Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/14/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/14/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will and Sonny go to the Pub, talking about Sami's bail hearing. Will goes to say hi to Caroline in the back. Brent arrives and joins Sonny to work on the coffeehouse remodeling. Sonny is impressed with how quickly Brent put things together. Brent says Sonny and Chad are great to work with. Brent talks about being excited for his camping trip and asks Sonny if he thought any more about coming with him.

Cameron is in the park and sends a text to Chad.

Chad gets the text in the town square and thinks back to his last time seeing Cameron.

Cameron paces in the park until Gabi approaches and asks if he's okay.

Abigail sits at home with her tablet computer, reading about Sami's trial. JJ talks to Rory outside on the phone about making sure no one finds out about his pot doughnuts as he disposed of the evidence. JJ goes inside where Abigail is about to eat a doughnut but he stops her and tells her not to eat it as Jennifer walks by.

Daniel talks to Eric at the rectory. Daniel says Mason's evidence has remained destroyed and they might not ever find out what happened to make Eric so sick.

Kristen lays in bed dreaming about what she did to Eric. She wakes up next to Brady, who asks if she's alright. Kristen tells him that he's her dream come true and kisses him.

Jennifer explains that Adrienne left the doughnut specifically for Abigail. JJ argues that she can't eat it because he sneezed on it and throws it away. Jennifer stops him and wants to talk to him about last night.

Eric suggests what happened to him was an accident. Daniel doesn't think it was random and worries that whoever tried to hurt him could try again.

Brady and Kristen kiss in bed until Kristen asks him if he thinks they made a mistake.

Sonny thanks Brent but tells him he can't take any trips right now. Brent says he just thought he would ask. Will rejoins them. Chad arrives and Brent shows him their coffeehouse plans. Chad likes it and praises Sonny for bringing Brent on as he says they are an awesome team.

Cameron tells Gabi that he was just taking a break from work and talks about how big Arianna is getting. Gabi talks about Rafe's physical therapy. Cameron insists Rafe will be tough through it. Gabi calls Cameron tough too. Cameron says he is through most things. Gabi brings up his texting and says he seemed upset so she asks if it was about Abigail.

JJ asks Jennifer what she wants to talk about. Jennifer says she's ashamed as they were a bad example from drinking too much. JJ tells her that it's fine. Jennifer says it was stupid and promises she will never get drunk again. Jennifer asks if Abigail is okay. Abigail says she's fine but the stuff with Sami is all over the news so she feels awful. JJ heads upstairs to take a shower. Jennifer asks Abigail why the stuff with Sami is getting to her so much. Jennifer tells her that she's there to talk and help her through anything. Abigail then reveals that she's been hiding something and she can't do it anymore.

Eric stops Daniel from leaving and tells him that he's obviously good at what he does. Eric says in his work, he recognizes a troubled soul and sees the symptoms in Daniel. Daniel reluctantly agrees as Eric has him sit back down. Eric tells Daniel that anything he shares will be completely private. Daniel doesn't want to complain since he's been lucky in life. Eric asks what's hurting him now. Daniel says it's been confusing and conflicting him. Daniel talks about being forced to look at his past choices. Daniel talks about grieving the death of his wife and parents when he first came to Salem so he jumped in too quickly and got involved with someone who was in a relationship and got hurt badly. Daniel says not long after that, the tables turned and he got a real sense of being on the other side of a secret, lie, and infidelity.

Kristen talks to Brady about feeling insecure. Brady asks her why. Kristen suggests she's paranoid, thinking Brady is playing her. Brady assures that he would never do that. Brady just thinks it's important to take it slow to rebuild the trust between them. Brady really believes they have a shot and wants to convince her. Kristen thought he committed after last night. Kristen tells him that she's not conflicted as she wants him now and forever. Kristen agrees to take it slow. Brady doesn't want to take it too slow as they continue kissing.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she has to promise to keep this between them. She agrees. Abigail says she should've told her about this sooner. Abigail then reveals that she knew about the video of Sami and Bernardi before it went public. Jennifer doesn't understand and asks how she knew. Abigail doesn't want to say but says she didn't want to hurt anyone as Will and Sonny are family. Jennifer asks if they asked her not to say anything as she knows it wasn't Justin. Abigail says no. Jennifer figures it must be DiMeras and first thinks EJ then realizes it was Chad.

Sonny, Brent, and Chad talk about the coffeehouse. Will interrupts and says he has to go take Arianna's hat to Gabi at the park. Chad offers to do it as he's going that way. Will agrees and gives it to Chad as he exits. Brent wonders if it was just him or Chad seemed a little down.

Cameron tells Gabi that he wasn't upset about Abigail. Cameron then holds Arianna.

Eric asks Daniel if he's talking about Chloe. He admits he is. Eric talks about them sharing custody of Parker. Daniel says that's all they share now so when he looks at Parker, he feels so blessed. Daniel calls him such a gift and says then he thinks about his poor judgment that short changed Parker. Daniel admits he's made some bad mistakes but is now determined to use better judgment and live his life more openly with no more lies and secrets.

Kristen and Brady continue kissing. Kristen wishes she could stay in bed but has to go do the scholarship interviews with Eric. Brady wants to take her to dinner to celebrate them finding their way back to each other. They kiss and they agree to get up and shower.

Daniel continues talking about Parker. Daniel calls him his motivation to living a better life. Daniel intends to live a better, more honest life personally and professionally. Daniel declares that he needs to set an example for his son.

Kristen remains in bed and thinks back to being with Eric again. Kristen tells herself that this will work as she and Brady are going to be happy.

Brent asks Will if Sonny told him about the camping trip. Will says he did and says he heard Brent asking him about it after Sonny told him he wasn't interested. Will tells Brent to stop asking and back off.

Chad joins Cameron and Gabi at the park. Chad brings Arianna's hat so Gabi puts it on her. Gabi asks if he wants to hold Arianna but Chad says he has to get going and walks off. Cameron tells Gabi that he has to get going too and follows after Chad.

Jennifer questions what made Abigail let Chad talk her into keeping quiet for so long. Abigail says she doesn't know and asks Jennifer to stop making her feel worse. Jennifer wants to call a lawyer and tell about this. Abigail worries about who all would get hurt but Jennifer doesn't care. Abigail says Will would lose his mom and Chad would be in serious trouble. Jennifer adds that Abigail would go to jail. Abigail apologizes, saying Jennifer has enough to deal with. Jennifer tells her that they are going to fix this. Jennifer says she's going to work and will make some calls to handle this as she then exits.

Eric tells Daniel that this is obviously about Jennifer. Daniel admits it is. Daniel talks about Jennifer proposing a way of doing things that he knows would be a mistake but if he doesn't go along with it then he risks losing her. Eric says prayer may guide him in the right direction. Daniel says it's not so much his thing but he's willing to give it a try. Kristen arrives outside and listens in before heading inside to greet them. Daniel is curious as to why she's there. Kristen tells him that she has business with Eric as they are teaming up and she's looking forward to it. Kristen hopes she didn't interrupt anything important between them. Daniel says he was just leaving and thanks Eric for listening. Kristen talks about how they could be there a long time and may need lunch. She asks if they should send Nicole to get some sandwiches. Eric says they can order in. Daniel gets a call and says it's time for him to leave so he exits. Eric and Kristen then prepare to get started.

Brent tells Will that he was hoping to get to know him better if Will and Sonny went on the camping trip. Will questions Brent always asking Sonny when he's not around. Brent insists that Sonny is just a friend and they'd never be anything more. Brent admits he's jealous of them as they both found each other and seem really happy which he wishes he had too. Sonny returns as Brent exits in a hurry. Sonny asks Will what he missed.

Cameron follows Chad out of the town square and catches up to him, questioning Chad avoiding him. Chad says he shouldn't have dumped his illness on him and felt sorry for himself. Cameron says he completely understands. Chad says he's not close with his family but if he was going to tell anyone about this, it'd be Abigail. Chad asks Cameron if he thinks it's a bad idea.

Abigail and JJ eat together at home. JJ talks about wanting to look out for her which she says she would like.

Jennifer calls a lawyer from her office and gets put on hold. She looks at the article on Daniel and then daydreams of Daniel coming in and agreeing to be with her in secret and kissing her onto the desk. She then snaps out of it as her call is answered.

Brady approaches Daniel in the town square and asks if he still had the symphony tickets he offered him. Daniel says he no longer has them and asks if he had a date in mind. Brady reveals he did with Kristen.

Kristen and Eric meet with a kid named Sara and her mom about her qualifications for the scholarship program. They want her to have the best possible education. Sara's mom notes that Eric and Kristen work so well together and asks if they are old friends. Eric says they are just getting to know each other.

Will tells Sonny that he just made a fool out of himself by attacking Brent about the trip. Sonny says Brent wanted Will to go too. Will hopes Brent's not too upset with him. Sonny insists that he's a good guy. They talk about having a lot of friends. Sonny assures him that no one will come between them and kisses him, adding that he knows how lucky he is.

Abigail tells JJ about Jennifer hitting the ceiling after what she told her and wanting to call a lawyer. JJ jokes that it's a switch as usually he's the one getting busted. JJ says he would've handled it a bit differently and denied it. JJ jokes with her about her getting in trouble instead of him. JJ then tells her that he's there for her.

Daniel asks Brady if he's telling people that he and Kristen are back together. Brady says he told him so it's no big secret. Daniel says he's thinking more about his own stuff and tells Brady that he's happy for him if it's what he wants. Daniel advises Brady to be careful this time. Brady assures him that his eyes are open this time.

Eric and Kristen accept Sara into their scholarship program. Her mom is excited and reveals she just found out that she's having another child so Sara getting the scholarship is a blessing. She talks about realizing she was late and then taking a pregnancy test as Kristen stares at her phone with a worried look. Sara's mom comments that you could have a life growing inside you and not even notice.

Cameron tells Chad that he doesn't need his permission to talk to Abigail. Chad says he wasn't asking but he doesn't want anyone knowing about his illness especially Abigail because he doesn't want people staring at him. Chad tells Cameron that he doesn't want or need his pity. Cameron says he just hates what he's going through and wishes he could help. Cameron asks what the doctor said the next step is. Chad tells him that he knows the drill. Cameron realizes it's chemotherapy. Chad says he is going ahead with it and will do whatever he has to do to beat this.

Abigail tells JJ that she knows their family sticks together but mentions that Jennifer has been struggling since splitting with Daniel. JJ assures her that Jennifer will be fine and tells her to get used to Jennifer being finished with Daniel for good because she finally realized things are better without him.

Jennifer talks on the phone about Abigail not being in trouble in Sami's case. She thanks them and hangs up then sees Daniel at the hospital and greets him. Daniel comments that it sounds like she got some good news and tells her that's great. Daniel starts to walk away but Jennifer stops him. Jennifer says she knows he said he couldn't agree to what she wanted but asks if he reconsidered. Daniel tells her that he hasn't and if anything it resolved his decision. Daniel says he won't be together in secret to keep from JJ. Daniel says he can't do it and walks away.

Brady goes to the Rectory and sees Eric outside of it. He asks if Kristen is inside.

Kristen looks over her phone checking the calendar, saying that she's really late but that's not possible.

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