Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/23/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/23/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abe tells Sami that he's sorry but she's under arrest for the murder of detective Joseph Bernardi. Hope and Caroline are stunned as Sami turns around shocked.

Adrienne paces at the station as a cop brings Marge into the room. Marge says she got a call that there was new information on her husband's murder.

Eric and EJ argue against Sami's arrest but Abe says he has a warrant. Sami calls it unbelievable. Kristen comments to Brady on the timing. EJ argues that the grand jury believed Sami. Sami wonders why this is happening. Roman questions what's going on. Abe tells him there's nothing he can do about it as Eric and the bishop watch on.

Adrienne tells Marge that she came to talk to Abe. Marge says she will have to wait until she talks to him.

Sami argues against her arrest. EJ argues that she was protecting Rafe. Roman points out Sami saving Rafe. The bishop questions Eric about his sister shooting a cop at the hospital. Eric tries to explain. Sami questions how Abe could do this on Eric's big day. Caroline says they will take care of this. Roman continues arguing against it as Sami is arrested and Abe reads her rights. EJ tells Sami not to say anymore as he goes to call Justin. Roman encourages Sami and argues with the prosecutor. EJ calls Justin, saying it's an emergency. Hope asks Maggie to take Ciara home. Maggie and Hope wonder what could've happened as Sami was in the clear. EJ continues asking for Justin on the phone. Sami questions her arrest having to take place in the church. Abe starts to walk her out but she refuses to leave without saying what she has to say.

Adrienne wishes she knew what was going on. Marge talks about wanting justice. Marge says everyone in this town just seems to care about protecting Sami as Adrienne holds on to her immunity letter.

Roman forces photographers away as Sami is allowed to speak. Sami says she doesn't know what's going on but she's going to get it worked out. Sami says it upsets her that it had to happen here on one of Eric's most important days. Sami talks about them being twins and how they are alike. Sami apologizes to Eric and tells him to forget about her as she'll be fine and he needs to focus on the day and what he's accomplished. Sami tells him she's proud and then is taken away by the cops as EJ follows out. Eric apologizes to the bishop and says he needs to see if he can do anything for his family. Eric tells Marlena that they need to get to the station. Will and Brady join him. Brady asks Eric about bailing on mass and the school. Eric insists that he needs to be there for Sami. A man gets upset and declares he's refusing to donate to a school funded by a cop killer and storms out. Roman gets off the phone after being told not to go to the station. Roman suggests they all stay away and let Justin take care of things. Marlena worries about Sami looking guilty. Roman says it might send the wrong message if they all go charging in there. Marlena doesn't care as she has to be there for Sami. Hope exits to head to the station. Eric hates not being there for Sami but agrees with Roman as does Brady. The bishop calls Eric over and tells him that he needs to move things ahead.

Sami is taken to the station where Justin awaits. Justin has her uncuffed and asks what's going on. The prosecutor explains it is about answering questions. EJ questions why she was arrested on attempted murder. She explains that questions have risen in the case so she needs their cooperation.

Will and Sonny go into a classroom to talk. Will thinks there must be a mistake. Sonny says maybe the cops felt they just had to do something to show people they are working on the case. Marlena and Roman join them. Marlena hugs Will. Roman says he overheard Sonny and he disagrees, thinking it's possible that the cops have new evidence.

Sami wants to get to the questions so she can go back to the church and tell everyone this was nothing. Justin pulls her aside and reminds her that anything she says can be used against her. Sami thinks this is a publicity stunt and she can just answer questions to make it go away. Justin reminds her that she's under arrest. Sami insists that everything she said was the truth so she wants to just get to it.

Nicole tells Kristen that she keeps wondering why she's there when she was kicked off of the church board and no one in the Brady family can stand her. Kristen sticks to her pledge to the school and says she has every right to be there. Kristen talks about promising not to make a scene with Marlena. Nicole questions her leaving with Brady. Kristen thinks back to Brady talking with her in the garden. Kristen calls her ridiculous. Kristen questions Nicole being concerned about their conversation. Nicole talks about how she couldn't believe the look on Eric's face when Sami was hauled off. Kristen comments that Nicole will be next to Eric to help him through it. Nicole says today was supposed to be perfect as Kristen exits.

Brady calls EJ from the garden, leaving a message that Marlena and Roman are wondering what's going on with Sami. Kristen approaches and says she thought he'd be at the station. Brady says Roman thought they should keep their distance for Sami's sake so the family is all there. Kristen starts to leave him but Brady stops her and tells her not to go.

Maggie, Victor, and Caroline go to the Pub with Ciara. Ciara is worried about Sami and asks if people can get married in prison. Maggie insists they don't know Sami is going to prison while Victor notes that prison marriages are common. Maggie takes Ciara to get ice cream. Victor apologizes to Caroline. They wish Bo was there as Caroline calls this all confusing. Caroline questions how anyone could believe that Sami could murder someone. Victor tells her to sit down. Caroline asks if he thinks Sami did it.

Adrienne and Marge talk about what Marge is going through. Marge talks about her son Timmy and being strong for him. Adrienne hugs her as she cries.

Will wonders how new evidence could just pop up. Roman says he was just speculating. Marlena wants to go check on the kids. Roman agrees to take her. Will says they will be going home to check on Arianna so Roman and Marlena exit. Will and Sonny talk about if the new evidence is the video and how they would've got it when only they knew and they deleted it. Will decides they are going to the police station.

The prosecutor questions Sami about her original story. Justin, Abe, Hope, and EJ watch on as she questions Sami about never seeing Bernardi before she shot him. Justin asks what the problem is. She then plays the video of Sami and Bernardi struggling outside the town square.

Victor tells Caroline that he doesn't know what Sami is capable of while she's tied up with EJ again and he wishes Justin wasn't involved. Caroline wants her to have the best lawyer. Victor brings up Stefano being kicked out and he's worried about Justin, Sonny, and anyone the DiMeras are involved with. Caroline asks what Sonny has to do with it. Victor says he's with Will and is now sucked in to this with Sami so he knows that it's going to hurt him.

Justin says he needs to speak to Sami so they step out. The prosecutor makes a call saying she wants them both in there. Justin asks Sami what's going on. Sami says she's being set up. Justin says Sami lied to him and everyone else. Justin questions if she knows how this looks and can't believe EJ knew about the video too. Justin says there's nothing he can do with the video and Sami says she's screwed. Sonny and Will enter and see the video on the computer screen. The prosecutor declares that she will be delivering it to the grand jury tomorrow for an indictment for murder.

Nicole talks to Eric at the school. Eric wants to lay low since people are going to ask him about Sami and not the school. Nicole tells him that Sami said what happened was a mistake that will be cleared and Eric deserves to be recognized for the school. She asks why Eric is acting like he's been disgraced. Eric says what happens to Sami happens to him. Eric talks about how the bishop is upset and questioning him. Nicole asks if he's blaming Eric for this. Eric says he's blaming himself for the mess.

Kristen tells Brady that this isn't the right place for this conversation. Brady says he can't do much for Sami right now and they keep getting interrupted. Kristen says they weren't interrupted as she just left. Brady asks her to hear him out and then they will figure out where they stand. Kristen sits down and tells him to talk. Brady sits and explains he was shocked after he found out what happened and felt betrayed with pure hatred then John admitted that Kristen stopped things in the hotel room. Brady says he started to wonder if her plot had really become something real. Brady admits he started missing her and he thinks she's been missing him too. Kristen questions if he is setting her up. Brady asks if she thinks he would do that. Kristen says she'd deserve it. Brady says he wouldn't pick the church to play out some sick revenge fantasy. Kristen responds that stranger things have happened.

Nicole questions how Eric is to blame for Sami's shooting. Eric blames himself for being too wrapped up in the school and being too quick to assure Sami that the crisis was over. Eric says he was too focused on the school when he should've been there for Sami. Nicole argues that he couldn't have stopped her. Nicole talks about Sami trying to compare herself to Eric. Nicole calls Sami a selfish bitch and says if anyone is a victim it's Eric. Eric shouts that's enough.

Maggie rejoins Victor and Caroline as they talk about Justin working with EJ. Victor insists that Stefano won't forget. Caroline is just glad that Sami has Justin. Maggie doesn't think there's any risk.

Adrienne and Marge remain together until a cop comes in and tells Marge that they are ready for her so she exits. He then adds that they would like to see Adrienne as well so she follows out.

The prosecutor tells Hope to arrange for Sami to spend the night at the station. EJ tells Sami to try not to worry as it will be taken care of. EJ tells her that no problem is insurmountable and they've handled things in the past so they will now. EJ hugs Sami as Hope tells her she has to come with her. Will approaches and hugs Sami. Sami assures him that it will be okay. The prosecutor tells Hope to move it along so Hope takes her out of the room. Sonny comforts Will as EJ and Justin sit nearby.

Nicole comments that Eric is so angry. Eric reminds her that his sister was just hauled off and is now at the station while Nicole just seems worried about Sami hurting him. Nicole cries that she doesn't want anyone to ever hurt Eric as she cares about him. Eric tells her to stop because they are done.

Kristen tells Brady that for a long time she was all about revenge until she fell in love with him so she thought he might want to get back at her. Brady tells her that it's not his plan and says despite everything, he can't even think about moving on. Kristen looks away. Brady asks if she found someone else and moved on. Kristen thinks to being with Eric. Brady tells her to answer him.

Hope brings Sami to her cell. Hope apologizes. Sami tells her the DA is wrong about her. She says she lied but swears she didn't see Bernardi's face when she shot him and was only saving Rafe. Hope tells her that she will look out for her and apologizes again as she locks her in the cell and exits.

Will and Sonny wonder how they got the video. Justin asks the prosecutor how she got the evidence and demands an answer. She tells him to be careful what he wishes for as Marge and Adrienne enter. The prosecutor wants Marge by her side when she makes a statement as there's been a break in the case. She thanks Adrienne for her invaluable help as she exits with Marge. Sonny approaches Adrienne and questions if she brought the video to the cops.

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