Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/7/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/7/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ says he came to ask for a favor and notes that Jennifer looks to be in a really good mood so he asks if there's something she wants to share.

Daniel mentions seeing Maxine and Jennifer talking and guesses she heard the good news about them. Maxine says she heard but is talking about the PR award. Daniel asks what she's talking about so Maxine then asks what he's talking about. Daniel thought she was congratulating Jennifer. Maxine says she was because she won the PR award. Maxine asks if there's something else she should be congratulating her for.

Maggie comes across Will in the park. She sits with him and encourages him not to be miserable over Sami. Maggie tells him to stay happy with Arianna and Sonny then asks if he and Sonny are having problems.

Nicole asks if it's Sami but Eric says it's about Brady and questions if Nicole is sleeping with him. She starts to say no but admits that she was and it was short term. Nicole questions who told him. Eric reveals it was Kristen.

Father Matt reveals that the bishop wants Kristen to help select the beneficiaries of the scholarship but when he mentions that she'd need to meet with Eric, Kristen says she can't spend another minute with Eric. Brady asks why. Kristen thinks back to being wiht Eric.

Daniel tells Maxine that there is no other reason to congratulate Jennifer and he just got confused. Maxine realizes that they got back together. Daniel admits they did but tells her not to share it with anyone. Maxine agrees and says she's so happy for them but wonders why Jennifer didn't say anything.

Jennifer tells JJ that she's happy because she sees him turning a corner and getting back on track. She says he's owning up to his mistakes and taking responsibility. She adds that their fighting has pulled back. JJ comments that it seems easier that it's just them and the family. JJ adds that he is going to go see Will later. Jennifer thinks it's kind that he wants to be there for him. JJ gets a call from Theresa but ignores it and claims it was a wrong number.

Theresa leaves a message to JJ saying they can hang out later and see what happens. She hangs up and says he's such a baby. Theresa then enters the Pub and greets Caroline. Caroline talks about worrying about Sami and asks Theresa about her job. Theresa says it couldn't be better. Theresa then says she wanted to ask Caroline about Nick. Caroline confirms that Nick was a busboy there. Theresa says Nick really was a loser. Caroline suggests they sit and talk.

Nicole questions Eric believing Kristen's lies. Eric questions Nicole and Brady keeping this secret. Nicole says it was private and nobody's business. Eric is surprised that she was keeping it from him.

Kristen says she was just a little taken back and will think about it. Father Matt praises her speech and hopes she accepts. She says she will call him. Brady walks Father Matt out. Brady comes back in and says he thought things were okay with Kristen and Eric. Kristen mentions Eric's reaction to them being back together. Brady says they talked and worked things out so he doesn't understand why she freaked out at the idea of working with Eric. Kristen says working close with Eric is complicated.

Will tells Maggie that he and Sonny are really good but Sonny has been busy with remodeling the coffee house. Maggie says he'll have more time when it's done so things will smooth out. Will talks about things staying hectic because of Arianna so things won't get easier. Will says he's worried that Sonny is too understanding about Arianna.

Nicole apologizes to Eric if he felt left out or hurt. Eric says it's not his business but he had no clue. Eric says he knew they were intimate in the past but he never knew she had such strong feelings for Brady. Nicole says it's why they kept it hidden as they have chemistry and a lot of history so they found their way back to each other. Eric says he thinks there's something she needs to know.

Kristen tells Brady that she has nothing against Eric but Marlena wouldn't like them working together so she would make everything negative. Brady tells her that she's going to work with Eric and it will be fine as he will see her as the caring, generous person that he sees. Brady says Eric will be on their side when it comes time to tell John and Marlena that they are back together. Kristen notes that he's optimistic. Brady says he just trusts her and Eric. Brady calls it their second chance so he thinks they need to make sure things run smoothly. Brady asks Kristen to work with Eric.

Jennifer asks JJ about his favor. He hopes Jennifer will let him go out after he sees Will. She asks about his homework. JJ says he will finish it. Jennifer asks where he plans on going. JJ mentions hanging out with a girl from school. Jennifer asks if it's a date. JJ says it might not be since Rory may come. Jennifer wants to meet her and suggests JJ bring her by the house before so JJ agrees. JJ then asks about how Theresa is doing on the job. Jennifer says it's not great and she has a feeling she won't be around much longer. JJ then exits.

Maxine asks Daniel when he and Jennifer finally came to their senses then she gets a call. Daniel walks away and runs into JJ, who greets him and says long time no see as he exits.

Jennifer leaves a phone message for Kayla that Theresa is not working out. Daniel enters her office and asks if she has a minute. Jennifer asks what's going on. Daniel responds that's what he wants to know.

Caroline talks about Theresa having a chip on her shoulder and says it has to change if she wants to be happy. Theresa says maybe it's not her since males seem to like her. Caroline tells her not to be hostile. Theresa complains about Caroline talking to her mom and she's tired of her family judging her and telling her how to act instead of leaving her alone.

Maggie reminds Will that it was Sonny's idea for them to live together with the baby. Will still wants Sonny to have a life. Will tells Maggie about the hiking trip that Sonny wanted to go on but he couldn't because of him so he feels like he's holding Sonny back. Maggie tells him that sacrifices are part of relationships. She encourages him not to assume how Sonny is feeling. Will agrees to. JJ arrives and greets them. Maggie says goodbye to Will and exits. Will asks if that was as weird as he thought it was. JJ says it was because Jennifer and Daniel stopped seeing each other. Will says that's too bad as Daniel is a really good guy.

Daniel tells Jennifer that them being back together makes him really happy but he's confused that she's not telling people because she talked to Maxine and JJ and didn't tell them. Daniel says if the timing wasn't right that's one thing but he thinks something else is going on. Daniel asks Jennifer if they are back together.

Eric tells Nicole that he never wants her to get hurt. Nicole worries about things sounding serious. Eric says that Kristen made it clear she wants her to stay away from Brady. Nicole says she would never pick a fight with Kristen over Brady. Nicole says she's already moved on from Brady. Eric says she sounds so indifferent for being so intimate with someone and he never thought she'd be so cold.

Kristen finishes a call with Father Matt, agreeing to work with Eric now so he wants to see her and go over things. Brady thanks her. Kristen tells him that she would do anything for him. They kiss but Kristen says she has to get to the church. Brady tells her to hurry as they are waiting and he exits. Kristen then grabs her phone and makes a call saying she needs to see someone right now.

Nicole says that's how she is with men and how she just moves on. Eric thought she had changed. Nicole reminds him that deep down she's shallow. Eric disagrees. Nicole talks about getting over Daniel and then going after Vargas before ending up with Brady. Eric doesn't believe that's the real her. Nicole talks about moving on. Eric starts to ask about them but Father Matt interrupts, saying he has news.

Jennifer tells Daniel that what they did today was wonderful. Daniel asks if it was a one time thing for her. Jennifer laughs it off. Daniel doesn't think she's anxious to let people know. Jennifer jokes about wanting it written in the sky. Jennifer assures that she isn't having second thoughts but it is between them. Daniel questions it. Jennifer doesn't think everyone in Salem needs to know what's going on between them. Daniel worries about another break. Jennifer insists that she loves him and wants them to be together. Daniel thinks there's something else. Jennifer talks about JJ making progress. Daniel questions that and then thinks back to talking to Nicole about JJ's troubles. Jennifer asks Daniel if he knows a reason why JJ isn't doing much better.

JJ suggests he and Will not talk about Jennifer and Daniel. He asks Will about Sami. Will says it's been rough. JJ offers to help by babysitting if Will wants to visit Sami. They joke together. JJ then asks Will about Theresa and her attitude. Will says he hasn't seen her and doesn't know her well anyways but it sounds like JJ does.

Caroline wants Theresa to stay and talk but Theresa doesn't want to be lectured and starts to storm out. Caroline stops her and asks her to stay. Caroline apologizes for getting her name wrong as they sit back down. Theresa talks about understanding and says she just gets defensive when people point out what a loser she is. Caroline encourages her. Theresa promises not to lose her temper with her again.

Daniel says he can't judge JJ. Jennifer notes him sounding skeptical. Daniel wants to forget about JJ and talk about them since he thought she finally realized they should be together no matter what's happening with JJ. Jennifer says she never said that. Daniel wants her to be clear. Jennifer doesn't want to talk when he's upset and saying to forget her son. Daniel explains that he meant they need to focus on them in this conversation. Daniel asks her to tell him what's going on with her. Jennifer talks about JJ doing so much better and being like he used to be since they've been separated. Daniel asks if she thinks JJ will start acting out again if he finds out they are back together. Jennifer wants more time since JJ is doing better and she thinks he will eventually accept Daniel. Daniel questions another break. Jennifer insists she wants to be with him. Daniel tells her that she can't have it both ways. Jennifer responds that they can if they keep it a secret. Daniel asks if she wants to sneak around. Jennifer thinks they can do it to be together. Daniel talks about it not getting back to JJ. Daniel brings up symphony tickets for tomorrow but he'll give them away because they are taking a break. Daniel questions anything else they can't do. Jennifer thinks it could be romantic with secret dates and stolen kisses. Daniel calls it sneaking around and lying. He compares it to when he first started seeing Chloe. Daniel thinks it would be wrecking the honesty they've always had. Daniel questions it being romantic to lie to JJ and Abigail. Jennifer says she hasn't thought of all the details. Daniel tells her that there is no way in hell he would agree to this and then he storms out of her office.

Nicole tells Father Matt that she has to go so she exits. Nicole says to herself that she had to make him think that as she walks on. Eric asks about Matt's news. He reveals that the bishop selected Kristen to help Eric select the scholarships. Eric doesn't understand. He explains that the bishop was very impressed by Kristen. Eric is surprised that Kristen agreed to that. Father Matt asks if there's a problem and if Eric doesn't want to work with her since it's very important to the bishop. Eric tells him that it's fine.

Kristen meets with her doctor contact that drugged Eric. She explains that she will be working with Eric closely for hours at a time and worries about his memory coming back. He tells her that he will never remember.

JJ talks to Will about Theresa until Bev arrives. JJ introduces Bev to Will. Will suggests they check out the coffeehouse when it's remodeled as a club. Will exits. Bev asks JJ if they are still on. JJ mentions his mom wanting to meet her. Bev jokes about finding something appropriate to wear. JJ is sure she'll be fine after the last girl Jennifer thought he was dating.

Theresa goes to the hospital and tells Daniel how much she enjoyed having lunch at the Pub. Daniel suddenly asks if she likes the symphony. She says she loves it. Daniel then asks if she's free tomorrow night.

Brady goes home and greets Maggie. Brady prepares her for something shocking and informs her that he and Kristen have decided to start seeing each other again which Maggie does not like.

Kristen goes to the rectory. Father Matt is glad she decided to help with the project and hopes to see them soon as he exits. Eric gets ready to start working. Kristen talks about how she knows it's very awkward between them. Kristen says they know it won't be easy to explain to Marlena. Eric says she'll understand it's for a worthy cause and that Brady wants it to be a new beginning for all of them. They shake hands and Eric welcomes her to the board. Eric hesitates before letting go. Kristen asks if something is wrong. Eric gets a message that he needs to take a prescription to Caroline and quickly exits. Nicole enters and questions what the hell Kristen is doing there.

Bev asks JJ where they will be going tonight. JJ mentions Jennifer having her book club so he can stay out late. Bev wants to get in trouble and stay a while. JJ laughs and says he just got a great idea that tonight is going to be so epic.

Maxine brings a folder to Jennifer in her office. Maxine asks if she has something to share. Jennifer says no and has a lot of work to do since her assistant doesn't come to work. Maxine exits. Jennifer comes across the hospital article on Daniel.

Theresa tells Daniel about being so excited about the symphony. Daniel then reveals that she'll have to find someone to go with as he gives her the tickets. Daniel tells her to enjoy the show and rushes off. Theresa starts to throw them away but stops when she sees they were $120 each. Theresa says she can get some quality product off selling them. Maxine stops her but Theresa says she has things to do and exits.

Maggie tells Brady that she never expected that and doesn't get it after everything Kristen has done. Brady insists that she has changed. Maggie can't believe he thinks that again. Brady repeats that he loves her and she loves him too. Maggie reminds him of when he thought he was addicted to love. Brady says that's not what this is. Brady appreciates her concern and says his eyes are open so that he will know if Kristen is playing him.

Nicole questions Kristen. Kristen gives her applications to go file. Nicole asks who she thinks she is. Kristen responds that she's her new boss.

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