Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/15/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/15/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen throws her purse against the wall of the rectory with her tablet inside. Nicole enters and questions what she's doing.

Eric brings Ciara to the Pub where Brady is. Ciara excitedly talks about the new school and mentions seeing Kristen. She asks Brady how come they aren't getting married anymore.

Gabi meets with Nick at the coffeehouse. Nick tells her that Justin has some papers for her to sign.

Daniel dreams of being in bed with Jennifer then wakes up in a panic when she says she'll never be there again.

Maggie goes to Jennifer's and asks if they are alone. Jennifer mentions JJ being upstairs and asks if something is wrong. Maggie apologizes for making things worse between her and Daniel. She promises to never do it again after she tells Jennifer what she needs to hear. Maggie then calls Jennifer a fool.

Rafe asks why Sami shot him. Kayla tells him to stay calm. Rafe keeps asking why she shot him. A nurse gets Abe and Kate out of the room while Rafe continues asking why she shot him. Maxine and the nurse go to help as Kate hopes Rafe will be alright. Rafe continues asking why Sami shot him as Kayla injects into his IV to calm him down.

Kate thinks that Abe thinks it's her fault. Kate says it's an odd thing for Rafe to say. Abe tells her that she should've told them earlier. Kate says talking about his injury made him agitated.

Brady tells Ciara that sometimes people decide it's better to be apart. Ciara says Brady loves Kristen and that she's so cool. Eric sends Ciara to get cookies from Caroline. Eric sits with Brady and apologizes. Brady says kids just say stuff. Eric brings up the big reception with the bishop. Brady says he'll be there and Eric then informs him that Kristen will be there too.

Nicole questions why Kristen is trashing the place. Kristen says she isn't. Nicole questions her throwing things and then hears the video begin playing on Kristen's tablet. Nicole picks up Kristen's purse and asks what it is. Kristen tells her to show some respect as she takes her purse back. Nicole wants to know what was going on. Kristen blames the takeover of DiMera enterprises. Kristen informs her that EJ took over and Stefano is out so a war is coming and she has no family. A nun enters and gives Kristen a ticket to the reception at Eric's request. Nicole wonders what Eric was thinking.

Brady tells Eric that it's fine as he can be in the same room as Kristen since he's over her and it's no big deal. Brady says everyone has to stop worrying about her. Eric says she's made them all uncomfortable. Brady says there may be tension but he will survive. Brady says he pities whoever is Kristen's next victim.

Gabi and Nick talk about their annulment being real. Nick wants to focus on Arianna and asks how Gabi, Will, and Sonny are doing. Gabi says she's fine. Nick wants her to be okay with money. Nick offers to help but Gabi says she's fine. Gabi talks about Arianna then apologizes if he feels left out. Nick tells her that he's good. Nick admits he feels a little disconnected and thinking about their plans depresses him but he thinks the annulment is right. Gabi suggests he come see Arianna whenever he can or they can come see him. Gabi assures him that Will won't mind. Nick says it's nice to try and include him but he declines.

Daniel talks on the phone to Victor about losing air condition at his apartment. Daniel says he'll be over to pick up Parker soon. Daniel comes across Jennifer's card on the table and thinks back to their past and says trust.

Maggie wants Jennifer to listen to her since she knows something is wrong. Maggie tells her that allowing JJ to come between she and Daniel is so wrong. Jennifer doesn't want to hear it. Maggie says she's right. Maggie tells her that she can be a good parent and still be with Daniel. Jennifer says she will decide what's best for JJ and what's best for she and Daniel. Maggie mentions Kristen feeling exactly the same as her.

Kristen and Nicole argue. Nicole says this is supposed to be Eric's moment and asks her to let Eric enjoy it with his family. Nicole says it should be great for Marlena and how Kristen's presence will affect that day. Kristen says she will remember it forever. Nicole says she doesn't belong there. Kristen says it's not Nicole's call but hers. Eric enters and asks if everything is okay.

Jennifer questions Kristen being worried about her love life. Maggie says she overheard Kristen talking to Daniel. Jennifer says nobody asked if she wanted help. Maggie holds back tears and apologizes then exits. Jennifer goes to her phone to call Kristen.

Nicole tells Eric that she was trying to explain to Kristen about her showing up at the reception. Kristen understands some people don't want her there. Kristen says she's thankful for Eric for who and what he is. Eric hopes she enjoys herself. Kristen says she intends to.

Maxine tells Kate and Abe that Rafe is now resting comfortably. Abe steps away to make a call. Kate asks Maxine if it was her fault. Maxine assures her it wasn't. Maxine says Rafe can't separate dreams from reality but he will. Maxine adds that Kate has been nothing but good to him as she cares. Maxine tells Kate to just keep doing what she's doing and it will work out. Maxine assures her that God will bring Rafe back to the people who love him.

Kristen walks through the park and looks at her bracelet that she almost drops. Jennifer approaches to meet her. Kristen says she was glad to get her text. Jennifer is not sure she'll be happy to hear what she has to say.

Kayla talks with Abe and Kate, saying that Rafe is now sleeping. Kate says his reaction made no sense to her. Kayla says his subconscious is very powerful. Kayla thinks Rafe was subconsciously aware that Sami visited him and then the gunshot so he's fused the two memories together. Kayla says Rafe's short term memory could be wiped out for up to a year. Kate worries that Rafe might not remember them being together. Kate says it's important that he has someone he knows with him when he wakes up.

Nick tells Gabi that he thinks he should just back off and take some space to get used to this new life. Nick says seeing Arianna too much might make him go over the top with presents and pictures. Gabi thinks back to Nick surprising her in bed. Gabi says she saw him as a really sweet guy. Nick says he messed everything up. Nick says they don't know each other the way they thought but he wants to stay friends. Gabi's phone rings with a text from Kate, saying they need her at the hospital.

Maggie returns home where Brady is at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie notes a special delivery truck being there. Brady informs her that he's getting rid of the art photo that Kristen got him in an auction. Brady tells Maggie that he's handling his addiction to love as he exits.

Eric tells Nicole that Kristen didn't make any demands and seemed quite vulnerable. Eric believes the business with EJ and Stefano has thrown her for a loop. Nicole understands it's his job to forgive. Nicole tells Eric to be careful and not let the forgiving get out of hand. Eric says he knows Nicole will always be there to watch over him and calls her his guardian angel.

Jennifer brings up Kristen going to Daniel's apartment and discussing their entire situation. Kristen says she saw the note and just brought it up. Kristen says they're her friends and she wants to help them. Jennifer says she didn't ask for help. Kristen laughs it off. Jennifer questions why everyone thinks they know what she should do. Kristen says Jennifer and Daniel are in love and could one day get married. Kristen says not many people get to do that and really be in love. Kristen advises Jennifer not to be an idiot and blow it like she did.

Gabi tells Nick that she will wait for Justin's call and adds that she won't be happy when it comes. Nick removes his ring and tells her that it was the happiest day of his life. Gabi says bye and exits. Nick then says goodbye Gabi.

Kate thanks Kayla for everything she's done. Kayla tells her that she doesn't have to leave. Kate feels she does since if Rafe doesn't remember then it would upset him and she doesn't want to do that. Kate says Gabi is on her way for him and then exits. Abe approaches Kayla. Kayla talks about some people surprising her.

Daniel goes to the rectory and asks Eric for a moment. Nicole asks if it's the toxicology reports and if Eric is going to be okay. Eric tells her that they have to do this alone. Nicole agrees to exit. Daniel asks Eric how he's feeling. Eric says he's fantastic and never better. Eric assume Daniel has good news.

Kristen apologizes for going off on Jennifer even though she feels it's the truth as she doesn't want Jennifer to miss out on something perfect like she did. Jennifer doesn't think their situations compared. They joke about not comparing each other. Kristen insists they are more alike than she thinks. Kristen talks about taking risks. She says in the end her only truth was that she loved Brady but it didn't matter because of all her previous lies. Jennifer says she's not lying. Kristen says Jennifer is pushing him away. Brady jogs nearby and stops to listen in. Kristen tells Jennifer to please believe that she could lose her dreams and any bit of happiness like she did when she lost Brady.

Nick meets with Kate at the town square. Kate informs him that the lab is really excited about the formula he passed along to her. Kate adds that Nick should get a profit from royalties but Nick declines. Kate says it's the right thing to do so Nick agrees. Kate admits it felt good to fire her but tells him to come to her first with any other ideas. Nick asks Kate why she isn't at the hospital with Rafe. Kate says she's decided to keep her distance so Rafe can get his bearings. Kate mentions Rafe thinking that Sami shot him. Nick brings up a time when he thought Sami was going to shoot him. Kate questions it. Nick says it's his fault since he threatened her but Sami pulled out a gun. Nick then quickly exits.

Gabi goes to see Rafe at the hospital. Gabi sits with him as he wakes up. Gabi tells him it's been awhile but he's safe. Rafe looks at Gabi and notices she's not pregnant. Gabi tells him that she had the baby and put a picture of her by his bed every day. Gabi shows Rafe the picture of his niece Arianna and says she can't wait to meet him.

Kristen tells Jennifer that she'll never have another chance with Brady so there's no point in trying or hoping. Jennifer says she's sorry. Kristen says she's decided she's not someone that can experience real love since she kills it every time like with Brady. Kristen says she should've known that it wouldn't last because it was so perfect as Brady continues listening in. Kristen calls Brady her one chance at joy which is all she ever really wanted in her life. Kristen says she ruined it. She says she was so blinded by hatred that she didn't see his beautiful love in front of her. Kristen says when she decided to change completely, it was already over forever. Jennifer tells her she's sorry. Kristen thanks her. Kristen says she will have to live with it for the rest of her life. Kristen calls herself a downer and a buzzkill but asks Jennifer to listen to what she said because Daniel's worth it. They then walk on together. Brady tells himself not to get sucked in. Brady calls for cold water and rushes to the lake.

Gabi wants to tell Rafe so much but doesn't want to tire him. Rafe says the baby is so beautiful. Gabi says it's Arianna Grace Horton and she's going to love him just as much as she does.

Daniel tells Eric that there are no toxins in his body and he doesn't think it's a virus. Daniel says the reports show to him that someone didn't want it to be found. They wonder who it could be. Daniel says there's no other theory other than that he was deliberately poisoned.

Kristen and Jennifer walk through the town square. They agree to go home. Jennifer is glad they talked and hugs her goodbye then exits. Kristen realizes she lost her bracelet. She says it's all she had left and goes back to look for it.

Nicole calls Brady from outside the Pub and leaving a message wondering if he's as lonely as she is tonight. She asks if he thinks cutting off their friends with benefits thing was a mistake and tells him to call her back.

Brady gets out of the lake. He goes to get his clothes but finds Kristen's bracelet nearby. Brady recalls that he gave it to her. Brady then looks up as Kristen appears in front of him.

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