Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/19/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/19/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ goes to visit Sami. Sami talks about Kate's visit and informs him that Kate was right that Stefano didn't send Bernardi to slit Rafe's throat but to slit something else to make sure Rafe wouldn't have sex with Kate or anyone else ever again. EJ doesn't care and wishes Bernardi finished the job. Sami argues that it's unfair but EJ says he's sick of Rafe and blames him for Sami being in there.

The woman from before returns to Rafe's room. Rafe talks about his frustrations and asks if she's the new nurse. Kate interrupts and says she's figured it out. Kate tells her that she can come back later. The woman in the room then reveals that she is Rafe's physical therapist. Kate argues that it is supposed to be a man but the woman reveals she is Jordan Ridgeway and asks who Kate is.

Vargas walks through the town square, talking on the phone about having ringside seats to the fights. Vargas hangs up as Eric approaches and greets him.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion finishing a phone call and finds JJ inside. Daniel asks what he's doing there. JJ says he came to see Adrienne after the memorial for Jack but doesn't think Daniel cares. Daniel responds that he does very much.

Jennifer asks Kristen if she wants her to wait with her for the pregnancy test results. Kristen asks her to so Jennifer goes to call the hospital and says she'll be right back. Kristen picks up the pregnancy test as Nicole then approaches and asks what's new.

Sami tells EJ that he can't blame Rafe. EJ says he can and calls it ironic that he came between them again just when they were back together and about to be married.

Rafe introduces Kate and Jordan. Kate says she was just a little taken a back that Jordan was a woman. Rafe asks how Kate knew about his physical therapist anyways. Kate says she had been all over things and thought Kayla expected a man. Rafe insists that he's okay with his physical therapist being a woman and admits he kind of likes it.

Daniel tells JJ that he knows it's the anniversary of Jack's death and they must be heavy hearted. Daniel adds that he liked Jack and understands they miss him. JJ comments that Jack can see Daniel is out of the picture now. JJ tells him not to worry because they are fine especially since Jennifer is through with him. Daniel responds that he may have Jennifer fooled but he is on to him.

Jennifer listens in on Nicole questioning Kristen. Jennifer then interrupts and pretends Kristen was holding her things. Kristen tells Nicole that the pregnancy test couldn't be hers since she can't have children and walks off. Nicole apologizes to Jennifer for assuming. Jennifer tells Nicole that she bought the pregnancy test for a woman at a homeless shelter. Nicole tells her it's not true and she knows it.

Eric says he didn't recognize Vargas in his suit and he seems like he must be doing better. Eric asks what changed for him. Vargas claims a good job is it.

Jordan apologizes for the confusion and says she will come back later for Rafe's initial evaluation if he is up to it. Rafe guarantees that he'll be up to it as he's sick of the hospital bed. Jordan exits. Rafe comments that she seems up to the job. Kate says she has excellent qualifications. They joke about her being a woman as Rafe thinks it bugged her a bit. Kate says she was just surprised. Kate then asks Rafe why EJ was there earlier.

Sami tells EJ that it's not ironic because Rafe isn't coming between them. EJ brings up that Sami and Rafe were about to get married and how Sami was saving Rafe's life again. EJ talks about Sami finding out Rafe's head was hot because she was stroking his face and should've got a nurse. EJ blames Sami's feelings for Rafe ending her up in jail.

JJ tells Daniel that he just doesn't want him with Jennifer. Daniel questions if Jack would like what he was doing when he's hurting Jennifer with this nonsense. Daniel warns JJ that if he hurts Jennifer then he will answer to him. Daniel then exits.

Jennifer accuses Nicole of calling her a liar when they were becoming friends. Nicole apologizes for it coming out like that. Nicole says St. Luke's has a relationship with the homeless shelter so she knows what's going on. Jennifer looks down. Nicole then asks if the pregnancy test is hers or Abigail's. Jennifer says no and says she doesn't care what Nicole thinks as it's a personal matter and none of her business as she then storms off. Nicole says maybe not but bets the father would think it's his business.

Kristen returns home with the pregnancy test. Harold comes in looking for Sami as the children are worried about her. Kristen suggests Harold and Mary take the afternoon off to take the kids swimming. He heads upstairs to let them know. Kristen sits down with her pregnancy test, hoping that she's not pregnant.

Eric talks to Vargas about him being the first person they chose for their program and they invested in him so he'd like to know his job. Vargas says a friend gave him a tip and working hard bores him. Eric feels he failed him.

Sami thinks EJ being mad at her means he doesn't think her days are numbered. EJ says he loves her. Sami says she loves him too and doesn't want him blaming Rafe because it doesn't help anything. EJ thinks what Rafe says and does are two different things. Sami realizes EJ went to see Rafe.

Rafe asks if Kate is keeping track of who's coming in and out of his room. Kate apologizes for being concerned for his safety. Rafe apologizes and thanks her for caring. Kate doesn't want anything else happening to him. Rafe assures her that it wasn't his fault. Kate says he was in a vulnerable state. Rafe knows Stefano almost killed him but doubts that he'll try again after Bernardi. Rafe tells Kate that he doesn't need her hovering around. Kate asks if he means like his mother and says she's got it then.

Theresa approaches JJ and Rory at the park. Rory invites her to join them in hanging out. JJ questions her not being at work. Theresa says she's on break. Theresa complains about Jennifer and asks how JJ stands her. JJ tells her to back off and not talk about his mom.

Nicole goes to Daniel's. He asks what's wrong. Nicole says she debated on coming over but they are friends. Daniel asks what it's about. Nicole says she ran into Jennifer and caught her in a lie. Daniel appreciates her but doesn't want to talk about Jennifer. Nicole asks even if she might be pregnant.

EJ admits to Sami that he went to see Rafe because he owes his life to her so he thought Rafe should repay that debt. Sami asks how. EJ tells her that Rafe knows Bernardi was on Stefano's payroll so he didn't think it was too much for him to plant false evidence and hurt Bernardi's image but Rafe said he didn't know anything. Sami thinks they can't blame him when he was asking Rafe to lie and he's not going to do that. EJ brings up Rafe lying about being the father of Nicole's baby before. EJ says Rafe won't help Sami because he lost her to him.

Rafe tells Kate that he didn't mean it to sound that way. Kate agrees that she's been hovering and says there's no reason to do that anymore so she hopes his physical therapy goes well. Kate goes to leave but Rafe asks her to come back and he apologizes. Rafe says he's going to get through this and brings up how Kate's the one who found him and stayed with him through it all. Rafe says when he gets better, it will probably be because of her. Kate thinks he should take all the credit as he's the strongest man she knows. Kate kisses him on the cheek and exits.

Daniel asks Nicole what she's talking about. Nicole explains that she ran into Jennifer who had a shopping bag with a home pregnancy test inside. Daniel suggests she could've bought it for someone else. Nicole tells him that she told her it was for a girl at a homeless shelter but she didn't believe her. Daniel decides he has to go and rushes out. Nicole goes to follow out. She sees pictures of Daniel and Jennifer and says she's sorry to Jennifer but he has the right to know as she then exits.

Jennifer calls Kristen. Kristen asks what Nicole said after she left. Jennifer says Nicole didn't suspect anything and won't say anything about her. Kristen is relieved. Jennifer asks if she wants the pregnancy test back. Kristen says she can toss it as she bought a new one. Jennifer offers to come over for her but Kristen tells her that she doesn't have to do that. Kristen thanks her for being an incredible friend. Jennifer tells her to call her after she takes the test. Kristen hangs up and pours a drink then heads upstairs, leaving the pregnancy test on the table where Sydney comes in and picks it up. Kristen comes in and questions what she's doing. Kristen tells her it's not hers to play with. Sydney apologizes. Kristen then apologizes for being mean and says it's medicine so she didn't want her to get hurt. Sydney wants Sami. Kristen says she will be back soon and encourages that she has her and EJ too.

Sami tells EJ that she understands that he hates Rafe but Rafe wouldn't let her rot in prison if he could help her. EJ argues until Caroline arrives to visit Sami. Caroline brings her clam chowder from the Pub. EJ says it was kind of her. EJ says he will leave. Caroline asks him not to leave on her account but EJ says he has some things to do. EJ kisses Sami goodbye and then exits. Caroline tells Sami that she didn't mean to run EJ off. Sami assures her that she didn't. Sami says sometimes life just sucks. Caroline tells Sami that she knows she will beat this. Sami thanks her and loves her confidence.

Jordan begins Rafe's physical therapy. She asks him to raise his hand and push it against her hand as hard as he can. Rafe tries but says he can't. Jordan notes it down as Rafe assumes it's not good.

Vargas tells Eric not to beat himself up since no one could change him. Vargas tells Eric that he's naive and only sees what he wants. Vargas tells him that he was only in Eric's program until something better came around. Vargas says he's glad he met Eric as he did help him but now it's time for Vargas to help himself. Vargas says he'll see him around and tells him not to let it get him down as he walks on.

Theresa says JJ is the one always complaining about Jennifer. JJ responds back that Jennifer wasn't at work because it's the one year anniversary of his father's death. Theresa apologizes as JJ accuses her of only thinking about herself. Rory tries to calm him down. Theresa suggests they hang out together but JJ tells her to forget it. Theresa says it's his loss and walks away. Rory tells JJ that he just blew their chances with her. JJ says Rory's dumb if he thought he ever had a chance. JJ walks off, saying he's going to find Jennifer to pretend he's the good son.

Daniel goes to see Jennifer at her office in the hospital and asks if she's pregnant. Jennifer says Nicole already got to him and adds that she knows how to keep herself from getting pregnant. Jennifer says if she had the slightest suspicion that she was then Daniel would be the first to know. Daniel apologizes. Jennifer says she's upset with Nicole and asks if he's disappointed. Daniel says they never really talked about it but if she was pregnant then they would have to figure things out, talk, and build a life together and JJ would have to accept that they love each other. Jennifer assures him that she's not pregnant. Daniel decides there's nothing to talk about then and goes to leave but she stops him.

Kate approaches EJ in the park and asks if he's going back to the hospital because she doesn't want him badgering Rafe anymore. EJ doesn't want to hear anymore about poor old Rafe.

Rafe wants to try the hand push again with Jordan. Jordan understands if he's weak. Jordan tries with his foot to have him push his foot against her hand. Rafe tries but again can't. Rafe worries that Jordan is stronger with one hand than he is with his entire leg so he wonders how he's ever supposed to walk again.

Jennifer disagrees that they don't have anything to talk about. Daniel doesn't want to sneak around but Jennifer thinks there's a way for them to be together while she's there for JJ too. Daniel questions it being a lie. Jennifer says they would at least be together and asks why he can't see that.

Vargas runs into Theresa in the town square. She gets upset but after seeing him in his suit, she apologizes for it being her fault. Vargas says it must be his lucky day. Theresa says if he plays his cards right then it might be his lucky night.

Eric goes to the rectory upset asking for his messages. Nicole notes that he seems upset. Eric talks about just seeing Vargas in a suit and ordering a limo. Eric is mad that the program failed. Nicole argues that it didn't fail and blames Hope and Abe picking the wrong guy. Eric thinks he was naive. Nicole thinks Eric just sees the good in people like her, Vargas, and Kristen. Eric doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Eric gathers the scholarship information and asks Nicole to bring it to Kristen. Nicole says she'd do anything for him but draws the line at being errand girl for Kristen.

Kristen grabs the pregnancy test and says it's time to do this.

Vargas and Theresa introduce themselves to each other. Theresa says she has to get back to work but mentions a club opening later if he wants to have some fun. Vargas mentions his ringside seats to the fights. She asks who wants to see that. Theresa gives him her number and says she will see him later unless something better comes along. Vargas asks what could be better than him. Theresa says she'll let him know after she sees what he's got as she walks away.

Daniel doesn't want another round with Jennifer. Jennifer doesn't know what to do as JJ can't see her with anyone else but Jack but she needs Daniel in her life. Daniel finds it unfair. Jennifer claims it won't be much longer and doesn't know what else to do because losing him is not what she wants. Jennifer says she wouldn't be doing this if she didn't love him. Jennifer and Daniel kiss as JJ approaches and goes to open the door.

Caroline encourages Sami and tells her about seeing the kids and how they miss her so much. Caroline tells Sami to do everything she can to come home to them all.

EJ tells Kate that Sami could spend her life in prison because of Kate and her affair with Rafe. EJ explains that he went to Rafe to ask for help getting Sami out but he turned him down. EJ says if Sami is convicted then it's on Kate and Rafe. Kate asks if that's a threat. EJ says Stefano makes threats while he makes promises and walks away.

Rafe asks Jordan how he can walk. Jordan says it's a question for his doctor. Rafe asks if he's going to walk again. She tells him they will give it their best shot together and see what happens. Jordan then exits.

Nicole paces at the rectory and thinks back to seeing Kristen with the pregnancy test. Nicole says to herself maybe it was Kristen's then says no way without divine intervention as she exits.

Kristen comes down the stairs with the pregnancy test. Outside the DiMera Mansion, Eric arrives with the scholarship fund papers.

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