Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/16/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/16/13


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Daniel sits in the Kiriakis Mansion looking at his tablet, reading about the memorial for explosion victims Madison and Jack. Parker plays nearby. Daniel starts to call Jennifer but stops. Parker comes up and hugs him.

Jennifer, JJ, and Abigail talk in the park following the memorial service about the nice things said about Jack. Jennifer talks about making it another year. JJ is glad people remember Jack. Jennifer talks about seeing Jack in Abigail and JJ.

Rafe asks the woman if she's new. She goes to introduce herself but EJ enters, saying he needs a moment alone with Rafe now. Rafe tells her it's fine so she decides to wait outside. Rafe tells EJ that he doesn't have amnesia and remembers everything about him. EJ informs him that he came to bury the hatchet. EJ hopes there's a chance they can work together.

Sami sits in her cell crying. Kate arrives. Sami asks what she wants. Kate says they need to talk about Stefano. Sami doesn't want to talk to her about Stefano or anything else. Kate tells her not to be stupid as they both know Stefano is the reason that she is behind bars.

Eric returns to the rectory and thanks Nicole for having the flyers made. Nicole questions how long Kristen is going to be there. Eric says it will just be a few days. Nicole complains about being unable to stand Kristen. Eric praises Kristen for helping kids and notes that she seemed a bit distracted today.

Kristen goes to buy a pregnancy test but Brady walks by and asks what she's doing there.

Maggie comes in and tells Daniel that Parker is playing in the backyard. Daniel thinks Parker misses Jennifer. Maggie talks about he does too. Daniel says he sent Jennifer a text. Maggie thinks this day calls for a little more than a text but Daniel disagrees.

Jennifer reads Daniel's text sending his love and support on this day. JJ asks her who the message is from.

Nicole continues complaining about Kristen and brings up what she's done to Marlena. Nicole warns him that Kristen could destroy them both if he doesn't wake up and see her for who she is.

Kristen claims that she ran out of tissues and came to get some. She asks what Brady is doing there. Brady says he's getting a prescription for Caroline. Brady talks about the look in Kristen's eye and questions why she's lying to him so she admits that she is and that he deserves to know the truth. They go to the town square and sit together to talk about the truth. Brady asks what she was lying about. Kristen turns it around and claims Brady is lying to her. Kristen then says Brady is lying to himself by acting like it's just another day when it's the day he lost Madison.

Maggie questions Daniel only sending Jennifer a text. Daniel says it's none of her business. Maggie disagrees. Maggie talks about being Daniel's mom and Jennifer's aunt. Maggie says they are going to stay miserable until they figure out how to help JJ. Maggie encourages that it's worth it to hang in there. Maggie says there has got to be a way to make this work.

Jennifer asks where Adrienne and Sonny went because she wanted them to give JJ a ride home while she goes to work. Abigail asks to talk with Jennifer. JJ goes to look for Sonny. Abigail tells Jennifer that she spoke with her lawyer, who told her there's a small possibility that she could have to testify. Jennifer is glad she's not facing criminal charges and tells her that if she does testify, she should just tell the truth and hope Justin can get Sami free.

Sami mocks Kate about Stefano. Kate talks to her about letting go. Sami asks her to go away but Kate says she's going to help her.

Rafe questions EJ wanting to work together, saying EJ is a criminal while he's a cop so it seems unlikely. EJ brings up Sami being punished unfairly for saving Rafe's life. EJ says he knows Rafe feels he owes it to Sami and the children. Rafe admits that he can't stand that Sami is in jail because of him. Rafe says he was unconscious when she fired the gun so there's not much he can do. EJ disagrees since he knew Bernardi. EJ says they can free Sami if they can figure out who Bernardi was and why he was in the room.

Nicole goes to the hospital and asks Daniel why he's there instead of with Jennifer. Daniel says the memorial is for her family. Nicole thinks he should be there for her after to pull her together. Daniel asks why she's so concerned. Nicole thinks they connected at the book club. Daniel thinks he needs to keep his distance. Nicole blames JJ for screwing everything up for them still.

JJ comes back to Jennifer and Abigail. Jennifer tells him that he conducted himself in a way that Jack would be really proud of him today. JJ thanks her. Jennifer kisses them goodbye and walks away. JJ asks Abigail if Jennifer will be alright. Abigail says she's tougher than she looks. JJ thanks Abigail. He says today was rough but nothing compared to when it actually happened. JJ adds that he knows Abigail helped Jennifer through it and feels he should've been there. Abigail thinks Jennifer is glad JJ was sort of protected from it. Abigail says it's good that he's there and she means it. They go to find Adrienne and Sonny to leave.

Brady admits he could've done without a memorial service on the day he was supposed to marry Madison. Brady adds that he did love her but he hates memorial services and hates talking about losing her. Kristen talks about getting to enjoy how much she likes him. Brady is glad he told her how he felt and kisses her. Brady says he has to go and will see her tonight. Brady adds that their new rule is no lie and no evasions as he then walks away while Kristen disagrees to herself.

Kate tells Sami not to be herself and write her off when she says they need to find out what Stefano really did and what he's doing now. Kate questions if they are wrong about him. Kate tells her to hear her out. Kate explains that Stefano swore on the DiMera name that he did not send Bernardi to kill Rafe. Sami mocks Stefano never lying. Kate says Stefano didn't have to invoke the DiMera name honor and wouldn't lie on that. Kate thinks Stefano was telling the truth.

EJ wants Rafe to drudge up every case he and Bernardi ever worked on and every conversation they had. Rafe says he did that and it's all he's thought about being in there but didn't come up with anything. EJ admits he didn't expect him to come up with anything. Rafe asks why he's there then. EJ suggests Rafe making up being able to recall Bernardi stopping at a bank or a safety deposit box and then he could make sure Hope found something. EJ declares it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. EJ talks about Bernardi not being decent. Rafe thought EJ and Stefano were down with stuff like that. EJ says they are many things but not hypocrites. EJ talks about the funeral making Bernardi seem like a saint and how Johnny and Allie are being teased by other kids about Sami. EJ thinks they should do whatever it takes to resolve this. Rafe sees that he's desperate to help Sami, enough to ask for his help. Rafe says he will pretend that EJ did not just attempt to get him to plant false evidence. EJ argues that Sami is innocent and the only crime she committed was saving his sorry life.

Kate talks about what Stefano did to her so she's not defending him. Kate says everything Stefano does, he does for a purpose, so she thinks he's playing a game. Sami doesn't think Kate cares if she lives or dies. Kate brings up her being Will and Allie's mother. Kate didn't think she could loathe Stefano more than she already does. Kate says something is missing and they need to figure out what it is.

Maggie goes to the Rectory where Eric is on the phone with Marlena, who hangs up upset. Eric calls it the first time she's hung up on him. Maggie assumes Marlena is worried about Sami. Eric talks about having to tell her that he's working with Kristen and doesn't want to get into Kristen and Brady.

Kristen walks through the town square and bumps into Jennifer, causing Kristen to drop her pregnancy test which shocks Jennifer.

Rafe gets that EJ wants to help Sami. EJ continues to argue. Rafe tells him that the cops aren't as stupid as he thinks and if he plants false evidence then it will look like Sami was guilty all along. Rafe suggests EJ doesn't yell in the hospital where people can hear him. EJ says he should've known asking for his help would be a complete waste of time.

Kate talks about Stefano's plans being dangerous. Sami says she has been over everything. Kate goes over what happened in the shooting. Sami recalls not being able to tell it was Bernardi but only seeing the razor in his hand. They wonder why he would use a razor. They go over how Bernardi was standing over Rafe and wonder why. They talk about Bernardi holding the sheet and wonder why if he was going to slit Rafe's throat and then realize that Bernardi wasn't going to slit Rafe's throat but was going to be aiming below the belt so Stefano was telling the truth when he swore that he did not send Bernardi to actually kill Rafe.

Abigail and JJ go home. Abigail starts to text Daniel about the day. JJ gets upset and can't believe she's thinking about Daniel on this day. Abigail argues that Jennifer needs him and tells JJ to get over himself.

Daniel tells Nicole that he doesn't want to talk about JJ because it's complicated. Nicole argues that JJ is ruining he and Jennifer's life. Nicole decides she's going to put JJ in his place. Daniel thinks Nicole was in a bad mood before they started talking. Nicole admits that she was mad about Kristen.

Kristen picks up her pregnancy test and runs off. Jennifer follows her out of the town square. Jennifer asks what's going on and if she really thinks she's pregnant. Jennifer knows it's a shock but asks why she's upset since she and Brady always wanted a baby. Jennifer then realizes and asks if Brady is not the father.

Kate and Sami talk about how sick Stefano's plan was. Sami wants to tell but Kate says no one would believe them. Sami agrees that it doesn't change anything. Kate says Stefano probably knew she wouldn't give up so he wanted her to know what he was trying to do. Sami asks Kate to go since she wasn't in a good place before and this hasn't helped. Kate apologizes and hopes she can beat this. Kate exits.

Rafe questions EJ. EJ says if Sami remains in prison then he hopes Rafe rots in the hospital bed for just long. EJ then exits.

Maggie talks to Eric about working with Nicole and Kristen in close quarters. Eric says Nicole has changed so much and talks about how Kristen is so interested in the scholarship kids that she almost seemed maternal.

Kristen admits to Jennifer that she had an affair with another man while she wasn't with Brady since she thought they'd never get back together. Kristen brings up that she gave Brady her word that she wasn't with anyone else so if he found out she lied again then it would be completely over for good.

Daniel plays with Parker until Brady comes in. They joke with Parker and Brady says he'll remember this if he and Kristen ever had one, then says that he can dream.

Kristen tells Jennifer that her baby is definitely the other man's. Jennifer talks about how much Kristen wanted to be a mother so she can't end the pregnancy. Jennifer suggests Brady may understand but Kristen says Brady definitely would not understand this.

Rory goes to see JJ. JJ tells him that they need to get back into business. JJ says the cops lost interest so there's no reason they can't start dealing again.

The woman from before returns to Rafe's room. Rafe talks about his frustrations and asks if she's the new nurse. Kate interrupts and says she's figured it out. Kate tells her that she can come back later. The woman in the room then reveals that she is Rafe's physical therapist.

EJ goes to visit Sami. Sami talks about Kate's visit and informs him that Kate was right that Stefano didn't send Bernardi to slit Rafe's throat but to slit something else to make sure Rafe wouldn't have sex with Kate or anyone else ever again. EJ remarks that after their conversation, he almost wishes Bernardi finished the job before she shot him.

Brady talks to Daniel about worrying about Kristen's secrets. Brady says he's realizing a big difference between secrecy and privacy.

Maggie remains unconvinced that Kristen has changed. Eric talks about seeing a flash today and there's something about Kristen that he can't put his finger on.

Jennifer asks Kristen if she wants her to wait with her for the pregnancy test results. Kristen asks her to so Jennifer goes to call the hospital and says she'll be right back. Kristen picks up the pregnancy test as Nicole then approaches.

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