Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/18/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/18/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole runs into EJ at the Pub and talks about his takeover of Stefano being impressive. EJ mocks her approval. Nicole tells him that they both know it won't last.

Rory hangs out with JJ at the Horton house where JJ is opening new shoes. JJ says he can't get any more weed with Abe being on the case. Rory goes to leave as Abigail enters and questions where JJ got the shoes and how he afforded them.

Theresa works in Jennifer's office with her headphones on. Jennifer gives her a stack of papers and says she called her name three times. Theresa says she's doing the best she can but Jennifer says she's not even close.

Brady paces in the park and thinks back to John telling Brady the truth about Kristen. Daniel jogs up and asks if he's okay. Brady says he is but then says he's not.

Kristen walks through the DiMera Mansion and stops when she sees the portrait of EJ and Sami. She comments on it being the new regime. Kristen gets a call and says it's the private number that she's been waiting for.

Eric, Father Matt, another priest and the Bishop arrive for the St. Luke's Reception. The Bishop gets a call from Kristen, who says she wants to have a chat as soon as possible.

Daniel asks Brady to talk to him. Brady says he was so self righteous and so sure about what was going on but now he's not so sure. Daniel realizes it has to do with Kristen. He asks if he saw her recently. Brady admits he saw her last night and she told him to ask John for the truth so he did and got it. Brady says now he is in an alternate universe where nothing makes sense and everything is backwards. Brady says maybe being confused is the new being sure.

Kristen talks to the bishop about his time being valuable and apologizes for the interruption. She says she's doing the right thing and it can't wait any longer. Kristen says what she has to say must be said in person and in private as the future of St. Luke's depends on it. Kristen asks when they can meet. He says he's at the church now, touring the grounds for the reception. Kristen says she'll be there as soon as she can and hangs up. Kristen make a copy of the video of her and Eric, puts her table in her purse, and then goes to leave but opens the door to find John standing in the doorway.

The bishop steps aside with Eric and thanks him personally for the incredible job he's done at St. Luke's. He tells Eric that he's putting an honorable face on the priesthood and after today, everyone will know who he is and what means the most to him.

Theresa says Jennifer is mad but Jennifer says she's just frustrated. Jennifer says all Theresa has been doing is listening to music. Theresa tells her of other things she did. Theresa says the work is not what she wants to do. Theresa says she's not a middle-aged person that has no other options. Jennifer asks her what she wants to do. Theresa says something creative, interesting, and fun. Jennifer says that's what landed her here in the first place. Jennifer says she'd like to give her a chance but she has to show she wants it. Theresa suggests she quit. Jennifer questions what her family would think but Theresa doesn't care. Jennifer asks if she wants to get fired so she can play the victim. Jennifer tells Theresa to decide whether she stays or quits.

JJ tells Abigail that the shoes are Rory's and he just wanted to try them on. Rory goes along with it. Abigail asks why they aren't in class. JJ claims his teacher got the flu so they canceled and tells her to back off. Abigail mentions the shoes costing $500. Rory claims they are a birthday gift from his parents. Abigail asks for a few minutes alone with JJ so Rory steps out. Abigail tells JJ that she needs to talk to him about Daniel.

Brady tells Daniel that John confirmed Kristen's story that she pulled back at the last minute and that she couldn't make love to John because she was in love with Brady and her love is why she couldn't go through with the revenge. Daniel asks if that changes what she did before. Brady says no and wonders why he's thinking about it. Daniel tells him that his opinion is all that matters.

EJ calls Nicole the queen of backhanded compliments. Nicole talks about EJ planning this all along and calls it demonic. She talks about EJ keeping it from Sami, Chad, and Kristen. Nicole asks how Kristen reacted. EJ asks why she cares. Nicole says she doesn't but he should because even if Stefano doesn't get back at him with vengeance, she bets Kristen will do it for him.

John tells Kristen that he needs to speak to her. She tells him to go to Hell and tries to shut the door. John tells her to stay away from Brady and leave him alone.

Theresa admits she acted like she doesn't need the job or care but she does. She complains about her parents being all up on her. She mentions her mom sending her a gift to give to Eric and complains about how she couldn't just send it to him. Jennifer agrees to let Theresa walk to St. Luke's to give it to Eric and mentions she knows how long it will take. Jennifer says when she comes back, she can get back to work. Jennifer exits. Theresa comments that the job sucks.

JJ tells Abigail that he's done with Daniel. Abigail informs him that Jennifer and Daniel took a break because of him. JJ is happy to hear and asks when it happened. Abigail tells him that Jennifer is miserable. JJ says it's not his fault. Abigail asks why he's being such a selfish jerk. JJ asks if he's selfish just because he doesn't think Daniel is a saint and thinks Jennifer can do a lot better. Abigail says he's a great guy and just because he's not Jack doesn't mean he can't make Jennifer happy. JJ comments that he thought she and Jennifer just put Jack out of their minds. Abigail doesn't know how to respond to that. She tells him that for him to even think that is hurtful, mean, and insane. Abigail says that she feels like she didn't just lose her dad but her brother too because she no longer recognizes him. Abigail adds that she doesn't think Jack would either.

EJ jokes with Nicole about not trusting Kristen because of Brady. Nicole says she'll see him at the celebration for the new school. She tells him to remind Sami that it's about Eric and the church not about Sami. EJ calls her an advocate for Eric. Nicole says it's where she works so it's her job to advocate. EJ stops her and says he has a question about him and his father.

Eric finishes a call at the rectory as Theresa enters. They say it's great to see one another. Eric mentions planning to call her. Eric says he's kind of busy. Theresa says she'll make it quick and gives him the present from her mom. Eric opens it and inside is grandpa Shawn's bible. Theresa talks about how Caroline gave it to her mom after Shawn's funeral and she wanted him to have it now. Eric calls it thoughtful. Theresa says she did her duty and goes to leave but Eric stops her and sits her down, asking how she is. Theresa says she's fine but making a big adjustment. Eric invites her to the reception before the celebratory mass since the whole family will be there. Theresa says it sounds like fun but she has to work. Theresa says she doesn't want to come off offensive but the truth is that the whole religion thing is not her thing so she won't ever be showing up to mass with family.

Brady tells Daniel that he knows only he can decide what to do with Kristen when it comes to forgiving her or not. Daniel thinks he still cares about her. Daniel advises that he will have to deal with it at some point.

Kristen tells John that he screwed over his entire family and questions him asking her to leave Brady alone. John informs her that Brady asked him what happened between them that night. Kristen asks if he told the truth.

Daniel tells Brady that he's thinking about bringing Parker out to the lake for a swim. Brady thinks he'd love that and then asks how Jennifer is doing. Daniel says he isn't sure. Brady asks what's going on. Daniel says it's her son who comes first and always will and probably should. Daniel says he has to get back and make a call so he wishes Brady luck as he leaves.

JJ sits at home with a book as Jennifer comes in and says she was going on a run on her break and wanted to grab her mp3 player. JJ reminds her of how they used to run with Jack and offers to run with her sometime. Jennifer suggests this weekend. They agree that it would be great. Jennifer says she will see him later and goes to leave but stops when she sees the new shoes on the couch and asks if they are his.

Theresa asks Eric if he's upset with her. Eric says he's not upset but disappointed as all the religion means a lot to him. Theresa says she doesn't understand the whole priest thing and giving up all that he had to give up. Theresa says she won't be hanging around the family much. Eric thought that's why she was sent to Salem. Theresa says her parents just want reports back on what she's doing. Theresa says everyone looks at her like they know something. Eric says he'd just like to see her in church some day so they could spend more time together. Eric hugs her and says her family loves her and they are happy she's in Salem. Theresa thanks him for the nice welcome and tells him to have fun with his party later. She adds that the new school is really great as she exits. Theresa then reaches into her purse and grabs her weed as she walks out.

EJ sits with Nicole and asks why she thinks his takeover won't last. Nicole says she knows his patterns and has watched him try to get rid of Stefano for as long as she's known him. She tells him that Stefano is a lot smarter and craftier than he is so he always ends up outsmarting him. Nicole admits that he had his shot at independence until he was accused of Stefano's murder. She adds that EJ will always be in Stefano's shadow. EJ jokes that she could write his autobiography. EJ assures her that he did it right this time, planned his attack meticulously and then struck. EJ declares Stefano will never control his life again. Nicole responds that now she really feels sorry for him.

John tells Kristen that he told Brady that she's a tainted and sorry excuse for a woman and it's not his fault she made him believe otherwise. Kristen questions if he didn't tell the truth that she stopped things in the hotel room. Kristen says it's ironic that she's the one telling the truth while she calls John a liar.

Jennifer notes the shoes cost a fortune and asks how he afforded them. JJ says they are Rory's and he just let them wear them since they have the same size. Jennifer doesn't know why they are sharing shoes but tells him to not have them there when she gets back or she will call Rory's mom. JJ can't believe she doesn't believe him. She tells him to get his homework done and then exits. JJ calls Rory and says he has a slight problem.

EJ tells Nicole that he appreciates her concern. Nicole says she isn't concerned but just feels bad for him as the sky's about to fall. Nicole says the worst part is that his kids are going to suffer the most and she doesn't want to see anything bad to happen to him for their sake as she still loves them. Nicole thinks his latest move has put the kids in danger. EJ calls Stefano's old. Nicole says any shred of Stefano's decency died when Lexie died. EJ insists that he has won.

Brady returns home and looks for his tie. He imagines Kristen showing up and asking what he would do without her. Brady says he'd be lost but can't trust her ever again. Brady snaps out of the dream.

Daniel goes to see Eric at the rectory and comments on the big day. Daniel says he came to make sure he's okay and not overdoing it. Eric says he's fine. Daniel wants to have a serious talk after everything is over. Eric doesn't think it's big deal but Daniel asks what if he's right and someone tries to poison him again.

John questions Kristen calling him a liar after everything she's done. Kristen says John knows he still wanted her. John assures her that he just wanted to protect Brady from her. Kristen tells him to get out and she hopes she never has to see him again. John says one can only hope as he exits. Kristen screams and throws flowers off the table. Kristen tells herself to focus as Brady is never going to forgive her so she has to let it go and there's only one thing she can do. Kristen grabs her purse and exits.

Theresa calls JJ from Jennifer's office and says she just smoked her last joint and asks if he can bring her another. JJ says he can't but Theresa tells him that Jennifer's not there so he can and will as she hangs up. Abigail enters the office, asking who Theresa is. She says she's Jennifer's new assistant and she's out but she can leave a message. Abigail smells weed and asks Theresa if she's been smoking in there.

Nicole tells EJ that the kids and Sami need him. EJ says her concern for Eric is frighteningly familiar to him like it would be to Brady. Nicole says he's trying to change the subject because he doesn't want to talk about how he screwed himself and his kids. EJ says he has everything he wants in life. EJ suggests she worry about her own life. Nicole advises him to be careful. She says Sami got a break with her latest drama but she's not sure EJ will have the same luck with Stefano. Nicole then exits the Pub.

Kristen goes to St. Luke's and greets the bishop. He talks about how much her family has contributed. He's concerned about what she said about the school's future being at stake. He says he only has a few minutes which Kristen says is all she needs.

Daniel plays with Parker at the lake. Jennifer jogs by and stops when she sees them.

Abigail notes Theresa's pupils and accuses her of being high. Theresa denies it as JJ walks by. Theresa says she doesn't know who Abigail is. Abigail reveals she's Jennifer's daughter. Theresa acknowledges her as JJ's sister and exits.

EJ goes to see Eric at the rectory. Eric talks about his generous contributions. EJ mentions seeing Nicole earlier and how she's protective of Eric in the same way that she was about Brady, Daniel, and himself. EJ thinks it's obvious that it's how she acts when she's in love.

The bishop asks Kristen what she has to show him. The other priest interrupts and takes the bishop to speak in private. Kristen says to herself that Marlena is so proud of Eric but it will all turn to dust. Brady then arrives and approaches her.

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