Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/17/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/17/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Justin meets with EJ at the Pub and has him sign papers on taking over DiMera Enterprises. EJ asks how Victor is taking Justin working with him. Justin says he hasn't spoken with Victor about it as he knows how he will react. EJ then asks about Adrienne.

Adrienne sits down in the Mansion and is taken a back by the portrait of EJ and Sami. Sami asks why she's there. Adrienne says she came to give her the chance to explain herself about her and Bernardi.

Will meets with Sonny at the coffeehouse. Sonny excitedly tells him that the liquor license has come through for the coffeehouse.

Eric and Nicole talk at the rectory. Nicole asks about his test results. Eric thinks back to Daniel telling him that someone deliberately poisoned him but doesn't tell Nicole.

Kristen sits outside and says she's sorry that Eric has to pay the price but it's time that Marlena suffers for what she did to her as she watches the video of her and Eric.

John goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Brady, saying he was surprised to get his message. Brady says he called him because he wants the truth.

Sami asks Adrienne why she should explain anything to her. Adrienne tells her that she's friends with Bernardi's widow. Sami says she's sorry for what they are going through and can't imagine their pain but she explained herself to the jury and got cleared. Sami says they understood she was protecting Rafe so it's over. Adrienne tells her that their conversation is far from over. Sami says she's trying to be civil but warns her to back off. Adrienne asks if she's going to shoot her too. Adrienne says she came because Sonny wanted her to give the benefit of the doubt. Sami thinks she's turning Sonny against herself all on her own.

Nicole questions Eric not telling her what Daniel said as she's scared the test brought bad news. Eric calls it unimportant. Nicole questions a priest lying to her face.

John tells Brady to let him know what he wants the truth on. Brady responds Kristen.

Kristen continues watching the video until getting a call from Stefano, who says he needs to see her now.

Sonny talks about his excitement to Will. He says he and Chad did this on their own. He adds that the place will be open later now. Will asks how he's going to sleep. Another worker hands Sonny a file so he goes to put it in the safe. Brent arrives, having already known about the liquor license as Sonny called him earlier.

Justin congratulates EJ. EJ says he's sorry to hear about the problems with Adrienne. Justin doesn't want to get into family stuff. EJ says he had to mix business with family. EJ asks Justin if he never lets his legal career interfere with his personal life. Justin says he'd just rather not discuss it. EJ says if that would prevent Justin from taking a permanent position with him.

Adrienne tells Sami that Sonny will turn against her because she manipulated and lied to him. Adrienne accuses her of dragging Justin and Sonny into her latest nightmare. Sami insists that she was saving Rafe. Adrienne says Sami doesn't care who she hurts or uses as long as she gets what she wants. Adrienne says Justin's reputation will take a fall for associating with DiMeras. Sami says Justin walked into the case on his own, got paid well and did an excellent job. Sami assures her that she's innocent. Adrienne questions how she explained that a decorated officer and friend of Rafe suddenly wanted to kill him. Sami says she's not answering her questions. Adrienne asks if Marge and her son don't deserve the truth.

John asks Brady what he cares about Brady after what she did to him and them. John says Brady already knows the story so he asks what else there is to say. Brady says they both know there's more so he wants to hear it.

Kristen meets with Stefano outside the town square and says she was hoping he would come home and he must be terribly upset. Stefano says being stabbed in the back is uncomfortable. Kristen says EJ fooled them both. Stefano questions if he fooled them both.

Brent comments that Will looked surprised that he knew. Will says he didn't want to spoil it for Sonny in case he didn't know. Brent says Sonny called him as soon as he knew. Sonny comes back and greets him. Brent asks if they are all going out. Sonny says his partying days are over until the place is redone and he wants Brent's help.

Eric tells Nicole that he's not lying. Nicole brings up Daniel saying it might have been a toxin and not a virus. Eric says there is no trace of it and it only lasted a few seconds. Eric calls it ancient history and wants to focus on the school. Nicole continues to question what he's not telling her. She asks if he doesn't trust her. Eric then reveals they think he was poisoned.

EJ talks to Justin about wanting him to work for him. He talks about Justin's reputation. EJ says he put Sami's life and the fate of his family in Justin's hands as he never doubted him. EJ says he can thank him by taking the job as he needs someone to have his back. EJ knows Stefano is putting together whatever he can to come back hard. EJ tells Justin that he needs him so Justin agrees to think about it. They tell each other to have a nice evening. EJ thanks him as he exits.

Adrienne asks Sami why she feels no moral obligation to Marge and her son. Sami calls Bernardi a dirty cop. She tells Adrienne that Justin and Sonny got involved because they know she didn't do anything wrong. Adrienne asks how she knew Bernardi was dirty. Sami says it came out somehow but claims she didn't know him. Adrienne questions her. Sami tells her to leave but Adrienne says this isn't finished. Sami says it is and she can spin her conspiracy theory somewhere else. Sami says Adrienne won't come between Sonny and Will. Sami adds that Will is the best thing to ever happen to Sonny. Adrienne swears she won't let Sonny get dragged down by this and vows to do anything to protect him. Adrienne exits and Sami knocks things off the table in frustration.

Brady tells John that they never really talked about the details of that night in the hotel room. John wonders why they would do that. Brady says he wants the truth and brings up his plan to seduce her. John says he wanted Brady to realize he was wasting his life on a vindictive sociopath. John adds that she had the same plan to break up he and Marlena. Brady calls it a start. John says that's just the way it was and starts to leave but Brady stops him and tells him that he will stay if he loves and cares about him.

Kristen tells Stefano that she's not on EJ's side. Stefano notes that they are extremely close. Kristen says that's what he wanted and insists that she knew nothing about his plan. Kristen asks what EJ is planning now and if Stefano has found out what he's up to.

Sonny talks about Brent designing their website. Will suggests he could help with designs. Sonny agrees and notes that Brent has all sorts of experience. Brent steps aside with Sonny to show him stuff on his tablet, leaving Will at the counter.

Nicole questions Eric about who poisoned him and suggests checking out Kate. Maggie enters and asks if she was interrupting. Nicole says she'll come back in awhile. Maggie tells her to stay and says she and Victor just saw how far he's come with the school donations. Maggie says they are his closer and donates $10,000. Eric thanks her and Nicole is excited. Nicole goes to get some sparkling cider to celebrate. Eric hugs Maggie and says they have made his year. Maggie says now that Nicole is gone, there's something else he may like to hear.

Adrienne goes to the Pub and tells Justin that he won't believe the night she had. She says she just had a complete blowout with Sami. Justin asks why she would go over there. Adrienne claims that she did it for Sonny. Justin questions her paranoia and tells her to give it a rest as they are not going to interfere in Sonny's life. Justin gets a call and steps away to take it. Adrienne looks at the papers Justin left on the table from EJ and tells him that he can't be serious.

Will gets a call from Sami. Sami says there's something she has to warn him about as Will watches Brent and Sonny.

Brady tells John that he wants step by step facts on what happened that night if they are going to work this out. Brady tells John that he wants all of it.

Stefano tells Kristen that he doesn't think she had anything to do with helping EJ and his betrayal nor did Chad. Stefano thinks Justin did the legal work. Kristen notes that would make sense. Stefano says Mr. Shin is another involved. Kristen asks why they are meeting in secret. Stefano tells her that he's not going to punish her and won't even have her thrown out of Salem. Kristen asks why they are meeting like this. Stefano questions her not knowing why. Kristen guesses that he wants to eviscerate EJ and that he wants her help.

Eric asks Maggie what more good news she brings. Nicole returns to the doorway and listens in from behind. Maggie says she spoke to Victor about Nicole being at the reception and he agreed not to be hurtful in anyways. Maggie talks about how it will be good for Nicole. Eric wishes Nicole never had to hear things that undermine her confidence so that she would believe in herself. Eric says Nicole has so much to offer in so many ways. Maggie says he's always saw the best in people. Eric says it's not hard with Nicole as she's struggled her whole life and has a fighting spirit. Eric hopes Nicole overcomes everything and Maggie calls it sweet as Nicole walks away from the doorway.

Justin tells Adrienne that he hasn't decided if he's taking the job but always thinks about his family. Adrienne can't believe that he's considering it.

Sami warns Will about Adrienne making threats as they finish their conversation. Will hangs up and keeps his eye on Brent and Sonny. Sami sits down with a drink as EJ enters. EJ asks about the vase she threw off the table. Sami admits that she was mad about Adrienne and tells him what happened. EJ thought it was all over but Sami says it's not to her as she thinks they have corrupted Sonny and Justin. EJ suggests they celebrate.

Stefano tells Kristen that he won't need her help to bring EJ to his knees. She tells him that she will be there for him when it's over. Stefano asks for an update on her plan. Kristen says she had a great job done on editing the video so she's going ahead and Eric and Marlena will get a life altering surprise. Stefano asks about Brady. Kristen doesn't want to talk about him and says it's over. Stefano asks if this is the right way to go. Kristen says it's already done and doesn't like when Stefano questions her plans. Kristen asks if he's going to pull the plug on her plan and says if he does, then EJ won't be his only child that he has a problem with.

Brady asks John if it's true that Kristen stopped the lovemaking from happening. John says it was close but admits she walked away and was adamant. Brady questions if he's saying that Kristen changed her mind about the plan that night.

Nicole returns to Eric with the sparkling cider and notes that Maggie is gone. Eric asks her about putting on an act. Nicole admits that she knew Maggie was gone as Eric questions her taking so long to go ten feet down the hall. He asks her what's going on. Nicole apologizes and says she came back and heard what Maggie was saying and the terribly nice things he said that touched her. Eric says he meant every word. Nicole thanks him for looking out for her. Eric adds that she'd do the same for him.

Justin tells Adrienne that they won't discuss this until she gets more rational. She stops him and says they have to discuss Sami's case. Justin refuses and exits the Pub.

EJ holds Sami as they lay on the couch. Sami tells EJ that she loves him and they kiss. EJ says he loves her. Sami adds that she trusts him. EJ calls her the most important thing in the world to him and he doesn't know what he would do if he lost her. Sami calls it nice to hear. EJ can't wait to call her his wife and they say very soon the wedding bells will be chiming and they will be Mr. and Mrs. EJ DiMera. Sami jokes that her name would have to be in there somewhere. EJ says together they will rule his father's former empire as they laugh together.

Kristen questions if Stefano is going to try and pull the plug on her. Stefano says he won't. Stefano adds that he asked her not to do anything to Marlena physically which she kept her word on. Stefano says the rest of the stuff, he advises her to just be ruthless. Kristen asks if he means the way EJ was with him. Stefano clarifies that he means the way he will be with EJ.

Brady asks John again if Kristen changed her mind. John admits that she pulled back. Brady asks if she said why. John says she was going on about being free and her love. John tells him that she was dead set on marrying him and off she went, believing that Brady would forgive for her all the lies and everything. Brady realizes that Kristen was telling the truth.

Sonny closes up the coffeehouse and tells Will that he's going to stay a little bit and go over Brent's designs. Will decides he will go home and relieve Gabi. Sonny says he will try not to stay too late. They kiss and agree that things will be awesome as Will then exits.

EJ tells Sami that they are about to become the most powerful couple in Salem. EJ talks about the appeal of power as they kiss. Sami talks about things they could do together as EJ picks her up and carries her up the stairs kissing.

Adrienne watches the video of Sami and Bernardi and worries that Sonny could go to prison for covering this up but not if she can help it.

Eric and Nicole toast to Maggie and Victor's donation and to Nicole for making this happen. Nicole says Eric did more than anyone. She adds that the bishop will be so proud of him and everyone will be talking about what he's done. They toast and drink their cider.

Kristen remains outside the town square with her video of her and Eric in bed. She says ruthless and declares it's showtime.

John tells Brady that he hopes they can start putting things back together now. Brady tells him that he appreciates this but just needs some time alone now. John says Kristen played him for months so an attack of conscience at the last second shouldn't undo a damn thing. John exits the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady repeats to himself that Kristen told the truth and really did love him that much. Brady asks if she does now.

Kristen calls the bishop, saying it's important and he's going to want to hear what she has to say.

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