Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/19/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/19/13


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Daniel plays with Parker at the lake. Jennifer jogs by and stops when she sees them. Daniel turns around and sees her.

JJ hangs out with Rory at home. Abigail texts JJ asking how he knows Theresa. JJ tells Rory how he almost walked in on Abigail and Theresa fighting at the hospital. JJ worries about Abigail telling Jennifer about Theresa smoking weed which will lead to her wondering where she got it.

Sami and Marlena talk at the DiMera Mansion. Marlena sees the new portrait of EJ and Sami on the wall.

EJ mentions seeing Nicole earlier and how she's protective of Eric in the same way that she was about Brady, Daniel, and himself. EJ thinks it's obvious that it's how she acts when she's in love. Eric insists they are just friends but EJ says he's a fool if he believes that.

Nicole talks with one of the nuns at the school.

Kristen thinks back to planning on making Marlena suffer. She opens her purse but Brady arrives for the reception. Brady says he's surprised to see her there. Kristen asks why and tells him that it will be a day to remember for all of them.

Jennifer apologizes to Daniel but then says she's not sorry she ran into them.

Eric questions EJ analyzing his life and tells him to focus on the school. EJ apologizes. Eric tells him he doesn't care for any of his slander. Eric thinks EJ may have trouble relating to people not having hidden agendas. Hope arrives and hugs Eric. Eric exits as Hope comments that EJ seems to have irritated Eric. EJ goes to leave but Hope stops him, saying she would like a friendly chat.

Kristen tells Brady that he can walk around the school and see what the DiMera money helped build. Brady suggests they talk and thinks she'll want to hear what he has to say. Kristen has nothing to say and says it's too late. Kristen says she's going to do what she needs to do and there's nothing he or anyone else can do to stop it. Brady says he knows he said some harsh things to her before. Nicole and the nun enter, interrupting them. Nicole mockingly greets Kristen and asks if they were reminiscing about old times. Nicole mocks what EJ did to Stefano. Brady stops her and says he needs a couple of minutes to talk to Kristen. Nicole wonders what the point is. Kristen agrees and walks away. Eric then enters. Kristen thinks back to being in bed with him and drops her bag.

Marlena comments on the portrait. Sami asks her to pretend to be happy for her. Marlena is taken a back and says EJ wants to rub salt in Stefano's wounds. Sami says EJ didn't make her do anything. Marlena warns her about Stefano. Sami talks about her excitement about getting married. Marlena asks if they have set a date. Sami reveals it's in two weeks. Marlena questions the rush. Sami says they've been engaged for like three months. Marlena talks about all that has to happen in those three months. Sami calls that all history and says everyone is doing great so there is no reason to wait other than Marlena wanting her to back out completely.

Hope tells EJ that she knows he's taken over for Stefano and how he assumes Stefano is no longer a threat. EJ thinks Hope wants Stefano to come back so she can take him down. EJ calls Stefano nothing. Hope brings up Justin doing the legal work so she assumes he only owns the legal holdings of DiMera Enterprises.

Jennifer laughs with Daniel as they watch Parker play in the lake. Daniel comments on things being difficult. Jennifer says she's so glad to see Parker. Daniel says Parker missed her. Jennifer responds that she missed Parker and Daniel. Jennifer says she's tired of people telling her about her stupid mistake. Jennifer comments that Maggie and Kristen think she's an idiot. Daniel says all that matters is what she thinks.

JJ plans with Rory about if Abigail rats out Theresa. JJ insists he can do it and still keep Jennifer in line with Rory's help.

Jennifer and Daniel continue talking about Parker. Jennifer says after losing Jack, she realized how short life really is. Jennifer says they waited so long to be together and she can't get mad at people saying she's stupid for wanting a break. Jennifer admits she's been stupid then Daniel suddenly kisses her.

Rory shows JJ an e-mail he sent Jennifer from his mom's account, claiming the new shoes are in fact Rory's. They joke about it and JJ says he's one call away from getting some freedom today.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she knows they can make this work and she can still focus on JJ. Daniel holds her as Jennifer says they're making progress and she missed him so much. Daniel says he just wants to give her backup. Jennifer gets a call from JJ. Daniel goes to get Parker from the lake. JJ tells Jennifer that he's at home after class got canceled so he was wondering if he could go to the library to study for his next class. She agrees to let him go. JJ comments on a girl being there like a tutor. Jennifer mentions getting the e-mail from Rory's mom and thanks him for telling the truth. Jennifer apologizes for rushing to judge. JJ says she's just looking out for him and he will be hitting the books. They hang up and JJ high fives Rory. Jennifer and Daniel plan for Daniel to drop Parker off and then go to Jennifer's for some privacy since JJ will be at the library. Daniel agrees that it would be very nice and she says she'll see him soon. They kiss goodbye and Jennifer walks away. Daniel credits Parker for helping him with Jennifer and says a gentleman never leaves a lady waiting. Daniel plays with Parker and then prepares to leave.

Marlena tells Sami not to tell her what she's thinking. Sami says she's made it clear that she's not enthusiastic about her marrying the man she loves. Marlena says the portrait took her breath away and brings up her portrait once being there and what followed. Sami says EJ is the head of the house now. Marlena questions if she believes Kristen has changed too and that Stefano won't want revenge. Sami responds that she's not scared because EJ is more powerful than Stefano ever was. Marlena questions if he's as ruthless as Stefano because if not then Sami and the children are in danger. Marlena adds that if EJ is as ruthless, then she wonders why she would marry him.

EJ tells Hope that he's a better man than Stefano in all facets. Hope says she's not a fan of Stefano but doesn't think he should underestimate him. EJ says Stefano is paying the price of being distracted. Hope questions Sami being a distraction for EJ. EJ says her life is being settled and they will be living happily ever after with all trouble behind them. Hope questions Stefano being in the past. EJ says he will make sure that's where he stays.

Eric picks up Kristen's bag and gives it back to her so she exits. Nicole comments to Brady about her. Brady tells her to leave it alone. Eric greets them. Nicole steps out with Eric to talk about the list of donors.

Kristen goes looking for the bishop in one of the school rooms. A kid appears and comments on it being his desk. Kristen envisions the name reading Brady Black Jr. She looks back and the kid disappears as Brady then enters.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and talks to a nurse about the new protocol. The nurse informs her that Theresa never sent it out and she hasn't seen Theresa.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's with flowers but JJ answers the door. Daniel says he's there for Jennifer. JJ tells him that she wouldn't appreciate him showing up uninvited. Daniel informs him that he was invited and steps in to make some calls while he waits.

Sami talks to Marlena about how in love with EJ she is and how she's attracted to his power and how he goes after what he wants. Marlena knows there's no sense in trying to change her mind. Marlena hopes she's wrong. Sami decides to change the subject as she wants the day to be about Eric and not her. Marlena comments that she never wants that.

Eric and Nicole sit together after getting everything finished. Eric says there's going to be a lot of people and he couldn't have done it without Nicole. Nicole brings up Eric being poisoned. Eric talks about how God works in mysterious ways and Nicole working at the rectory worked out. Eric tells her that she was the best friend he could have during all of this. Eric brings up his conversation with EJ.

Kristen wants Brady to leave but Brady tells her that he wants to what happened last night.

Jennifer returns home and talks to JJ about Daniel. She says she loves him but this is none of his business. JJ thought they were on the same page and getting along. JJ says he knows he's not perfect but he's been trying. JJ tells her that he's done everything she has asked. JJ tells Jennifer that he's scared that Daniel is back in the picture and that he'll turn her against him. JJ talks about Daniel hating him but Jennifer insists that he doesn't. JJ tells her to do what she thinks is best and if that means letting Daniel back into their lives then he'll figure out a way to deal with it. JJ then exits the house. Jennifer heads back inside where Daniel waits in the living room. He comments that she doesn't seem happy. She asks how it went for him seeing JJ. Daniel says it was still frosty but suggests maybe in time. Daniel then stops and realizes JJ did it again.

Sami and Marlena walk to the Pub where EJ waits outside. Sami talks about Eric's big day. EJ mentions his extra donation to the school. Sami heads into the Pub to check on Caroline. EJ asks Marlena if he detects tension between her and Sami. Marlena admits there's quite a bit. EJ asks why. Marlena tells him that Sami told her about the wedding plans and she didn't like it when she didn't give her blessing.

Nicole asks Eric what EJ said about her. Eric says EJ was just trying to make trouble and he doesn't want to give it a second thought. Nicole agrees that they can't believe anything EJ says about her. Hope comes in with Ciara. Ciara talks to Eric about being excited for the new school. Father Matt, the bishop, the priest and the nun all gather. Nicole tells Eric to be good. Eric joins them and say they have a little time before the reception. The bishop mentions a donor insisting on talking to him named Kristen DiMera.

Brady tells Kristen that he's been thinking a lot about things and taking a step back from the drama and lies to get the truth. Brady says he needs to know what they are both feeling. Brady tells her about speaking to John like she asked. Kristen complains about John's lies and says John made it clear that he wouldn't tell the truth. Brady tries to explain but Kristen screams about being sick of his family. Kristen shouts about them all judging her and storms out before Brady can tell her what happened.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she felt she was making progress with JJ but he seemed really upset that they might get back together. Daniel says they already talked about letting nothing get in their way. Daniel asks her not to do this. Daniel says she wants a break but still wants to be in each others lives and now she didn't want a break cause she missed him like crazy but after three seconds with JJ she wants another break. Jennifer says she's just asking him to be fair. Daniel responds that he's been nothing but fair as he agreed to all of her wishes. Daniel says JJ is playing mind games with her. Jennifer argues that getting arrested is not a game. Daniel knows she's scared of how far JJ can go but JJ has convinced her that he's the problem when that's not the case. Jennifer cries that she loves JJ. Daniel says she needs to stop letting JJ make her choose between them. Daniel says JJ makes her scared and feels like he has the upper hand. Daniel knows she's scared of losing her son. Daniel promises that he will not let her lose her son but if she keeps pushing him away then he won't be around to help her. Daniel asks her to listen to him and her heart instead of just JJ. Daniel asks her to stay with him and they will figure it all out together.

EJ appreciates Marlena's concern but doesn't think she understands that this change is permanent and it's finally their time. EJ says he will do everything to protect his family which now includes Marlena. Sami comes back and says Roman will be picking up Caroline. EJ tells Sami that everything is fine as they walk off together. Marlena sarcastically wonders what could go wrong and walks on.

Kristen approaches Eric and the bishop. She asks for a moment alone with the bishop so Eric steps away. Nicole and Hope wonder what Kristen is up to. The bishop asks if she's sure this can't wait. Kristen says she's afraid her conscience won't allow it as she committed a horrible sin against God and she worries about not being forgiven. She hopes there will be an exception but her sin could ruin the school and she can't be silent any longer.

JJ and Rory walk by the Pub. JJ tells Rory about Daniel showing up but he's pretty sure he took care of it.

Jennifer tells Daniel that they need to take a little more time to make sure JJ is getting better. Daniel tells her that he loves her but if she keeps pushing him away and shutting him out of her life every time JJ tells her to then it will kill any chance they have. Daniel says when she realizes that, she can call him but until then, he doesn't want to see or hear from her. Daniel then exits.

The bishop isn't sure it's the time or place for what Kristen is talking about. Kristen looks over as Marlena enters with EJ and Sami. Kristen holds onto her flash drive and says it has to be here and now. Brady walks in and Kristen exchanges looks at Eric and Brady. EJ and Sami watch on as does Marlena. Kristen gives the sign of the cross and says "bless me father for I have sinned."

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