Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/25/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/25/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer gives papers to Maxine including one she asks her to get Daniel to sign. Maxine asks why she wouldn't do it herself. Jennifer tells her that she and Daniel are taking a break. JJ then enters.

Daniel and Eric talk at the rectory. Daniel says he's there if he can do anything for Sami then brings up his blood tests. Eric thinks it's time to give up but Daniel thinks he knows how to find out who poisoned him.

Brady goes to the DiMera Mansion with flowers for Kristen.

Gabi sits at Rafe's bedside and feeds him. Rafe asks when he gets to meet Arianna. Gabi says they have to wait until the doctors say it's okay. Rafe says he won't freak out again as he knows it was a dream and Sami didn't shoot him. Cameron assures him and says the guy that beat him in the alley will never hurt anyone again. Rafe comments that the dream seemed so real.

Daniel tells Eric to come with him and he'll explain on the way. Nicole enters, thinking Eric was taking the day off. She decides she'll go but Eric tells her that she doesn't have to go anywhere.

Jennifer introduces Maxine to JJ. Maxine tells Jennifer she'll bring the papers back soon unless Daniel wants to bring it himself as she exits. Jennifer tells JJ it's good to see him. JJ tells her that she left some papers at home so he thought she might need it. JJ mentions that Abigail told him about her break with Daniel. JJ tells her that he's feeling better about everything lately and one of his teachers even noticed. Jennifer calls it encouraging. JJ tells her that she can count on him if she needs anything from him.

Kristen tells Brady about EJ having her pack a few bags for Sami. Kristen asks if there's anything new. Brady says he's been consulting all day but there's nothing more they can do. Kristen asks what he wants to do. Brady says he wants to catch up with her as he has no idea what she's been doing with her life. Kristen thinks back to what she did to Eric and tells Brady that she's been pretty busy.

Nicole tells Daniel that she didn't expect him and asks how he is. Daniel says he's fine. Nicole notes that he doesn't sound fine and asks about Jennifer then says it's none of her business. Eric says he and Daniel were on their way out. Eric asks Daniel to give him a minute so Daniel exits. Nicole asks what that was all about. Eric responds that it doesn't matter and they need to talk about them.

Cameron tells Rafe that reality and dreams will become more clear. Rafe asks who the guy was that beat him in the alley. Cameron gets paged before he can answer. Cameron brings up Rafe becoming really agitated the last time Abe tried to talk to him about that night. Cameron tells him not to get too worked up as he exits. Gabi comments that Rafe hasn't touched his food much. Rafe then asks if Kate was there. Gabi says she hasn't been since he woke up. Rafe asks why not.

Kate sits in the town square and tells herself that she's not going to call the hospital to check on Rafe again then she gets a call from Gabi, saying that Rafe wants to see her.

A hospital worker comes into Rafe's room and takes Rafe's food tray. Rafe asks about not seeing him there before. Rafe asks for a newspaper.

JJ tells Jennifer that he hopes the whole thing with Daniel isn't about him. Jennifer says it's not and it's a lot of things. JJ encourages her that it will get better. Jennifer turns around and bumps into Theresa as she rushes in. JJ comments that he hasn't seen her around lately. Theresa thinks back to their last conversation. Jennifer tells JJ to get to school so he exits. Theresa apologizes to Jennifer. Jennifer stops her and says this isn't working for either one of them.

Kristen offers to have the cook make breakfast for Brady. Brady suggests they go out. Kristen asks about people knowing about them. Brady doesn't want any grand proclamations but if someone sees them then fine. Kristen asks if he's sure. Brady says he is so they walk out together.

Nicole tells Eric that she was just being protective of him the other day. She thinks he's reacting this way because of what EJ said. Nicole asks if it's about Johnny saying they should get married a while ago. Nicole rambles until Eric stops her and explains that he was just talking about his loyalty towards Sami. Eric says Nicole's hatred towards Sami sometimes makes it difficult for them to work together. Nicole feels bad that she made him uncomfortable. Nicole calls it stupid and says she should've known better. She questions if he's going to forgive her. Eric says it's not about forgiveness but he thinks they need to make some changes. Eric clarifies that he's not firing her but says they will have to talk about it later as he then exits.

Theresa asks Jennifer what's not working. Jennifer asks her about the filing she asked her to do yesterday and how she didn't sign forms again. Theresa apologizes and starts to cry about her family being wrecked with Sami's arrest. Jennifer doesn't believe her.

Rory finishes a phone call at school. JJ approaches and warns him not to do a deal when Abe is watching the drug scene. JJ says they have enough cash for awhile and Jennifer is finally getting off his case so they should be in the clear. JJ tells him about Jennifer and Daniel taking a break. Rory brings up them trashing Daniel's car. JJ says it never happened. Bev approaches and asks what's going on. JJ says that he needs a favor.

Kate goes to the hospital and talks to Gabi and Cameron. Cameron tells Kate that Rafe still doesn't know all the details on what happened. Kate thanks Gabi for calling. Gabi says she will be right back as Kate goes in to see Rafe.

Eric and Daniel meet with the forensics specialist Mason Ventura at the Pub. Daniel explains their history. Daniel says Mason thinks he can get to the bottom of what happened. Daniel says Mason will check the security camera footage to Eric's hotel room as long as Eric gives the okay.

Brady and Kristen eat at the town square. Kristen comments that she wishes she could help Sami since Brady and EJ love her. Brady jokes about her wanting to talk about Sami. Kristen jokes about not visiting her so she doesn't get another charge. She comments that it's nice to see Brady laugh. Brady says he hadn't been able to for weeks. Kristen says she hasn't either. Brady holds her hand as Nicole then walks by and sees them. Nicole questions what the hell this is. Brady steps aside with Nicole. Nicole hopes it's not what she thinks. Brady tells her that he and Kristen are exploring possibly getting back together. Nicole questions it. Brady explains that he talked to John and it turned out Kristen was telling the truth about a lot of things like how she stopped things with John because she was in love with him. Brady asks if it's that hard to believe Kristen is in love with him. Nicole brings up all the other evil things she's done. Brady brings up Nicole's past. Brady says he's tried to forget about Kristen but he couldn't and compares it to Nicole with Eric.

Eric tells Daniel it wouldn't be his call but hotel management. Daniel says he already got their permission. Eric tries to think back to the hotel.

Jennifer and Theresa argue. Theresa tells her not to tell her how she feels about her family. Jennifer tells her not to use her family as an excuse because they want her to do better but Jennifer thinks it's too late.

Kate apologizes to Rafe for not coming sooner as she wasn't sure he would want to see her or if he'd remember. Rafe asks how he'd forget. Kate says she did come by while he was asleep and prayed for him as she was scared. Rafe holds her hand and says he's glad she's there. Kate says she is too.

Gabi meets with Cameron at the park. Cameron notes that she took his advice to get out of the house. Cameron says he should too more often. Gabi talks about taking Arianna to the park. Gabi is grateful that she'll have Rafe in her life.

Nicole questions Brady comparing her to Kristen. Brady says he's not but the difference between their relationship situations. Nicole brings up what's happened and tells Brady not to expect her to pick up his heart this time as she storms off. Brady goes back to Kristen and says it doesn't matter. Brady apologizes for it and comments that he was with another woman while they were apart while Kristen was faithful. Kristen claims to Brady that the God's honest truth is that he's the only man she made love to.

Rory asks JJ what kind of favor. JJ says he needs him to score him some coke. Rory asks about JJ not wanting him to deal. JJ says buying is easier than selling. JJ says he knows it's lame but he's still grounded and his mom would freak. Rory asks if he's going to share. JJ says it's not for him. Rory realizes it's for Theresa and says he's pretty sure he can get him the hookup. Rory and Bev walk off.

Jennifer tells Theresa that she was happy to help but part of the deal is she actually works. Theresa questions her about firing. Jennifer says Kayla wants a job evaluation and she's not going to lie. Theresa questions getting a report card. Jennifer tells her that she needs to decide whether or not she wants the job. Jennifer then exits.

Kate tells Rafe that she's not letting him go this time. She asks if he does remember. Rafe asks if it was Stefano. Kate says none of this is because of him. Rafe then assumes it was Sami after finding out about them. Kate says Sami would've taken her out first and everyone knows about them now. Rafe talks about not getting that dream out of his head as it seemed so real. Rafe talks about still hearing the gunshot ringing in his ears.

Daniel explains to Eric that Mason will collect sample and do an analysis. Eric asks how soon and admits he's feeling conflicted. Eric is sorry and says part of him doesn't even want to know what happened. Eric talks about the road he's taken to get where he is today. Eric worries that he's made an enemy who really tried to hurt him.

Brady tells Kristen that he believes her. They talk about proceeding with caution. Kristen wants some kind of commitment before she puts everything back on the table. Brady decides she's coming with him right now and they walk off together.

Kate tells Rafe to focus on the positives. Rafe asks if it took two months in a coma for her to come back to him. Kate says she was an idiot. Rafe asks her to make it up to him and jokingly asks for a chocolate milkshake then says he bets she expected something else. Kate tells Rafe that she would do anything for him. She tells him to get some rest and kisses him on the cheek then exits. The hospital worker picks up the newspaper that Rafe wanted with the story on Sami's arrest on the front page. He goes into Rafe's room and brings it to him.

Theresa shoves folders off her desk and says she will quit. She says she doesn't care if she has nowhere to go as nowhere is better than there.

Jennifer runs into Nicole in the Pub. Nicole comments on wanting a martini. Jennifer says she might join her on that. Nicole jokes that the world's ending and asks Jennifer about the book club. Jennifer says she hadn't read it yet. They talk about it and Nicole jokes about working in the convent. Nicole wishes she was a reporter and says Jennifer must be heavily involved with Sami's arrest. Nicole comments on how Sami can cause much trouble even behind bars. Nicole then brings up Daniel and assumes there's trouble in paradise.

Daniel goes to the hospital. Maxine gives him the press release to sign before it goes out. Maxine gets paged and tells Daniel to put the paper on Jennifer's desk when he's through. Maxine adds that Jennifer just left so they won't have to interact. Daniel calls it complicated. Maxine bets it's not as complicated as he thinks.

Brady brings Kristen home to the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady says if she wants to see his commitment level then they can tell Victor and Maggie that they are back together. Brady calls Henderson asking where everybody is and finds out they aren't home. Brady says he can't say he's disappointed and kisses Kristen until her phone rings with a call from EJ. Kristen steps into the living room to answer it. The doorbell rings and Eric arrives. Brady asks how he's holding up and notes that he looks really rough. Eric says he was just up all night. Brady asks if he's given up on trying to figure out what made him sick. Eric tells him that Daniel has an idea that he hopes will find out what happened and who was responsible for it.

Rafe reads the newspaper. Kate returns with his milkshake and Rafe questions why the hell Sami would kill Bernardi.

Jennifer doesn't want to discuss things. Nicole tells her she wants Daniel to be happy. Jennifer says she wants that too. Nicole asks why she keeps pushing Daniel away then. Nicole adds that since Jennifer survived her and Chloe then she can survive anything. Jennifer insists on not wanting to talk about it. Nicole warns her that if she keeps throwing Daniel away then one day he won't come back.

Daniel goes into Jennifer's office and leaves the press release paper. He starts to write a note but throws it out and starts over. Theresa returns and stops in the doorway.

JJ calls Theresa, leaving a message that he will hopefully have the stuff that she wanted later today. JJ asks her to call him back when she gets a break.

Eric explains to Brady about Daniel's plan to have Mason sweep the hotel room for evidence and if there is any then he's going to find it. A glass breaks in the living room. Brady and Eric enter, seeing that Kristen dropped a glass.

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