Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/24/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/24/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady asks Kristen if she found someone else and moved on. Kristen thinks back to being with Eric. Brady tells her to answer him. He calls it a simple question. Kristen says she can't believe he's asking her and tells him there hasn't been anyone else.

JJ starts to enter the living room but stops and turns when he sees Abigail there. She asks if he's avoiding her. JJ claims he has homework but Abigail convinces him to say hello. Abigail then questions him about his stoner girlfriend.

Jennifer sits in her office looking at a picture of Daniel on her phone. Theresa enters so Jennifer gets her work ready to do. Theresa instead takes Jennifer's phone and asks what she was looking at. Theresa assumes it's man trouble and says she's been there and wants to listen.

Sonny approaches Adrienne and questions if she brought the video to the cops. Will asks if she has any idea what she's done. Adrienne claims she did what she had to do. EJ calls her a fool and steps towards her as he's held back.

Brent meets with Chad at the Pub and shows him his designs for the coffeehouse. Chad says they'll wait for Sonny as he doesn't know why he's not there yet.

EJ, Sonny, and Will yell at Adrienne. Justin says this isn't the time and tries to calm everyone down. Justin sends Will and Sonny out and tells them to go home and he promises to visit them. Adrienne tries to leave but Justin stops her.

Jennifer tells Theresa what assistants are supposed to do. Theresa comments that she knows how to get men to do what she wants. Jennifer says she knows that. Theresa adds that she couldn't care less about JJ.

JJ tells Abigail that she has it wrong. Abigail says she met Theresa and she said she knew JJ. Abigail says she reeked of weed. JJ pretends not to know but Abigail insists so JJ tells her not to tell Jennifer that Theresa was high. Abigail asks if he's afraid of losing his smoking buddy.

Brady tells Kristen that he wants to start on a clean slate with her and start fresh. He asks if there's anything he needs to know or anything she wants to tell him. Brady tells her to feel free to confess but Kristen claims she has nothing to say. Brady suggests they go somewhere to be alone. Kristen says she knows a place. Brady brings up the check she said she lost and if she wants to look for it. Kristen says she'll just write a new one and they leave.

Theresa tells Jennifer that she likes older guys. Jennifer talks about giving her a job as a favor to Kayla and Roman but she needs her to actually do the job. Jennifer gives her papers to file. Jennifer says she expects it done by the time she gets back and then exits her office. Theresa comments to herself that Jennifer needs a man.

JJ tells Abigail that if she says anything to Jennifer then he will be guilty by association. Abigail comments on Theresa being ten years older than him. JJ claims he doesn't smoke weed. Abigail doesn't believe everything he says. She comments on Rory. JJ tells her to back off because he doesn't need another mom.

Adrienne tries to explain to Justin but he tells her not here. Justin tells EJ that he will call him as he walks out with Adrienne. EJ questions if Abe is enjoying the show as he let Sami get ambushed. Abe says he didn't set her up by concealing evidence and questions how EJ could be so stupid.

Sonny and Will go to the Pub. Sonny remembers his meeting with Brent and Chad and says he'll have to do this another time. Chad asks what's wrong. Brent tries to convince Sonny to look at the plans but Will reiterates that they are not doing it right now.

Justin and Adrienne talk outside. Justin accuses her of sending an innocent woman to prison and of sandbagging him. Adrienne argues that he's throwing a family member under a bus to protect Sami. Adrienne says she tried to tell him at the Pub and accuses him of being a different person since working for EJ. Justin thinks she didn't want him to know and questions why she went to the police first. Adrienne says she went to Sami first but she stonewalled her. Adrienne says he isn't rational with this case and he was okay with Sami dragging Sonny down with her. Justin says this is all about Adrienne hating Sami and wanting Sonny away from Will so she railroaded an innocent woman. Adrienne screams that Sami is not innocent and it's not about her but about keeping Sonny out of prison and asks why he wasn't trying to do that.

JJ apologizes to Abigail and says he wasn't trying to be mean. She says he's an expert at it. JJ asks her to cut him some slack. Jennifer enters and says she thought she and Theresa would get more work done separately. JJ heads upstairs to do his homework. Jennifer asks Abigail if they were fighting and asks her to be patient with him since he's been through a rough time. Abigail wants things to be easier for her and notes that she seems upset. Jennifer says she's tired. Abigail asks if she's sure if it's not something or someone else. Jennifer blames Theresa for wearing her out. JJ comes back in, having seen on the news that Sami just got arrested for murder.

Will informs Brent and Chad that Sami just got arrested. Sonny apologizes and says it's not a good time. Brent leaves his designs and tells Will he's sorry and hopes everything works out as he then exits. Will apologizes to Sonny for being a jerk. Chad asks what happened. Sonny informs him that the cops have the video of Sami and Bernardi. Chad calls it impossible since they deleted every video. Sonny says Adrienne got a hold of one but they don't know how. Chad goes to try and call Abigail.

Adrienne shows Justin her immunity for Sonny so hopefully he won't go on the stand but if he does he has to tell the truth. Adrienne says they can tell the truth about where they got the video and they will be fine. She questions the example Justin is setting for Sonny. Justin says he would never compromise his son. Adrienne realizes that Justin never knew about the video until he saw it at the station.

EJ calls the video a red herring. Abe accuses him of lying to everyone. EJ says to forget about it since Bernardi was about to kill Rafe. Abe says they have no proof as Bernardi had a spotless record. Abe says if Bernardi was Stefano's man then where's the proof. EJ says he can't prove it. Abe questions EJ protecting his father. EJ says he would never and would put him behind bars. Abe asks EJ why Sami was attacking Bernardi in the video. Abe says they need an answer then maybe they'll have a chance. Abe then says EJ will keep his mouth shut because he won't be able to keep his lies straight. EJ asks Abe to make sure Sami is safe and know the guard. Abe says they'll make sure she's safe. EJ worries that everyone hates Sami but Abe says not everybody as he exits.

Kristen and Brady go to the DiMera Mansion. Kristen says they have the place to themselves since Stefano's gone, Sami is in jail and EJ won't be home. Brady brings up her check as he wants to help Eric. Kristen claims she can't remember which charity she wrote the check to and says she doesn't want to do it right now. They sit together and begin kissing. Brady says this isn't why he came over but it always works. They kiss more until Brady stops and says they have some big stuff and issues to figure out. Kristen kisses him and says they can talk about their feelings and explore everything but Brady gets a call from Marlena and steps aside.

Jennifer asks JJ about the reports. JJ says there were no details other than new evidence. Abigail gets a call from Chad about Sami. Chad tells her that they have the video and asks her to meet him at the town square. Jennifer says she needs to go see Kayla and Caroline. Abigail mentions needing to meet a friend so she exits. Jennifer asks JJ if he wants to come with her but JJ claims he has to do homework. Jennifer understands and tells him to stay there as she exits. JJ says to himself thanks Sami and the police and now he's out of here.

Adrienne tells Justin that Sami and EJ knew about the video and Sonny too but didn't tell him. Justin can't talk about his clients. Adrienne says they were willing to put Sonny at risk. Justin says Sami is the only one at risk thanks to her and he walks away.

Chad exits the Pub. Will and Sonny sit together. Sonny gets a text from Justin that he wants to meet at their place now. Will agrees and they exit.

EJ catches up with Justin in the town square and wants to talk about strategy. Justin questions EJ wanting to throw Adrienne to the wolves and warns him to never talk to his wife that way. EJ admits he shouldn't have said anything. Justin asks why he should talk strategy after they lied to him. Justin says he knew better than to let his lawyer get blindsided like this. EJ says he thought it was handled. Justin thinks EJ didn't tell him about the video so he didn't sidetrack him from the Stefano takeover. Justin says he doesn't care. EJ wants them to focus but Justin says there is no more them, he's out and tells EJ to find another lawyer.

JJ goes to Jennifer's office and talks with Theresa about the news. Theresa blows it off. JJ reminds her that Sami is her family and questions her not caring about her cousin. Theresa questions why that's supposed to mean something. Theresa says she doesn't hate Sami but they don't care about her so why should she care about them.

Brady tells Kristen that he should probably go since things with Sami are up in the air. Kristen talks about needing to decide what they will say to people. Brady says there is nothing to say right now. The doorbell rings and Jennifer arrives. Jennifer starts to ask Kristen if she's heard but sees Brady. Brady says they were there when Sami was cuffed. Jennifer asks if she's interrupting something. Kristen asks Brady if he wants to take this one.

Sonny and Will return home. Sonny says he just figured out that he was the one who gave the video to Adrienne by sending it to her.

Abigail meets Chad outside of the town square, asking how the police got the video. Chad doesn't know but tells Abigail to never let it be known that she saw the video or was involved because it would be obstruction of justice.

Sonny tells Will that he was trying to show Adrienne the video of Will and Arianna and forgot about the video Chad sent him so he accidentally sent it to Adrienne. Sonny blames himself but Will hugs him and tells him it's all okay. Sonny tells him he's so sorry. Justin arrives and tells Sonny that he wants to know every detail about the video. Will steps in and says he is the problem and everyone kept quiet about the video because they didn't want him to go to jail.

JJ tells Theresa that his family drives him crazy sometimes too. Theresa tells him to be grateful that his family isn't smothering him with expectations he'll never meet. JJ asks if that's her whole family. Theresa says her grandma Caroline is okay. JJ asks about her mom. Theresa asks about his mom driving him crazy with her rules. Theresa then calls Abigail a bitch but JJ tells her to shut up and says Abigail is a really good person. JJ adds that Theresa doesn't know them and they're not perfect but it's different since his dad died. Theresa tells him it will get better. Theresa says they can make it better right now since they know how.

Brady tells Jennifer that she was not interrupting as he was just about to go see Sami. Brady says goodbye and exits. Kristen calls it incredibly awkward. Jennifer asks about her and Brady. Kristen says she doesn't know and explains how John told the truth so they are trying to explore things and it's all weird. Jennifer calls it great. Kristen says it may be if Brady isn't playing her.

Justin asks how Will is responsible for it. Sonny says he isn't but Will insists. Will says it goes back to something when he was a child. Will explains to Justin that Bernardi stole evidence against him for Stefano so Sami went after him to get it back. Justin asks what the evidence was. Will reveals to Justin that he shot EJ and not Lucas. Justin recalls Lucas going to prison. Will says everything happening now is his fault. Will begs Justin to help him stop this.

Adrienne goes home and drops her purse. She picks it up as EJ approaches.

Theresa tells JJ he knows what they need to do to feel better. She asks if he got the coke. JJ says he made the call but it didn't come through. She suggests another call as she's ready to have a good time. JJ says he is too. Theresa tells him to come through and they will have a very good time as she then exits.

Chad tells Abigail that she doesn't deserve this as she wanted to tell the cops all along until they bullied her out of it. Abigail says they didn't bully her. Chad says he screwed up and is a trainwreck. Chad doesn't want to screw up her life and then walks away.

Justin realizes this is why Sami and EJ hid the video since Will would go down too. Will says he wouldn't care but he'd be taking his family down with him. Will asks Justin if he can help him out so Sami wouldn't pay for his crimes. Sonny blames himself and questions why Adrienne brought the video to the cops. Justin says it was to protect Sonny and got him immunity. Justin asks if anyone else knows about the video. Sonny says it's just them. Will asks Justin if he can get Sami out since he's the best. Justin says he's still wrapping his head around everything. Justin asks them for a dollar each so they give him. Justin then agrees to be their attorney and advises them not to tell anyone else. Will says Justin has to help. Justin tells them one step at a time and then exits. Will asks Sonny why he covered for Chad and Abigail. Sonny doesn't want to drag them into it and wants to hang it all on him. Will thinks that's wrong. Sonny keeps apologizing but Will tells him to stop as he has nothing to be sorry for and it's going to be okay.

EJ greets Adrienne. She is scared and backs up against the house. EJ asks if she feels safe. EJ then walks away as Adrienne hurries into the house.

Jennifer asks Kristen why she thinks Brady is playing games with her. Kristen talks about what she did. Jennifer worries that Kristen will mess this up. She tells her not to question her second chance. Jennifer tells her to call her as she has go check on the Bradys. Jennifer exits. Kristen asks herself if she can give up revenge on Marlena if she gets Brady back. Kristen says to herself that she can and if Brady ends up playing her then she could go back to her plan so it's a win-win.

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