Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/5/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/5/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami paces in her cell until Marge arrives and says Sami thought she would get away with murdering her husband but she was so wrong.

Kayla meets with EJ and Justin outside the court room, saying she had to go over the evidence one more time. EJ asks if they have enough evidence to convince the judge.

Rafe sleeps at the hospital and dreams about Marge talking to him. He wakes up and Nicole is at his bedside, asking if he's okay.

JJ questions Theresa as to who she went on a date with. She tells him that he's extremely successful and JJ might know him.

Brady talks to Jennifer about being unsure if he can ever trust Kristen. Jennifer encourages him to be wise.

Mason tells Daniel and Eric that all the evidence he collected has been ruined. Eric wonders how it happened. Mason tells him to ask her as he points to the bathroom. He explains what happened. Mason says he's not sure the evidence can be salvaged and mentions wanting to get the girl out of the bathroom. Daniel wonders if she's scared and tries to convince her to open the door.

Nicole tells Rafe how many people were pulling for him to get better and compares it to how few people would care if it were here. Rafe asks Nicole what's new and exciting in her life. She says not much and talks about the new school. Rafe mentions hearing about the reception. Nicole says Sami struck again and Rafe is lucky to get rid of her because everything Sami touches goes to hell.

Sami tries to call for the guard and tells Marge not to do this. Marge shows her a picture of her son Timmy and says she came to bring it to her as a reminder of what she's done and what she took away. Sami talks about not meaning for it to happen. Marge tells her to stop lying since they all know the truth now. Marge asks Sami why she wanted Bernardi dead and why she hated him so much.

Daniel tries getting the bathroom door open. Kristen slides a paper underneath the door saying she's too embarrassed. Eric tries to get through to her and asks her to talk to him. Kristen stumbles and knocks things over causing a noise that worries them. Daniel and Eric try getting into the bathroom.

Kayla talks about being convinced that Sami could be exonerated. Justin brings up the video and worries that Sami could be looking at murder one.

Sami tells Marge that she didn't know Bernardi. Marge asks why she was attacking him then.

Sami says she can't say. Marge accuses her of always lying. Marge says her family can't change that she killed a cop. Marge says Sami will rot behind bars. Sami argues that she didn't do it and that the weapon or evidence will be found. Marge says Sami is starting to believe her own lies. Marge takes her son's picture back and says Sami doesn't deserve it. Marge declares that she hopes Sami never sees her children again as she exits.

Rafe wishes he could talk to Sami. Nicole insists that Sami needs to stay out of Rafe's life. Nicole talks about Eric's life being affected by Sami. Nicole blames Sami for Eric almost getting transferred and talks about Eric getting defensive which made things weird between them. Nicole asks Rafe what he's thinking. Rafe tells her not to get defensive and says she obviously really cares about Eric.

Theresa tells JJ that this guy has a prestigious reputation. JJ says he doesn't care and questions why she's not with him now. Theresa says JJ promised her some blow but didn't come through. JJ tells her to be with her man and leave him alone then as he walks away while Theresa calls out to him to have fun in algebra class.

Jennifer tells Brady that she has to get back to work. She mentions Anne and Theresa. Brady brings up how it must be difficult to work with Daniel. Jennifer says they are both adults. Brady tells her that Daniel loves her. Jennifer says JJ coming first is how it has to be now.

Daniel gets the bathroom door open for he, Eric, and Mason but Kristen is gone. They talk and Eric recalls coming across a woman at the hotel. Daniel asks if there's anything else he can recall. Eric says he can't but wonders if she had something to do with him getting sick.

Theresa goes to Jennifer's office. Jennifer questions where she's been as she never went to HR. Theresa tries to claim she saw her family at the Pub. Jennifer doesn't care and is tired of her excuses and dealing with her. Jennifer tells her that she's not going to be her problem anymore. Jennifer calls Anne and says Theresa is in her office so she asks Anne to come there instead. Jennifer tells Theresa that she's getting exactly what she wanted and won't have a job anymore.

Nicole tells Rafe that she cares about Eric as a good friend like Rafe. Rafe jokes about her getting defensive and says he wasn't accusing her of anything. Nicole says she is just protective of her two friends and she almost lost both of them. She tells Rafe about Eric being in the hospital not long ago. They wonder who would want to poison a priest. Rafe mentions being sick of being in the hospital and wants to help Daniel out with Eric's case. Nicole asks him not to say anything since Eric didn't even want her to know and it's not her business. Rafe notes that it never stopped her before.

Daniel asks Eric about the woman at the hotel. He recalls her wearing sunglasses, was attractive and had short dark hair. Mason says the woman that he saw was the opposite of that. They ask her name but Mason lost it. Mason believes the spill on his evidence was an accident but it's a total loss. Daniel tells Eric that they are not giving up until they get the answers they need.

Kristen returns home and puts her disguise down on the table. She starts to head upstairs but Brady arrives. Brady notes that she seems jittery. Kristen says she's happy to see him and blames caffeine. Brady wants the truth and asks what she's hiding.

Theresa complains about losing her job. Jennifer tells her that she should've thought about things before she was the worst employee. Theresa questions her not helping her. Theresa wonders why people think she's so nice. Theresa says she knows why Jennifer is so angry and it has nothing to do with her.

Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and meets with Daniel. She thanks him for taking the time to see her and asks if he has any leads on Eric's case but Daniel says it's confidential. Nicole says Eric downplays everything and worries that someone is out to hurt him which could mean she's in danger too. Daniel says there are some leads that haven't panned out yet. Daniel adds that Eric wouldn't want her worrying about him. Nicole then says there's something else she wants to talk about that has nothing to do with her but about JJ.

JJ meets up with Rory at school. JJ tells him that Theresa wasn't as cool as she seemed. Rory thinks she got dissed. He says she just wasn't his type. They see Bev talking nearby to her ex Cole. Bev spots JJ and asks what he's up to and if he's busy tonight. JJ asks her to hang out. She says that would be awesome as Cole looks on unhappy.

EJ visits Sami at her cell. She tells him that Marge was there and she thought she was going to kill her. EJ wonders how she got in. Sami doesn't know and says no guards were coming. Sami says she was just scared. Sami worries about thinking they wouldn't let EJ in. EJ tells her that the hearing was delayed a little bit so they don't know yet but they are cautiously optimistic. Sami doesn't know how much of this she can take.

Kristen asks Brady why he's so upset with her because she's a little edgy. Brady notes that she was jittery, anxious, and pale so he thinks she's hiding something from her and wants to know what. Kristen questions what it would be. Brady notes the disguise she took to work and doesn't believe she just met a client for lunch. Kristen asks if he thinks she's seeing someone else. Kristen says he's the only man she wants and insists that she was just busy at work. Kristen promises that she wants their new beginning just as much as he does. Brady points out that she's no longer wearing the bracelet he gave her. Kristen thinks back to getting Eric's files off the computer at the rectory.

Theresa tells Jennifer that she needs a man in her life and is taking it out on her. Jennifer says it has nothing to do with her personal life.. Anne listens in from the door way as Theresa says working for Jennifer is worse than Anne. Theresa complains about Jennifer being a total downer. They argue until Anne interrupts asking if everything is alright. Jennifer tells Anne that she's all hers and exits.

Nicole tells Daniel that she and Jennifer had their ups and downs but they are cool now and asks Daniel not to let JJ get in the way of their love. Nicole says she's sure JJ knows how to play Jennifer but Daniel knows better. Daniel asks what happened. Nicole says she literally ran into JJ and he was holding onto something that he did not want her to see. Daniel asks what she thinks it was. Nicole says it was nothing good.

JJ agrees to text Bev later and she says she will see him tonight. JJ tells Rory that he has a date tonight. Cole approaches and questions JJ suddenly being interested in Bev after seeing her with him. JJ tells her that she isn't interested in him and walks away as Cole warns that he messed with the wrong guy.

Jennifer visits Rafe. Rafe talks about Daniel being there all the time for him and brings up how lucky Jennifer must be. She agrees that she's very lucky to have him in her life.

Kristen tells Brady that the bracelet must have fallen off at the rectory. They both apologize and hug. Kristen wants to find her rectory. They agree to meet up for coffee later and Brady kisses her goodbye then exits. Kristen says to herself that she's trying to walk the straight and narrow so no one will ever know what she did to Eric but doing the right thing is so complicated.

Anne tells Theresa that she doesn't seem to hit it off with Jennifer. Theresa calls her a miserable human being. Anne notes that they agree on that. Anne talks about understanding how hard it can be at a new work environment. Anne gives Theresa forms to sign and says she's not getting fired. Anne says she got to know her now and thinks she's exactly the type of assistant that Jennifer needs.

Rafe asks Jennifer if he said something. She tells him that he said something wonderful and right as she let so many things get in the way of the big picture. She repeats that she's lucky to have Daniel in her life and thanks Rafe for reminding her to count her blessings. Rafe thanks her for making him feel useful for the first time in months. Rafe asks if she's going to talk to Daniel now. Jennifer says she is and tells Rafe to take care as she exits.

Nicole tells Daniel that she made sure JJ knows she has her eye on him. Daniel brings up the shoplifting JJ got involved in. Nicole thinks Jennifer needs to know about this and says that she will need a shoulder to lean on. Nicole tells Daniel to take charge but he worries that he would lose her for good.

Marge walks through the town square and her phone rings. She looks at it and says no way in hell as she storms off.

EJ tells Sami that he checked with the guard and apparently no one knew Marge was there so they were covering for her. Sami brings up Abe trying to protect her. EJ says it's on their hands if anything happens to her. EJ adds that Marge won't have another chance. EJ says Sami could be home free if the judge orders another autopsy and hugs her through the cell bars.

JJ talks with Bev about their plans. Bev mentions a Twilight marathon. JJ suggests finding a party. JJ gets a call from Theresa. She apologizes for earlier. JJ thinks she just wants a hook up. Theresa wants to make it up to him and invites him to hang out later, saying he won't be sorry.

Jennifer goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Daniel answers the door. Daniel asks if she came to see Maggie. Jennifer says she came to see him and kisses him.

Nicole joins Brady at the Pub. Brady doesn't want to hear how it's a bad idea to get back with Kristen. Nicole says she won't bug him about Kristen if he does something for her about Eric.

Kristen goes to the Rectory and looks for her bracelet. She finds it underneath the desk. Eric enters and asks what she's doing.

Sami tells EJ how much she misses him and the kids. EJ tells her not to think about Marge. EJ gets a call from Justin. Justin asks if Sami is okay. EJ tells her she is but is at the end of the rope. Justin tells her to hang in there because they got the court order to exhume the body. EJ thanks him and tells Sami the judge said yes. Sami cries as EJ assures her that everything will be fine.

Justin talks on the phone about the court order to have Bernardi's body exhumed. Marge arrives and tells him that is never going to happen.

EJ encourages Sami as they kiss between the cell bars.

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