Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/12/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/12/13


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Eric asks what Kristen is doing at the rectory. She says she came to share something with him and hopes it's not a bad time. Eric says it's a little hectic. Kristen thinks back to editing her video. Kristen says she hates to add to the drama but some things can't be helped.

Kate asks Cameron why Rafe is asleep again. Cameron says he was in a coma for a long time so it may be his defense right now. Kate thinks back to Rafe waking up to ask why Sami is trying to kill him.

Abigail walks by the Pub and stops to look inside where she sees Chad. She goes inside where Chad is leaving a message for Cameron to meet him at the Pub. Abigail approaches and asks him to please not to do this.

Adrienne talks with Sonny at the coffeehouse, warning him about being on the DiMera hit list because of Justin. Sonny doesn't want to be in the middle. She tells him to be careful. Adrienne notes that he looks tired. Sonny says he just stayed out late and had to open this morning. Sonny adds that Will stayed home with Arianna. Adrienne questions him going out alone.

Will is at home with Arianna. Brent arrives looking for Sonny, saying he left his watch in his car last night.

Kristen tells Eric that it's not about Brady but someone else.

Kayla talks with Abe at the hospital. Abe calls it a bad week, month, and year. Abe says he's relieved that Sami is not going to trial but morale at the department is low after Bernardi's death. Abe says they need some really good news to get through this. Abe hopes that Rafe will be okay and asks when they will know. Kayla sees Cameron come out with Kate and goes to find out if he knows anything new.

Kristen says Eric must not have heard about EJ and Stefano. Eric is sure it puts her in an uncomfortable position. Kristen says it brought her to him. Eric doesn't understand. Kristen hates to impose on his time and says she's kind of embarrassed that she finds herself in need of spiritual nourishment. She says she's alone since Brady dumped her like when she was exiled in Salem the first time. Kristen says she thought she found answers but found it was a big farce. She tells him that it's not about Brady but about Marlena. Eric does not want to go there again. Kristen talks about having her dreams crushed and asks if Eric understands. She says maybe someday he will and it could happen sooner than he thinks.

Chad asks Abigail what she's talking about. Abigail tells him that talking to Cameron is a bad idea because it's not his decision to make. Chad asks whose decision it is then. Abigail says it's hers.

Lucas goes to see Will. Will introduces him to Brent. Lucas goes to see Arianna. Brent offers to go to the coffeehouse to see Sonny but Will says he'll be home soon. Will asks how it was last night. Brent says it was great as he hadn't been to a party like that since the last time he went out with Sonny. Brent asks about Will's night. Will said he just slept. Will thanks Brent for bringing the watch by and he exits.

Adrienne tells Sonny that it's great that he went out and is having a social life again. Sonny argues that he never stopped having one. She is relived that he might get a little of his old life back. She says he's too young to be trapped in the apartment. Sonny says he's exactly where he wants to be. Sonny tells her that he, Will, and Gabi take turns doing everything so he's not being taken advantage of. Will adds that sometimes they have fun. Adrienne says she gets it but she thinks younger people should go out and meet other young people. Sonny tells her that he doesn't want or need to meet new people because she'd only be happy if he broke up with Will. Sonny tells her that's not happening now or ever. Adrienne tells him to stop being so defensive as she never said that. She says she just wants him to have fun and excitement in his life. She says a little while ago, Sonny's life was simple and he was happy.

Cameron says Rafe has shown no change. Kate asks if that's bad. Kayla says there's no indications of more stress. Kate blames it on Sami. Abe asks why Rafe would react that way to Sami. Cameron goes for his lunch break. Kate says Sami will always find a way back to Rafe's room. Kayla isn't sure they should ban Sami from Rafe's room since she's caused their only communication with Rafe. Kate then reveals he talked to her too. Kayla questions her not thinking that was important to share and asks what he said.

Sonny sits with Adrienne as she tells him that she doesn't want to upset him or cause him stress but she feels that he's settled into a situation. Sonny questions that and says he's living with the guy he loves so everything about his life is great. Sonny assures her that he's in a great place. Brent shows up and apologizes for keeping Sonny out so late but hopes it was worth it as Adrienne smiles hearing that.

Kate tells Kayla and Abe that Rafe wasn't agitated as he feels safe with her. They want to know what he said. Kate reveals that he asked why Sami tried to kill him.

Chad questions Abigail thinking this should be her decision and asks what she's talking about. Chad informs her that EJ asked him to move back in to the DiMera Mansion since he threw Stefano out. Chad says that is what he wanted to talk to Cameron about and realizes that she thought he wanted to talk to him about her. Chad jokes with her and jokingly repeats that Abigail is his as Cameron enters and asks if they're talking about him.

Adrienne greets Brent and says he hasn't changed at all. Brent mentions needing some caffeine after last night. Adrienne is glad to hear this. Brent mentions telling Will about the rave. Sonny says he was going to tell him anyways. Adrienne asks Brent what he's been up to. Brent says he's been traveling through the UK. Adrienne asks Brent about staying in Salem.

Lucas asks Will about how things are going and asks where Gabi is. Will says she's in class and everything is going great. Lucas questions what Sonny is doing partying with another guy. Will says they are friends. Lucas questions it. Will says not everything is about sex. Lucas asks why Sonny thinks it would be cool to leave him alone while he parties. Will says he told him to.

Eric asks Kristen what she's getting at. She asks if he ever has doubts. Eric says everyone does. Kristen says there's so little in life that truly lasts. Kristen says it's so important to keep an eye on the prize they're after. She asks what's the point of trying when she's going to Hell. Kristen says she will never be redeemed so she feels free. Kristen talks about focusing on herself and her needs. Kristen declares she can't deny herself any longer and that's why she's there. Eric thinks she's having trouble saying what she wants to tell him. Kristen supposes that's true. Eric asks if she wants to make a confession. Kristen says it's nothing that formal but she just wants to get something off her chest to him. She calls him a great listener among many other talents. Eric tells her to talk to him and she can tell him anything. Kristen tells him to be careful what he wishes for.

Lucas questions Will telling Sonny to go out with an old friend while he stayed home with the baby. Will talks about Sonny's old life. Lucas talks about Will growing up and says he's very mature. Lucas talks about being a young father and how Sami has 4 children and still acts like a 12 year old. Lucas says goodbye and exits.

Brent exits so Sonny tells Adrienne to stop trying to push them together because he's with Will. Sonny tells her it's his life. She tells him to do whatever he wants. She talks about Brent being into architecture so he should meet Victor. Sonny thinks she's trying to say he's everything Will isn't. Sonny says he loves Will and Will loves him. Sonny adds that Will is a great guy. Adrienne wants the best for him. Sonny says he has the best and their family is working. Sonny tells her to make a choice to either accept them or forget about them as he goes back to work.

Kristen tells Eric that she just came to make a simple request. She asks if her invitation to the reception with the bishop get lost in the mail despite her contributions. Eric says it's a very small reception. Kristen says she's lost a lot so it would mean so much to her.

Cameron sits with Chad and Abigail and jokes about hearing Chad talking about a duel. Chad wants his advice. Abigail starts to leave but Chad stops her and wants her take on it too. Chad says EJ and Kristen both asked him to move back in since EJ kicked Stefano out. Chad says normally he'd talk to Lexie about it. Cameron says he's settling for him. Abigail asks if he talked to Will and Sonny since Will lived there. Chad says he's tried but they have so much going on and he needs to make a decision. Chad says he trusts their judgment.

Kayla asks Kate if there's anything else she should know. Kate says she wasn't trying to hide anything as they said he could be confused and delusional. Abe questions if she's trying to protect Sami. Kate just wants Rafe to be safe. Kayla says they could've had a better idea of his recovery if they knew what he said. Kate says he's going to wake up. Kayla says he's extremely fragile. A nurse tells them that Rafe is starting to come around again. Kate convinces Kayla to let her come along after promising to not upset him.

Eric reminds Kristen that Brady and Marlena will be at the reception and he wants to avoid that. Kristen says they'll always run into each other and laughs it off. Kristen says the school wouldn't have happened without her contributions. She promises not to cause a scene but Eric isn't sure that he can believe her. Kristen thinks a cordial relationship with benefit everyone. Ciara and another kid enter as Ciara hugs Eric. Ciara notes that she did not know Kristen and Eric were friends. Kristen comments on it being a small town. Ciara introduces Eric to her friend Jamie who is also going to St. Luke's school. Jamie hopes leaving his old school changes his life. Eric asks what he's looking forward to the most. Ciara notes that he's never had a computer in his classroom or the playground. Eric assures him he'll be safe and asks if they are ready for the VIP tour. Eric sends them to bring in their baseball gloves. Eric exits with the kids as Kristen asks what the picture of Jesus is looking at.

Chad says he feels the need to be there for EJ and Kristen. They ask about Stefano not taking it well. Chad thanks them for the advice and says he needs more time to think. Cameron asks if he's followed up with the doctor about his head after his hit at the lake. Cameron thinks he should get it checked out but Chad promises he's fine. Chad thanks them for the advice and exits. Abigail calls it awkward. Cameron kisses her on the cheek and says he has to get back to work. They tell each other to have a good day as Cameron exits.

Sonny returns home as Will puts Arianna to sleep. Sonny mentions Brent told him he stopped by and apologizes for not telling him about the rave as he was sleeping. Will tells him everything's fine. They talk about being glad Sonny got his watch back and they kiss.

Adrienne runs into Lucas at the town square. She mentions being with Parker and how he'll want to have a play date with Arianna. Lucas talks about just seeing her. Adrienne pulls out her phone to show Lucas the video of Will with Arianna.

Kayla, Abe, and Kate join in Rafe's room. Rafe wakes up and Kayla greets him. Rafe nods that he recognizes Kayla and Kate. Kayla tells him that he doesn't need to say much but asks if he knows where he is. Rafe then asks why.

Will holds Arianna. Sonny suggests next time there's a party, he'll stay while Will goes. Will says he's not really into that scene. Sonny then suggests Gabi can stay home while they go on a romantic date. They agree to make it happen. Sonny goes to take a shower. Will holds Arianna and looks at Sonny's watch.

Adrienne's phone battery dies before she can show Lucas the video so she says she'll send it to him later. Lucas thanks her for being so great about the baby. Adrienne asks him to say that to Sonny since he's finding fault in everything she does. Lucas says that's all her and he can't help. Adrienne says Will is a great kid but asks Lucas how he would feel if it was Sonny's baby and Will was with him while she had just killed someone in the hospital. She asks how excited he would be and says that's her point as she walks away.

Kristen talks to the photo of Jesus about how she knows Eric is a good man but she was made this way by losing love. She screams about her burning hatred that she has to get rid of in only one way. She shouts that the right way doesn't work as she throws her purse against the wall in frustration with her tablet inside.

Kayla tells Rafe to just focus on getting better. Rafe says he needs to know why. Kayla suggests Abe tell him why he's in the hospital. Abe assumes the last thing he remembers is going down the alley. Rafe thinks back to his dream of running into Sami outside the coffeehouse. Abe explains how Rafe was hit in the alley. Rafe continues thinking of his dream where he walks away from Sami and she shoots the gun. Rafe asks why Sami shot him. Kayla tells him to stay calm. Rafe keeps asking why she shot him. Abe rushes out for help as Kate watches on while Kayla tries to keep him calm.

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