Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/30/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/30/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

The cop sits Sami down to wait for her hearing.

Abe goes to Kayla's office at the hospital and says he came to see her about Sami.

Chad and Abigail pass by the Pub. Chad suggests going to the coffeehouse but Abigail says there is somewhere else he needs to be and tells him to come with her as they walk on.

Stefano walks through the town square with Cecily, laughing loudly until they come across Kate, who questions what they have to laugh about.

EJ and Justin talk outside the court room about the case. EJ hopes Sami will be home by the time the kids are home from school. Justin agrees to do everything he can. They head inside where EJ joins Sami and kisses her. Justin sits with Sami and they talk about the case beginning. Eric arrives. Sami questions what he's doing there. Eric tells her that he's going to stay by her side. The judge then begins the case.

Abe sits with Kayla and asks her about being the first one on the scene after Bernardi was shot. Kayla recalls thinking he was going to survive at first. Kayla agrees to look over the autopsy reports again. Abe gets called to be at court so he exits. Kayla makes a call asking for Bernardi's medical file.

The judge talks about feeling like they just did this. The prosecutor Melinda arrives and talks about why they are back in the case. The judge talks about the change to a murder one charge. Justin wants Sami released which Melinda laughs at. She wants to prove that Sami is a threat and a flight risk. She brings up the new evidence that she thinks the judge will want to see.

Gabi talks with Cameron at the hospital. She mentions being scared seeing Rafe lying there with his eyes closed but Cameron tells her that he was just sleeping. Cameron asks Gabi if she's been taking time for herself. Gabi says she's trying. Abigail and Chad arrive. Chad wonders what they are doing there. Abigail says they came to see Cameron. Chad jokes about Gabi being with Cameron. Gabi steps away on a call. Abigail tells Chad that he needs to have his head examined so they approach Cameron. Cameron agrees to get Kayla. Chad doesn't think it's a big deal. Gabi comes back and Chad notes Gabi talking to Cameron. Gabi comments that the only girl Cameron is interested in is Abigail and he's just a good friend that was explaining Rafe's condition.

Stefano tells Kate that they laugh all the time. Kate questions Cecily being with Stefano without all the money. Kate takes Stefano's cigar and says she doesn't like the smell of the smoke and steps on it. Stefano laughs it off and tells her that she can't ruin his good mood. Kate calls him delusional since EJ kicked him out of everything. Stefano says it just proves EJ is a chip off the old block.

Justin argues against the video, saying it proves nothing. She says it changes everything. The judge calls a recess while he reviews the video. EJ explains to Eric what's going on. Justin tells Sami that the video only shows that Sami knew Bernardi but it doesn't make her a danger. Abe enters. EJ asks Justin what Abe is doing at a bail hearing and wonders why he's talking to Melinda. Justin says they will find out soon. Melinda reminds Abe that the mayor instructed him to assist her in any way that he can. Abe thinks arresting Sami was enough. She tells him to just be there for now. Abe wonders what difference he makes. Eric talks with Sami about Roman not being there. Sami worries about being arrested in front of the bishop. Eric insists on being there for her and hugs her.

Cameron enters Kayla's office and asks if she had time to do a physical on Chad. Cameron explains that Chad is having headaches from a bump a few weeks ago. Kayla says she's jammed and asks if Cameron could do it. Cameron says he'd feel a little weird since he knows Chad personally. Kayla tells him that they are always treating family and friends in Salem.

Chad and Gabi talk with Abigail about Arianna. Cameron returns and says Kayla is busy but he has time. Chad offers to come back later but Abigail insists so Chad agrees to go with Cameron.

Kate tells Stefano that he's pretending to enjoy his forced retirement while planning EJ's demise. Stefano says he's never talked about his children in that way. Kate laughs it off as Stefano tells her that she will spend the rest of miserable life alone. Stefano comments on being lucky to have Cecily and then Kate walks away.

The judge resumes the hearing and starts to set bail but Melinda interrupts, insisting that bail be denied and Sami be held in custody until the trial. Justin objects. Melina argues that she wasn't finished. She claims that they have reason to believe Sami is a flight risk and that they have a witness to substantiate it. Justin brings up Sami's children and her family so she wouldn't be leaving town. Melinda brings up Sami shooting a cop and lying to the police including her family. She and Justin argue about Sami saving Rafe's life. Sami asks about the witness. The judge demands order.

Abigail asks Gabi what it's like to be a mom. Gabi talks about thinking she'd be fine as she had babysat before but it's totally different. Gabi says Arianna is her and Will's responsibility for the rest of their lives. Gabi admits it scares her and talks about having to figure out why she's crying. Abigail recalls Jennifer telling her about when she was a baby. Gabi talks about how Arianna makes her the happiest she's ever been.

Cameron checks on Chad. Chad asks if something's going on between he and Gabi. Cameron says they are just friends. Chad continues asking about it. Cameron says they are friends just like Chad is with her. Chad talks about getting passed their past. Cameron comments that people seemed to get passed the things that Chad does. Chad asks if he's talking about Abigail. Cameron says he wasn't. Chad asks if they are done. Cameron says he has to get his blood work and scan then they will be done.

Kate goes into Kayla's office. Kayla tells her she's busy and there's no change in Rafe's condition. Kate brings up how much money she's donated to the hospital and suggests she makes time.

The judge asks Sami to not make any more outbursts and for Melinda and Justin to address him and not each other. He asks to hear Melinda's argument. She brings up Sami's engagement to EJ which gives her access to a private jet to flee the country. Justin calls it meaningless speculation. She talks about EJ promising to get Sami out of this. Justin says any man would say that to a woman he loves. He accuses her of twisting his words. Melinda calls Abe as being present when EJ said that to Sami so he can confirm that what she said is true.

Chad goes back to Abigail and Gabi and says everything is fine. Chad gets a text and says he has to go. Abigail tries to stop him but Chad exits. Cameron walks by and Abigail asks if he's fine. Cameron says he can't discuss a patient and gets paged so he walks away. Abigail says she will leave too but Gabi stops her and asks about her, Chad, and Cameron.

Kayla tells Kate that Rafe will need to start physical therapy as soon as possible to regain use of his legs. Kate wants to bring her own therapist in. Kayla asks if she's afraid that Stefano is behind what happened to Rafe. Kate believes Stefano sent Bernardi to kill Rafe and that he could do the same with a therapist. Kate admits she believes Sami. Kayla asks why Stefano would do that. Kate says he was upset about their affair and wants to make sure he doesn't get another chance. Kayla says she will have to approve her therapist.

The judge asks Abe if he heard EJ tell Sami that he would do what it took to get her out of this. Justin intervenes and calls it a vague statement that they couldn't know what was meant. Melinda brings up EJ fleeing his tracking device in the past. The judge declares he's heard enough and then denies bail, sending Sami back to custody to await trial.

Kayla looks over Bernardi's file and says she doesn't believe it.

Justin tries to argue with the judge but he ends the hearing. EJ calls it an outrage. Melinda says the cold blooded murder of a cop is an outrage. Sami cries as EJ tries to encourage her. The cops drag Sami away.

Sami is put back in her cell. She argues that she is still innocent as the cop exits.

EJ asks Justin what the hell just happened. Justin responds that the past came back to bite them. Justin talks about Sami lying to the cops and EJ shooting his mouth off. EJ asks what they are going to do now. Justin suggests EJ stop talking. Justin gets a text from Kayla, saying she has something very important to tell him about Sami's case. Justin asks if it's anything EJ wants to tell him. EJ responds that Justin knows everything but he doubts it. EJ tells Eric to tell Sami that he will be with her soon as he's going with Justin now and they exit. Abe approaches Eric and apologizes for making the arrest at the church. Eric is understanding. Eric hopes that Sami will be safe in custody. Abe promises to have people looking out for her. Eric thanks him and exits. Abe warns Melinda to never put him in a spot like that again. She retorts that she will do whatever it takes to do her job.

Chad walks out of the town square and comes across Stefano sitting with Cecily. Chad asks who she is. Stefano introduces them and then asks for a moment alone with Chad. Chad asks what he wants. Stefano questions him talking to his father like that. Chad accuses him of sending Bernardi to kill Rafe. Stefano questions him believing that. Stefano asks if he hates him now. Chad asks if he expects him to love him. Stefano says yes as he loved him since the moment he found out he was his. Chad talks about what Stefano's love has done for EJ and Kristen. Chad calls his love a lie. Stefano gives Chad one question to ask anything he wants to know and swears to tell him the truth no matter what it is.

Abigail asks Gabi what she wants to know about her, Chad, and Cameron. Gabi wants to know who she likes as it's kind of hard to tell. Abigail clarifies that she's not with either one but is hoping that will change. Gabi thought she was with Cameron. Abigail says she thought so too but she likes both he and Chad. Gabi jokes with her about being lucky and tells her to enjoy it. Abigail thanks her and hugs her then exits.

Sami lays in her cell until Eric arrives to visit her. Eric mentions praying for her. Sami talks about thinking of the kids. Eric promises she will be home soon. Sami wonders how long it will be. Eric encourages her to take care of herself and let EJ and the family take care of the kids. Sami worries about ruining everyone's lives again. Eric tells her that she just went to the edge again for someone she loves. Eric says they aren't giving up on her. Sami calls him the rock of the family that everyone will turn to with what's coming next.

Cameron goes over the CT scan for Chad and doesn't like what he sees.

Stefano swears to Chad to truthfully answer any one question he has. Chad guesses he better make it good.

Kate approaches Gabi at the hospital and asks why she's not with Rafe. Gabi says he's still sleeping. Kate suggests she go home to see her baby but Gabi is afraid to leave Rafe alone. Kate says she's taking steps to ensure Rafe has the best possible care and that he's safe.

Chad asks Stefano if he sent Bernardi to kill Rafe.

Eric tells Sami that Justin won't give up until he finds a way to get Sami out. Sami says he better find the razor then or else she will be convicted.

EJ goes into Kayla's office. Kayla asks where Justin is. EJ says he's filing an appeal because Sami was denied bail. Kayla informs him that she may have some badly needed good news. Kayla reveals she went over Bernardi's medical records and autopsy report and there's a good chance that Sami's bullet is not what killed him.

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