Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/9/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/9/13


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EJ films a video of Will with Arianna on his phone for Sami. They talk about knowing Sonny didn't mean to give the last video to Adrienne. They wonder where Sonny is as Will says Sonny told him he was going to do something but didn't tell him what.

Sonny visits Sami in her cell. Sami is glad he's there but Sonny blames himself for her being in there.

Justin tells Adrienne that they are done. She asks if he means with their conversation or their marriage. Justin questions if she wants the marriage to be over since she didn't trust him.

Cameron and Abigail finish their dessert and end up kissing. Abigail calls it so great and kind of a surprise since they haven't done that much lately. She asks what happened or what she did right. Cameron says he hasn't been having the greatest days. Abigail apologizes for making it all about her.

Chad asks the specialist about the brain tumor. He informs Chad that he can tell him for sure.

Brady paces at home and says he promised himself that he would tell John that he's back with Kristen so he should call him. Victor interrupts and scolds Brady for making the same stupid mistake all over again.

Kristen hangs up and answers the door to see Marlena. Kristen remarks that she was so hoping to see her today. Marlena tells her that she may think she hooked Brady again but won't get away with it this time. Kristen remarks about if Marlena only knew what she had gotten away with.

Brady thanks Victor for worrying about him but tells him not to since he knows what he's doing. Victor questions him being okay with pain and heartache. Brady thinks the conversation is done since Victor doesn't know what he's talking about. Victor says he used to be him.

Marlena questions Kristen as to what she thinks she got away. Kristen brings up Eric so Marlena asks what she's done to him.

Adrienne says she would never want their marriage to fall apart. Justin continues questioning her going behind his back with the video. Adrienne insists that she was protecting Sonny. Justin says he will need time to process this and shouts at her that he doesn't know how long. Justin can't believe she pushed him and Sonny away and it seems she just can't stop.

Chad asks the specialist what is in his brain. He informs Chad that the results are conclusive.

Abigail thought Cameron had it with her. Cameron thought she was more comfortable with Chad. Cameron asks her about kissing him back.

Sami tells Sonny how great he has been and she doesn't want him to blame himself. Sonny talks about how torn up Will is about everything since Sami was trying to help him in the first place.

Victor talks to Brady about always getting the wrong women until he married Maggie. Victor calls Kristen deranged. Brady says that is the woman he loves and he's not gullible. Victor asks what they do for fun. Brady doesn't want to talk about it. Victor accuses him of having nothing but sex and driving John crazy with her. Victor calls him gullible and stupid.

Kristen tells Marlena about working with Eric. Marlena doesn't think she should be working with children, the church, or Eric. Kristen accuses her of making it all about herself. Kristen says Brady and Eric are grown men that could walk away but they haven't and that's what gets Marlena. Marlena says she has no idea what she's comparing it to. Kristen says it's John and that her great love affair is history.

Chad exits the specialist's office looking upset.

Will puts Arianna to sleep. EJ asks if he thought about what he said. Will said he did and suggests coming forward about what he did. EJ notes that Sami would still be in jail and the police still wouldn't have found the razor. EJ says Will coming forward about shooting him would just give Sami further reason to kill Bernardi. They talk about being scared for Sami. EJ says he and Justin are working as hard as they can. Will says they will do all they can to stay together and he knows EJ won't let anything stop him from what he wants. EJ tells him not to worry as he will do everything he can to get Sami home.

Sami tells Sonny to convince Will that it's not his fault. Sonny says Will feels he should've came forward when he shot EJ. Sami says he was just a kid then and she would've always wanted to help Will. Sami understands that Adrienne was just trying to help Sonny. Sonny questions her defending Adrienne. Sami says she'll never be her biggest fan but knows Adrienne would walk into a burning building for him so she suggests he don't throw that away.

Adrienne accuses Justin of being the one to throw things away ever since he worked for EJ. Justin shouts that she should've come to him with the video. Adrienne yells back that she's the only one that made sure the truth came out. She screams about not being sorry for protecting their son and that it's not fair that she's the bad one here as she storms off.

Abigail tells Cameron that she kissed him because she wanted to and is attracted to him. Cameron asks her about still not knowing what she wants. Abigail talks about how great Cameron has been. Cameron says he didn't want to pressure her into making up her mind but he just really wanted to see her. Abigail is glad he did and says they had a very nice kiss. Cameron agrees and they kiss again. Chad walks by and stops when he sees them.

Victor tells Brady that he promised his mother to look after him. Victor brings up Madison and says her death doesn't mean Brady has to settle for less. Brady insists that his eyes are open this time. Brady thanks Victor for his concern but tells him to butt out. Victor stops him and says he won't tell John as he can't think of anyone who would want to tell him. Victor says they will leave that up to him.

Marlena tells Kristen this has nothing to do with John but Kristen thinks it has everything to do with her. Kristen talks about Marlena's marriage being over while she's back with Brady. Marlena thinks she's happy to punish her and John. Kristen says she doesn't care about John but he wants nothing to do with Marlena. Marlena then grabs Kristen and chokes her.

EJ walks by the Pub, talking on the phone about Bernardi and says he'll see them then.

Sonny finds Adrienne seated alone in the town square. He says to himself that Sami's right that she is his mother so he approaches and greets her.

Chad turns and walks away as Cameron and Abigail continue kissing. Abigail stops and apologizes, saying she doesn't know what she feels. Cameron is glad it happened. He says he won't pressure her as she has to figure out where she stands. Abigail hugs him and says he's been so much better than she deserves. Cameron gets a text from Chad to meet him at the Pub. Cameron tells Abigail he has to go see a patient. Abigail thanks him and says she'll see him soon. She promises she won't take much longer to decide. Cameron tells her to take as long as she needs to be sure she's doing the right thing. Abigail says he's being so decent and fair that he's almost pushing her towards Chad. Cameron says he just wants her to be happy and walks away. Abigail says she does too and decides it's time to talk to Chad.

Chad walks through the town square and gets a text from Abigail, saying they need to talk. Chad says it looks like she made her decision and walks on.

Sami and EJ kiss through her cell bars. She talks about wanting to be in bed at home with him. EJ apologizes for taking so long to get there. Sami brings up Sonny visiting her. EJ shows her the video of Will with Arianna. Sami is happy to see it and thanks him. Sami worries about the kids changing every day that goes by and that she's missing so much. EJ mentions promising Will that he'd get her out so he's promising her that it will be soon. Sami asks what he knows.

Kristen shoves Marlena off of her and talks about her playing rough. Kristen mocks her about John. Marlena yells that she will never win. Kristen shouts that she's already won since John left, she got Brady and started a new relationship with Eric. Kristen remarks that she's sort of in bed with all the men Marlena loves. Marlena grabs her until Brady interrupts and tells Marlena to leave. Marlena says she will do whatever it takes to protect her family and storms off. Brady turns to Kristen and questions what in the hell she's doing.

Justin goes to leave the Kiriakis Mansion but Victor stops him and asks if he has a minute. Victor asks him about his life turning into a circus and says he's not used to worrying about Justin since he usually used his brain but now he and Brady are in bed with the DiMeras.

Adrienne is surprised to see Sonny and talks about the coffeehouse being under construction. She asks about Arianna. Sonny tells her how good she's doing. Adrienne brings up Justin and cries about losing him.

EJ promises Sami that he will get her out. EJ says they are the only two people that know the truth about what happened and someway it will come out.

Abigail visits Will. Will talks about making a baby with Gabi but knowing he's meant to be with Sonny. Abigail talks about not knowing what to do with her two guys. Will agrees that she has a problem.

Chad and Cameron meet at the Pub. Cameron admits he was with Abigail. Chad accuses him of making his move while he was with the specialist.

Kristen tells Brady not to get mad at her since Marlena confronted her in her house. Brady talks about Kristen pushing everyone in his family's buttons. Kristen stops him and says they need to get something straight right now.

Abigail talks about never being in a situation like this. Will jokes with her about it. Abigail says the three of them are all good friends.

Cameron says Chad is being paranoid and nothing has changed with Abigail. He asks what the specialist said. Chad says he doesn't have to tell Cameron anything. Cameron wants to know what's wrong.

Justin tells Victor he won't discuss his marriage with him. Victor brings up Justin helping EJ. Victor doesn't respect what he's done and doesn't know why Adrienne had to be the one to protect Sonny from Sami.

Sonny tries to calm Adrienne down. She asks about him and how Will is doing. Sonny admits he misses talking to her and wants to get back to the way things were with them.

Marlena visits Sami so EJ exits to let them talk. Sami asks if she's okay. Marlena says she just rushed to get there. Sami asks about the kids. Marlena tells her all about them. EJ comes back in and says he has to leave. EJ kisses Sami goodbye and leaves. Marlena tells Sami that her smile doesn't fool her. Sami insists that she's fine. Sami worries about never getting out.

Kristen reminds Brady that he wanted to give a second try. They argue about Marlena. Kristen suggests if he is going to give her flack every time she stands up for herself then maybe he should leave her house and leave her life. Brady turns and shuts the doors then goes back and kisses Kristen.

Sonny returns home. Will asks where he's been. Sonny says it doesn't matter as he's just so happy to be home. They hug and kiss as they say they missed one another.

Abigail goes back to the park and wonders why Chad hasn't texted her back.

Cameron asks Chad what his specialist said. Chad tells him no one else can know including his family, Abigail, Will, and Sonny because he doesn't want anyone's pity. Chad reveals that he was right about the brain tumor and he's dying. Cameron didn't want to be right. Chad tells him he'll have a clear shot at Abigail and then exits the Pub.

Justin warns Victor not to talk to him about disregarding his son. Victor questions him working for the DiMeras and only cares about his family. Justin tells him to respect him. Victor says he sometimes asks for too much and this is one of those times.

Marlena tells Sami to have faith and says there's no limit to a DiMera's power so EJ can get her out.

EJ meets with a man in the park about Bernardi. EJ wants the man to make sure the police prove Bernardi was a crooked cop.

Brady and Kristen continue kissing and he starts to undress her causing her to have flashbacks to being with Eric. Brady asks what's wrong but she says nothing and that she wants to be right there as they kiss onto the desk.

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