Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/13/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/13/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ, Bev, and Rory eat the doughnuts while Rory and Bev talk about school and their college plans. JJ changes the subject. Bev and Rory point out that they are not getting high. JJ wonders what could've happened since he baked the weed into the doughnuts.

Jennifer, Adrienne, Kayla, Julie, and Nicole eat up the doughnuts that JJ made and talk about how good they are.

Rafe lays in his hospital bed. Gabi visits him. Rafe is upset that he can barely move and wants to talk to Sami.

Kate walks through the town square with flowers and sees Stefano joking with Cecily at a table. Kate thinks back to Chad saying Stefano swore he didn't send Bernardi after Rafe. Kate approaches Stefano and accuses him of lying to one of his sons again. Kate says Chad may believe his version of the truth but she doesn't.

Sami talks to EJ about Abe getting a call and leaving so quickly. She wonders if it was about her case. EJ thinks back to setting up the man and the anonymous tip. EJ tells Sami that they can hope so. Sami thinks he seems different and calm. EJ says he's just optimistic.

Stefano tells Cecily that he'll let Kate embarrass herself and sends her away. Cecily jokes to Stefano to be nice to Kate as she walks away. Kate brings up Stefano swearing to Chad that he did not send Bernard to murder Rafe. Kate wants Stefano to look her in the eyes and swear that he did not intend to murder Rafe.

Rafe wants Gabi to get a message to Sami to come see him. Gabi informs him that she can't because Sami is still in jail after not making bail. Rafe worries about her. Rafe asks Gabi to visit Sami and deliver a message. Gabi asks Rafe why he doesn't just tell her himself. Rafe says he can't but Gabi says he can.

Sami questions EJ's sudden confidence and asks him what he did.

Abe tells Hope that he thinks there would've been some suspicion at the station if Bernardi was crooked but brings up Stefano. They talk about the razor. Abe talks about getting his crew for the search to tell him anything they find. Abe says he also has a special crew protecting Sami and shows Hope the napkin. A cop comes in and tells Abe that he thinks they may have found something.

EJ encourages Sami and tells her not to read too much into what he's saying. EJ hopes that where Abe went ends up with her getting out.

The cop shows Abe and Hope a lockbox he found in his work study. Abe opens it and goes through it finding his marriage license, deed to the house, pictures, and souvenirs but nothing of value.

Sami tells EJ that she won't let him change the subject. Gabi arrives, hoping she's not interrupting. EJ tells her that her timing is perfect as he has to go. EJ tells Sami that he will be back shortly and tells her to stay out of trouble. EJ exits. Sami thanks Gabi for visiting. Gabi tells Sami that she brought her a visitor in Rafe.

JJ doesn't understand what happened to the doughnuts and then realizes what must have happened.

The ladies finish their doughnuts and start to ramble about the book. Julie talks about cruising. Jennifer decides they need more doughnuts and goes to get some. Julie finishes reading and they drink wine while they ramble then they all bust out laughing. Kayla and Adrienne talk about being hungry. Jennifer offers more doughnuts but they want something else and rush to the kitchen.

EJ goes to see Abe and Hope. He notes they look serious and asks if it has anything to do with the call he received earlier. Abe calls it a busy day. EJ says he heard they were searching Bernardi's house and asks if they found anything. Hope asks how he knew. EJ says word gets around but Abe says not this as he didn't tell anyone, especially not EJ.

Sami asks if Rafe is there. Gabi reveals that he wanted to talk to her so she recorded a video of him to deliver the message. She shows Sami the video of Rafe saying that despite Bernardi being a friend, he believes her that she was trying to save his life. Rafe thanks her and says he's grateful beyond words. Rafe adds that he's sorry that she's going through this because of him as it's not fair and she doesn't deserve it. Sami has Gabi pause the video and turns away to hold back tears.

Stefano swears on his honor as a DiMera that he did not send Bernardi to kill Rafe. Kate says Stefano may be able to have Chad believe his lies but not her. Kate brings up his face when he found out about their affair and how he was burning for revenge. Stefano says that's enough and calls Kate a soulless whore. Stefano says he doesn't give a damn who she sleeps with and what he says to his son is his business. Stefano declares that they are done.

Bev asks JJ what's wrong. JJ brings up the other batch of doughnuts for Jennifer's book club and rushes off. Rory jokes that he hopes they are reading 50 Shades of Grey.

The ladies at book club eat a jar of pickles while laughing. Nicole suddenly goes off on being judged and then goes to find the bathroom. Jennifer wonders if Nicole is upset. Julie goes through her purse for something to show them and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. She talks about getting them on their last cruise from a magic trick. She says they are opened with a paperclip so Jennifer gets one. Julie handcuffs herself and tries the paperclip to do the magic trick but she can't get the cuffs offs as they continue laughing. Julie blames the paperclip as Nicole rejoins them. They joke about going to the bathroom or eating while being in handcuffs. Jennifer decides that she will call Hope to solve this with a key to free Julie as everyone continues laughing except Nicole.

Sami tells Gabi that she's fine now and continues Rafe's video. Rafe says he just wants to say one last thing as much as it pains him but he tells Sami to listen to EJ because he's a pretty good lawyer that will help her through this. Rafe finishes that he'll be praying for her.

EJ tells Hope not to be so naive as he's a lawyer with a tremendous number of connections and found out about Abe's search warrant. Abe says they wanted to keep a lid on it until they found out what was what. EJ asks if Abe found something that will help Sami. Abe says they came up empty which surprises EJ. Hope asks why he's surprised. EJ insists that Bernardi is a dirty cop so he thought they would find something. EJ brings up that Bernardi was also working for Stefano. EJ says he has to go find Justin to talk about Sami's bail hearing and he walks off. Abe asks Hope if that seemed strange to her. Hope gets a call from Jennifer, who puts Julie on the phone. Julie talks about needing Hope's help while the others laugh. Hope wonders how much wine she's had. Julie says she only had a glass and a half. Hope agrees to send a cop car and hangs up. They continue laughing as Nicole shakes her head. JJ returns home and hears them from outside.

Kate goes to the hospital. A nurse gives her an envelope from Kayla about the candidate she thought was the strongest to be Rafe's physical therapist. Kate opens up and sees the name is Jordan Ridgeway. Kate calls Kayla. Kayla answers while eating so Kate thinks they have a bad connection. Kate says she will call back later. Kayla hangs up wondering why Kate couldn't hear her. The others point out that she was eating peanut butter. JJ opens the front door but the cop that Hope sent arrives behind him and says he needs to get inside. JJ asks if there's a problem. Jennifer greets them at the door. Jennifer asks the cop if he's there for book club. He says he is there with the key. She invites him in but he just gives her the key and exits. Jennifer brings JJ inside. Jennifer takes the key to Julie. JJ walks in. Nicole asks JJ why he's there and if he's in book club too. The others all greet JJ while laughing and JJ notices the empty plate of doughnuts.

EJ talks with his contact outside the Pub. He tells EJ that if the cops didn't find the planted money then that means someone else did. EJ says it doesn't make sense unless..

Stefano meets with his contact outside of the town square, saying he got his text. He gives Stefano the planted $50,000 and Stefano jokes that they must think he's more generous than he really is.

JJ gets Julie unlocked from the handcuffs and questions bringing cuffs to the book club. Kayla jokes about Julie. Jennifer asks why he's home so early from his date. JJ says his date was fine. They offer him to join them. JJ decides he will clean up and takes the empty dishes while they all ask for water. Kayla mentions being out of doughnuts while JJ washes the dishes in the kitchen.

Kate visits Rafe and tells him about Stefano angrily denying sending Bernardi after him. Rafe says Stefano lies without conscience. Rafe then questions if Kate believes him.

Hope visits Sami. She thought EJ would be there. Sami says EJ had an errand to run and he'll be back. Sami asks Hope about Abe's urgent phone call and she was hoping it was about her case. Hope says it was a lead that didn't pan out. They both wonder where the lead came from.

Stefano kisses Cecily as she walks away again when EJ approaches. EJ tells him to cut the BS as he isn't going to get away with this.

Julie, Kayla, and Adrienne leave the Book Club and tell JJ how sweet he is for calling a cab. Nicole comments on how mature it was of JJ. JJ watches as the other three ladies go off laughing. JJ tells Nicole that her cab is there too. Nicole says something is going on here but she can't put her finger on it. She jokingly wonders what the cab driver will say when she asks him to take her to a convent. Nicole exits. JJ heads back in and sits with Jennifer, who is looking at old pictures. JJ tells her to go to bed while he cleans up. She tells him what a beautiful baby he was and how proud she is of him for turning a corner. Jennifer says she's so happy he's home and hugs him. Jennifer suggests they have a doughnut before bed. JJ says they are all gone. Jennifer talks about everyone flipping out over them and how no one could get enough of them. JJ suggests she go to sleep. Jennifer agrees that she's tired and hugs him goodnight. Jennifer then heads upstairs while JJ blames himself for getting his mother stoned.

Kate tells Rafe that when Stefano swears on DiMera honor, he's telling the truth. Rafe questions her believing him. Kate admits that she thinks she does.

EJ tells Stefano not to play games as Sami is on trial for her life while Bernardi is as dirty as they come. Stefano calls him a hero. EJ brings up Bernardi being on Stefano's payroll. Stefano says if that was the true then the police would have gotten something and brings up searching the house. EJ says Stefano may have won this round but assures him there are more to come. Stefano warns him that he knows how he reacts to threats. Stefano says he feels for Sami and knows it must be hard for EJ to sleep knowing he may never see her again. EJ figures Stefano has no problem sleeping at all and walks away.

Hope tells Sami that she has a real ally in EJ but she knows he's convinced that the rules don't apply to him. Sami asks what she's saying. Hope warns her not to let EJ stray outside the lines to try and help her or she could pay the price. Sami asks her to be specific. Hope says she's already said too much but guesses EJ will know what she's talking about. Hope tells her to think about it and then exits.

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