asks if he wants to hold off on dealing. JJ says they will just have to be careful and he'll just have to keep Jennifer on his side instead of Daniel's.

Theresa sits in Jennifer's office and texts Vargas, asking if they are still on for tonight and if that's his real name. Anne comes in and jokes about work. They talk about Jennifer leaving early. Theresa stops her and asks if Daniel is seeing someone. Anne reveals that Daniel is seeing Jennifer. Theresa laughs and asks if she's kidding.

Daniel goes to the rectory and asks Eric how he is. Eric says he's been fine for weeks. Daniel talks about wanting to keep busy and keep his mind off things. Eric asks if he's still in conflict over Jennifer. Daniel worries that JJ is about to tear them apart forever which even Chloe couldn't do.

Kristen thanks Jennifer for being a great friend as Jennifer exits. Kristen tells herself that she's not going to cry over the pregnancy test as the future is hers and Brady's.

Abigail tells Kayla that Cameron apparently thinks she and Chad should spend more time together. Abigail wonders if Cameron is trying to let her down easy. Kayla suggests she stop pressuring herself and wait a little longer if she doesn't know how she feels. Abigail agrees that she may be right. Abigail thanks Kayla and hugs her.

Cameron tells Chad that it's great and he hopes they have a great time. Chad says they will and jokes about going back to his place afterwards and making love all night long. Chad tells Cameron that he's kidding and blames his brain tumor for affecting his sense of humor. Chad tells him not to be upset. Chad gets that Cameron is trying to help but says he doesn't need anyone's help as he's going to beat this no matter what it takes.

Theresa asks Anne how long Daniel and Jennifer have been dating. Anne says they've been on and off for a long time and she doesn't even know now as she exits. Theresa wonders how someone like Jennifer could snag someone like Daniel. Theresa looks at a picture of Jennifer and asks if he would seriously rather be with her. Theresa declares that Salem is so screwed up.

Daniel explains to Eric that he's starting to understand a parent's love of their child is stronger than anything else. Daniel switches the subject back to Eric and asks if he's sure that he hasn't had any more symptoms. Daniel says he hasn't dropped the idea of finding what caused it's illness and asks if he remembered anything else. Eric says nothing specific. Daniel asks if there's anything not specific. Eric knows it will sound strange but he sometimes gets a very strange feeling of dread. Daniel asks what that means. Eric says it's like something really awful happened that he almost doesn't even want to remember.

Kristen calls Jennifer again. Kristen reminds her that she can't tell anyone about the pregnancy scare including Daniel. Jennifer says that won't be a problem since they are barely speaking. Kristen doesn't think that will last long and says Daniel might ask questions because of Nicole so she'll have to throw him off track if he does. Kristen tells her that Brady can never find out that she slept with someone else when they were apart while Marlena stands outside the living room holding Sydney.

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