Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/8/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/8/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe has a dream where he comes out of the coffeehouse and Sami approaches and tells him that she's so glad he's okay. Rafe says he has to go and starts to walk away. Sami says she can't and won't lose him again then fires a gun.

Jennifer runs into Daniel at the coffeehouse. She asks about Rafe. Daniel says they've started bringing him out of the coma and he's going back to the hospital to monitor him. Jennifer asks how his fourth of July was but Daniel says they are not going to do this.

JJ and Rory meet at the lake. Rory talks about Jennifer finding out. JJ doesn't care and then gets distracted as the new girl walks by from out of the lake.

Sami and EJ talk at home about being happy with no murder charges and they kiss.

Kate and Gabi follow Kayla into Rafe's hospital room as his monitors are beeping. Kate and Gabi wonder what's happening.

EJ and Sami talk about having a good day. EJ gets a call from Justin, who informs him that they have a big problem.

Stefano sits on his plane with his girlfriend Cecily and pours champagne.

Gabi asks if Rafe is coming out of his coma.

Jennifer apologizes to Daniel and agrees they can't do this. Daniel doesn't want to chat like nothing is happening. Jennifer asks how Parker is doing. Daniel mentions bringing him to see Chloe for the first time and she's doing better as they were both thrilled to see each other. Jennifer asks if that means Chloe is coming back.

Sami gets a text from Roman that they are bringing Rafe out of the coma today.

Kayla tells Gabi that Rafe's vitals are normal so he's fine. Kayla assumes he had a nightmare. Gabi wonders when he will wake up. Kayla says there's no exact process or time. Kayla mentions that Daniel is on his way back to monitor him and it shouldn't be much longer. Kate asks if she's promising that he will wake up. Rafe then dreams about waking up in bed with Kate before Stefano tries to kill him.

Stefano kisses Cecily and they toast to his homecoming.

Daniel asks if Jennifer is really worried about Chloe coming back. Daniel says she isn't anyways. Jennifer says she's not worried but wants to know what's going on in his life and Parker's. Daniel says he wants to share his life with her and how they are going to slowly share custody with Parker and he wants to know about her life and Abigail. Daniel mentions knowing how much she loves JJ but she can't have it both ways since they are supposed to be taking a break which means she wants him to stay away from her so he doesn't complicate her life with JJ. Daniel adds that they both know that him leaving her is not going to be good for JJ but worse.

Rory tells JJ that the girl is out of his league. Rory wants to talk about business but JJ says they will later now as he wants to lay low. Rory offers to be JJ's wingman and suggests he's going to crash and burn. Rory wishes him luck and walks away. JJ approaches her and jokes about her stalking him. She says she was there first and asks him about hooking her up.

Abe enters Rafe's hospital room to check on him. Kayla says she was just telling Gabi and Kate what to expect when Rafe wakes up. Kayla says Rafe may not remember where he is or how he got there. She adds that memory loss is possible but he will have more difficulty with the current time and place. Kayla says it could last a few days or weeks. Kayla says all they can do is be there for him.

EJ asks Sami if she plans to be at the hospital when Rafe awakes. Sami says no and wonders why she would be. EJ brings up Rafe being on the way to bringing Johnny his FBI jacket and assumes he'd want to thank Sami for saving his life. EJ says he recognizes that Sami still cares about Rafe on some level. Sami jokes about them growing up. Sami says she wasn't planning on going to the hospital but maybe she will. EJ tells her to take her time. Sami says he's earning points and they kiss. Sami exits. EJ then rushes back to the phone to ask Justin what is going on. Justin informs him that Mr. Shin is holding them up again and the meeting in Hong Kong has been delayed. EJ shouts that it has to happen today and tells Justin to get there now. Justin tells him not to panic. EJ hangs up and tells the photo of Stefano not to start gloating as he has a few more moves up his sleeve.

Abe joins Kayla in her office, saying he decided to let Gabi have some alone time with Rafe. Abe asks when Rafe might regain consciousness. Kayla says they aren't sure. Abe asks about the memory loss. Kayla says he could've lost the last six months or the year. Kayla wonders what this means for Kate if Rafe doesn't remember their relationship. They add that Rafe would still think he's married to Sami if he doesn't remember the past year. They talk about waiting until he wakes up.

EJ talks on the phone to Mr. Shin about DiMera Enterprises. EJ thinks they can both agree that Stefano is not who he used to be. Justin arrives. EJ finishes his call, saying he learned from Stefano to make an example of people who break their promises. Justin thinks that was heavy handed. Justin gets a call from another board member Mr. Benedict and hands the phone to EJ.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's right since he gets frustrated when things are like this. Jennifer says he doesn't mean them. Daniel talks about JJ being lost. Jennifer says JJ knows Daniel doesn't like him. Daniel says JJ is terrorizing her by making her give up someone she loves. Jennifer tells him to see how it feels when Parker is a teenager. Jennifer says she knows she's being manipulated but it's her son. Daniel says he has to keep his distance from her and begs her to do the same as it's only fair. Daniel adds that she can't bury her true feelings. Daniel then exits the coffeehouse. Jennifer thinks back to arguing with Daniel about going on a break. Jennifer gets a phone call and says she's JJ's mother and then asks what he did.

JJ asks the girl for her name and she tells him it's Theresa. JJ calls it a start to being friends and wants to know more about her. She says she has something to get to. JJ offers to help her with it. JJ asks for a phone number or a facebook. She tells him that she'll find him if she needs him as she walks away. JJ gets a call from Jennifer asking where he is. JJ claims he's on his way to study hall but Jennifer tells him to stop lying and orders him to get to her office.

Abe rejoins Gabi in Rafe's room. Abe tells her that everyone on the force is willing to do whatever to help with Rafe's recovery. Gabi thanks him. Gabi asks if they have any idea why Bernardi tried to hurt Rafe. Abe has no idea about his motive. Abe hopes that when Rafe wakes up and heals that he can clear things up. Gabi hopes he's right. Abe asks about Arianna. Gabi says she's great and is with Will. Gabi shows Abe a picture of her. Gabi talks about taking a picture every morning to show Rafe as she doesn't want him to feel like he's missed a moment.

Sami goes to the hospital and talks with Kate about Rafe. Sami brings up her and EJ's new product. Kate stops her from going to see Rafe.

Kayla talks with Jennifer in her office until JJ arrives and Kayla leaves. Jennifer doesn't want to hear another explanation as she's going to talk and he will listen.

EJ finishes his phone call. Justin notes that EJ made promises to board members. They talk about just needing Mr. Shin. Justin says he may have found something that helps them sway him. Justin shows him a paper. EJ calls it a hail mary. Justin says they don't have anything else. EJ says if it doesn't work then Stefano will know exactly what he tried to do and who helped him.

Stefano talks on the phone about understanding that Justin is involved. Stefano asks about the problem with EJ being taken care of and calls it excellent. Stefano says he's going to find out soon enough but they are going to keep EJ in the dark a little longer.

Kate says Sami is the last thing Rafe needs to see when he wakes up. Sami talks about saving Rafe's life. Kate mocks her wanting a medal for it. Kate says Rafe needs to be surrounded by love and calls Sami a narcissist. Kate brings up that Sami left Rafe for EJ and that's all Rafe knows. Sami says she can't tell her how she feels since Rafe is her ex-husband and was a father to her children. Sami talks about Rafe having memory loss and not remembering Kate. Kate says it's not about them but about Rafe. Kate says nothing she or anyone says will change Sami so she can barge into Rafe's room and make herself the center of attention because she won't stop her. Sami then heads for Rafe's room. Daniel arrives and Kate asks to talk about Rafe.

Sami enters Rafe's room. Gabi greets her. Sami wonders if it's okay for her to be there. Gabi tells her it is since Rafe wouldn't be there if not for her.

Daniel tells Kate that the trauma to Rafe was substantial so he will need a lot of physical therapy. Kate asks if he will be able to walk. Daniel says they won't know until he awakes. Daniel says it's unlikely that he will be able to stand and will have to learn it all again. Daniel says they first have to make sure he is mentally adjusted to coming out of the coma. Kate is worried about how frustrated Rafe will be. Daniel says whatever happens between them is none of his business. Kate asks if he thinks it's inappropriate. Daniel says he's just glad that Rafe has so many strong and stubborn people in his corner to help him. Kate calls it a nice thing to say. A nurse tells Daniel that Rafe is starting to wake up so he heads to his room and Kate follows.

Gabi talks to Sami about Rafe being confused at first. Sami says they will have to set him straight. Rafe begins to move.

Jennifer tells JJ that she's taking his lunch money away since he chose to leave school during lunch and not come back. She tells him that he can bring a lunch. She tells him no more parties, hanging out, or bringing anyone home. JJ says she really has it in for him and he understands. He exits as she tells him to enjoy detention. She wonders out loud what has happened to her and Jack's son.

EJ is back on the phone with Mr. Shin and brings up Shin's son looking for a scholarship and how he could make a call to help get him in. They come to an agreement and EJ hangs up. Justin tells him it was nicely done. Justin hopes it holds until the vote so Stefano doesn't turn any board member. EJ tells him the vote is going to happen in the next five minutes and the axe is going to fall so they just have to hope it's on Stefano's neck and not his.

Stefano's plane begins to land into Salem. Stefano wonders why he has the feeling that EJ is not going to be happy to see him.

Sami remembers that the last time she saw Rafe, she killed someone. Daniel and Kate enter. Gabi notes that Rafe is moving but not opening his eyes. She wonders if he's having another dream. Daniel isn't sure but tells her that everything is going smoothly. Rafe then opens his eyes and sees Gabi, Kate, Abe, and then Sami which causes the monitors to begin beeping rapidly.

JJ returns to Jennifer's office since he forgot his backpack but finds Theresa in her chair instead. JJ questions what she's doing there.

EJ and Justin get phone calls. They hang up excitedly as Justin declares EJ is now in control of DiMera Enterprises. EJ hugs him and shouts that they did it as Justin congratulates him. Justin adds that he found out that Stefano put the deed to the house in one of his companies so EJ now owns the mansion too. Justin exits. EJ declares there's going to be some changes around here and that Stefano is going to be the first to go.

Kate notes that Rafe is reacting to Sami. Sami tells her to stop and says someone was trying to kill him. Kate tells Sami to go so Abe takes her out of the room. Sami tells Abe there's no way it was because of her as Rafe would never react to her like that.

Jennifer returns to her office and finds Theresa there with JJ. JJ says he has no idea what she's doing there and just came back for his backpack. Theresa stands and says she can explain as she then introduces herself as Jennifer's new assistant.

Daniel tells them to just sit with Rafe as he exits the room. Sami asks how he is. Daniel says he's fine. Daniel tells Abe he can go back in but not to say anything. Daniel stops Sami. Sami says she has to go back and see he's okay. Daniel tells him that his heart rate and blood pressure spiked by seeing him. Sami calls it ridiculous since she saved his life. Daniel says he doesn't know that so he won't let anyone that upsets him get near him. Sami agrees to wait a few minutes. Daniel says he won't let her near him until he decides there's no risk. Sami reluctantly agrees as Daniel walks away.

Stefano returns home with Cecily. They enter the living room where EJ sits. EJ asks Cecily to excuse them for a private word. Stefano sends her to her room. She takes champagne and heads upstairs. Stefano declares it's good to be home. EJ says it's good but it's not home. EJ tells him not to make himself too comfortable as once Cecily comes back, he wants him out of his house. Stefano laughs and calls it a good joke.

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