Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/8/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/8/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe lays in his hospital bed until Justin arrives to visit him. Justin is glad to see him awake. Rafe wants to walk soon. Justin reminds him not to push it. Rafe figures he's here to talk about Sami's case. Justin says he has some questions about Bernardi but Kate interrupts.

Adrienne visits Kayla at her office in the hospital. Adrienne says she needs a friend and thought Kayla would understand why she did what she did but Kayla tells her she thought wrong.

Abigail and Cameron talk at the town square about making up for the date they had to cancel. Chad joins them and talks about the coffeehouse remodeling. Abigail steps away. Cameron asks Chad how he's feeling. Chad accuses Cameron of trying to move in on Abigail.

Brady goes to the Pub and sees Eric. Eric tries to hurry out but Brady asks him what's wrong.

Marlena sleeps on her couch, having dreams of John. She dreams of Kristen telling her that John's not coming back while she's just getting started. Marlena wakes up and says she won't let her destroy her day.

Kristen tells Nicole that she's her new boss. Nicole busts out in laughter but Kristen tells her that it's true.

Kate questions if Justin has permission to be there and if he has any idea what Rafe has been through. Rafe tells her that he wants to answer questions. Justin thanks him. Kate tells Justin not to tire Rafe out and she steps back. Justin brings up Marge stopping by and the pressure on Rafe to pick sides. Justin says the jury selection is starting soon so he could use anything Rafe could give for Sami's defense. Rafe says he'll do whatever he can.

Brady tells Eric that he can talk to him. Eric continues trying to leave. Brady asks if he has a problem with him. Eric says it's his life. Brady assumes it's about Kristen.

Kristen tells Nicole that she will be helping choose the scholarships. Nicole doesn't believe her but Kristen says it's a short term job. Nicole doesn't want to do anything for her. Nicole says Eric will stop this but Kristen informs her that the order came straight from the bishop. Kristen talks about working long hours with Eric. Nicole says she's already trashed Brady so she can't ruin Eric's life too. Kristen responds that it's too late for that.

Cameron asks Chad about meeting a specialist. Chad says he has made his plans. Cameron hopes they are just being cautious. Chad continues to believe he wants a shot at Abigail.

Adrienne and Kayla argue. Adrienne insists that she was protecting her son. Kayla tells her that she threw her family under the bus while no one was even coming after Sonny. Adrienne thinks they would've come after him when the video surfaced. Kayla asks about Justin. Adrienne says he's barely talking to her.

Kate interrupts, not wanting Rafe to get upset over Sami. Justin says he's just doing his job and asks Kate to step outside. Rafe assures her that he's okay so Kate exits. Justin asks Rafe to tell him whatever he can about Bernardi. Rafe calls him a good cop that loved his family and a good guy. Justin asks if they were friends. Rafe says not so much outside of work. Justin asks if he ever saw anything unusual about him. Rafe says he's not really helping Sami's case.

Eric tells Brady that Kristen told him about Brady and Nicole as she thought he already knew. Brady says it was a blip and didn't mean anything. Eric continues questioning it. Brady says they have a complex relationship. Eric believes Nicole is torn up over it. Brady agrees to talk to her and says he wants to be honest with everyone. Brady apologizes for not telling Eric. Marlena enters and greets them, asking if everything is alright.

Nicole questions Kristen saying it's too late to ruin Eric's life. Kristen responds that Nicole got there first. Nicole says she doesn't know what she's talking about. Kristen questions her skills for this job. Kristen says Eric sees her as a charity case. Nicole says she's overqualified. Kristen questions Nicole hanging around because she's obsessed with Eric. Nicole wonders how Kristen walks around free. Kristen then warns Nicole to stay away from Brady.

Cameron tells Chad that he's just trying to figure out what's wrong with him. Chad sticks to it being a brain tumor. Cameron tells him it could just as easily be nothing. Chad is not ready to lose. Cameron tells him not to be. Chad gets a call from the specialist.

Adrienne questions Kayla if her daughter was in Sonny's position and what she would do. Kayla says she doesn't know but Adrienne says they both know. Adrienne starts to leave but Kayla stops her and tells her that she's right and she understands. Adrienne is happy to hear that. Kayla mentions Adrienne seeing the rest of her friends at Jennifer's book club. Adrienne says she can't go to that but Kayla says she has to. Kate comes in and says Justin is badgering Rafe and wants him to stop so they follow her out.

Justin asks Rafe to be a character witness for Sami. Rafe says he knows Sami wouldn't shoot Bernardi without a good reason but brings up the video. Justin can't talk about that. Rafe wants to know what went down there. Justin tells him not to worry about it. Rafe says he's worried because Sami's in jail because of him. Kayla and Kate interrupt. Kate questions what Justin did and Kayla tells him he needs to check with her first. Rafe insists that he's fine. Justni says he'll come back later and exits. Rafe wonders when he can get out of the bed but Kayla tells him that he's been pushed enough. Justin walks on goes to leave as Adrienne comes out of the elevator.

Brady tells Marlena that everything is fine. Marlena brings up Sami being in jail and trying to keep her safe. Eric talks about going to visit Sami and praying for her. Marlena asks Eric what's going on with him. Eric mentions needing to fill her in on some things at the church but that can wait as Brady has something important to tell her. Eric exits while Marlena asks Brady what it is.

Nicole thinks Kristen is worried about her and Brady. They continue to argue. Kristen tells her about the pain Nicole would feel. Kristen warns Nicole that nothing can stop her and she has no idea what she's capable of.

Adrienne asks Justin for a few minutes but he says he doesn't have much time while his client's clock is ticking. Adrienne is not ready to give up on them and says they need to talk. Justin says not here so they both go into the elevator and exit.

Chad finishes his call agreeing to be there. Abigail returns and Chad says it was just more meetings so he'll see them later and he walks off. Abigail comments that Chad is so off lately. Cameron says he just seems busy. Abigail asks if they have been getting along. Cameron says they have surprisingly. Abigail feels bad about how she's been. Cameron tells her that nobody is pressuring her. She thanks him for being great and an amazing guy. He says she makes that easy as they walk on together.

Marlena sits with Brady and asks if it's about Kristen. Brady admits that it is. Brady tells her that things have shifted as he found out a lot of things that happened going back to when they first started working together. Marlena tells him that she lied to him as Brady tries to explain.

Nicole and Kristen continue to argue until Eric arrives.

Chad meets with the specialist and worries about what he's thinking. He tells Chad he needs an MRI right away.

Cameron and Abigail eat together in the park, sharing a salad she made.

Justin and Adrienne go outside the town square to talk. She asks if he will even listen to her. Justin says he's there. Adrienne brings up moving out. Justin says she kept things from him instead of acting like his partner, she went on her own and hung him out to dry.

Kayla checks Rafe's blood pressure and says it's a little elevated but they are headed in the right direction. Rafe is tired of living in a bubble and wants to be on his feet. Kayla says she will talk to Daniel about when to start his physical therapy. Kayla exits. Kate says she'll be right back and follows Kayla out. Kate gives Kayla a list of recommendations for physical therapists. Kayla tells Kate to keep it between them. Kate says she just wants what is best for Rafe. They talk about Rafe being lucky.

Kristen questions Brady forgetting everything he knows and saw when she broke his heart. Brady says he didn't forget but got a clearer picture from John. Marlena questions him speaking to John. Brady says they spoke for a long time and he told him a lot of things that happened. Marlena asks if they have reconciled. Brady wouldn't say that but tells Marlena that he and Kristen are giving this another shot so he wanted her to hear it from him. Marlena thanks him but tells him that she thinks he has lost his mind.

Kristen tells Eric that they were just straightening things and getting settled. She gives Nicole folders to sort and says she will be back as she exits. Nicole questions Kristen working there.

Adrienne tells Justin that she was scared and believed Justin knew about the video but didn't care. Justin says he never put work over family. Adrienne argues that he did and asks how long he will punish her for being right. Justin says she has no respect for his judgment. She admits she doesn't while he is in EJ's pocket.

Kate goes back to Rafe. Rafe tells her that she doesn't have to stay and promises to rest. Rafe admits that he kind of likes that she's keeping an eye on him. Kate wishes Rafe didn't feel like he had to keep a brave face on for her. Kate asks him to talk to her. Rafe says he can barely move his arms and can't feel the rest of his body. Rafe worries about if he never walks again. She encourages that he would cope but it won't happen because he will have the best physical therapist around.

Kayla makes a call about the physical therapist. She offers a job to a therapist named Jordan Ridgeway. She asks them to call Anne to fill her in on the signing. Kayla hangs up and goes back to work.

Chad awaits his MRI results. He thinks back to times he has spent with Abigail. The specialist enters and goes to his computer.

Abigail and Cameron have dessert and talk about their last date. Abigail recalls Cameron quitting his job in Chicago on the spot even though he needed the money. Cameron says he did it for her and he doesn't regret it for a second. Cameron adds that it's not all he would do for her if she let him.

Marlena tells Brady that Kristen is a sociopath with heavy traits of personality disorder and she won't ever change. Brady questions if she believes she can be unbiased. Marlena says she will continue to warn him. She warns him to pull out now and save himself while he still can. Marlena then walks out of the Pub.

Kristen returns home and pulls the video flashdrive out of her purse. She starts to throw it away but decides not until she's sure she no longer needs the leverage and puts it back in her purse.

Eric tells Nicole about Kristen being the bishop's choice. Nicole continues questioning it and calls it a bad idea. Eric suggests giving her a try. Nicole worries about Kristen working with kids. Nicole shouts that she hates Kristen. Eric asks if that's because of who she is or because Brady wants her back. Nicole admits maybe she is a little jealous and asks what it is to Eric. Nicole then says she can't be inappropriate in the church so she'll deal with Kristen and goes to sort the files. Eric agrees that a lot of people won't be happy about this especially Marlena. Nicole asks if he told her yet. Eric says he was going to but Brady was already giving his news about Kristen. Nicole says it confirms her views. Nicole says she'll get along but won't like it and exits. Eric says he won't either.

Justin tells Adrienne that they are done. She asks if he means with their conversation or their marriage.

Cameron and Abigail finish their dessert and end up kissing.

Chad asks the specialist to say something about the MRI.

Kristen gets a call from Brady. Brady starts to tell her about talking to Marlena but the doorbell rings so Kristen hangs up and answers the door to see Marlena. Kristen remarks that she was so hoping to see her today.

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