Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/15/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/15/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole sits outside in the park reading a book and tanning. She says to herself that she hopes not to deal with Kristen. A man approaches, who she at first imagines as Eric. He then tells her that she can't be there.

Brady goes to the Rectory and sees Eric outside of it. He asks if Kristen is inside.

Kristen looks over her phone checking the calendar, saying that she's really late but that's not possible.

Maxine sends Kate in to see Rafe. Rafe is still questioning Stefano sending Bernardi in to kill him.

Sami sleeps in her cell and dreams of the kids visiting her. She wakes up and asks the guard if there's anything new on her bail hearing. He tells her that he only knows they were bringing her new clothes.

EJ talks on the phone at home. Justin comes in wanting to know what's going on.

Brady and Eric continue talking outside the rectory. Inside, Kristen says it can't be right and she can't be pregnant with Eric's baby. Brady and Eric head inside and Brady asks Eric what's wrong.

EJ tells Justin that he's running DiMera Enterprises and not looking focus. Justin questions him losing focus on Sami's case. EJ says everything he's doing is about Sami. Justin questions his methods sabotaging Sami and asks about the anonymous tip. EJ insists on Bernardi being dirty. Justin brings up Abe and Hope noticing EJ being stunned when no evidence was found in Bernardi's house.

Sami apologizes to the guard about Bernardi and said she's grateful. He tells her that her father saved his life so he's looking out for his kid.

Kristen greets Brady and then says she's going to see EJ because he's concerned about Sami. Brady tells her that he can't because he'll be at the private bail hearing. Kristen insists on waiting for him. Brady asks for a moment alone so Eric steps out. Brady then asks Kristen what happened between her and Eric. Kristen thinks back to being with Eric and then asks Brady what kind of question that is and says that nothing happened between them. Brady says they were going to interview scholarship applicants but Eric seemed to be in a bad mood so he thought something may have happened. Brady gets a call and exits, telling Kristen they'll have dinner later. Eric comes back in and Kristen goes to leave but Eric says she can't leave as he needs her.

The man tells Nicole that it's the one year anniversary of the explosion so they are clearing everyone out of the park. Nicole thanks him for alerting her and he walks away. Nicole then pulls out her phone.

EJ questions why Justin is so upset. Justin tells him that Abe and Hope will have to testify on the search. Justin asks EJ to stay out of it but he refuses until Sami is back home.

The guard brings Sami a change of clothes.

EJ tells Justin that he is most concerned about the kids who are asking why Sami is taking so long on her business trip. Justin understands and says he's doing everything he can but needs EJ to work with him. Justin tells EJ that by the book is the only way.

Rafe questions believing Sami shot Bernardi for no reason. Kate says she just isn't sure that Stefano is lying. Kate tells Rafe to focus on physical therapy and getting his strength back. Rafe says that Sami saved his life so he wants to figure out what happened. Kate realizes he won't let it go. Kate says she isn't saying there is no connection between Bernardi and Stefano. Rafe says there clearly is as Bernardi had no other reason to attack him. Rafe talks about no one suspecting Bernardi of being a dirty cop but it cost him his life and he won't let it cost Sami hers.

EJ gives Justin an envelope that he says is the next move. Justin tells him it's by the book from this point forward. EJ says he wants Sami home where she belongs as he exits.

Sami changes clothes and waits in her cell.

Brady finishes a call in the Pub. Nicole approaches. He notes that she looks upset. They talk about it being the one year anniversary of the explosion. Brady says he just talked to Madison's sister. Nicole brings up the park memorial but Brady says it's for immediate family members of the victims only. Brady brings up Jack and thinks about what Madison would want him to do now which is live.

Eric tells Kristen that he needs her for one more student interview. Kristen says she needs to be somewhere but Eric says it will take 30 minutes and they are right outside. Kristen agrees to stay.

EJ and Justin go to court for the bail hearing. Sami joins them. EJ tells her to stay calm and remember what he said as he kisses her.

Rafe tells Kate that he can't believe they are having this conversation as Stefano is obviously capable of murder and lying. Kate talks about Stefano giving his word on DiMera honor. Rafe argues that it means nothing and calls him a homicidal psychopath. Rafe has zero doubt that Stefano sent Bernardi to kill him.

The judge begins the bail hearing and starts with Justin's argument. Justin talks about two threats on Sami's life since she's been locked up which is unacceptable. Justin argues that Sami is not a flight risk and only wants to clear her name to get home and take care of her children. Justin asks the judge's prior decision to be rescinded and for Sami to be released on bail so that she can be home with her family.

Brady sits with Nicole and talks about memories of Madison. Nicole questions going from Madison to Kristen.

Eric and Kristen meet with a girl named Haley, who is with her cousin as she lost her mother. Eric steps outside with the cousin to talk. Kristen tells Haley that it's okay if she doesn't want to talk.

Kate suggests to Rafe that they don't talk about Stefano. Kate brings up his physical therapy and tells him about his physical therapist and that he is supposed to be the best. Kate shows Rafe the picture of Arianna. Rafe talks about having a good conversation with her. Kate encourages him.

Justin presents EJ and Sami's passports and a verified document on the DiMera jet to prove she's not a flight risk. Justin brings up the children but Melinda interrupts and points out EJ and Sami fleeing before without care of the kids. Justin is concerned with Sami's right for a fair trial and believes they are justified. Justin wants a private trial and thinks the judge will share his concerns. Melinda interrupts to argue. Justin thinks the police would be biased towards Bernardi. Justin and Melinda continue to argue until the judge calls a recess to make his decision. EJ compliments Justin. Sami asks what happens now. Justin declares that he thinks they have a really good shot of getting her home tonight.

Rafe and Kate talk about the upcoming jury selection. Rafe wonders if he will be called as a witness. Kate says he would tell the truth then but now needs to focus on his recovery. Maxine enters and tells Rafe that his physical therapist will be there soon for his first appointment. Kate exits. Rafe tells Maxine that he will be nice. Kate walks on and exits the hospital, walking past a woman.

Haley asks Kristen why she doesn't want to talk. Kristen says she just assumed and understands what she's going through. Kristen talks about losing her family when she was young. Kristen encourages her that things will get better and she will be alright. Kristen promises that it will get better and Haley hugs her as Eric looks in through the doorway.

Nicole tells Brady that she doesn't mean to hurt him. Brady says out of everyone, he thought she would get Kristen since she's been hurt by life and people in it like her. Nicole admits they are a lot alike which she calls more reason for him to listen when she says Kristen is a man eater. Nicole warns Brady that Kristen will eat him up and spit him out again.

Eric re-enters the rectory and tells Haley that her cousin is waiting outside for her so she exits. Eric notes Haley opening up to Kristen and trusting her. Eric talks about it being terrible to lose somebody. Kristen asks about how Eric is towards kids. Eric asks if she was going to ask about him not having any of his own. Kristen gets defensive and shoots down that she was going to say anything about that then suggests they never speak of it again.

Justin, Sami, and EJ go over their plan for the trial. The judge returns having made his ruling. He rules in favor of the defense for a private trial but denies bail. The judge says that Sami is safe in the cell and due to EJ and Sami's past fleeing, he cannot grant bail. Melinda is happy while Sami holds back tears.

Kristen apologizes for snapping at Eric. She says she has a lot going on her life now. She says it's wonderful to be back with Brady but it's confusing too. Eric offers to talk about it. Kristen says she loves Brady but isn't used to those feelings so it worries her. Kristen decides she can't talk right now and rushes out.

Brady tells Nicole that the truth is, he's getting back with Kristen with his eyes open. Nicole tries not to scoff. Brady says she doesn't have to trust her but he does. Brady tells her to trust that he won't let anyone screw up his life again. Brady then exits the Pub.

Maxine tells Rafe that the first days of physical therapy sucks and hurts but will get better. She calls him the toughest dude she knows so if anyone can take it, it's him. Maxine then exits. The woman that Kate walked past enters the room.

EJ tries to encourage Sami. Melinda hands Justin the jury selections and exits. Justin reads off that it will include Hope, Abe, Roman, Will, Adrienne, and Rafe. Sami doesn't understand why they are all being called. The guard tells her that time is up. EJ tells her that it's not over and they will win as he kisses her. Sami says she loves him and is then escorted out. EJ asks Justin what he makes of the jury list. Justin notes that Marge is not on it. EJ assumes they are afraid she will be cross-examined. They discuss that Marge could be hiding something. EJ suggests Stefano giving her money. Justin is unsure about going there but EJ says Sami's life is on the line so they go where they have to go.

Rafe asks the woman if she's new. She goes to introduce herself but EJ enters, saying he needs a moment alone with Rafe now.

Sami sits in her cell crying. Kate arrives. Sami asks what she wants. Kate says they need to talk about Stefano.

Nicole enters the rectory where Eric is. Eric asks if she was just trying to steer clear of Kristen. Nicole claims she had an upset stomach but is better now and asks about the interviews. Eric says it was great and praises Kristen for how she dealt with Haley, saying he was very impressed. Nicole calls Kristen a snake. Eric gives her a flyer to make copies of and exits. Nicole prays for Eric or Brady to see Kristen for who she is.

Kristen goes to buy a pregnancy test but Brady walks by.

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