Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/10/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/10/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami enters Rafe's room at the hospital where he is asleep. Sami greets him and asks if he can hear her. Rafe begins to have the same dream about Sami. Sami doesn't think Rafe is upset with her.

Chad enters the DiMera Mansion and goes in to see EJ having Stefano's portrait removed. Chad tells him that Stefano's going to lose it. EJ informs him that Stefano has already lost it as DiMera Enterprises is no longer his and this is no longer his home.

Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Brady. She gives him his mail and says she came to pick up his donation. Nicole starts to talk and then asks Brady what's wrong.

At the Rectory, Eric talks to Maggie about the school opening. Maggie brings up hearing that Eric got sick.

Kristen meets with her doctor contact outside the town square. She worries about the toxin from the vile not being undetectable. He assures her it won't be found but she calls him an idiot. He says the chances of the drug being detected are miniscule. He wants to look at the lab results.

Daniel talks on the phone, saying he faxed the lab results as he thinks he found the key to Eric's illness.

Gabi and Kate talk with Cameron at the hospital about Rafe. Cameron says coma patients can have very vivid dreams. Cameron says it could take weeks as Rafe's memory will be fuzzy for awhile.

Sami sits at Rafe's bedside and tells him he needs to wake up as he's missed out on so much. Sami mentions Rafe needing to explain how he ended up with Kate since he couldn't have been that desperate. Rafe dreams about being in bed with Kate. Sami goes over possibilities of how Rafe ended up with Kate. Sami then says he should focus on happy memories and adds that Kate doesn't deserve Rafe as sleeping with her almost got him killed.

Daniel continues talking on the phone about the results. Daniel says if Eric has been poisoned, they need to be on it.

Kristen finishes a call, saying she will call Daniel tomorrow. She hangs up and says she'll get in his face today. The doctor questions Kristen but she tells him to shut up and wait for her call.

Sami continues talking to Rafe about how Johnny, Sydney, and Allie have been drawing pictures for him. Sami hopes Rafe can give Johnny his FBI jacket still. Rafe moves so Sami wonders if he can hear her. Rafe then wakes up and sees Sami.

EJ continues instructing his men to remove Stefano's things. EJ tells Chad about what happened and how Stefano is ousted so now EJ is the new CEO. EJ says he has taken control of everything. Chad asks if Stefano knows about it. EJ laughs and says he had the great pleasure to tell him to his face. Chad questions EJ not telling him that Stefano was back in town. EJ says he didn't know Stefano was back until he walked in. Chad asks how EJ pulled it off. Chad then says all that matters is that EJ got Stefano. Chad figures Stefano must've been livid. EJ says there was nothing Stefano could do because he's won.

Eric tells Maggie that he's fine now thanks to Daniel. Maggie asks if she can help with the school opening in any way. Eric tells her that she can and it has to do with Nicole.

Brady shows Nicole the adoption papers he had drawn up for he and Kristen which upset him. Nicole starts to rip them up but Brady stops her and says he can handle things. Nicole insists on calling the adoption agency but Brady won't let her. Nicole wonders why he won't let her. Nicole tells Brady not to think about getting back with Kristen.

Daniel continues going over lab reports. He gets up and opens a drawer where he finds an old letter from Jennifer. Daniel shakes his head and puts it back then goes back to his reports until there's a knock at the door and it's Kristen. Kristen apologizes for bothering him at home but says it can't wait.

Eric talks to Maggie about things being tense between Victor and Nicole. They agree to make sure Victor and Nicole remain on their best behavior. Maggie notes Nicole being Eric's first love. Eric calls it a long time ago. Maggie says things have changed but it's nice that they look out for each other. Eric credits Nicole for saving the school and his life.

Brady tells Nicole that he's not planning to get back with Kristen. Nicole wants to know why he won't let her call the adoption agency to cancel. Brady admits that it makes no sense. Nicole talks about how Kristen is a worthless user that couldn't care about everything Brady did for her. Brady says he saw the look in Kristen's face when he showed her the adoption papers and he knows she cared. Brady says Jennifer saw it too. Brady says that he knows Kristen came to love him. Nicole tells him to stop buying Kristen's lies.

Kristen tries to talk to Daniel about he and Jennifer going on a break. Daniel tries to say he has to work. Kristen wants to help things and asks if it's about JJ but Daniel says it's none of her business and he has work to do so he opens the door for her to leave.

EJ and Chad continue discussing EJ's takeover. EJ mentions that Sami doesn't know yet.

Sami tells Rafe that Gabi will be there soon and will hopefully bring Arianna with her. Sami assures him that Arianna is healthy and strong and got to go home like Rafe will soon. Sami says it's so nice to see Rafe's eyes after how close he came. Sami then says thank God she had that gun. Rafe remains in a confused state and again dreams of Sami firing a gun causing his monitors to go off again. Cameron rushes in with Gabi and Kate, telling Sami to leave. Sami insists that Rafe was trying to tell her something as Kate tells her she needs to leave.

Chad questions Sami not knowing about EJ's corporate takeover of the decade. EJ says Sami has been busy and he couldn't talk about this over the past few months so that Stefano couldn't figure out. Chad still can't believe EJ took out Stefano. EJ mentions Kate's affair with Rafe driving Stefano mad. Chad notes seeing Stefano the night he tried to have Rafe killed.

Sami tells Gabi and Kate that Rafe was trying to tell her something but he couldn't because they jumped all over him. Sami mentions telling Rafe about Arianna. Gabi realizes that the only Arianna that Rafe would be thinking about is their dead sister so he must be confused. Sami apologizes if that's what happens. Gabi asks why Sami was even in Rafe's room. Kate says Sami just does what she wants. Gabi compares it to Sami sneaking into her room when she was pregnant and driving her crazy. Kate says Sami always has excuses. Gabi says Sami always makes it about her. Kate adds that Sami always does what she wants regardless of who she hurts.

EJ pours champagne for he and Chad before the men remove the big portrait of Stefano and they toast to it's removal. EJ says Stefano won't be missed.

Cameron tells Gabi that Rafe is doing much better and sends her to go see him. Sami calls this ridiculous since she saved Rafe's life. Kate says now Sami is trying to kill him.

Brady tells Nicole that he's not buying anything and maybe the adoption has nothing to do with Kristen. Brady then apologizes to Nicole for being insensitive about her not having a child. Nicole says it's hard to let go. Brady asks if she's ever considered adoption. Nicole says maybe she's just not meant to be a parent. Brady hugs her and tells her that he thinks she'd be a great parent. Nicole says he would be too.

Kristen asks Daniel for a moment because Jennifer is her only friend and she doesn't want her to miss out on happiness. Kristen compares it to when she helped Daniel and Jennifer through the Chloe situation. Daniel says this is no misunderstanding as Jennifer asked for the break. Kristen tells Daniel to let her help. Daniel questions who she really wants to help and says it's not he or Jennifer. Daniel says he figured as much when he saw her with Eric and he declares that he knows what she's really up to.

Chad and EJ continue their discussion. EJ says there will be some changes and things will be different. EJ wants the DiMera Mansion to be a real home. He wants everyone there and them to be a family. EJ says he wants Chad to live there as it's a big place and he can have his own wing plus the kids adore him so it will be fun. Chad says he'll have to think about it. Chad gets up feeling dizzy but says it must be the champagne and he's good. EJ hugs him and thanks him for coming. EJ tells Chad that he's welcome any time as he exits. EJ's men return with a new portrait that EJ calls perfect.

Kate tells Sami to go. Sami refuses to take orders from her. Kate says the doctors said she would upset Rafe. Sami thinks the situation was overblown. Cameron returns and agrees that Sami agitates Rafe and puts him in danger so she can not go in there or else security will call police. Kate tells Sami to go home to EJ and her children because that's where she belongs now while they take care of Rafe. Sami questions this being where Kate belongs as she walks away.

Nicole tells Brady that they are having a party for the new school. Brady keeps looking at the adoption papers. Nicole thinks he's holding on to something that is just going to hurt him. She tells him to stop torturing himself as he deserves to be happy. Nicole kisses him on the cheek and says she'll see him later as she then exits. Brady continues looking over the papers.

Kristen asks Daniel what he's talking about. Daniel thinks she's trying to score points with Brady by helping him and checking on Eric. Daniel says her concern is appreciated but he's not getting in between she and Brady. Kristen talks about her helping Daniel and Jennifer the last time and how they had fun in Chicago. Kristen says it's the closest she ever felt to friends and love. Kristen says she and Brady were in love but she was too stupid to know it. Kristen wishes she could rewind and start all over again but she lost Brady for good and she knows there's no going back.

Gabi talks to Kate about how she can't find a babysitter. Kate tells her not to worry as she will be there for Rafe. Gabi exits as Chad arrives. Kate greets him and asks how he is. Chad says he's freaked out but maybe in a good way. Kate asks why. Chad tells her that it's Stefano. Kate asks if he's dead. Chad informs her that EJ pulled a corporate takeover and kicked Stefano out of his own company which shocks Kate.

Sami returns home to the DiMera Mansion. EJ greets her as Sami complains about everyone blaming her for everything at the hospital. Sami says Gabi, Kate, and Cameron were ganging up on her and barred her from seeing Rafe. EJ tries to calm her down. Sami says she was just trying to help. EJ tells her not to worry and kisses her. EJ says he has a little something that might cheer up and he takes her into the living room. He asks if she notices anything different. Sami says she doesn't notice anything as she walks into the room. Sami then turns around and sees Stefano's portrait has been replaced by a large portrait of EJ and Sami.

Maggie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Brady how great the new school is. Maggie notes that he's distracted and asks if he has bad news. Brady calls it a wakeup call. Maggie takes him into the living room so he can tell her about it. Brady talks about AA meetings giving warnings about transferring drug and alcohol addicitions to other things. Brady wonders if one can be addicted to love. Maggie doesn't think real love jerks one around. Brady tells her that he feels like he's in withdrawal like he can't let go.

Nicole goes to the Rectory as Eric started to pick up the phone but stopped. Eric says he's sure Daniel would call him if he had any news on his test results. Nicole asks if he's okay. Eric says he's fine but he feels he has to get to the bottom of this. Nicole is glad something got his attention. Nicole wants answers on what made him sick.

Daniel apologizes to Kristen and says they've all been where she is. Kristen says she can't help herself so she wants to help Jennifer. Daniel suggests Kristen go see her then. Parker calls out for Daniel from his room. Kristen decides she wants to meet Parker so Daniel goes to get him. Kristen then takes her phone from her purse and takes pictures of Eric's test results.

Chad greets Cameron at the hospital and asks if he has a minute. Cameron thinks he should get his head examined since his injury on the fourth of July. Chad says he's fine but there's some things going on that he doesn't know about. Cameron says he doesn't have time for personal stuff as he's on call but maybe later.

Kate goes to Rafe's room and sits with him. She tells him it's okay as he doesn't have to talk. Rafe asks why is Sami trying to kill him. Kate tells him he's okay and safe so he should just rest.

EJ asks Sami what she thinks. Sami thinks Stefano will freak out but EJ declares that Stefano will never step in to the house again and he's out. EJ says Stefano was the victim of a hostile takeover and he lost the company. Sami asks who would do it then realizes it was EJ. EJ admits he won the vote and Stefano is out as he's now in control of everything from the entire company to the house. Sami calls it impossible since something like that would take years of planning. EJ says it took him five months. Sami questions EJ planning this for five months and never telling her.

Maggie asks Brady about going to a meeting. Maggie says Brady discovered something smart today so he shouldn't let it slip away. Brady says he won't and he will end his downward spiral. Maggie tells him one day at a time as she hugs him. Maggie assures him it will get better and tells him to call any time. Brady thanks her as she then heads upstairs. Brady looks at the adoption papers one more time and then rips them up.

Eric tells Nicole that the programs are ready from the printer. Nicole agrees to go pick them up and asks him to call her as soon as he hears from Daniel. Nicole exits. Eric kneels down and prays for God to help him find answers as to why he's sick. Eric thinks back to being at the hotel front desk where Kristen was in a wig.

Daniel catches Kristen going through Eric's test results and questions what in the hell she's doing.

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