Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/11/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/11/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen finishes taking photos of Eric's test results and puts her phone in her purse. Daniel catches Kristen going through Eric's test results and questions what in the hell she's doing. Daniel accuses her of breaking the law.

Eric thinks back to being at the hotel front desk where Kristen was in a wig. He wonders why he's thinking about that right now. Jennifer enters and asks if he's okay.

Adrienne questions Justin as to when he was going to tell her that he was in with the DiMeras. Justin says he has to go to a meeting but she accuses him of getting their entire family in trouble.

EJ tells Sami that he's in control of everything from the company to the house. Sami calls it impossible since it would take years. EJ says it took him five months. Sami questions him planning this the entire time they've been together and not telling her. EJ says it doesn't matter as it's done. Sami asks how Stefano reacted. EJ laughs and said he was furious and that Stefano thinks he'll come crawling back. Sami looks away. EJ doesn't think she can be upset about this but Sami thinks she has every right to be upset that he hid from her and was destroying their lives.

Kristen tells Daniel that it wasn't illegal as it was just there and she couldn't help herself. Daniel refuses to forgive her.

Eric tells Jennifer that he was just thinking and assures her that she's not interrupting. Jennifer shows him the press release to look over before she sends it out. Eric says it looks great. Jennifer talks about wishing JJ could've gone to St. Luke's school. Jennifer notes that Eric is looking pale and hopes he isn't working too hard. Eric thinks back to his last shivering incident and tells Jennifer that he's fine.

Justin tells Adrienne that he hasn't done anything wrong. She talks about helping EJ oust Stefano and how now Stefano will be out for revenge against their family.

EJ questions Sami saying he destroyed their lives and says he did the exact opposite by improving their lives. Sami says he's lost his mind. EJ says he just pulled off the coup of the century and improved their lives. EJ asks if she grasps exactly what he has done. EJ says he's achieved the impossible and assured that her kids will have a life free from the worry. Sami responds that she's more worried now than she's ever been. Sami questions EJ feeling that he pulled off the coup of the century and she calls him a fool.

Daniel says Kristen is invading his privacy and snooping in confidential medical files. Kristen claims she wasn't looking at those but on the letter from Jennifer that he left on the desk. Daniel is still upset about it. Kristen admits it's not her business but says she doesn't want to see them going through a rough patch. Kristen admits she overstepped but says her heart is in the right place and asks Daniel if he believes her. Kristen says she knows heartbreak more than anyone and doesn't want to see it happen to her friends. Daniel tells her that she's not in the best position to offer heartbreak advice. Daniel asks her to leave as he has a lot of work to do. Kristen goes to leave as Maggie arrives. Kristen exits and Maggie asks why she was there. Daniel says she was trying to smooth things out between he and Jennifer. Maggie is surprised that she agrees with Kristen. Daniel wants them both to stay out of it. Outside of Daniel's, Kristen checks her phone with pictures of the test results and says she's almost home free.

Eric tells Jennifer that Daniel is still running tests since they aren't sure what made him sick. She says he's lucky to have a doctor that cares so much then looks down. Eric asks if she's okay as he saw Daniel earlier. Eric asks if he can do anything. Jennifer says prayers would be accepted for JJ. She talks about JJ getting kicked out of boarding school and how they've been dealing with issues ever since he came home. Eric assures her that she's a great mother. Eric says everyone needs someone to believe in them. Eric mentions hearing his cousin Theresa is her new assistant.

Theresa greets Caroline at the Pub. Caroline asks what took her so long to come by and see her. Theresa thinks back to getting some of JJ's stash. She says she just had some things to take care of.

Justin tells Adrienne that he wouldn't put his family in danger. Adrienne complains about Justin getting Sami off free and now getting involved in EJ's mob business. Justin stops her and assures her that he did nothing illegal. She questions what's happened to him. Justin goes to leave but she stops him and says he's become an amoral bastard that doesn't care about anything but getting ahead. She questions where his self respect and integrity is. Adrienne says nothing about the DiMeras has ever been legit. She questions where this leaves them and where they go from here.

EJ warns Sami to never insult and disrespect him again. Sami says they call each other names all the time and tells him to shut up. EJ asks why she's being like this. Sami says he knew she wouldn't approve of it. EJ informs her that he didn't tell her because he knew she wouldn't be able to keep her mouth shut.

Daniel tells Maggie that their conversation about JJ was between them. Maggie apologizes for making it worse. Daniel thinks they all just need to leave it alone since he and Jennifer are taking a break. Maggie questions why but Daniel shouts that he really does not want to talk about it.

Caroline mentions having the vacant apartment above the Pub and the rent's free. Theresa says she didn't come to sponge off family. Theresa thinks her parents just wanted to get rid of her for a while. Caroline calls it a fresh start for her and asks about working for Jennifer. Theresa says they didn't really hit it off.

Jennifer tells Eric about meeting Theresa. She mentions having to get back to work. Eric knows it must be hard for her to see Daniel at the hospital. Eric mentions relationship counseling and how it can be difficult to work through if they don't talk. Eric suggests it as something they need to do together.

Daniel apologizes to Maggie for hurting her feelings but says it would help most if she didn't help. Maggie says she understands. Maggie tells him that she's known Jennifer longer than him and insists that she doesn't want to be alone right now.

Eric tells Jennifer that putting her son first does not mean she has to exclude everyone else from her life. He encourages her to tell Daniel that she loves him if she does.

Maggie tells Daniel to be honest with Jennifer and tell her that he loves her. Daniel picks up his phone.

Jennifer holds onto her phone.

Justin asks Adrienne if she has a problem with Victor's business. Adrienne says Justin turned it into something they could be proud of. Justin doesn't care what people are saying about EJ because everything they did was on the up and up. Justin calls it hypocritical for her to be on moral ground about it. Adrienne shouts about how Sonny is with Will, who's mother is about to marry EJ and questions if that doesn't bother him. Justin says he doesn't as he trusts Sonny to make the right decisions but he can't say the same about her as he storms out.

Sami tells EJ that she's the best liar and secret keeper. Sami questions EJ planning to take out Stefano instead of being in bed with her and brings up all of his mysterious e-mails and texts. EJ thinks she would've been worried if she knew so he was trying to protect her. EJ adds that he was protecting himself from being driven crazy by her. Sami calls it unfair. EJ tells her that she has the world at her feet but instead of celebrating, she's bitching and moaning about not being involved in the planning. Sami says EJ is missing the point that he left her out because she would've never agreed to it. Sami declares that Stefano is now going to dedicate himself to getting revenge against him, her, and their children. EJ tells her to listen for a second instead of running her mouth. Sami says she has been listening and that's the problem. EJ screams that he has the power and Stefano has nothing. EJ asks what she wants him to do for her to grasp it. EJ tells her that everything of any importance is all his. Sami asks about Stefano's pride and if he took that from him too. Sami asks about Stefano's need for revenge and if he's forgotten what he was holding over them or if he just doesn't care. Sami tells him that Stefano won't just crawl away and disappear but will plan for vengeance. Sami brings up Stefano having evidence that could put Will in prison. Sami shouts that EJ was too busy with his daddy issues to realize that she might lose her son forever.

Jennifer stands outside the rectory looking at Daniel's number on her phone.

Daniel sits at home looking at Jennifer's number on his phone.

Jennifer worries about sending Daniel mixed messages.

Daniel tells Maggie that Jennifer is the one who wanted the break so unless he hears otherwise, he has to respect that. Daniel puts down his phone while Jennifer puts her phone back in her purse.

Caroline asks Theresa about not hitting it off with Jennifer. Theresa says she has to get going for her first day at work. Caroline tells her to stop by anytime. Theresa mentions seeing Caroline at the hospital in California and she's glad she's doing better. Caroline tells her that she can always talk to her. They hug and say they love one another as Theresa then exits.

Kristen meets with her doctor contact outside of the town square. She asks if he got the photos she e-mailed. She asks if it shows anything. He says it doesn't as the masking agents did their job and the drugs remain undetectable. Kristen declares that she only has one more thing to do and it will all come out when and where she wants to the people she wants to show it to.

EJ tells Sami that Stefano won't reveal the evidence because that would reveal that Bernardi worked for him and adds that he likes Will. Sami worries about Stefano hurting whoever they love. EJ screams that they don't have to worry about Stefano anymore. Sami says EJ is a fool if he doesn't think Stefano is going to come at him with guns blazing. EJ asks if he's such a fool and careless and if he doesn't love her and their kids enough then what is she doing marrying him.

Outside the town square, Kristen meets with the woman she had edit the video of her and Eric. Kristen asks for her tablet back. She thinks it looks like soft porn. Kristen wants her to assure her that nobody will be able to tell the video was edited. Kristen says she worked very hard on it and it has to be a hit.

Daniel and Maggie play with Parker. Daniel thanks Maggie for taking care of Parker. Maggie says she loves spending time with them. Daniel mentions wanting answers for Eric. Maggie asks if it really matters if he's recovered. Daniel doesn't want anything to happen to him because he misses something right in front of his face.

Theresa rushes into Jennifer's office to try and make it on time. Jennifer brings up her not going to HR to fill her forms out. Jennifer suggests she doesn't get on Anne's bad side. Jennifer tells her to make sure she doesn't clock in before she starts working. Theresa says she went to see Caroline. Theresa thinks Jennifer just wants to lay down the law and she thinks she's still upset about her being with JJ the other night. Jennifer doesn't believe her story about that and asks for the truth.

Sami says she knows EJ loves her and the kids. EJ asks why she agreed to marry him. Sami says she loves him. EJ asks why she loves him. Sami says he shows her a side of him that nobody else sees. EJ asks if she loves the other part of him that is strong and ruthless. EJ declares that everything he does for his family. EJ shouts that he's more powerful than Stefano. Sami calls him the most powerful man she's ever known as they get aggressive and start kissing. Sami pushes him back onto the chair and they continue kissing.

Daniel gets a call from his specialist and says he's been going over the test results but he has nothing so this is his last hope. Daniel asks if he can tell him for sure if Eric was poisoned.

Kristen says the video needs to look like raw footage. She assures her that it is. Kristen pays her off and the woman exits. Kristen says that karma is a bitch and coming after Marlena.

Eric goes to the Pub and Caroline gives him soup. Caroline mentions Theresa coming by. Eric is looking forward to catching up with her. Caroline notes that she looked wonderful and wonders if that could be a curse or a blessing. Caroline says Eric being handsome should know more about that than most.

Theresa tells Jennifer that she and JJ are friendly and he's a really good kid. Jennifer says she loves her family and is happy they found her a position so she wants this to work out. Jennifer says they will put the other day behind them as it will never happen again. Jennifer says she has some work for her to do while waiting in HR. Jennifer tells her that she will make friends at work and set up a whole life in Salem. Jennifer brings up JJ being in high school and how he's about to begin his senior year which she shouldn't have interest in. Theresa asks if she wants her to stay away from JJ.

Maggie and Adrienne play with Parker at the Kiriakis Mansion. Parker says baby so Maggie checks the bag and gives him the baby doll. They talk about Parker playing with Arianna when they are older. Adrienne goes to her phone to get a picture of Arianna.

EJ and Sami lay on the couch after having sex. They talk about the portrait of them hanging on the wall. EJ talks about being sure of himself and sure he wanted to share everything with her. EJ wants Sami to tell him that she doesn't doubt him and that she knows he did the right thing.

Jennifer tells Theresa to use her time wisely as she exits her office. Theresa sits back down and looks at JJ's stash in her purse. She says she may be Jennifer's from 9 to 5 but at home, her life is all hers.

Adrienne shows Parker the video of Will with Arianna on her phone. Adrienne gets up to help Maggie with tea as her phone switches to the next video of Sami struggling with Bernardi.

EJ tells Sami that Stefano will never hurt them or their family again and if he does, he'll kill him. Sami says she loves him. EJ says he did this for her and they joke about not letting revenge go to waste. EJ tells her that they are going to be the most compelling power couple. EJ says they are going to have a very different and very happy ending.

Parker watches the video of Sami and Bernardi on Adrienne's phone as Adrienne is with Maggie.

The specialist tells Daniel that he found nothing at all and is sure there is nothing they are missing. Daniel thanks him for his help and hangs up. Daniel says it just doesn't make sense but he's not giving up.

Eric returns to the rectory on the phone, saying he feels fantastic and will see them later. He hangs up. Kristen enters and says she just wanted to share something with him.

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