Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/9/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/9/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Stefano laughs at EJ but EJ calls it not a laughing matter as it's his house and he wants him out. Stefano continues laughing and calls it a mean sense of humor. EJ tells Stefano to check his phone and call the board to see if they are lying. Stefano agrees to do that to satisfy him as he continues laughing. Stefano checks his phone then gives EJ a concerned look and asks what he did. EJ calls it beating him at his own game.

Theresa introduces herself to Jennifer as her new assistant. Jennifer calls it impossible since she hired someone else. Kayla enters and reveals that Theresa is her niece.

Daniel and Maxine talk about the way Rafe came out of his coma. Daniel notes that medication was not Rafe's problem. Maxine wonders what it was.

Sami goes to the rectory and hugs Eric. Eric asks what's wrong. Sami talks about how awful it was when Rafe awoke. Eric then gets dizzy and Sami holds him up.

Kristen talks on the phone out in the park to the woman she's having edit the video of her and Eric. Kristen wants it to be perfect. Kristen hangs up and says it's just going to have to wait.

Daniel tells Maxine that he knows what upset Rafe but he can't say and he was able to remedy the situation so Rafe should make a full recovery. Maxine informs him that Eric's test results just came in. Daniel hopes it will provide the answers he needs.

Eric says he doesn't feel so good. Sami asks what happened as he was fine. Eric starts shivering. Sami hugs him and tells him he will be okay.

Theresa reveals she uses her middle name now as she is Shane and Kimberly's daughter. She talks about already meeting JJ and sits on the desk but Kayla tells her to get off. Jennifer asks to be excused for a moment alone with JJ. Theresa tells her to take her time while she handles things. Jennifer walks out with JJ. Kayla then questions what Theresa thinks she's doing.

Stefano tells EJ that DiMera Enterprises is his. EJ informs him that he's been planning it ever since Stefano came back to Salem. Stefano calls him a Judas. EJ questions Stefano thinking he would forgive him for what he did. Stefano says he was led to believe that EJ wasn't his son. EJ says Stefano was so consumed with his wounded fantasy that he sold his son. Stefano says he was in torment. EJ tells him not to rewrite his history. Stefano says he admitted his mistake and EJ said he forgave him. EJ says Stefano always taught him to keep his enemies close. Stefano asks if everything since then has been a lie. Stefano questions EJ doing this to his own father. EJ tells Stefano that he is not his father.

Kristen sees a couple nearby in the park.

Sami asks Eric what happened. He responds that he'd tell her if he knew. Eric says it feels like whatever it was is gone but it always comes back. Sami asks about it happening before. Eric notes that it's the second time and this one didn't feel as bad so maybe it's going away. Sami brings up that she asked him yesterday and he said he was fine. Sami starts to call Marlena but Eric stops her and says he has a million things to do with the school and doesn't

EJ and Stefano continue to argue. EJ talks about Stefano losing sight and focus. EJ declares the Phoenix will not rise again.

Kayla questions Theresa about treating Jennifer like dirt after she got her this job.

Jennifer questions JJ being in her office with Theresa. JJ says he was just as blown away as she was. Jennifer asks him about why she was in their house. JJ says it doesn't matter because she won't believe him anyways. Kristen arrives and greets Jennifer. Jennifer introduces her to JJ. Kristen notes that he's all grown up. JJ says at least someone thinks so. JJ tells Jennifer that her lecturing will cause him to miss class. Jennifer says she will be checking up on him as he exits. Jennifer apologizes to Kristen for that. Kristen asks if he's having a hard time adapting to life in Salem. Jennifer doesn't know if it's life in Salem or life with her. Kristen suggests talking about something happier by asking how she and Daniel are doing.

Daniel goes to the Rectory. Sami thanks him for coming so quickly and tells him that Eric was shaking. She asks if he knows what it could be. Daniel reveals he has the test results and says they are about to find out.

Kayla tells Theresa that she doesn't want to get off on the right foot but doesn't want her to continue to get in trouble. Theresa doesn't want everyone keeping an eye on her. Kayla says she better keep her job so she can get her own place. Kayla tells her to correct the bad impression she made with Jennifer because this could be her last chance.

Jennifer tells Kristen that she and Daniel are taking a break. Kristen can tell she doesn't want to talk about it. Kristen apologizes and says she's such a good person. Kristen tells her that she deserves to be happy. Jennifer responds that she wants Kristen to be happy. Kristen tells her not to worry because she moved on as she had no choice.

Daniel explains to Eric and Sami that he has the test results and consulted a toxicologist. Sami continues questioning. Eric tells her to back off as he feels fine now. Daniel suggests the side effects could be subsiding. Daniel says he will hold off on drawing conclusions as he faxed the test results to a specialist. Daniel tells Eric that Sami is angry with him for making her leave Rafe's room since her presence agitated Rafe. Eric walks Sami out of the rectory. Sami declares she's going to make sure he's okay whether he likes it or not as she walks away.

Stefano questions EJ if Sami pushed him to doing this to keep him away from the children. EJ says Sami knows nothing about it but she'll be happy after everything Stefano has done to her. Stefano claims he's done nothing. EJ brings up the misery he's caused her family and brings up Stefano trying to have Bernardi kill Rafe. Stefano asks EJ if it doesn't bother him that Sami went through all that to save Rafe. EJ says if Sami would've went to prison then Stefano's grandchildren would've grown up without a mother but that didn't matter to him. EJ says Stefano snuck out of town and only dared to come back once he and others cleaned up his mess.

Jennifer returns to her office. Kayla tells her that Theresa will work really hard and that they are both grateful. Kayla exits. Jennifer asks Theresa why she was at her house with JJ two nights ago. Theresa says she had just gotten back to Salem and so much has changed that she got lost but she recognized the house. She claims she was just asking for directions. Jennifer decides she should show her around the hospital. Jennifer adds that she's doing this because Kayla, Bo, and their family is very dear to her. Jennifer says she's happy she's here and wants this to work out. Jennifer tells her that she will buy her a map of Salem so that she doesn't show up at her house uninvited. Theresa responds that she'll need a map of the hospital too. Jennifer goes to leave with Theresa but Sami arrives. Sami recognizes Theresa and greets her with a hug, asking how she is.

Stefano doesn't know what else to say to EJ. Kristen enters and greets Stefano. Kristen asks what's going on. EJ tells her that Stefano was just about to pack his bag, get Cecily and get out of the house. Kristen questions Stefano leaving when he just got home. EJ informs her that it's no longer Stefano's house but his. EJ explains how Stefano had made his company the owner of the house but he no longer owns the company so he no longer has a right to be in the house. Kristen asks Stefano if it's true. Stefano responds that he wouldn't dream of sleeping there. Stefano tells Kristen that when the time comes, he'll get in touch with her. Stefano then exits. Kristen turns back to EJ and asks what he's done.

Eric tells Daniel the details on his latest shivering incident. Daniel wants to observe him at the hospital but Eric says he can't go because he has too much to do with the school. Daniel understands and decides to take blood from Eric. Daniel says the toxins should be working their way through. Daniel hopes the specialist will be able to identify what it is.

Kristen questions what EJ did to Stefano. EJ reveals that he's taken everything dear to Stefano and that his photo on the wall will be the first thing to go. Kristen thought he wanted them to be a real family. EJ says he lied. Kristen says her coming back to get EJ and Stefano back together was all for nothing. Kristen questions EJ never really forgiving Stefano and everything she thought was real was all a lie. Kristen says she's trying to understand. Kristen talks about forgiving and forgetting. EJ dumps a photo in the trash can. Kristen understands EJ being hurt so he hurt back.

Eric asks Daniel what's bothering him. Daniel says there's not much to tell as he thought he and Jennifer could make it through anything but he was wrong.

Sami can't believe how grown up Theresa is. Sami asks how long she's in town for. Theresa says she's moved back and now working for Jennifer. Sami calls her lucky and says Jennifer is the best boss ever.

JJ sits at home talking about Theresa as he opens his laptop and opens a picture of her.

Sami asks Theresa about her and her family. Theresa says she just remembered she has to go fill out some forms so her hospital tour will have to wait. Jennifer tells her not to get lost as Theresa exits. Theresa rolls her eyes and walks away. Sami comments that something about Theresa reminds her of herself at that age but she can't put her finger on it.

EJ compares what he's going through with Stefano to Kristen and Marlena. Kristen tells EJ to be prepared for war because Stefano won't go down lightly as she's been on the receiving end of Stefano's wrath before. EJ assures her that he's ready and then asks her whose side she's going to be on.

Theresa goes to the Horton House and tells JJ that she got his Facebook message. He asks how she ditched Jennifer. Theresa says she came up with an excuse. JJ invites her in. Theresa says Jennifer made it clear that their house is off limits. Theresa complains about Jennifer. JJ notes she took a big risk by coming. She calls herself a bad influence. JJ asks what she wants. She tells him that she thinks he knows.

Sami continues talking about Theresa being all grown up. Jennifer asks why she came. Sami asks for information on Eric as a patient. Jennifer tells her that Daniel would never discuss patient confidentiality with her and even if he did, she couldn't share it. Sami says it's really important as it's her brother and she needs to know what's wrong with him. Sami asks if Daniel said anything but Jennifer informs her that she didn't even know he was treating Eric. Jennifer suggests Sami just ask Eric. Sami apologizes and rushes out as Jennifer says she has work to do.

Kristen calls it a difficult question since she loves EJ and Stefano both so much. EJ calls that code for she will support whoever comes out on top. Kristen says she's sorry but EJ says it's okay as he wouldn't expect anything else. Sami calls EJ. EJ asks how everything is going. Sami says it's not good because Daniel kicked her out of Rafe's room and then Eric got sick. EJ asks about how Eric got sick. Sami explains that he started shaking but is now okay and Daniel checked on him. Sami mentions being sick of Daniel. EJ tells her not to worry as Daniel will figure out what's wrong with Eric as Kristen listens on.

Eric tells Daniel that Nicole said Daniel and Jennifer could make it all the way. Daniel calls it so complicated from the beginning. Eric suggests having faith. Daniel says eventually they have to face facts. Eric says sometimes they just have to believe in one another and complication subsides. Daniel says he's driven to find facts. Eric hopes he does.

EJ tells Sami that he may not like Daniel either but he's a good doctor so he won't stop until he finds out what's wrong. EJ asks if she's on her way home. Sami asks if he needs her. EJ says he always does but tells her not to worry as everything is under control. They say they love one another as they hang up. Kristen notes Sami not knowing what EJ did to Stefano. Kristen says she'll leave EJ to it as she exits the living room. Kristen goes to her purse and grabs her phone. She calls her doctor contact that delivered the vials and says she needs to see him right now in the town square. Kristen then exits the DiMera Mansion.

Jennifer returns to her office to answer the phone and it's Anne. Jennifer tells her to calm down and stop yelling as she can't understand her. Anne informs Jennifer that Theresa didn't go to human resources. Jennifer says she will take care of it and hangs up.

JJ returns to the front door with his stash and gives it to Theresa. She says she'll owe it to him when she gets her first paycheck. JJ says it's on the house. Theresa says maybe she'll be seeing him. JJ suggests meeting at her place next time. Theresa says maybe and walks away. JJ goes back inside to answer the phone from Jennifer. Jennifer is glad JJ is where he's supposed to be. She thanks him for going straight home.

Kristen meets with her doctor contact outside the town square. She worries about the toxin from the vile not being undetectable. He assures her it won't be found but she calls him an idiot.

Eric starts to pray at his desk and briefly started shaking again. Eric thanks God for helping him fight this. Eric thanks God for helping Daniel find the answers to this.

Daniel sits at home going over test results. Daniel looks concerns and checks the test results then wonders what the hell.

Sami says Daniel has no idea what he's talking about in saying that she upset Rafe. Sami suggests that Rafe probably wanted to tell her something but couldn't because Daniel was there. Sami says to herself that Daniel's not there now and nobody is so she heads towards Rafe's room.

Stefano returns to the living room. EJ tells him that Harold will get his things. Stefano declares that the day will come when EJ is on his hands and knees begging him to take back what he's stolen. Stefano exits and EJ stands looking out the side door.

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