Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/31/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/31/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny finishes talking to Brent at home, saying he's excited about his ideas. Brent hopes Chad is as well as he exits. Sonny goes back to Will and kisses him. They talk about Sami and wonder why she isn't home yet.

Lucas visits Sami in her cell and shows her the paper. Lucas says he would've been there sooner but just got back in town. Lucas says he saw the kids and they miss her but encourages her not to worry about them. Sami talks about wanting to be in their lives. Sami asks him how the hell she is going to get out of this one.

Kayla reveals she went over Bernardi's medical records and autopsy report and there's a good chance that Sami's bullet is not what killed him. EJ tells her that Sami's life is on the line so he asks how much of a chance there is.

Nick is outside the Pub looking at his phone when Vargas approaches and asks where the hell he has been.

Kate talks to Gabi at the hospital about Rafe. Kate mentions wanting to limit Rafe's visitors since Marge got in. Kate tells Gabi that Hope thinks they will call Rafe to testify against Sami.

Rafe lies asleep in his hospital bed where someone enters the room. Rafe wakes up from dreaming about it being Stefano coming to kill him and just sees a nurse standing next to him.

Chad asks Stefano if he sent Bernardi to kill Rafe. Stefano questions Chad wasting his one question. Stefano tells Chad that he's disappointed. Chad angrily says that's not an answer. Stefano warns him to watch the way he talks to him. Chad says he promised the truth so he shouldn't have expected it. Stefano says he should expect it because a DiMera's word means everything.

Gabi is confused how Rafe could testify since he was in a coma. Kate explains how Rafe could talk about he and Bernardi being friends. The nurse comes out and tells them that Rafe is waking up.

Lucas asks the cop watching over them for some privacy so he steps out. Sami asks Lucas to reassure her. Lucas asks Sami about Bernardi having the evidence that Will shot EJ. Sami says she can't prove it but she knows Stefano sent him to kill Rafe. Lucas believes Sami. Sami says the rest of the town think Bernardi was a saint. Lucas blames himself, feeling like he let her down in getting that evidence. Sami says they were in it together so it wasn't his fault. Sami hates what this is doing to everyone.

Kayla wants to call Justin as EJ wants more answers. Kayla explains how Bernardi made it through a complicated and dangerous surgery but died in the recovery. Kayla says she compared the autopsy report to the surgeon's notes which show that Bernardi should not have died from that gunshot wound.

Vargas asks about not seeing Nick. Nick tells him that things changed so things won't work out. Vargas brings up Nick being attacked on Smith Island. Nick says he's okay. Vargas tells Nick that he let Jensen take everything from him and mess up his life again.

Cameron goes over the scans at the hospital and makes a call that he needs to speak to Kayla.

Stefano tells Chad that he did not send Bernardi to kill Rafe. Chad does not believe him. Stefano gives his word and tells him to accept it so they can move on. Chad refuses, saying he knows for a fact that Bernardi worked for Stefano. Stefano says he told the truth and he doesn't understand what Sami does. Chad says Stefano not being involved would be outrageous so he's not buying it.

Kate and Gabi visit Rafe. Kate tells Rafe that she will give them some time alone but will be back. Rafe tells her that she doesn't have to be there al the time. Kate insists that she wants to so he'll have to get used to it and she exits. Rafe tells Gabi that he loves waking up and seeing Arianna's picture and he can't wait to be strong enough to hold her. Gabi encourages that he will be really soon.

Will finishes a call with Roman and finds out that Sami is still in jail as she was denied bail. Will asks Sonny to watch Arianna as he then exits.

Lucas and Sami talk about the bail hearing. Lucas wonders what EJ and Justin's next move is. Sami doesn't know. Lucas says he won't give up either and is there if she needs anything. Sami tells him how much it means to her.

EJ asks Kayla about the autopsy report. Kayla explains that the surgeons stopped the bleeding and he was strong but then died. Kayla takes the doctor's reports over the autopsy. EJ questions what they are supposed to do now. Kayla suggests exhuming the body for another autopsy.

Gabi shows Rafe pictures of Arianna on her phone then comes across one of her and Nick. Rafe suggests she call Nick if she wants to clear things between them. Gabi agrees to and adds that she doesn't hate Nick since she screwed up too. Rafe asks if she really thinks it's over between them. Gabi responds that she's not sure but it's starting to feel that way.

Nick tries to walk away but Vargas tells him that he can't run away from his problems. Nick doesn't want to talk about it. Vargas says he can't let what happened ruin his life. Nick brings up Vargas wanting to use what happened against him when he got out of prison. Vargas apologizes and says what matters is right now. Vargas talks about Nick surviving and being stronger than he knows. Vargas then walks away. Nick gets a text from Gabi and walks on.

Will runs into Lucas in the park. Lucas tells him that he just got back from the station and how Sami is trying to stay positive. They agree that this is messed up. Lucas asks Will to remain calm. Will blames himself for Sami being in there. Lucas tells him not to. Will argues that he should've just accepted the consequences. Will says he's just upset. Lucas insists that Sami is a survivor and will land on her feet like she always does.

Brent goes back to see Sonny as he left his tablet. Brent stops and tells him about having a great idea on his way out so they start to talk about it.

Stefano tells Chad that it's a shame EJ and others turned Chad against him. Chad recalls Stefano being on the phone at the coffeehouse the night that Rafe was attacked. Stefano says all he knew was that Sami shot a police officer. Chad tells him that he won't steer this off of him. Stefano warns him that turning his back on him is a bad mistake because he could teach him an awful lot. Stefano then walks away.

EJ says he will call Justin and Kayla agrees to supervise the autopsy. EJ calls it their one chance to save Sami as he goes to make the call.

Sami asks the cop guarding her cell for some water. He goes and gets her a small bottle but drops it on the floor outside of the cell and walks away.

Sonny and Brent talk until Arianna cries to Sonny goes to check on her. Sonny comes back as Brent is looking at a brochure that he had in his back. He tells Sonny that it's a hiking adventure and they were thinking about taking a week long trip. Sonny encourages him to do it. Brent says they are doing it in pairs and he wouldn't want to go alone unless Sonny would want to go with him.

Will visits Sami and asks why she wasn't granted bail. She tells him that the prosecutor had it in for her. Sami complains about the guards treating her like she killed one of their own. Sami says she's fine as Hope and Abe are looking out for her. Will says they will find a way out of this as EJ arrives and says they already have.

Cameron enters Kayla's office and shows her the CT scans, hoping she can tell him what they are dealing with.

Will says he'll let EJ and Sami talk. Sami tells him that he doesn't have to leave but Will wants to get back to Arianna. They say I love you. Will tells EJ that he's really counting on him and then exits. Sami says she knows something happened and asks EJ what he knows.

Cameron and Kayla go over the scans. They talk about how it could be nothing but could be serious. Cameron mentions meeting a specialist tomorrow. Cameron thanks Kayla for confirming. Kayla mentions knowing that Cameron and Chad share a nephew and he will want to know the worst case scenario. Kayla offers to talk to Chad but Cameron says he will handle this one himself.

Nick goes to the hospital to see Gabi. Gabi tells him that Rafe knows he was there and wants to see him. Nick asks if she had to talk him into it. Gabi says no and asks why she would. Nick says Rafe isn't in good shape so he figured he'd be the last person that Rafe would want to see. Gabi says Rafe is always been understanding and taught her to be the same. Nick says that's just how she is but Gabi says not always. Nick adds that he misses her. Gabi responds that she misses him too. They both miss the good times. Nick decides to go see Rafe so they go in together. Nick tells Rafe that he won't stay long if he's tired. Rafe suggests they talk alone so Gabi exits. Nick starts to talk but Rafe stops and says he's going to do the talking, not Nick.

Sonny tells Brent that he would love to go with him and Will but not now since he and Will can't plan trips for awhile because of the baby. Brent asks about Gabi taking care of her for a couple of weeks. Sonny says they don't want to do that to her so soon since they all count on each other. Brent jokes about Sonny going on the trip years later. Will returns home. Brent says he was just leaving so he exits. Will asks Sonny about Brent coming back. Sonny explains that he forgot his tablet and asks about Sami. Will says he saw her and asks what Sonny and Brent were talking about. Sonny says it was about hiking trips. Will asks if they are planning another one. Sonny says Brent was but he isn't sure he wanted to go alone. Will questions Brent wanting Sonny to go with him.

Stefano and Cecily sit together at the town square, sharing a cigar. She asks how it went with his son. Stefano responds that it went better than expected.

Chad sits outside the Pub with his phone as Kate approaches and asks if he's alright. Chad says he is but he just saw Stefano and he asked him to his face if he sent Bernardi to kill Rafe and he swore he didn't.

Sami asks EJ what happened. EJ doesn't want to get her hopes up if it doesn't pan out. Sami insists that she can handle it. EJ reveals to her that Kayla thinks the gunshot is not what killed Bernardi.

Rafe tells Nick that he knows what happened and what he went through so he's sorry for that but he went to prison for a reason. Rafe says Nick's actions when he got out were like a reformed man. Rafe accuses him of manipulating people. Nick admits it was inexcusable. Rafe says he made the mistake of believing Nick's promises about the man he became and how important Gabi was to him. Rafe brings up Nick saying he would help raise Arianna but all along, he was plotting to separate Will from his child as he was treating Will and Sonny like crap behind Gabi's back. Nick tries to explain but Rafe says it won't change anything or fix anything so he's going to watch how he treats people and maybe now he can prove whether or not he's a different man.

Will asks Sonny about Brent asking him to go away with him. Sonny assures that it's just as friends and he knows he's with Will. Sonny adds that he told Brent that he wouldn't go without Will and wouldn't leave Arianna. Will asks if he wants to go. Sonny says he does but with Will and some other time. Will thinks Sonny should stop putting stuff off because of him and Arianna. Will tells Sonny that he wants him to go on the hike.

Kate is sorry that Chad is disappointed but asks if he expected Stefano to admit he put a hit on Rafe. Chad asks Kate if Stefano ever gave her his word as a DiMera and then lie about it to her face. Kate admits that he never did.

Sami asks EJ if Kayla is sure about this. EJ clarifies that she isn't sure. Sami talks about it making sense since he was in the hospital and still breathing so he should've survived unless someone wanted to make sure he didn't and that same person could've taken the razor. EJ believes it was Stefano. Sami says they can't let him get away with it this time.

Stefano gets a call and asks when this happened.

Sonny asks if Will is trying to get rid of him. Will says he's trying to encourage him to do something he clearly wants to do. Sonny says he just wants to be with him. Will says he doesn't want him to feel obligated. Sonny tells him to stop as he has no desire to do anything without him and nothing can take him away from him. They kiss until Arianna starts to cry so Will goes to check on her. Will stops and turns around as he sees Sonny looking at the hiking brochure.

Nick says Rafe has made his mind up about him. Rafe wants him to prove him wrong. Nick says he's not the reason Rafe is in the hospital. Rafe calls it the one thing he's not blaming on him. Nick then exits the room. Nick sees Gabi sitting with her phone and then walks the other way and exits the hospital. Cameron makes a call about his meeting that he thinks his patient could be very serious.

Chad tells Kate that he knows what Stefano is capable of but he also knows nothing is more important than his word which he gave that he did not send Bernardi to kill Rafe. Kate asks if Sami shot a cop for no good reason then. Chad says no but as much as he hates to say it, he thinks Stefano was telling the truth.

EJ tells Sami that it's no mystery that Stefano is behind this but they have to beat him as his own game.

Kayla continues going over the autopsy.

Stefano remains on the phone and laughs at their next move. Stefano says they will need a lot more luck for that idea.

EJ tells Sami that Kayla feels strongly about it and Justin is drawing up the paperwork to have Bernardi's body exhumed. EJ says this could be Sami's last night in the cell. Sami hopes that is true.

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