Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/1/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/1/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric finishes a call at the rectory. Nicole asks if it was the bishop and if he's being transferred.

Cameron meets with a specialist about Chad's CT scan.

Abigail walks through the park and comes across Chad playing with Theo.

Jennifer walks through the town square on the phone with Hope. Hope wanted to catch up with her but not on the phone. Jennifer worries. Hope says it's about Daniel. Jennifer doesn't want to talk about or see Daniel so she plans to work from home.

Lucas talks with JJ at the Horton home. Lucas tells him how Will is doing. JJ tells Lucas he could stop by any time. JJ mentions being stuck at home.

Daniel shows Maxine and another nurse at the hospital photos of taking Parker surfing. The other nurse comments on Daniel being the hottest surgeon they have as Theresa looks on from behind them.

JJ tells Lucas that he's tried to call Will but hasn't returned calls. Lucas asks JJ about being grounded after shoplifting. JJ blames his friends for talking him into something stupid. Lucas asks if he called him to get him out of lockdown. JJ says he was worried about Will but admits he wants Lucas to talk to Jennifer. Lucas tells him if he wants out, he'll have to do this by himself.

Daniel tells Maxine and the nurse that they are done with the photos as they joke together. Maxine and the nurse walk off. Theresa continues staring at Daniel until Anne drags her away and says they need to get a few things straight.

The specialist worries to Cameron that Chad could have a tumor and if so, time could be critical. He exits. Abe enters and asks Cameron what's going on.

Abigail joins Chad and Theo. Chad talks about bringing food. Theo brings up Cameron.

JJ talks to Lucas about Jennifer not giving him a chance to prove himself and blames it on Daniel. JJ asks Lucas if he can convince Jennifer to let him go see Will. JJ goes upstairs to get his school book. Jennifer enters and asks Lucas what he's doing there. Lucas says he was just hanging with JJ. Jennifer calls it good. Lucas says he doesn't know as there's some things she needs to know about her son.

Anne talks to Theresa about who she is and the ranking order at the hospital. Anne tells her to meet her in her office or they will have a problem. Theresa pulls out a cigarette and searches Jennifer's office for a lighter. Hope enters and tells her that there's no smoking at the hospital and asks if she's having a hard time adjusting.

Nicole finishes a call and tells Eric that she gets that he had to lie low after Sami's arrest. Eric tells her that his call was more about the long term as the bishop is upset. Nicole says he can't punish Eric because of it. Eric tells her that he's not being transferred as the bishop agreed that this is where he belongs. Nicole says that's one problem down and then asks about them.

Abe talks to Cameron about meeting with Kayla. Cameron asks about Theo. Abe tells him that he's with Chad at the park and thinks Abigail is joining them for a picnic. Abe suggests Cameron can join them as Theo would love it. Cameron calls it tempting but says he has his hands full at the hospital today.

Abigail and Chad talk to Theo about Lexie. Theo spots a frog and wants to catch it so Chad runs off with him.

Jennifer asks what JJ has done now. Lucas says nothing and asks why she assumes it's JJ if there's a problem. Lucas calls it just a question. Jennifer accuses him of making her out to be a terrible mother. She says she's doing the best she can to keep her family together but no one thinks she's doing it well enough. Jennifer wants to drop it and not talk about her parenting. Jennifer complains about everyone judging her. Lucas tries to explain that he's not judging her. Lucas gets that she's doing the best she can. Jennifer calls it hard. Lucas says he knows. Jennifer apologizes for losing it on him like that. Lucas tells her it's okay. Jennifer thanks him.

Theresa greets Hope. Hope tells her about having to do paperwork and adds that she heard her with Anne. Theresa complains about Anne. Hope says sometimes they have to do things for people they don't like. Theresa mocks the idea. Hope mentions having a long talk with Theresa's mom about her life before coming back to Salem. Hope suggests Theresa try to help herself and care. Theresa starts talking about family but says she can't pretend to care about people just because others expect her too.

Nicole asks Eric about their fight about Sami. Eric says she's entitled to her opinions. Nicole apologizes for her timing and says she was just worried about him and so angry that anyone would ruin Eric's day. Eric tells her to stop. Nicole continues to apologize and hope Eric can accept. Eric stops her and says they'll forget it ever happened. Nicole decides to go run some errands. She stops and says it doesn't feel right like everything is settled. Eric agrees and says there's still him and her. Nicole says no and thought he was going to forget about EJ talking about her supposed feelings for him. She tells him to forget all about that as she was talking about Brady and Kristen being back together. Nicole thinks they need to be a united front to keep Brady away from Kristen because she's just wrong.

Lucas tells Jennifer that he thinks JJ gets why he was grounded. Jennifer doesn't think he understands that he went beyond what's acceptable. Lucas thinks he knows he screwed up and brings up that he called him asking to see Will. Lucas talks about how maybe JJ needs family and he won't be partying at Will's apartment. Lucas mentions having to go back to work and hugs her goodbye. Jennifer thanks him for coming to see her and apologizes for her meltdown. They agree to get their kids together and Lucas then exits. JJ comes back downstairs and asks where Lucas went. Jennifer tells him that he had to go back to work. She tells JJ to take a seat.

Abe goes to the park. Theo runs up and hugs him. Theo talks about touching the frog. Abe asks if he's ready to go but Theo is not ready. Chad offers to stay for the day but Abe says they have to go. Abe mentions that Cameron said hello and wished he could've been there. Abigail tells Theo how much fun she had. Abe exits with Theo. Abigail talks about Chad loving Theo and says it's a side of him she doesn't see a lot.

Jennifer questions if Lucas giving him a pitch was part of his plan. JJ says he just wanted to see Will and thought she would say no. Jennifer tells him that he doesn't know if he doesn't ask. They talk about things getting better. She encourages him to just come to her first. She tells him that he can go see Will if he wants. She allows him to stop to get a coffee as long as she knows where he is at all times. JJ gives her a big hug for letting him go. JJ offers to go grocery shopping too so Jennifer agrees. Jennifer adds she's trusting him to keep in touch at all times. Jennifer says she loves him and then exits. JJ quickly calls Rory and tells him that he's sprung and hopes he has the stuff because it's party time.

Chad and Abigail continue to talk about loving Theo and Lexie. Abigail brings up Stefano and Chad talking to him the other day. Chad changes the subject and says he doesn't want to talk about it. Chad suggests going to the coffeehouse so Abigail agrees. Chad gets a call from Cameron. Cameron asks if he's busy. Chad says he is. Cameron tells him that they need to follow up on his test results. Chad says he'll stop by next week but Cameron tells him today. Chad insists that he's busy. Abigail tells Chad it's fine as she needs to get going anyways and he can do what he needs. Chad then agrees to go to the hospital. Chad apologizes to Abigail. She tells him it's okay as it sounded important. Abigail thanks Chad for the good time. Abigail says it was nice to see him and kisses him on the cheek goodbye.

Eric admits to Nicole that he's a little worried about Brady too. Nicole wants to pry him away from Kristen. Eric says they can pray but they can't convince him and shouldn't even try. Eric refuses to interfere. Nicole thinks they need to but Eric says no. Eric says they can't trick someone out of something who feels so deeply. Eric says if Kristen is what Brady wants, that's the way it works.

JJ goes to school and calls Jennifer, saying he'll be there until classes are over. Rory joins him. JJ says they have partying to do. Rory gives JJ a calculator and suggests he check the battery compartment for the stuff. Rory mentions that the guy who sold it to him was sketchy so he's sticking with the weed.

Hope talks to Theresa about dealing with people who are out of options every day. Hope says they are trying to help Theresa because they care about her so she shouldn't push them away. Theresa doesn't want to hear about it being her last chance. Theresa states that she makes her own chances.

Daniel finishes a call at the front desk. Maxine wants Daniel to talk to Jennifer. Daniel doesn't think she understands. Maxine says they were great together. Jennifer then arrives at the hospital. She greets Daniel as she walks by. Daniel agrees with Maxine but adds that it doesn't change things as he walks off on a call.

Jennifer goes on to her office. Theresa greets her and says she has to rush off to HR. Jennifer tells her to take care of that as she exits. Jennifer asks Hope about catching up with her. Hope says she did a little bit. Jennifer says Theresa has turned a corner. Jennifer admits it was so tough at first but she's slowly getting it. Hope hopes so. Jennifer says it was nice of her to stop by but she's really busy. Hope calls it a nice try and says she knows why she came. Hope says she can't stand to see something so right thrown away. Jennifer doesn't want to defend herself and insists on JJ having to come first in her life. Jennifer asks Hope to respect her decision. Hope says she sounds like Jack and how he would make decisions for both of them including walking away from her. Hope points out that Jennifer didn't put up with it so why should Daniel. Hope then exits.

JJ and Rory walk down the hall. JJ says he has to go to study hall and asks for Rory's phone as Jennifer will check his call log. Rory gives it to him and walks away. JJ opens the battery compartment of the calculator to get the stash inside.

Theresa asks the nurse directions on where she needs to go and talks about being new. Theresa talks about getting to know the doctors and asks about Daniel. Theresa says Daniel is hot. The nurse talks about his public relationships and Maxine then sends her on a pharmacy run. Daniel walks by and tells Maxine that he's off for lunch. Daniel invites her, saying he hates to be alone but Maxine says she has afternoon rounds and walks off. Theresa decides to follow Daniel.

Anne goes to Jennifer's office, asking where Theresa is since she didn't show up at her office where she had been waiting for over an hour. Jennifer tells her to work it out with Theresa as it's not her problem but Anne insists that it is.

Nicole tells Eric that he's right that it's none of her business. Hope arrives so Nicole goes to run errands. Eric says they were just going over things. Hope gives Eric a folder on Ciara for the school. They talk about Sami. Hope starts to head back to the station but Eric stops her and asks if she has a moment. Eric says it's personal so he asks her to keep it private. Eric says he was caught by surprise by a suggestion someone made to him. Eric says it's about he and Nicole. Eric asks Hope if she thinks it's possible that Nicole has developed feelings for him. Hope tells Eric that she loves him and jokes about him expecting anything inappropriate from Nicole. Hope says she does believe Nicole is trying to be and do exactly what she says. Hope brings up Nicole planning to leave town but stayed after Eric's attack. Hope believes Nicole struggles with how she feels about Eric and maybe that's why she was leaving town. Hope says she sees the way Nicole looks at him and calls it a gut feeling. Hope tells Eric that is her answer.

JJ sits outside the town square with his stash and calls Theresa, who is walking past the Pub. JJ tells her that he's got something she'll want and asks where she is. Theresa looks inside the Pub where Daniel is and tells JJ that she's busy for awhile on a date then hangs up. JJ grabs his bag and turns to leave but bumps into Nicole, dropping his stash. Nicole tells him to watch where he's going.

Theresa gets a call from Jennifer but ignores it as she enters the Pub. Jennifer leaves a message, saying she and Anne are looking for her, questioning what she's doing. Theresa heads into the Pub and tells Daniel that it's a surprise that they meet again.

Chad goes to the hospital and accuses Cameron of making this urgent because he knew he was with Abigail. Cameron stops him and tells him this is very serious.

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