Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/12/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/12/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Adrienne goes to Jennifer's for their book club meeting. Adrienne brings wine and wants to help set up and also admits she wanted a friend.

Theresa sells the symphony tickets that Daniel gave her to a man in the park. Theresa says he will have fun while she has her kind of fun. Daniel jogs by as she was ripping up the envelope that the tickets were in. Daniel recognizes the envelope and asks what happened to the tickets.

JJ, Rory, and Bev sit together in the town square. JJ talks about hanging out with Bev. Rory asks why he can't come. JJ says he has Jennifer believing it's like a date. Bev thinks it is so JJ goes along with it. Bev then spots Nicole watching from a distance and asks what her problem is.

Hope finishes a call at the Pub. Julie approaches and they talk about going to the book club. Hope gets a call from Bo and answers it.

EJ meets with a man in the park about Bernardi. EJ wants the man to make sure the police prove Bernardi was a crooked cop. EJ hands him an envelope of $50,000 and tells him to make it count.

A cop brings Sami her food in her jail cell. She tries to start small talk but he walks away. Sami starts to eat and then looks at the napkin which has "You are a dead woman!" written on it.

Theresa tells Daniel that she doesn't have the tickets anymore as she couldn't go. Daniel asks why she took them then. Theresa talks about thinking she could go at first and apologizes for not giving them back. Daniel tells her it's okay as they were hers to give away. Theresa says it's nice of him and says she didn't tell him because she knew he'd ask why she can't go and he doesn't need to hear about her problems.

Abe takes Theo to school. They come across Marge with her son Timmy. Timmy mentions his dad being dead as Abe and Marge greet one another.

EJ tells his man to have the cash found in Bernardi's home after giving the police an anonymous tip. He asks EJ why he's doing this to a cop who just had a hero's funeral. EJ says he's saving someone's life.

Sami begins frantically spitting out the food she started eating after reading the napkin. The cop rushes back in and questions what she's doing.

Timmy says his dad was a hero as he and Theo walk off together. Marge talks with Abe about Timmy always wearing one of Bernardi's medals that they found. Abe likens it to Theo losing Lexie. Marge says that's awful but at least no one is trying to destroy his memories of her. Marge says the trial is starting and tells Abe to protect Bernardi's good name for Timmy as she walks on.

EJ instructs his man to go take care of things and sends him on.

Sami hides the napkin and tells the guard that she just choked on something and freaked out. He offers to get another tray but she says she's no longer hungry.

Daniel asks Theresa about her problems. She says he has enough to worry about but Daniel insists. She brings up Sami being her cousin and talks about how worried she is about her. Theresa claims she gave away the tickets because she wouldn't feel right sitting in a concert hall. Daniel offers to take a walk with her to talk. Theresa says that'd be great. Theresa gets a call and says she'll let it go to voicemail but Daniel tells her that it could be about Sami so Theresa answers and it's Kayla, who tells her to get to the hospital now. Theresa tells her it's not a good time but Kayla tells her to make time. Theresa tells Daniel that she has to take the call because it's work. Daniel understands and says they can talk another time then he walks off. Theresa is frustrated as Kayla tells her not to hang up on her.

Jennifer and Adrienne talk about reading Alice in Wonderland. Adrienne talks about what she's going through and insists that she didn't want Sami to go to jail but felt she had to protect Sami. Jennifer encourages her about Justin. Adrienne says she thinks she and Sonny will be okay. They then talk about JJ coming home. Jennifer thinks he's turned a corner in the last week.

JJ sends Bev and Rory away, saying Nicole has been dying to narc on him since almost catching him with the coke. JJ walks on and runs into Nicole. Nicole questions if they were planning their next heist, bringing up his shoplifting. JJ says that was all a misunderstanding. Nicole asks if that's why he was nervous and obnoxious the last time. Nicole thinks he did it again and that's what he was hiding in his pocket before. JJ says he's leaving. Nicole isn't done and threatens to tell on him but JJ brings up no one believing her and walks away.

Sami remains in her cell with the napkin.

Hope asks Bo to call Ciara before he leaves as she misses him so much. Hope says she's trying and loves him too. She tells him to be careful and hangs up. Julie asks if it was a nice surprise to hear from him. Hope says it was but Julie asks what's going on. Hope says she wasn't thrilled but supportive when Bo first went away but it's been a lot longer than expected. Hope adds that she doesn't know when she will hear from him again. Julie suggests they skip book club and talk here. Hope doesn't want to miss it. Julie tells her that they are worried. Hope insists that she will be fine and hugs her. They agree to stick to their routine and exit together for book club.

JJ goes home and tells Jennifer that he heard about book club. She invites him to join but JJ reminds her of his date. JJ mentions that she can meet her when she picks him up. Jennifer talks about making doughnuts. JJ says he and Bev are meeting up with some others so he offers to make extras. Jennifer exits the room as JJ gets a call from Rory. JJ tells him that he handled Nicole but he doesn't want the weed on him tonight just in case. JJ tells him not to worry as he knows another way to get it there.

Daniel jogs to the Pub where Nicole is waiting outside. Daniel says he got her text. Nicole talks about her run-in with JJ and believes JJ is conning Jennifer. Nicole suggests Daniel talk to Jennifer about it but Daniel says he can't as it's too complicated. Nicole tells Daniel that she's going over there because Jennifer invited her to book club. Daniel is surprised. Nicole talks about Jennifer forgiving her for everything she did before. Nicole says she will talk to Jennifer about JJ if Daniel won't because that's what friends do.

Sami has her cell cleaned by a janitor and she thanks him as he exits. EJ arrives and Sami tells him that she choked on some food and freaked out but is okay. The guard leaves so Sami goes back and gets the napkin and shows it to EJ.

Theresa goes to see Kayla at her office. Kayla talks about everyone trying to help her but she doesn't care. Kayla brings up her moving to Salem for a fresh start but Jennifer doesn't think she's working out.

Nicole tells Daniel that she's grateful for everything he did for her during an awful time in her life and she wants him to be happy. Daniel wants the same for her. Nicole says she knows his happiness is being with Jennifer so it makes her nuts that JJ is coming between them. Daniel gives her a hug and Nicole drops her book that she picked up for book club then they joke around.

JJ rushes together doughnuts and says no one will care how they look as stuffs them in a paper bag. Adrienne comes in and says Jennifer wants him to bring a chair from upstairs. JJ heads upstairs while Adrienne gets wine glasses. Adrienne reaches into JJ's bag of doughnuts.

Abe comes to the cell and EJ shows him the napkin. Abe calls it a bad joke. Sami thinks they can trust Abe as Roman's best friend. Abe takes the napkin to have it tested. EJ checks on Sami. She admits she was scared. EJ promises her that he will get her out.

Kayla tells Theresa that she has book club at Jennifer's tonight and she doesn't want Jennifer to have any more sleepless nights so she will ask Jennifer to not let Theresa go. Kayla tells her that she will need a written apology and a promise to do her job.

EJ gets a text from his contact that says it's done. Sami asks about it but EJ calls it nothing. Abe returns and says he made some calls to have a rotation of three guards for her now. EJ wants to talk to Justin. Abe gets a call and says he'll be right there. Sami asks if something is wrong. Abe promises she will be safe as he exits. EJ and Sami wonder what that was about.

Bev goes to the Horton house and meets Jennifer. Jennifer invites her in and introduces her to Hope, Julie, and Adrienne. Adrienne asks JJ about tonight. JJ says they will meet up with a few people and they talk about meeting at summer school. Julie suggests JJ and Bev join them at book club next time. Jennifer agrees that it would be fun. JJ says they should get going but Jennifer stops him to talk and they step out. Jennifer tells JJ that she likes Bev and hopes he has fun tonight. JJ says he thinks they will. Adrienne goes back to the kitchen and decides JJ should have the nicer doughnuts so she switches the doughnuts. Adrienne pours JJ's bag of doughnuts with the weed in them on a plate and puts Jennifer's regular doughnuts in his bag. JJ comes in and takes his bag. Hope talks with Jennifer in the kitchen about Bo being gone longer than expected. Hope tries to say she'll be fine but admits she marks the days on the calendar. Jennifer says she knows what she's going through. Hope wants to have fun at book club. Jennifer says they have donuts and take the food to the living room.

Theresa calls JJ from outside the town square. She leaves a message, informing him that she has taken her business elsewhere and hangs up as a man approaches. She pays him for cocaine and he exits.

Kayla joins the girls for book club. Kayla first gives Jennifer the apology from Theresa and says they can talk about it later. Nicole then arrives with wine and greets Jennifer and Kayla. Jennifer is glad she came and they go to the living room. Jennifer announces that she invited Nicole to join the book club and she took her up on it. Hope is surprised to see her. Nicole gets distracted by a photo of JJ. Jennifer asks her about reading the book. Nicole claims she did and jokes about it.

Rory joins JJ and Bev in the park. JJ talks about how awesome Bev was with Jennifer. Rory jokes with them and JJ gives him the bag of doughnuts. Daniel jogs by. JJ mocks him staying in shape now that he's back on the dating scene. Daniel tells him to worry about how he's living his life for Jennifer's sake and then jogs on.

Hope finishes a call, saying she'll be right there. Jennifer pours wine for Julie and Adrienne as they discuss Alice in Wonderland. Hope tells them that she has to go to work and rushes off. Jennifer tells Kayla that she read the note. Kayla asks her to give Theresa another chance. Jennifer says she wouldn't do it for anyone else. They almost spill the wine but Nicole catches it. Jennifer notes almost spilling on the doughnuts which she calls the highlight of the night as Nicole jokes about the wine.

Hope joins Abe at the court and talk about the call. Hope says finding something in Bernardi's house could change everything for Sami. Marge calls Abe and says she heard and knows where he's headed. She doesn't want to have to explain to Timmy. Abe says he has to do his job. She says he promised that he would look out for Bernardi. Abe says he can't ignore this as it's his job. Abe hangs up and tells Hope that they have a reputation to destroy.

Sami tells EJ that he has to go home to the kids. EJ tells her that she will be able to soon. EJ adds that the truth always comes out.

Daniel goes to his office and takes off his shirt. He walks into the bathroom and imagines Jennifer coming out of the shower and kissing her. Daniel snaps out of it and decides it's time for another cold shower.

JJ, Bev, and Rory eat the doughnuts but talk about not tasting the weed. JJ tells them to just give it time.

Jennifer reads about Alice in Wonderland for the book club. Nicole toasts to Alice with her wine glass. Adrienne suggests they toast Alice Horton with the doughnuts. She brings the plate and everyone takes one. They toast to Alice and each take a bite of the doughnuts.

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