Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/5/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/5/13


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Abigail goes to see Gabi and Arianna. Gabi talks about getting little sleep and asks Abigail about last night with Chad. Abigail says it was great and not a big deal. Gabi informs her that Cameron went to the Pub after she left. Abigail asks if she told him she was with Chad

Chad and Cameron play with Theo at the lake. T joins them for the picnic and asks where the others are. Chad says they aren't there yet. T talks about seeing Arianna for the first time.

Will and Sonny talk at the coffeehouse. Sonny talks about bringing Arianna with them to see fireworks. Will thinks back to overhearing Sonny talking to Brent and then tells Sonny that maybe he shouldn't come with them today.

JJ lays in bed and thinks back to his last argument with Jennifer.

Jennifer thinks back to spending time with Daniel and Parker and then she looks at a photo of JJ until the doorbell rings. Adrienne arrives and Jennifer gives her a cooler. Adrienne is glad that she, JJ, and Abigail are coming to the picnic this year but Jennifer tells her that they aren't. Adrienne asks what's wrong. Jennifer says everything.

Sonny doesn't get why Will doesn't want him to go. Will says he should just do something fun for the 4th of July. Sonny wants to go to the lake with his family. Will doesn't want him to feel obligated or tied down. Sonny says he isn't tied down and there's no place he'd rather be.

Gabi tells Abigail that she didn't tell Cameron that she was out on a date with Chad. Gabi adds that she hardly came up and asks if she wishes she had. Abigail doesn't know what she thinks and is such a mess about both guys. She talks about having a great time with Chad last night. Abigail says she feels less pressured with Chad. Gabi suggests maybe Cameron likes her more. They continue talking about it as Gabi asks her to come to the picnic with her, Will, and Sonny. Gabi says she needs the distraction so she stops thinking about what might've been with Nick. Abigail apologizes for complaining about her love life and not asking about Nick. Abigail asks what's going to happen with them. Gabi says nothing as they realized it just isn't going to work between them anymore. Gabi declares her marriage to Nick is over.

Adrienne tells Jennifer that she had no idea what was going on. Jennifer calls it a warzone the last few weeks. Jennifer thinks letting JJ go to a holiday picnic is sending the wrong message. Adrienne mentions having problems with Sonny too. Adrienne hoped they could all get back on track which is why she thinks Jennifer should go to the picnic with Abigail and JJ. Adrienne hugs her and says it could be what she needs and she knows how hard it is. JJ walks in. JJ greets Adrienne. Jennifer tells him that she's been sharing with Adrienne what's been going on. Jennifer says Adrienne thinks it's important they spend time together so JJ can either stay home or come to the picnic with them. JJ agrees to go to the picnic and goes to get ready. Adrienne is happy as Jennifer says maybe she was right. Adrienne says it might just be what they need. Adrienne asks if Daniel will be joining. Jennifer says no because they are having issues right now. Jennifer adds that it's okay because she needs to focus on her family and make things right with her son.

Gabi informs Abigail that she and Nick are getting an annulment. Abigail says she knows they had a tough time but anyone could tell how much they cared about each other. Abigail asks if she still loves Nick. Gabi responds that she really doesn't know. Gabi admits seeing him made her sad and sometimes she really misses him. Gabi says it looks like Abigail isn't the only one confused about her heart. Abigail says her own problems don't compare and she can't imagine how hard it is for Gabi. Gabi says she wants to have fun today and to go to the lake with family and friends. Will and Sonny arrive asking if they're ready to go.

T, Chad, and Cameron prepare to play volleyball in the pool. T says they will have Will and Sonny but they will need one more and he then asks if Abigail is coming.

Adrienne, Justin, Will, Sonny, Gabi, and Abigail join the picnic at the lake. Adrienne talks to Justin about remembering pushing Sonny in a stroller as they look at Arianna. Abigail is glad Gabi came with them. Will mentions T wanting to do a hot dog eating contest. Abigail talks to Will about being glad Sami is free. Will thanks her for not telling about the video. Sonny and Gabi set Arianna up in her stroller. Jennifer and JJ join and greet Justin and Adrienne. Jennifer goes to see Arianna. Adrienne invites JJ to sit with them so he does. Abigail approaches. JJ says she's blocking his sun. Abigail responds that he's lucky he's getting any since he was grounded.

T reminds Chad and Cameron about Abigail playing volleyball the last time. T picks Theo for his team and asks if Abigail is coming. They say they don't know. Theo gets Chad and Cameron to play with him again.

JJ tells Abigail that Jennifer let him come. Adrienne tells Abigail that boys will be boys as she hugs her. JJ goes and joins Jennifer and Gabi. Gabi lets JJ hold Arianna. Jennifer goes back to Adrienne and Justin and tells Adrienne that she was right that this was the perfect thing for her family today. Jennifer comments that she hasn't seen JJ smile in a long time. Adrienne calls him such a good boy. Jennifer gets a call and says she'll be there in a few minutes. Jennifer says Sami not getting indicted has caused hospital rumors so she has to go cover. Jennifer hopes she'll be able to come back. Jennifer asks them to make sure JJ stays close so they agree to keep an eye on him. Jennifer goes and tells JJ that she needs to deal with something at the hospital so she needs him to stay right there with family. JJ says he'll see her later as Jennifer adds that she hopes to come back. Jennifer says goodbye to Adrienne and exits.

JJ looks around as Adrienne had fallen asleep. JJ takes Jennifer's bag waking Adrienne up. Adrienne tells JJ that he reminded her of Jack when she saw him holding the baby earlier. Adrienne recalls a story of Jack when JJ was a baby. They talk about missing Jack. Adrienne encourages him that Jack wouldn't want Jennifer to be alone. JJ goes to change clothes. Justin returns with food. Abigail asks where JJ is going and Justin tells her that he went to change.

T joins Will, Sonny, and Gabi. T holds Arianna. Brent arrives and greets Sonny. Brent greets Will and T. Brent says it's hard to believe it's Will's kid and he's a father now. Will says his life is different in a good way. Brent calls it really mature. Will thanks him. Brent says he wouldn't be able to handle that responsibility.

Abigail goes looking for JJ. Theo runs up and hugs her. Cameron and Chad catch up with Theo, putting Abigail in the middle.

Sonny tells Brent that Will is a great dad and they're lucky to have him. T asks to play volleyball and they agree. T hands Arianna back to Gabi. Gabi tells the guys to go have fun as she puts Gabi down for her nap. Sonny agrees to watch Arianna later so Gabi can have fun. Brent goes to get equipment. Gabi comments that Brent is cute. Sonny points out that he's gay. T jokes that it's never stopped Gabi. Will jokes with T and chases him off.

Theo asks Abigail which team she wants to play on between Cameron and Chad. Abigail decides to join Theo's team instead and they all walk off. JJ walks by after they leave and makes a phone call to Rory asking where he is. JJ says he's not grounded as it's Independence Day and he's a free man.

Jennifer arrives at the hospital talking on the phone about Sami being free. She hangs up as Anne approaches. Anne makes a joke about a Horton working on a holiday. Anne says she needs to discuss something personal with her.

JJ meets up with Rory and Bev at the town square. JJ gives Rory his stash to hold for him so Jennifer doesn't find it. Bev informs JJ that she broke up with Cole and says that JJ was right about him. Rory says JJ took one for the team with the shoplifting. Bev tells JJ that it was cool and amazing what he did. Bev asks what he's doing the rest of the day. JJ says he's got to go home as he texted Jennifer that he was sick so now he has to act sick. Rory tells him he got his stash covered. Bev says they'll see him soon as they walk on. JJ walks the opposite way where the new girl he met stops him.

Justin sits with Gabi and mentions that he was contacted Nick to handle the annulment. Justin adds that he's sorry it didn't work out for them as it must be hard. Gabi admits it is but says it's the best thing for both of them.

Brent asks Sonny if he thought any more about going to the rave tonight. Sonny tells him he can't. Will listens from nearby as Brent tells Sonny to let him know if he changes his mind since he still has an extra ticket. T comes over and takes them to go play volleyball and Will follows.

Abigail gets out of the pool with Theo, Cameron, and Chad. Theo hears the ice cream bell and runs after it. Chad goes after Theo. Cameron tells Abigail that she looks beautiful. Abigail apologizes for ruining guy time with Theo. Cameron says she didn't as they could all use a break. He tells her that her being there is all good. Chad returns with Theo, who gives Abigail ice cream. Abigail says she's going to help Gabi with Arianna and walks off. Theo takes Cameron to go get him some ice cream too.

Justin jokes with Adrienne. Abigail sits with Gabi. Gabi asks if it was awkward. Abigail says it wasn't as Chad and Cameron were both cool. Abigail jokes that if one of them were a jerk then it'd make it easier to decide.

Will and T get out of the pool to dry off. T talks about Sonny being good at everything as he goes to get ready for the hot dog contest. Brent joins Will. Will mentions Sonny beating everyone in the race. Brent comments that Sonny seems happy. Will questions what he's implying. Brent assures him that he and Sonny are just friends and nothing else. Brent adds that he didn't mean to offend him but it's weird seeing Sonny living a totally different life all settled down. Will asks what his point is. Brent calls it just an observation. Will says sometimes life doesn't go as planned but you can end up happier than ever. Brent says that's what happened as he can tell Sonny really loves him since he gave up so much to be with him.

Anne tells Jennifer that human resources is her domain and she takes it personally that Jennifer overstepped her bounds on a recent decision. Jennifer says she followed procedure. Anne brings up JJ and asks if he's a chip off the old block. Anne asks if he's always following the rules like her.

JJ offers to show his new friend some real fireworks tonight. She brings up that he can't go out with the curfew his mom gave him.

Sonny joins Will and they talk about the fun. Adrienne joins them and says it's probably not the time or place but she wanted to say she's glad that charges weren't brought against Sami. Will thanks her. Adrienne adds that she does know Sami would not shoot someone for no reason and apologizes if she was insensitive to Will's feelings.

Justin brings hot dogs to Abigail and Gabi. Abigail asks if he knows if JJ is back from changing. Justin mentions that JJ texted that he wasn't feeling well and went home.

JJ says he ignores his mom's rules. She calls him a rebel. JJ offers to show her a good time. She continues to make jokes about his younger age. JJ says it's her loss if she doesn't take him seriously. She tells him to let her in on his stash and she'll take him real seriously.

Jennifer tells Anne to say what she has to say about JJ. Anne says she's only heard he's back in town and can't wait to meet him. Anne says JJ must bring her so much happiness and pride which she deserves. Anne then walks away.

JJ says he's not holding but can be. JJ asks for her number and says he'll go home to get his stash but she turns him down and walks away. JJ calls out to her asking what her name is.

Chad has hit his head on a log in the lake. Cameron checks on him for a possible concussion. Abigail tells him not to take any chances but Chad says he's fine and they go back to the game.

Will and Sonny sit with Arianna. Sonny notes that Will has been quiet all day. Will blames it on having to study for an exam. Will suggests Sonny go out and do something but Sonny says he just wants to be with him. Will says he and Gabi can handle the baby so he should go have fun. Sonny asks what could be more fun than this as Arianna wakes up.

Justin and Adrienne sit together as Adrienne is looking through her phone for a video of Will and Sonny with Arianna. Sonny calls them over to watch Arianna roll over. Adrienne leaves her phone behind which plays the video she was looking for and then switches over to the video of Sami struggling with Bernardi outside the town square.

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