Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/26/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/26/13


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Jennifer sits by the Horton plaque in the town square and talks about how things are wrong right now until Abigail approaches.

Daniel starts leaving a note for Jennifer that he's thinking of her and misses her but then trashes her. Theresa enters and asks if she can help him.

Kayla talks with Will, Gabi, and Arianna at the hospital. Kayla asks if they're there to see Rafe. Gabi says she thinks everyone in town has met Arianna except Rafe.

Rafe asks Kate why the hell Sami killed Bernardi. Kate takes the paper away. Rafe wants to know why she killed his friend. Kate doesn't want him upset but Rafe says he will get a lot more upset if someone doesn't tell him what's going on.

Eric explains to Brady about Daniel's plan to have Mason sweep the hotel room for evidence and if there is any then he's going to find it. A glass breaks in the living room. Brady and Eric enter, seeing that Kristen dropped a glass. Brady asks if she's okay. Eric questions what she's doing there.

Rafe tells Kate that he knows Sami didn't shoot him but wants to know why she shot Bernardi. Rafe demands the truth until Gabi and Will come in with Arianna. Will asks if it's a bad time.

Jennifer greets Abigail and tells her that she just stopped on her walk for a moment. Abigail thinks she seemed upset. Jennifer says there's times she wishes she could talk to her grandparents. Jennifer insists she's fine but Abigail tells her to just say she misses Daniel.

Daniel thanks Theresa but says she's good. Theresa introduces herself as the new assistant. She asks if he's sure she can't help him with anything. Daniel says he's fine and gets a message on his phone. Theresa tells him to take all the time he needs.

Brady informs Eric that he and Kristen are on a date. Eric asks if they're back together. Brady explains that they are taking things slow and seeing what happens. Eric can't believe it. Kristen complains about the mess she made and making things worse. Eric doesn't understand and starts to leave but Kristen asks him to stay.

Gabi sits with Rafe and he talks about how beautiful Arianna is. Rafe greets Will and says it's been awhile. Will asks Kate if everything is okay. Kate responds that it will be. Rafe talks about Will and Arianna and then asks about Nick. They look around so Rafe asks what's going on. Gabi informs Rafe that she and Nick are no longer together.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she misses Daniel but they aren't going to see each other for awhile. Abigail questions their break. Jennifer talks about focusing on JJ to get things better. Abigail suggests letting JJ figure things out on his own. Jennifer thinks JJ needs attention as he's angry and confused. Jennifer talks about JJ thinking Daniel hates him when it's the other way around. Jennifer comments that everything has gotten better with them with Daniel out of the picture. Abigail reminds her of her own life. Jennifer says she needs to get to work and comments on Theresa. Abigail mentions meeting Theresa. Jennifer asks what she did.

Theresa asks Daniel about his work. Daniel stops and realizes she's Kayla's niece. Daniel welcomes her and wishes her luck in the new job. Theresa asks if he has a message for Jennifer but Daniel says no and exits. Theresa remarks that she will definitely be seeing him around. Theresa gets a call from a friend of her and complains about Salem. She says her job is like a living hell. Theresa then mentions meeting a really cute doctor who wasn't wearing a wedding ring then she's startled by Kayla appearing.

Kristen tries to apologize to Eric. Brady tries to explain. Eric is having a hard time putting it together. Kristen asks about Eric's illness. Eric doesn't want to talk about it. Kristen talks about Daniel figuring out what happened. Brady tells Kristen about Daniel lining up an expert. Eric stops Brady. Kristen decides she will go and let them talk. Brady walks her out and says he will call her later. They agree to wait on telling Victor and Maggie. They kiss goodbye and Kristen exits. Kristen wonders if things can get any worse as she grabs her phone and walks away. Brady goes back into the living room where Eric questions if he's lost his mind.

Gabi explains to Rafe about she and Nick having their marriage annulled. Will blames Jensen. Rafe asks how Will's doing. Will says he's great. Rafe wonders why this happened to him. Will explains that Jensen thought Rafe was Nick. Gabi blames herself for asking Rafe to get her muffins. Rafe says what happened has happened and he's just glad she and the baby are okay. Kate says no more blame for anyone. Rafe asks where Gabi and Arianna are living now. Will informs him that they are living with he and Sonny which Rafe laughs at.

Abigail thinks back to questioning Theresa about smoking weed and then agreeing to not say anything with JJ. Jennifer complains about Theresa doing nothing. Jennifer talks about wanting to help the Brady family but she feels Theresa is using them as an excuse. Jennifer tells her about how she first met Theresa at the house with JJ. Jennifer talks about Theresa more. Abigail says Theresa has to go or maybe she'll quit. They say goodbye and Jennifer heads off to work. Abigail notes that Jennifer left her hospital ID card.

Kayla questions Theresa about having her feet up on the desk and talking on the phone. Kayla gets paged and tells Theresa to focus on the job as she then exits. Theresa looks at an article on Daniel and says maybe it is time to focus.

Kristen goes to the rectory and greets the nun. She asks if Eric's there. The nun says he won't be back for hours. Kristen says she was just dropping off the check for the school. The nun talks of her computer problems. Kristen offers to help. The nun goes to put the check away while Kristen starts to work on the computer. Kristen begins trying to find the investigator until someone enters and startles her.

Abigail goes to the hospital and sees Daniel. He says he's in a rush but she asks for a second. Abigail tells him that she knows the break was Jennifer's idea but he can't give up. Daniel assures her that he's not. Abigail adds that Jennifer is really sad. Daniel says he loves Jennifer as much as he ever did but there is nothing he can do. Abigail wishes there's something she could do. Daniel says no one can fix it as it's up to Jennifer and he walks on.

Jennifer goes to her office and finds Theresa working. Theresa talks about the work she's done which surprises Jennifer. Theresa says she knows they got off to a bad start but she wants to make it work. Jennifer says she does too and asks if Daniel was there. Theresa says Daniel said that he left her a note which was self explanatory. Jennifer reads the note from Daniel which reads "this is fine".

Rafe gives Arianna back to Kate. Daniel enters for a check up. Rafe tells Gabi to bring Arianna back tomorrow which Gabi agrees to as she and Will exit with Arianna. Rafe tells Kate that he's expecting her back as soon as Daniel leaves.

Eric questions Brady getting over everything Kristen did. Brady talks about being so upset about the lies that he couldn't see the love. Eric continues questioning it. Brady talks about Kristen telling the truth about her and John. Eric brings up what she's done to Marlena for decades. Brady insists that Kristen has changed. Eric finds it hard to believe. Brady says he fought it too but there's something about them together. Eric hopes that Brady doesn't live to regret it. Eric notes that Kristen did donate to the school and can be charming and sweet. Brady adds that she's loving. Eric doesn't think they know what she's capable of.

The nun apologizes for startling Kristen and leaves again as Kristen continues on the computer and finds the name of Mason Ventura that Daniel hired. Kristen writes down his address. She thanks Jesus and then exits.

Theresa offers to get Daniel for a message if Jennifer wants but she says that's not necessary. Abigail enters and greets them. Abigail gives Jennifer her library card that she dropped. Theresa exits to take her files. Abigail comments that Theresa isn't quitting any time soon.

Will and Gabi ask Kate if anything is wrong. Kate talks about how Rafe's rehab is going to be very long, tedious, and difficult. Kate talks about Rafe starting all over again like a baby. Gabi says he just needs to build his strength up and he'll be fine. Kate talks about how active Rafe was and now the next few months, he'll feel so weak and exhausted. Kate admits she's worried.

Daniel sits with Rafe and talks about having a physical therapist come in to help him exercise. Daniel encourages Rafe that he will get through this. Rafe asks how long it will take. Daniel doesn't know but will have the therapist evaluate him. Rafe says Gabi told him a lot of what happened like who did this to him and what he did to Will and how Gabi's not with Nick anymore. Daniel points out that he also got to meet his niece as a great thing that happened too. Daniel says they will talk more tomorrow. Rafe tells him to be honest and asks if there's something he's not telling him.

Brady tells Eric that he doesn't know what's going to happen with he and Kristen. Eric advises him to do it slow and carefully. Brady asks Eric not to judge her based on her past. Brady says his eyes are open this time and he won't be fooled again. Eric doesn't want to argue and starts to leave but Brady stops him and says he has one more favor to ask.

Kristen returns home to the DiMera Mansion talking about Mason. She thinks back to Brady and Eric talking about finding the evidence. Kristen declares she has to find out whatever Mason finds out and that it can't be seen. Kristen pulls out her wig and wonders if she should wear the same disguise. She thinks back to Eric seeing her at the hotel and decides it would be too risky.

Gabi and Will return home and put Arianna to sleep. They talk about how Rafe will be in a month. Gabi says it will be hard for him but Kate shouldn't be so worried. Will brings up that Gabi told Rafe she's okay with everything that happened with Nick. Gabi says she is but didn't really have a choice. Will says he knows she loved Nick. Gabi talks about Nick trying to be someone he wasn't. Gabi says it just didn't work out in the end the way either of them thought it would but now thanks to Will and Sonny, she feels really happy.

Daniel tells Rafe that he's his doctor and is making sure he gets back on his feet so he needs to just let him do his job. Daniel encourages him to rest and let things come to him. Rafe agrees as Daniel tells him to take it easy. Kate returns to the room. Daniel tells her to take it easy on Rafe as he exits. Rafe thanks Kate for being the only person that's telling him the truth.

Jennifer tells Abigail that Theresa actually did all of the work she was supposed to do. They call it a total 180 and suggest maybe it will work out. Jennifer says the upside is if Theresa is focusing on her job then she's not focusing on JJ.

Theresa checks her phone messages and listens to JJ's voicemail.

Brady asks Eric to keep this to himself. Eric thinks it sounds like he knows this is the wrong thing to do. Brady doesn't want to put the family through pain unless he knows for sure it's going to work out. Eric asks who else knows. Brady says Nicole knows and she went ballistic and Jennifer knows. Brady adds that he planned to tell Victor and Maggie but they decided to wait. Brady says people are going to find out and they don't want to keep it a secret. Eric says he was completely blindsided as he remembers how badly Brady was hurt. Brady asks him to just keep it secret for now. Eric mentions Sami's hearing and says Marlena has enough to worry about without having to deal with Kristen.

Kristen paces at home and thinks of her disguise as Susan years ago. Kristen says she couldn't be Susan again but then asks if she could.

Jennifer talks to Abigail about not wanting to jinx things with Theresa. Abigail decides to go. Jennifer thanks her for the card. Abigail admits she came because she wanted to talk to Daniel. Abigail adds that what she is doing is so not right in pushing Daniel away. Abigail says Jennifer could be waiting for the rest of her life if she's waiting for JJ and Daniel won't.

Theresa calls JJ back and says they will meet up when he has the good stuff and have a lot of fun. Daniel walks by. Theresa tells JJ not to bother calling her until he has it as she is going to be really busy.

Gabi talks to Will about how she has he and Sonny and Arianna so she's happy. Gabi talks about how they planned for her to be with Nick and Will to be with Sonny. Will asks if she would go back and change things. Gabi says she would never think about that because she wouldn't have Arianna.

Kate asks Rafe how he does it as he was angry at everyone and everything but then Gabi walks in with Will and Arianna and he shut it all down. Rafe says he didn't want to upset Gabi or the baby. Kate thinks he took the news about Nick really well. Rafe says he can still handle the truth. Kate tells him that the doctors want him to have the truth in small doses. Rafe wants a small dose now and asks why Sami shot Bernardi. Rafe calls it a simple question and asks why Sami shot Bernardi. Kate explains that she did it to save his life.

Eric tells Brady that he will pray for him. Brady thanks him and asks him to pray for Kristen too. Eric agrees to try. Eric says they may only be stepbrothers but in a lot of ways, they are closer than blood brothers. Eric adds that he will constantly pray that Kristen never comes between them.

Kristen looks through an old box and says she can't believe she saved all of this. She finds her old fake teeth from the Susan disguise. She wonders if it could actually work and decides she may not have a choice.

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