Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/6/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/6/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Daniel answers the door. Daniel asks if she came to see Maggie. Jennifer says she came to see him and kisses him. Daniel stops and asks what she's doing. Jennifer says it's what she should've done a long time ago and kisses him again.

JJ tells Theresa he can't talk. Theresa insists on seeing him and asks him to meet in the town square. JJ says he doesn't know and hangs up. Bev asks him who was on the phone.

Nick talks on the phone outside about a job but gets hung up on.

EJ and Sami kiss between the cell bars. EJ encourages her about getting home and the murder charges being dropped.

Justin talks on the phone about the court order to have Bernardi's body exhumed. Marge arrives and tells him that is never going to happen. Justin hangs up and apologizes, saying he knows it must be very painful but he has a court order. Marge doesn't care and tells him to forget it as she won't let Sami get away with murdering Bernardi. Marge declares that Sami will pay.

Nicole joins Brady at the Pub. Brady doesn't want to hear how it's a bad idea to get back with Kristen. Nicole says she won't bug him about Kristen if he does something for her about Eric. Brady asks what it is. Nicole explains that things are a little awkward between them and she feels like Eric is shutting her out. Brady asks if she wants him to smooth things over. Nicole thinks it will work out but she wants to know if Eric is okay health-wise. Nicole talks about when Eric was in the hospital and says she needs to know that whatever made him sick is never going to hurt him again.

Kristen goes to the Rectory and looks for her bracelet. She finds it underneath the desk. Eric enters and asks what she's doing. Eric asks what she's looking for.

Sami asks EJ how they make sure Marge can't get at her again. EJ tells her not to worry about her. Sami worries about the guards that let her in. EJ assures her that Kayla will find that her bullet did not kill Bernardi. EJ gets a phone call and says it's for Sami and it's important.

Marge argues with Justin. Justin explains that they believe Bernardi may not have died from the gunshot so they want the truth. Marge insists that Sami killed him in cold blood. Marge brings up Adrienne and how strongly she was against Sami. Justin says they need to know what really happened in order for justice to truly be served. Justin tells Marge that she can't stop the order but Marge says she already has.

Jennifer and Daniel continue kissing in the doorway until Daniel stops. Jennifer asks what's wrong. Daniel tells her there's absolutely nothing but worries about Maggie or Parker coming in. Jennifer says she's off work for now and Daniel is too. They agree that it's good for them. Jennifer kisses him but Daniel says they can't do it there so they rush out together.

Kristen asks Eric what he thinks she's looking for. Eric asks her. Kristen shows him the bracelet and explains that it fell off earlier and now that she found it, she will leave. Eric stops her and tells her she won't be leaving yet because she looks like she has a guilty conscience. He says she wouldn't want to lie to a priest and asks what she isn't telling him.

JJ claims his mom was on the phone. Bev asks JJ if he's still grounded. JJ says he's not and wants to keep it that way. JJ says he's going to get some things for tonight and kisses Bev on the cheek. JJ then walks away as Cole watches on angrily.

Theresa bumps into Nick in the town square. Nick apologizes and gathers his things then starts to walk away but Theresa calls out to him to wait.

Brady tells Nicole that Eric is fine and he'll let her know if it changes. Brady asks why Nicole doesn't just tell Eric that she's worried or concerned. Nicole says she doesn't want to give Eric the wrong impression. Nicole worries that Eric suspects that she's in love with him.

Kristen tells Eric that he's being paranoid and blames it on Sami and Nicole. Eric tells Kristen that she could've called and asked for her bracelet instead of letting herself into his office. Kristen says she was anxious to get it and brings up the check she donated. Eric says he won't let her hold her generosity over his head. Eric still believes Kristen is not telling the truth. Kristen thinks back to what she did by destroying Mason's files and then admits to Eric that she's not being honest.

Theresa and Nick introduce themselves to each other. Theresa takes back her apology for running into him and asks him about his work in the stock market. She says she doesn't want to keep him if he's busy but offers to buy him a coffee. Nick doesn't think she'd be interested but Theresa insists. Nick then says he's not busy now and accepts her invitation for coffee so they walk off together. JJ walks up and sees them leaving.

Daniel and Jennifer make love in the bedroom.

Nicole sits with Brady and explains that EJ said something about her feelings to Eric which is making her life difficult. Brady thinks anyone can see her feelings but Eric didn't want to. Nicole thinks Eric said something to father Matt, who told her to go to confession. Nicole doesn't feel she did anything wrong and says she's been fighting it. Brady is sure it's been hard for her. Nicole says she's getting used to the idea that things will be awkward and tense with distance between them. Brady then states that he thinks EJ did her a favor. Brady suggests Nicole tell Eric the truth about how she feels.

Kristen tells Eric that she did have an ulterior motive to be there and claims that she was hoping to find Nicole. Kristen says she and Brady are trying to work things out and she wants Nicole to stay away from him. Kristen then remarks that their little affair is officially done. Eric then asks what affair.

Sami answers the phone and it's Johnny. She says it's good to hear his voice. Johnny jokes about Allie. Johnny talks about he and Allie's plans with Marlena. Sami wishes she could be there and thanks him for the video they made her. Johnny asks if she's coming home soon. Sami says she hopes so. Sami tells him to give his brother and sisters hugs and kisses for her. Johnny agrees and says he loves her. Sami tells him how much she loves him and says they will talk soon. They say goodbye and hang up. Sami breaks down crying. EJ apologizes if it wasn't a good idea. Sami says it was the best thing and thanks him. EJ assures her that he will get her out and home and they will get married.

Justin shows Marge the court order and says it's final. Marge says her husband is dead and he won't get the last word to poison his memory. Marge talks about Rafe being his friend and how he doesn't believe it either. Justin says they don't know the whole picture. Justin apologizes. Marge argues that he's not and won't help Sami. Marge then reveals that Bernardi's body was cremated.

Nick gets a call so Theresa goes to get them a table. She sits down and JJ approaches from behind asking if Nick is who she's been crushing on. JJ brings up her wanting to hang out. Theresa says she changed her mind. JJ says he was an idiot but she's a bigger one if she's after Nick.

Daniel and Jennifer lay in bed kissing. They talk about it not being a dream and how they almost lost each other. Daniel asks what changed. Jennifer responds that she realized she doesn't want to risk losing him again. Daniel asks what that means. Jennifer tells him it means that she loves him and will never take it for granted again.

Nicole asks Brady if he's insane then says he is for getting back in bed with Kristen. Nicole questions why she would admit her feelings for Eric when he can't return them. Brady tells her not to lie to a priest. Nicole thinks it's bad to fall in love with him. Brady asks what she thinks will happen when she tells him. Brady thinks Eric deserves to know and that Nicole would feel better after getting it off her chest. Nicole worries that she would need a new job and a new place to live. Nicole says she's always been a bad girl but this is the least bad she's ever been. Nicole worries that Eric would transfer himself to another Parrish when St. Luke's and his family need him. Brady thinks she's underestimating Eric and that he would understand and try to work things out. Nicole worries about others finding out. Brady questions her lying when Eric pretty much already knows. Brady agrees not to say anything and wishes Nicole luck as he then exits the Pub.

Kristen realizes that Eric didn't know about Brady and Nicole. Kristen says it was just meaningless sex. Kristen then assures him it's over and she wants to make sure Nicole understands that. Kristen says she won't hang around and says she hates gossip. Kristen then exits. Eric sits down in disbelief.

Theresa asks JJ what he knows about Nick. JJ reveals that he's his cousin. Theresa questions everyone being related. JJ explains Nick's history with Melanie, going to prison, and then getting married to Gabi. Theresa says no one's perfect and she likes her men edgy. JJ tells her that Nick's not edgy because he had a drug problem so he won't be scoring her any coke. Theresa asks if he's jealous because Nick is brilliant and successful. JJ laughs at Theresa thinking Nick is rich.

Daniel and Jennifer lay in bed until Jennifer realizes they have to get to work. Daniel invites her to join him in the shower but she says she has a conference call in 15 minutes so she has to go. They promise to see each other soon as they kiss goodbye.

Justin says he had the records. Marge reveals that the burial was the original plan but the cremation was cheaper. Marge explains that they had a private burial of the urn. She believes Bernardi guided her to the right choice and she can't wait to see the look on Sami's face when she gets the news that she can kiss her life goodbye.

Sami tells EJ that they will have to make a new wedding date. EJ says they still have all their plans set and they kiss. Sami asks if he really has that much faith in Kayla getting her out. EJ says he does. Sami says she's got time to plan. EJ tells her that she won't have that much time. They say it will be their last and best marriage as they kiss again. EJ gets a call from Justin and asks for an update. Justin informs EJ that he has some bad news.

JJ informs Theresa that Nick just got fired so he's broke. Theresa brings up Nick wearing a suit and having a briefcase. JJ brings up Nick's old job of washing dishes at the Pub and mentions taking care of Gabi's baby. Theresa gets worried and wants JJ to help her get out of this. JJ tells her that she wanted to ditch him for Nick so he's not going to help her. JJ tells her to never call him again and walks off.

Sami freaks out over the news of the cremation. EJ tries to encourage her still but Sami worries about the kids growing up without a mother. Sami wonders what they do now.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and greets Maxine. Maxine tells her that JJ is waiting for her in her office. She thanks her. Maxine gives her messages for her. Jennifer finds out that her conference call was cancelled. Jennifer mentions Salem magazine getting impatient on the article on Daniel. Jennifer then finds out she won a PR award. Maxine is happy for her and hugs her as Daniel arrives.

Brady goes to the DiMera Mansion and greets Kristen, noticing that she found her bracelet. Kristen has Brady zip up her dress as Father Matt then arrives.

Nicole goes to the rectory. She offers to come back if he's busy. Eric says he was just thinking about her.

Nick returns to Theresa and tells her that he's in between jobs right now. Theresa then shouts about Nick being a broke ex-con loser that led her on. She says she can't stand dishonest people and rushes off.

A nurse gets Daniel's signature at the hospital. Jennifer and Maxine continue talking nearby. Maxine tells Jennifer how much she deserves the PR award. Jennifer goes on to her office to work. Daniel missed catching up with her and greets Maxine. Daniel mentions seeing them talking and guesses she heard the good news about them. Maxine says she heard but is talking about the PR award. Daniel asks what she's talking about so Maxine then asks what he's talking about.

Jennifer goes into her office where JJ is. JJ mentions texting her, but she didn't respond. Jennifer says her phone was on silent and asks if everything is okay. JJ says he came to ask for a favor and notes that Jennifer looks to be in a really good mood, so he asks if there's something she wants to share.

EJ holds Sami's hand as he gets another call from Justin. Justin confirms that Bernardi was cremated. EJ wonders if someone instructed her to do this to cover up the true cause of his death. Justin doesn't think so as Marge was convincing. EJ thinks they can still cast reasonable doubt but Justin says it won't work. Justin says the court will stick to it that Sami's bullet killed Bernardi. EJ hangs up as Sami cries.

Kristen jokes with Father Matt about joining she and Brady on their date. He asks if she has a moment to chat and they go into the living room. He mentions the bishop talking about how glad he was to meet her and for her donation. He reveals that the bishop wants her to help select the beneficiaries of the scholarship but when he mentions that she'd need to meet with Eric, Kristen says she can't spend another minute with Eric.

Nicole brings up what EJ said about her but Eric doesn't want to talk about that. Nicole asks if it's Sami but Eric says it's about Brady and questions if Nicole is sleeping with him.

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