Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/16/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/16/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady gets out of the lake. He goes to get his clothes but finds Kristen's bracelet nearby. Brady recalls that he gave it to her. Brady then looks up as Kristen appears in front of him. Kristen greets him and asks what he's doing there.

JJ talks on the phone to Rory about Theresa. He hangs up when there's a knock at the door and it's Abe.

Theresa goes to Jennifer's office and looks at JJ's stash. She says she'll need more than this to make it through the week so it's time to score. She goes to Jennifer's desk to look through a folder until Roman arrives and startles her. Roman asks what she's doing there.

Will and Sonny talk at home. They talk about Sonny meeting Adrienne today. Will suggests Sonny go see a movie and he can go with Brent. Sonny asks if he's trying to get rid of him.

Marlena and Sami talk at the coffeehouse about EJ's takeover. Sami says she believes EJ when he says they are completely safe. Marlena worries but Sami changes the subject to Arianna and how fantastic Will, Sonny, and Gabi are doing. Marlena calls it wonderful. Sami talks about everyone being supportive except Adrienne.

Adrienne sits at the Pub talking on the phone to Justin. She hopes he's not still upset about their disagreement. She calls it an emotional subject for them. She mentions Sonny being on his way and she's going to show him how hard she's trying. She hangs up and starts to look for video on her phone but a waiter asks for her order so she puts her phone down while the video of Sami and Bernardi plays.

Brady gives Kristen her bracelet back. Kristen calls it an amazing coincidence that he showed up where she just was. Brady admits that he saw her and overheard her talking with Jennifer. Kristen questions if she's following him.

Will says he's swamped with a research paper so he thought Sonny should do something fun. Sonny says he's fine there. Will brings up a author that Sonny likes being at the bookstore. Sonny doesn't want to go without him. Will convinces Sonny to go and they kiss.

Sami asks Marlena what Adrienne did. Marlena says she could just be a little more supportive. Sami wants to know more. Marlena says Adrienne feels that Sonny being drawn into their family isn't good. Marlena blames herself with the mess with Brady and Kristen. Sami tells her not to listen to Adrienne. Sami says she won't let Adrienne get away with it. Marlena says they know how great Will is so it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks because they know Sonny is lucky to have Will.

Adrienne decides to wait on ordering until Sonny gets there. Adrienne goes back to her phone and watches the video of Will with Arianna. The video then goes into the video of Sami fighting with Bernardi. Adrienne finally watches the video and recognizes Bernardi as the man Sami shot.

Abe tells JJ that he wanted to talk to him in private. JJ claims he's really trying to fix what he did and knows it was wrong to shoplift. Abe asks how things are with Jennifer since things have been hard on her and he needs to think about her. Abe says Jennifer has been under pressure ever since JJ has been back. JJ blames her job. Abe says Jack was a very good friend. JJ cuts him off and says Jack isn't there, he's dead and no one asked him to fill in for him. JJ tells Abe to take a hike and heads upstairs. Abe gets a call and asks when this happened.

Theresa tells Roman that she works there. Roman questions her working in the dark. She says she just forgot to leave a file for Jennifer. Roman says he came to get a prescription for Caroline and decided to check on Jennifer. Roman tells Theresa that he will be checking on her too.

Brady tells Kristen that he wasn't following her but was just on a run. Brady stops and questions if it was really a coincidence. Brady accuses her of setting it up since she knows it's one of the routes that he runs. Kristen says he will believe whatever he wants and tells him to go to Hell. Brady questions why she's so mad and tells her that he's not her plaything anymore. Kristen slaps Brady. Brady questions what she wants from him and why she wanted to see him again. Kristen says she didn't. Brady questions if she wanted him to hear her sob story or if she wanted closure. Brady says she makes him go numb and asks what she wants from him since it can't be love after she threw that in his face. Brady doesn't know why he's listening and says she'd just lie to him again. Kristen tells him that he's wrong and couldn't be more wrong.

Roman asks Theresa about her run-ins with Jennifer. Theresa says she wasn't trying to be nasty but Jennifer wasn't very nice to her. Roman brings up her history of breaking the rules. Theresa says she knows not to embarrass the great Brady name. Roman says they don't want her to get in trouble. Theresa says she's an adult. Roman thinks the job can be good for her. Theresa says that's why she worked things out with Jennifer. She tells him not to worry as she'll be fine then she exits.

Abe talks on the phone about finding out who's dealing drugs at the high school. JJ comes down stairs and listens in as Abe mentions making an arrest. JJ approaches Abe and apologizes since he came to try and be nice and give him advice. JJ says he shouldn't have talked to him that way and he's sorry. JJ says he's been screwing up and down on himself. Abe clarifies that he wouldn't want to step in for Jack and is just trying to be a friend to them. Abe tells JJ that he's the man of the family now and Jennifer needs help not more pressure. Abe says the shoplifting thing is over and done so they can move on. Abe says he's there if JJ has any problems or needs to talk. JJ thanks him and says he needs to go study. Abe stops him and says he needed to talk about something else. Jennifer returns home as Abe says there's been some criminal activity at the high school. Jennifer asks what kind.

Sami and Marlena go to see Will and Arianna. Sami asks about Sonny. Will says he went to see Adrienne and they think she's trying. Will hopes she'll let things go. Sami says Adrienne's problem is with her. Will thinks she just wants what's best for Sonny and hopefully she will get over it.

Adrienne says it just gets worse and wonders how the video of Sami and Bernardi got on her phone. She thinks back to Sonny sending the video of Will and Arianna. She realizes that Sonny knew the whole time. Sonny arrives and sits with her.

Jennifer asks Abe about the criminal activity. Abe starts to say but gets called. Abe answers and says this never ends. Abe says to wait as he'll be there. Abe tells Jennifer they'll continue later as he has to go and hugs her goodbye. Abe exits. Jennifer asks JJ if Abe just wanted to talk to him about what's going on at Salem High. JJ says he just came to rag on him about how he's treating her. JJ apologizes for it. Jennifer says she's sorry too for getting upset without letting JJ explain. Jennifer talks about getting used to being a single parent. He tells her she's great. Jennifer doesn't think she makes enough effort to spend time with JJ and Abigail. JJ understands she's busy. Jennifer says it's not an excuse to not have a family dinner. JJ agrees they should. Jennifer tells him how happy she is that he's home. They say they had missed one another. Jennifer says they can talk and make things better between them. Jennifer gets a text and says she has to go to the hospital to deal with reporters. She reminds JJ of no friends or anything as she exits. JJ wonders to himself if things can get any worse since Abe showed up and they know about the drugs. JJ wonders what's next as there's a knock at the door and Theresa arrives.

Sami gives Arianna back to Will and says she has to get home. Sami says it was good to see Marlena and adds that she hopes Adrienne finally agrees to let Will and Sonny be happy. Sami exits. Will lays Arianna to sleep in her crib. Marlena asks if he's okay. Will says he's fine and asks why. She thinks he seems bothered by something other than Adrienne. She says he's acting concerned. Will admits he's concerned that Sonny may be feeling a little trapped. Will says at first their relationship was an adventure but now it's all about the baby so he's worried that Sonny may get bored and want out.

Adrienne brings up Sami. Sonny thought she was going to play nice and doesn't want to hear it. Sonny questions what it is with her. Adrienne talks about Sonny wanting to protect Sami at all costs. Sonny says Sami didn't do anything but Adrienne argues against it. Adrienne tells Sonny that she loves him. Sonny wants her to extend that love to the man he loves and his family. Sonny asks Adrienne to give the benefit of the doubt.

Kristen tells Brady that her plan was to ruin John and Marlena but she couldn't do it because Brady meant more to her than anything including revenge and she fell in love. Brady says he's heard this before. Kristen says Brady threw them away. Kristen asks how that's working for him and if he's happy.

Theresa says she saw Jennifer leave and won't stay long. She mentions bringing a file as an excuse in case Jennifer showed up. Theresa tells JJ that he has great eyes. She adds that she really liked the present he gave her and she hopes he has some more. JJ says he does and asks if she wants to go up to his room and do it.

Will talks to Marlena about how Sonny used to do all these amazing things like mountain climbing and traveling. Marlena thinks Sonny seems to love being with the baby. Will says he seems like it but he told him to go have some fun. Marlena warns Will that he's pushing Sonny away.

Sonny says Sami has done some bad things and admits she was shocked by her shooting Bernardi but it was to save Rafe. Sonny talks about believing in Sami's innocence. Sonny says he thought he could come make this work but he was wrong so he's done. Sonny tells her not to call him unless she's ready to play fair and then he storms out.

Brady says Kristen is twisting things as she manipulated and used him and made a fool out of him. Kristen says he didn't let her explain. Brady says he's heard it all before. Kristen says she couldn't stand to lose him. Brady asks if she's done. Kristen responds that she's not done loving him. Brady says she's telling him all of this after she got caught and her track record is terrible. Kristen calls it the truth. Brady says there's no way he could ever know that. Kristen tells him to ask John because he was there and he knows.

Theresa asks JJ if he wants them to light up in their room. She worries about Jennifer coming home and smelling it. JJ suggests going out to the garden but she says it's too hot. Theresa tells him that they should party sometime soon. She asks if he has some for her. JJ sells her his stash. She asks if he ever has anything else. JJ says he'll see about next time. She says they'll party. JJ worries about the file she left since Jennifer will want it. Theresa says she's not going back to the hospital in this heat and isn't going in early tomorrow. JJ whispers to her and she says he's so smart as she exits.

Adrienne watches the video outside the Pub and says maybe Sonny is right and she should give Sami the benefit of the doubt.

Will tells Marlena that he's not pushing Sonny away but just doesn't want him to feel trapped. Marlena says Arianna is part of the deal with Will and it seems to her that Sonny is okay with that. Marlena worries that if Will pushes him away then he will feel excluded which could send the wrong message.

Adrienne goes to the DiMera Mansion. Sami tells her that Justin's not there but Adrienne says she came to see her.

Kristen questions Brady never asking John. Kristen says she told him what happened last night with her plan and John having the same plan. Kristen says she couldn't do it because she loved him too much and left John in the hotel. Brady says things were tense so John never told him exactly what happened. Kristen tells Brady that she chose him that night and it was before she knew about Marlena having the photo of her and Sy. Kristen says she loved him but he just threw her away. Kristen then walks away.

Theresa walks through the park and says it will take more than a little weed to get her through this summer. She says this place sucks but fortunately her boss's son is a walking dispensary as she begins to smoke.

Jennifer returns home and finds the folder left at her doorstep with a note from Theresa that she didn't want her to worry that she dropped by without asking. Jennifer heads inside and asks JJ if he knows who dropped the folder by. JJ says nobody rang the bell unless he was in the shower. Jennifer says maybe someone learned how to follow the rules and exits as JJ smiles.

Will says he doesn't want Sonny to feel excluded as he loves him. Marlena thinks it will backfire if he tries to push Sonny towards another life. Will then worries that he is behaving like Sami. Marlena jokes with him and promises that he's not.

Adrienne sits down in the Mansion and is taken a back by the portrait of EJ and Sami. Sami asks why she's there. Adrienne says she came to give her the chance to explain herself.

Kristen walks by the Pub and sits down on the bench. She says she told Brady the truth and it didn't matter because there's nothing left.

Brady returns home frustrated and pours a drink. He thinks back to Kristen saying she loves him and telling him to ask John. Brady puts the drink down and walks around the room. Brady says it's just not worth it and throws things. Brady grabs his phone and calls John, saying he needs to see him now.

Kristen tells herself to get it together as Brady is gone and it's a lost cause. She tells herself to focus and keep her eyes on the prize. She declares it's time to watch them burn.

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