Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/29/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/29/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami sleeps in her cell until she's awoken by EJ arriving to visit her. EJ encourages her but Sami worries about the bail hearing and having to explain why her lawyer dropped the case. EJ assures her that he will handle it.

Hope and Justin talk in Hope's office. Justin believes Sami was telling the truth about not knowing it was Bernardi when she shot him but doesn't think anyone else will believe it. Hope doesn't believe it was pre-meditated. Justin talks about the situation and then reveals he's no longer defending Sami.

Sonny returns home where Will is. Will mentions that Gabi took Arianna for a walk. Sonny asks how things went at the hospital. Will asks if he's talked to Justin. Sonny asks why he wants to know. Will informs Sonny that Justin dropped Sami's case. Sonny mentions that he didn't say anything last night. Will gets why he did because Sami lied to him. Sonny says he did too. Will thinks it's going to look pretty bad. There's a knock at the door so Sonny goes to answer it while Will leaves the room. Sonny answers the door to see Adrienne. He tries to shut the door but she asks him to listen to him.

Chad and Abigail walk through the town square. Abigail says she knew it was a mistake to keep the video a secret. Abigail worries about it coming out that they knew. Chad says he would take the fall. Chad regrets filming that video. Abigail feels she's every bit to blame as he is. She tells him not to beat himself up over it. Chad blames himself and swears to not let anything bad happen to her.

Nick goes to leave the Kiriakis Mansion but Maggie stops him and invites him to eat. Nick says he has too much to do but Maggie tells him that was an order because she's worried about him. Nick tells her that everything is fine but Maggie asks him to drop the act and talk to her.

Rafe asks why Sami shot Bernardi. Kate explains that she did it to save his life. Rafe argues that Bernardi was his friend. Marge enters and says that's what she's been trying to tell everyone.

EJ tells Sami that he got her another lawyer. Sami worries about it just being a DiMera shill and how it will look. EJ insists that he's a good lawyer that will get her home on bail and they will figure out where to go from there. Sami says her life is flashing before her. EJ pulls out his phone and shows her a video of Johnny, Allie, and Sydney wanting Sami to come home.

Hope questions why Justin is grilling her about the case if he's not defending Sami anymore. Justin says he's still interested in the case. Hope asks if it's personal and if he dropped the case to punish Sami for lying to him. Justin says it was also due to Adrienne's worries and says she wasn't wrong about her fears.

Adrienne says she tried to tell him but he wouldn't listen and walked out. Sonny argues about her going straight to the police station. Will interrupts but Sonny tells him not to get involved as it's between them. Adrienne says she can't apologize for protecting her son. Will says Sami has done a lot to protect him too. Adrienne argues about Sami shooting a man that she knew and hated. She complains about Sami getting Sonny involved and how she wanted to protect him but now her family is turning against her.

Abigail apologizes for getting Chad worked up about this. Chad tells her not to apologize because it's all his fault. Chad says he couldn't live with himself if something bad happened to her because of him. Abigail continues telling him not to blame himself. Chad says he screws everything up. Chad tells Abigail that he's everything he thinks a person should be and that's why he likes her so much. Chad asks her to let him take care of her.

Kate tries to hold Marge back but Marge insists on coming in and says she's been waiting for Rafe to wake up to ask him about Bernardi. Rafe asks about her son Timmy. Kate wants to call a nurse. Marge talks about Sami smearing the memory of Bernardi. Marge talks about Rafe and Bernardi being friends and how he would never try to hurt Rafe. She blames Sami for killing Bernardi and dragging his name through the mud. She declares that she won't let Sami get away with it.

Nick tells Maggie that he's fine. Maggie thinks he's been avoiding her. Nick claims he's been busy. Maggie brings up him promising to see a therapist. Nick says he did and has been trying hard to make amends. Nick adds that he and Gabi worked things out. Maggie doesn't buy that things are fine. Maggie worries about Nick's past repeating itself.

Abigail admits she thought Chad was being nice. Chad tells her that she had nothing to do with any of the bad stuff. Abigail talks about not being scared but being honest because they are in this together. Chad agrees then jokes about keeping her out of jail. Chad calls her amazing.

Hope tells Justin that Adrienne was just trying to protect Sonny. Justin doesn't want to talk about it and just hopes that Hope can protect Sami. Justin then exits. Hope comments to herself that she doesn't know who can help Sami.

Sami talks to EJ about the kids. EJ tells her to think about Adrienne and get angry instead of sad. They talk about wishing they could find Bernardi's razor. Sami brings up Stefano. EJ encourages her to stay mad and says he will get her out of there. They kiss through the cell bars and then EJ exits. Sami says to herself that she will be dreaming of ways to make Adrienne pay.

Will tells Adrienne that he understands why she did what she did but Sami didn't even know it was Bernardi when she shot him. Adrienne says she did what she did to get immunity for Sonny and not to hurt Sami. Will understands but says she hurt Sami and now she could go to jail for a long time. Will thinks Adrienne thinks she could've waited and talked to Sonny about it instead of having Sami dragged out of the church in handcuffs. Will then exits. Sonny tells her that Will is cutting her a lot more slack than he is.

Kate tells Marge that she understands she is upset but Rafe can't take this right now. Rafe tells Kate to back off and insists that he can take it and wants to hear what she has to say. Marge sits next to Rafe and tells him that Sami killed Bernardi and is saying he's a dirty cop. Marge worries about her son Timmy hurting enough. Rafe doesn't know what happened. She insists that Rafe knew Bernardi and that they were friends. She brings up Rafe not being married to Sami anymore so he doesn't have to protect her. She encourages him to tell the truth.

Sonny tells Adrienne that she thinks she can justify what she did. Adrienne talks about how scared it made her that Sonny was covering up for Sami instead of listening to her. Sonny says he couldn't have stopped her and believes that Adrienne wanted to do it and enjoyed it. Sonny adds that he asked her not to make him choose but that's what she has done. Sonny says she made her choice and now he's made his. Sonny says goodbye and storms out. Adrienne tries to stop him to no avail.

Maggie says that Nick saw the therapist once. Nick questions how she knew that. Maggie says Nick just told her. Nick calls it manipulative. Maggie talks about trying to get through to him and wants him to be honest. Nick says he knows the things he's done. Maggie asks about the things done to him. Nick doesn't want to talk about it. Maggie doesn't buy that he's fine now. Maggie talks about his marriage ending and how he's supposed to just be fine. Nick holds back tears and talks about everything he and Gabi went through. Maggie knows what he did and that he's sorry but also knows that he loved Gabi and Arianna. Nick tells her that it's gone.

EJ goes to Hope's office and tells her how scared Sami is. Hope promises to keep her safe in the cell. EJ says he's worried about the long haul and her going to prison. Hope says EJ has to come clean with her and asks if Bernardi was on Stefano's payroll. EJ claims not to know then stops and says he does know. EJ tells her that Sami was telling the truth about the razor and he knows Stefano. EJ adds that Stefano was so angry with Rafe. EJ then says he just can't prove that Bernardi was working for Stefano.

Sonny meets with Chad and Abigail at the town square. Chad talks about keeping Abigail out of the video mess. Sonny says he has immunity and will be the only one involved. Chad worries about him not being immune if they find out he's lying. Sonny spots Justin and approaches him. Justin starts to talk about how he can't believe him. Sonny says he loves Will and was scared for Sami. Sonny says he knew Sami didn't mean to kill Bernardi. Justin questions Sonny as to who else knew about the video and demands to know. Sonny tells him that it was just him but Chad steps forward and reveals that he's the one who recorded the video.

Will visits Sami in her cell. She wants to hear about Arianna. He mentions taking her to see Rafe. Sami asks if Rafe knows what happened.

Rafe tells Marge that she did the right thing by coming to him. They both want the truth to come out. Rafe says he's sorry for her loss. Marge feels a weight has been lifted and encourages him to get better. Marge then exits. Kate tells Rafe that now Marge thinks he is on her side. Rafe tells Kate that if she wants to do something for him, he needs to talk to Sami.

Will tells Sami that he doesn't think Rafe knows. Sami wonders why Rafe freaked out when he saw her. Sami asks Will to tell her the truth. Will explains that Rafe thinks she shot him. Will talks about how dreams get mixed up with reality in a coma. Sami thinks back to talking to Rafe in his coma. Will says Rafe just associates the visit with the gunshot while obviously she saved his life no matter what else. Will says Sami knows she did the right thing.

Sami tells Rafe that the doctors want no stress or drama. Rafe needs to talk to Sami. Kate then lets it slip that Sami is in jail. Rafe insists. Maxine enters as Rafe wants to see Sami.

Nick tells Maggie that he's fine and exits the Kiriakis Mansion.

Abigail joins Chad's side as he tells Justin about the video. Sonny asks for time alone with Justin so Chad steps away with Abigail. Sonny apologizes for lying. He says Adrienne screwed things up but then blames himself. Sonny talks about how this is killing Will and asks Justin to not turn his back on Sami. Justin tells him it's not a moral judgment but he can't represent someone who lied to him. Sonny explains that Sami was lying to protect Will just like Justin or Adrienne would've done for him. Sonny questions how Justin will go through all of that to keep Sami in prison.

Abigail mentions to Chad that she should've said she knew about the video too. Chad says he would've said she was lying. Chad gets another headache. Abigail worries about it. Abigail threatens to tell Justin the truth if Chad doesn't go to the hospital. Abigail says they are going to look out for each other so they walk off together.

Maxine tells Rafe that he needs to rest and injects him with a sedative as she exits. Rafe tells Kate that he still needs to talk to Sami. Kate says he can't help Sami but needs to get better if he wants to help Gabi and Arianna. Rafe starts to fall asleep. Nick enters and whispers to Kate that he heard Rafe woke up and just wanted to tell him that he's sorry for everything. Kate tells him that they just gave him a sedative. Nick asks if he can come back later. Kate says she will let him know and Nick goes back out.

EJ returns to Sami and tells her that Hope is on their side and is going to help them prove that Bernardi was dirty. Sami wishes it was today. EJ tells her about getting a new lawyer. Sami worries about how things will look when word gets out that Justin dropped the case. Justin then enters.

Will returns home where Sonny and Chad are. Will talks about visiting Sami. Will assures Sonny that he's not mad at him at all and he's trying not to be at Adrienne. Sonny tells him that he tried getting Justin to take Sami's case again but doesn't think he got through. Sonny says he will never forgive himself if Sami doesn't get out.

Justin talks about how Adrienne kept telling him that Sami was trouble and would get Sonny in trouble but he didn't believe her. Sami apologizes. Justin doesn't believe her and says they'd both do it again just like that. Sami asks if he will retake the case. Justin warns EJ that if Sonny is ever put in another situation like this then he will come after him. EJ tells him that he understands. Justin says if they can refrain from lying, they can get back to work.

Kate remains at Rafe's bedside and tells him that she can't lose him again.

Sami tells Justin that he can do all the talking and she won't say a word. A cop comes in and takes Sami out in handcuffs. EJ questions if that's necessary. Justin tells Sami that he'll see her in court and reminds her not to say anything to anyone. EJ asks Justin if he can really properly represent her if he's that angry with them. Justin says yes and adds that he couldn't care less if Sami spent the rest of her life in prison even if he would prefer EJ. EJ asks why he took the case. Justin says exonerating Sami would be the best thing he could do for Sonny and Will.

Will wants to change the subject and tells Sonny that they will be upset for awhile so they have to figure out a way to get through it.

Adrienne goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and complains to Maggie about Sonny being practically a member of the DiMera family by obstructing justice and covering up evidence. Maggie encourages her to just focus on the hearing. Adrienne hopes they can work things out now that Justin dropped the case and maybe he can help her patch things up with Sonny. Maggie has a feeling that this is a situation that will get worse before it gets better.

Hope talks with Kate in Rafe's room. Kate is bothered by Marge coming in earlier to spill her entire story. Hope thinks Rafe will be called as a witness for the prosecution.

The cop sits Sami down in the waiting room at the station.

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