Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/2/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/2/13


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Cameron stops Chad and tells him this is very serious about his CT scan. Chad continues to think it's about Abigail and wants to stop this.

JJ sits outside the town square with his stash and calls Theresa, who is walking past the Pub. JJ tells her that he's got something she'll want and asks where she is. Theresa looks inside the Pub where Daniel is and tells JJ that she's busy for awhile on a date then hangs up. JJ grabs his bag and turns to leave but bumps into Nicole, dropping his stash. Nicole tells him to watch where he's going. JJ quickly picks up his stash and tries to leave but Nicole recognizes him as Jennifer's son.

Anne argues with Jennifer about Theresa.

Theresa offers to join Daniel at the Pub. Theresa gets another call from Jennifer but ignores it.

Eric talks on the phone with the specialist Mason about trying to find out what happened to him in the hotel. He says he will be touch as he hangs up. Father Matt enters, saying he heard Eric wanted to see him. Eric informs him that he heard from the bishop, who asked him to stay at St. Luke's. Father Matt tells him that they are praying for Sami and they don't think her problems have anything to do with Eric. Eric says those are not the only problems.

Mason gets a call from Kristen, who uses her voice as Susan. She asks about meeting with him. He says he's busy but she insists and hangs up. She takes her disguise and goes to rush out the door but Brady arrives, asking what she has.

Theresa rambles to Daniel and says it's great to have someone to talk to. Theresa comments on people in Salem not being nice to her. Daniel finds it hard to believe. Daniel gets a call. Theresa says she understands that he's always in demand. Theresa says she won't keep him. Daniel says he'll see her later and walks away as Theresa suggests sooner.

Nicole stops JJ and asks what he has in his hand.

Kristen tells Brady that she was on her way to work and claims that she was just bringing a change of clothes. Brady kisses her but Kristen insists on having to work. Brady tells her that he thinks they have a real shot this time because he's in love with her and never stopped as they then kiss.

Adrienne goes looking for Jennifer but only Abigail is home. Adrienne says she'll be happy to catch up with her instead and asks if she's okay. Abigail says she's fine but didn't get much sleep and says she's been worried about Jennifer and JJ. Adrienne talks about how she can't go on like this with Sonny and Justin being upset and disappointed with her. Adrienne cries that she needs to make them understand as Abigail hugs her.

Cameron tells Chad how serious this is. Chad wants to leave but Cameron insists that he wouldn't play games with someone's life. Cameron assures him that this isn't about Abigail. Chad thinks he's fine and it's just a bump on his head. Cameron tells him that it is a big deal. Cameron reveals they may have found something in his CT scan. Chad asks what it is but Cameron says they need more information to be sure and he doesn't want to speculate. Chad questions him calling him to talk and then not telling him anything. Chad wants to know the worst case scenario. Cameron informs him that it could be a brain tumor.

Eric talks to Father Matt about more than one person saying someone at St. Luke's has feelings for him. Eric prays it isn't true but asks Father Matt what he should do if it is since he doesn't want to bring rumors or scandals to the Parrish. Eric gets a text and says something important has come up. Father Matt says they can continue later as Eric rushes out.

JJ asks if he knows Nicole. She introduces herself. JJ recalls her as the person who tried sending Jennifer to prison after lying about her baby. JJ accuses her of trying to ruin Jennifer's life. Nicole brings up the circumstances. JJ questions her calling herself Jennifer's friend.

Jennifer and Anne continue to argue about Theresa. Jennifer suggests Anne take up her issue with Theresa since she has work to do. Anne says Theresa may be a minor issue but Jennifer is a major issue.

Daniel returns to the table at the Pub. Theresa mentions getting Daniel a coffee refill and goes to check on her order. Eric enters and tells Daniel that he was just about to call him after getting a message from Mason. Eric sits with him as Theresa turns around with coffees looking disappointed.

Brady tells Kristen that he wanted to tell her how he feels and to make sure they stay honest with each other. Kristen tells him that she never stopped loving him either and they kiss. Brady asks her not to go to work but she insists on having a meeting. Kristen says she will try to make it short and then call him. Kristen asks what Brady's going to do. Brady says they'll find out as they both exit.

Adrienne talks to Abigail about being the one to send in the video of Sami. She talks about Will and Sonny being furious with her. Adrienne feels Sonny broke the law and could've gone to jail by being stuck in the mess. She insists that she was just protecting her son because the truth always comes out.

Chad questions the brain tumor. Cameron says they just found it in the scan. Chad begins to worry that he has what Lexie had. Cameron tells him that it could be many things as it's not a sure diagnosis. Chad asks what now. Cameron suggests he see a specialist. Chad argues with him about it and calls it unreal. Chad continues to think it's about Cameron wanting to win Abigail. Chad then admits he doesn't really think that. Cameron offers a neurosurgeon but Chad says he will find his own. Cameron tells him to sign the release on the way out. Chad tells Cameron that it doesn't leave this room and orders him not to say a word to anyone. Chad insists it will end up being nothing after Lexie and he doesn't want to worry anyone. Chad hopes to prove him wrong and then exits.

Nicole calls JJ a nasty piece of work. JJ asks what that makes her and accuses her of ruining peoples lives. Nicole talks about knowing and liking Jack and that he wouldn't be rude and awful to someone he's just met. JJ tells her that Jack would call her words she's never heard. Nicole says she feels sorry for Jennifer. Nicole talks about Jennifer being forgiving. JJ thinks Jennifer is a wimp if she forgave her. Nicole goes to leave but JJ stops her. Nicole asks if he wants to rip into her more. JJ says he's going to tell her something she needs to know.

Theresa goes ahead and greets Eric. Eric tells her that he and Daniel are discussing business. Theresa says she won't interrupt and gives Daniel his coffee then walks away. Eric gets a call from the bishop's assistant and steps out to take it. Theresa happily returns to the table and asks Daniel if he's heading back to the hospital. Daniel suggests she go back on her own instead of waiting on him.

Kristen disguised as Susan meets with Mason. She rambles and spots a folder titled Eric's blood work.

Nicole asks JJ what she needs to know. JJ tells her that Jennifer and Daniel are taking a break again. He tells her that she's alone and miserable and Daniel's free. Nicole responds that Jennifer loves Daniel. JJ doesn't think things will work between them. Nicole warns him not to play a player and tells him to leave her out of his head games or else she'll tell Jennifer to check his pockets and see how forgiving she is. They both go their separate ways.

Theresa asks Daniel if he doesn't want to walk her back and jokes about him being seen with the lonely staff. Daniel says he has to talk with Eric. Daniel encourages that she'll get to know most of the town with her family. Theresa goes to leave and pretends to hurt her back. Daniel doesn't pay any extra attention so Theresa exits the Pub. Theresa says there is always plan B and calls JJ, asking if he's still available. JJ walks through the town square and says he's free and still has something for her. She tells him to meet her in the park.

Anne brings up Jennifer's relationship with Daniel as they continue to argue. Anne talks about the hospital needing good PR after the Sami disaster. Jennifer accuses Anne of obsessing over her life. Anne tells her that she will play by everyone's rules. Brady enters and asks if everything is okay. Anne tells her to send Theresa her way and then exits. Brady jokes with Jennifer that Anne's problem is having no sex. Brady invites her on a walk in the park. Jennifer agrees that she needs a break and thanks him for the rescue but feels it's not the only reason he came. Brady admits he needs to talk to her about Kristen.

Kristen continues rambling to Mason. Mason tries to tell her that he can't help her but she insists.

Chad walks to the Pub. Abigail walks by and greets him, asking how his appointment went. Chad claims it's all good. She asks what he said. Chad says it was not much but now's not a good time to talk as he's in a rush to talk with a contractor at the coffee shop. Abigail offers to go with him but Chad says there wouldn't be much for her and walks on.

Theresa and JJ meet in the town square. JJ reaches into his pocket but finds that his stash got smashed in his pocket.

Eric and Daniel walk through the town square, talking about what Mason found. They talk about a possible drug injection. Daniel says they will do a DNA test and run some prints so if anyone was in his hotel room with a criminal record then they will know soon. Eric says they are getting close as they walk on together.

Brady brings Jennifer home and suggests she takes the rest of the day off. Jennifer complains about Anne then apologizes and asks about he and Kristen. Brady responds that he still loves Kristen and told her that. Jennifer asks what he's doing here then.

Mason tells Kristen that his specialty is forensics. She pretends to accidentally spill coffee all over his papers.

Nicole goes to the Rectory where Father Matt is. Nicole offers to track down Eric but he wanted to speak with her. He brings up the negative publicity at the church. Nicole blames Sami. Father Matt says Eric has been afraid that it might reflect on him so he assured him it would not be so but there are other potential problems they might have.

JJ and Theresa argue over the stash. JJ blames her for not coming sooner.

Jennifer and Brady sit together. Brady thanks her for being the one that kept telling him that he was wrong about Kristen. Jennifer still wonders why he's not with her now. Brady tells her that Kristen said she had to work. Brady hates thinking it but knows her too well and swears there's something she wasn't telling him and he wishes he knew.

Kristen tries to clean up her mess but spills more water on the papers as Mason yells at her to get out. She turns around to leave and then sees out the window of the office that Daniel and Eric have arrived. She begins to worry and claims she has to go to the bathroom so she rushes in and locks the door. Mason knocks on the door as Eric and Daniel enter.

Abigail goes to the hospital and comments that Cameron doesn't look happy. He calls it a busy day. Abigail brings up lunch but Cameron says he's swamped so he calls a rain check. Abigail says it's a relief that Chad's scan went well. Cameron says he's late for a meeting and walks away after apologizing about lunch.

Chad makes a call wanting to meet with a specialist, reminding that his name is DiMera. Chad then gets his meeting set and says he will be there.

Nicole tells Father Matt that she thought everything was fine with the bishop. He says it is for now but they can't have any more instances. He brings up when Nicole was going through some problems and he suggested confession which is always an option whenever she needs it.

Jennifer asks Brady if he really thinks that Kristen is keeping secrets from him again. Brady says he doesn't know. Brady talks about finding it alluring at first but not anymore.

JJ mocks Theresa's date. She tells him it wasn't just some random guy. She says it was with a man. JJ brings up her just getting to town and questions where she met him. Theresa asks if he thought she was making him up. JJ asks who he is.

Mason continues knocking on the bathroom door that Kristen locked herself in. Daniel wonders what is going on.

Brady tells Jennifer that he just has a gut feeling. Jennifer says if he feels like Kristen's being less than honest with him then she probably is.

Mason tells Daniel and Eric that all the evidence he collected has been ruined. Eric wonders how it happened. Mason tells him to ask her as he points to the bathroom.

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