Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/22/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/22/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

The bishop isn't sure it's the time or place for what Kristen is talking about. Kristen looks over as Marlena enters with EJ and Sami. Kristen holds onto her flash drive and says it has to be here and now. Brady walks in and Kristen exchanges looks at Eric and Brady. EJ and Sami watch on as does Marlena. Kristen gives the sign of the cross and says "bless me father for I have sinned."

Adrienne goes to see Sonny but stops and thinks back to arguing with Sami. Adrienne says to herself that she tried but Sami left her no choice. Adrienne knocks on the door and Will answers. Sonny says they are running late so they don't have time. Adrienne tells him to make time as they have something very important to discuss.

Roman and Caroline arrive at the reception. Caroline asks if they missed anything. Sami informs her they haven't because Kristen has the bishop. Marlena assumes she's causing trouble. Nicole, Hope, and Eric discuss what Kristen could be doing. The bishop tells Kristen that confession is a private matter and everyone's watching them. Kristen says she wasn't expecting such an audience but what she has to say will have a profound impact on everyone in the room.

Will leaves to give privacy. Sonny tells Adrienne to make it quick. Adrienne wants to protect him and says she knows the truth. Sonny doesn't want to hear it and tells Will that he's ready to go. Sonny calls it an important day for Will and his family so he won't let her screw it up. Adrienne tries to tell Sonny that she saw the video but Will rejoins Sonny and they prepare to leave. Adrienne tells Sonny that she won't let Sami ruin his life.

The bishop asks Kristen if she really wants to discuss this sin in front of everyone. Kristen thinks everyone should hear it. He asks if it can't wait since Eric is about to begin his presentation about the school so there isn't much time. Kristen thinks back to her video and says the timing is perfect. Kristen says what she's going to show will explain everything and everyone needs to see it as it's about her and Eric. Victor and Maggie arrive and they greet the bishop. Brady approaches Kristen and says he needs to talk to her in private as he has something he needs to tell her that could change everything so he asks for a moment. Brady tells Kristen to meet him in the garden where he will be waiting as he exits.

Sonny tells Adrienne that he's done listening to her poison as she's the only one hurting him. Sonny is sick and tired of her negativity and refusal to let him be happy. Sonny tells her she can lock the door behind him as he exits with Will. Adrienne says to herself that she's not the one hurting him as she watches the video of Sami and Bernardi. Adrienne declares the truth will come out and she won't let Sami drag Sonny down with her.

Eric finishes his presentation and everyone applauds. Roman, Sami, Marlena, and Caroline congratulate Eric and hug him. Father Matt tells Eric how proud they are of him. Nicole approaches EJ and tells him how much she hates him because of how much he's hurt and humiliated her over the years. EJ mocks her and Nicole says she's upset about EJ spreading lies about her. Marlena and Sami step aside and talk about Sami being with EJ. Marlena agrees to support her choice as she just wants her happy. Sami tells her how much it means and says she wants the same for her as they hug.

Kristen meets Brady in the garden.

EJ and Nicole argue. EJ says he doesn't know what she's talking about until she questions how he could tell Eric. EJ calls Eric her flavor of the month. Nicole says that's disgusting. EJ says he just points out her pattern of pursuing men without any sense of boundaries. EJ says Eric's boundaries must make her chase all the more exciting. Nicole tells EJ that she would slap him if it wasn't for Eric and the bishop being there. EJ questions her being this upset about it and thinks he's right that she has the hots for Eric. Nicole tells him to mind his own business. EJ responds that she will self destruct on her own. Will and Sonny arrive and join Sami. Sonny blames Adrienne for them being late. Sami is sorry that she caused problems between them. Sonny says Adrienne is the problem and doesn't want to get worked up over it.

Adrienne goes to the police station to talk to Abe. Abe asks if it can wait but she says he needs to hear what she has to say as she has evidence that could shed some light on a very important case.

Will tells Marlena that John sent a present for Arianna and he didn't know what to say. Marlena says what's happening between them shouldn't affect how Will feels. Will tells her that he thinks John is acting like a bad word to her. Will goes to see Eric. Sami approaches Marlena and asks if she found Brady. Marlena notes that Kristen's car is still in the parking lot and it's good that John is not there.

Kristen tells Brady to hurry up because she needs to talk to the bishop. Brady brings up his conversation with John. Kristen goes off on John lying and how she told the truth. Brady tries to tell her that John told the truth. Kristen starts to leave but Brady stops her and tells her that John didn't lie but he admitted the truth to him and backed up everything she said. Brady declares that he now knows she really does love him.

Sami talks to EJ about not wanting to talk to Marlena about her wedding date so they could focus on Eric's day. EJ calls it thoughtful. Sami looks over at Eric talking with Father Matt. Sami says he's different since coming back and they are closer than they ever were. EJ says Eric made his speech so they won't be upstaging him if they tell people about their wedding date. Sami is excited about it and says she loves him as they kiss. A nun enters and walks by, clearing her throat so they stop kissing. Nicole talks with Victor nearby about him being nice to her. She's surprised he can keep it up. Victor says he's focusing on what they have in common and that's a mutual distaste for the DiMeras. Nicole talks about Sami getting away with murder. EJ holds Sami as she tells him that she feels like the bad times are finally over.

Abe introduces the prosecutor to Adrienne. Adrienne wants immunity for obstruction of justice. She wants to know what case she's even talking about and asks why Justin isn't negotiating. Adrienne says it'd be the biggest case of her career so she agrees to give Justin immunity. Adrienne wants it in writing and says it's not for Justin but for Sonny.

Sami announces her and EJ's wedding date to Will, Sonny, Hope, Roman, and Caroline. Will congratulates them. Sami hopes the others will be happy for her too. Roman hugs Sami and says he just wants her happy and safe. EJ promises him to keep her safe. Sami doesn't want to talk any more about it since it's Eric's big day. Hope notes that Eric is talking to Marlena while Sami is telling the rest of the family. Hope repeats that she wants Sami to be happy and safe. Ciara states that she loves weddings and asks Hope if she can get married as many times as Sami which makes everyone around laugh. Marlena and Eric talk nearby. She tells him how proud she is of him. Eric calls it a group effort. Marlena asks if there's nothing he isn't telling her. Eric says Daniel said he's completely healthy. Marlena mentions not knowing what caused his illness.

Kristen talks about Brady messing up her plan because she fell in love with him and she didn't want to lie to or hurt him at all. Kristen says they can talk about her pain another time and asks what now. Brady doesn't know and says he's been thinking about it since he talked to John. Brady says Kristen set out to destroy his family and everyone he loves but it was before she fell in love with him. Brady says he felt something real in his heart for her but didn't truly believe it until John told him what happened that night. Brady says he now believes the woman he loved does exist and is in front of him now. Brady adds that he can't just forget what happened and that she made him hurt people he loves. Brady says they can't just go back but maybe they can start over. Kristen responds that they both know it's too late for that. Brady asks if she's saying she no longer loves him. Kristen says that's not what she's saying. Kristen asks him why now. Brady asks what she means. Kristen asks why he wanted to do this here and now instead of after the big show. Brady says the school kind of brought them together in a crazy way since he joined the board initially to keep John away from her and that's when he was falling in love with her. Brady adds that now he's still in love with her and can't forget her and doesn't think he will ever be able to so he feels like there's still a chance which is why he's there. Kristen tells him she can't do this and rushes off.

Nicole talks with Eric and tells him how impressed everyone is. They joke about Eric becoming pope one day. Eric doesn't like all the attention and feels he doesn't deserve all the kudos since everyone thinks he did this single-handedly but they both know it's not true. Maggie interrupts and tells Eric that a reporter wants to interview him. Eric wants to take Nicole with him but she insists he go alone. Eric goes on. Maggie tells Nicole that she should take her share of the credit but Nicole says it's Eric's day. Victor and Caroline sit with Sonny and talk about the coffeehouse and getting a liquor license. Sonny talks about Brent's designs and how he's excited to be working with him which Will hears. EJ and Sami meet the bishop. He offers his services for their wedding but Sami hopes Eric would do the services. Sami says not to say anything since Eric doesn't know. Eric approaches and asks what she's talking about. Sami jokes with him. Sami says they both do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Adrienne gets her immunity for Sonny in writing. She then hands over the video to the prosecutor and Abe. They watch and she asks if it's legit. She makes a call to the judge to get a warrant for the immediate arrest of Sami.

Kristen and Brady re-enter the reception. The bishop asks Kristen if she wants to continue or if she's changed her mind. Kristen looks around and says she hasn't changed her mind. Kristen goes to the podium and gets everyone's attention, saying something has been weighing on her heart and the only way to get rid of it is to give the bishop what she has. She reaches in to the purse and says she lost his gift but it was a check to donate to underprivileged children for the school. Kristen says she was hit by a little boy the other day and now vows to support 10 scholarships for children. Everyone applauds. Ciara calls her awesome while EJ tells Sami he can write the check. The bishop thanks Kristen and steps aside with her asking about her saying that she committed a sin involving Eric.

The prosecutor argues with Abe that the video proves Sami knew Bernardi and their altercation was hostile. Abe doesn't think she should gloat. She says they need to get to the school now. Abe questions if she's going to ruin the reception. She says she shot a cop in the back so Sami needs to be off the street. She tells Abe to arrest Sami immediately or she'll find a less sensitive cop.

Sami questions EJ why Kristen has to make such a big scene. Kristen talks to the bishop about setting her differences aside. Sami interrupts and asks to get a photo with Eric and the bishop so they step aside. Marlena approaches Kristen and tells her that the bishop may buy her charity and troubled conscience but she doesn't. Marlena says she knows Kristen doesn't have a conscience. Marlena asks her what she's up to. Kristen calls her paranoid and says all she wants to do is help the children. Marlena thinks she's just furthering her own sick agenda. Marlena calls her selfish and evil. Kristen tells her that she should be nice to her since she could've destroyed her world. Marlena calls her threats empty. Kristen asks if she wants to bet as she raises her purse. Hope interrupts and says the bishop wants all the donors. Kristen tells Marlena that she dodged a bullet and walks away. Marlena comments to Hope that she told Sami and EJ to never underestimate Stefano but they should also not underestimate Kristen. Marlena felt that Kristen seemed armed and ready just now. The bishop prepares to take his photo with Eric, Sami, EJ, and Kristen. He invites Brady to join them. Brady is hesitant but the bishop insists to Brady ends up standing close to Kristen.

A cop talks to Adrienne about Bernardi being a good friend so he'd like to thank her for doing a really good thing. He exits and Adrienne prays her family feels the same and that she's doing the right thing.

Eric takes Kristen to the podium and gets everyone's attention to thank everyone. Abe enters with a cop and the prosecutor. Eric talks about the school. Abe approaches Sami and says she needs to come with him as it's important. Sami wants to focus on Eric but Abe tells her now. Eric asks if there is a problem. Sami tells him to just keep talking. The prosecutor orders Abe to do it or the other cop will. Abe tells Sami that he's sorry but she's under arrest for the murder of detective Joseph Bernardi. Hope and Caroline are stunned as Sami turns around shocked.

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