Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/4/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/4/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel questions Jennifer thinking that he's the reason JJ is acting out. Jennifer says she's doing what she has to do for her son. Daniel tells her that breaking up with him is not going to fix her son.

The girl asks JJ about his stash being too good to sell, meaning there's only one thing it's good for. JJ tells her that she's right that it's no fun doing it alone. He invites her back to his place to get a taste of the stuff. She says their age difference could get in the way. JJ tells her only if she lets it.

Chad walks outside the town square until Theo runs up to him. Cameron then approaches.

Abigail and Gabi sit with school work at the Pub. Abigail asks Gabi about her new place and being a mom. Gabi says she loves it but the past couple of days have been a nightmare.

Kristen tells Brady that he will be so sorry and so will everyone around him. Brady questions what that's supposed to mean.

Eric takes a shower and starts to get dizzy as he stumbles back against the wall.

Brady asks Kristen what's going to happen to everyone around him and what her angle is. She says she won't have to do anything but Brady will be a whiny downer so everyone will avoid him. Kristen says he will realize his mistake. Nicole approaches and asks if she's talking about getting dumped by Brady. Nicole questions Kristen. Kristen claims she was just trying to walk home and Brady stopped her. Kristen calls Brady a substitute boyfriend for Nicole and brings up her feelings for Eric.

Eric shivers in the shower and slowly sits down inside.

Abigail asks Gabi if she's okay. Gabi says she loves being a mom but misses sleeping. Abigail asks about Will and Sonny. Gabi says they help and they've been so devoted to Arianna. Gabi says they've tried to stick to a schedule. Abigail understands that they are still guys. Gabi then asks Abigail about her guy problems.

Theo talks to Chad about seeing Despicable Me 2. Chad says he'll have to see it and offers to take him again. Cameron asks if they're competing for him too. Abe arrives and mentions getting ready for the 4th of July. Abe says Theo wants to go to the lake but he has to work. Cameron and Chad both offer to take him so Abe says they will both take him tomorrow.

Nicole calls Kristen disgusting. Kristen continues accusing her of having feelings for Eric. Nicole mentions saving the school. Kristen asks if they are going to be working together. Nicole questions why she cares so much about Kristen. Brady brings up her visiting Eric at the hospital. Nicole says it's like she's obsessed with him and they ask her why.

Eric tries to get up in the shower but collapses.

The new girl asks JJ about liking older women. He says he likes women and asks if she wants to sample his stash. JJ says she will have to come to his place to get it. She is unsure and says it could just be a tease but JJ says he's dead serious. She mentions him saying he wouldn't sell it. JJ says exceptions can be made. They then walk off together.

Jennifer questions Daniel if he wants her to give up on her son. Daniel says he didn't say that. She thinks he's implying that he will keep acting out and nothing will change that. Daniel says JJ is a kid and will change. Jennifer brings up Daniel calling him a criminal. Daniel apologizes for being angry at the time but he doesn't think he's a lost cause. Daniel says Jennifer is a great mother and JJ will be okay but Jennifer blames herself for not being there. Daniel insists that she's a great mom and knows it's hard to raise a son through a rough time. Daniel says if she pushes him away then she will be doing this alone. Jennifer says she needs a break. Daniel reminds her of their last break. Daniel wants to help but Jennifer says he can't as he makes things worse in this situation. Daniel asks her not to let JJ make her believe that. Jennifer tells him that she believes it because it's true.

Abigail tells Gabi that she and Cameron are dating but it's confusing. She says Cameron is a great guy that deserves straight answers and not confusion. Gabi asks who the other guy is. Abigail admits that it's Chad.

Theo thanks Chad and Cameron and reveals that Sami was not indicted. Chad calls it great news. Cameron says he'll pick Theo up tomorrow at 10. Chad says it works for him too as Abe exits with Theo. Cameron asks Chad if he thinks they can get through a day without Abigail as an issue.

Kristen accuses Brady and Nicole of attacking her. Brady asks what the story is with her and Eric. Kristen says Eric just seems to be everywhere she is lately including her living room as she informs them that Sami isn't going to prison. Kristen talks about Eric being so giving, loving, comforting, and forgiving and how Brady is not like him.

JJ and his friend go to his place and he tells her that they have the place to themselves. She wants to smoke weed so he heads upstairs.

Jennifer apologizes to Daniel for it having to be this way but she has to do what's best for JJ. Daniel says he's not trying to tell her how to solve her problems. Jennifer thinks he is. She tells him to respect her decision. Daniel calls it a mistake. Jennifer says it's her son and her choice. Jennifer talks about needing to reach her son. The babysitter arrives. Jennifer tells Daniel that she will talk to him soon and she exits.

Eric returns to the rectory, shaking as he grabs his keys. Eric then drops down seated against his desk.

Chad says they both want to be with Abigail but don't have to be enemies. Cameron says there's no way they can both get what they want. Chad says he won't hate him if she ends up with him but he has to try. Cameron says it's up to Abigail in the end. They agree to see each other at Abe's tomorrow as Cameron walks away. Chad then texts Abigail that he needs to see her now.

Abigail tells Gabi that Chad is really going for it with her. Abigail says it's weird since they just became friends again. Abigail then brings up Cameron being a great guy and wonders what is wrong with her. Gabi understands falling for Chad. Abigail calls it horrible and rotten since both guys deserve the truth. Gabi tells her to just enjoy the fact that two really hot guys want her. Abigail says she can't. Gabi says it will work out. Abigail then gets the text from Chad. Gabi tells her to go but Abigail says no since they are having girl time. Gabi insists so Abigail promises to come see her soon and then exits the Pub. Abigail says to herself that Gabi is right that she should have fun with no guilt or pressure.

Jennifer returns home and finds JJ's friend on the couch. Jennifer asks who she is but she tells her to go first.

Daniel plays with Parker. Daniel promises to always be there for Parker and says that his son comes first. Daniel then wonders aloud what he was thinking. Daniel gets a call from Eric and asks what's going on. Eric says he doesn't know and tells him about how he started shaking in the shower. Daniel tells him to stay at the rectory and he will be right there. Daniel calls for an ambulance and rushes out.

Kristen tells Brady and Nicole that she has places to go. She reminds Brady that it will hit him and there will be nowhere to run. She walks away as Brady mocks her threats. Nicole calls her an old witch. They talk about not letting Kristen get to them. They remember they came for coffee so Brady goes to get it. Nicole stops and notices Kristen left a shopping bag. Kristen returns to get it. Nicole tells Kristen to prove that she's over Brady. Kristen says Nicole thinks she has what she wants but says that she really had what Nicole wants and it was incredible.

Jennifer says she owns the house and asks who she is and what she's doing there. JJ comes in. Jennifer asks who his friend is. She says she should go since she has a curfew so she exits. Jennifer reminds JJ that he's grounded and asks who she is. JJ claims it's a friend from high school but Jennifer doesn't believe him and keeps asking. JJ says he's not going to stand there and be yelled at. Jennifer tells him to listen because she's done.

Brady returns to Nicole with coffee and suggests they get away from Kristen. Kristen says they were just getting things straight. Nicole asks what she meant by having what she wants. Kristen says she already had Brady in a way she never will. Brady tells her to knock it off as they are done. Kristen tells them to try to have fun and suggests Nicole pretend he's Eric. Kristen walks away.

Daniel arrives at the rectory and is surprised Eric is up. Eric says he's a lot better than he was five minutes ago. Eric recalls collapsing in the shower and he couldn't get up then he talked to him and started to get better. Eric says he had a flashback to his hotel room while he was in the shower. Eric says he suddenly blacked out like he's trying to remember but something keeps blocking it.

Cameron goes to the Pub and greets Gabi. Gabi asks how it's going. Cameron says it's okay as she talks about being back in school. Cameron recognizes Abigail's handwriting on her notes and asks if she's there. Gabi says she had to go. Cameron asks about Arianna. Gabi says she's gorgeous and sleeping. Cameron asks how she handles it all. Gabi brings up Cameron handling two jobs before too and they joke about it.

Abigail goes to the coffeehouse to see Chad. Chad informs her that the grand jury cleared Sami. Abigail says Sami would've been indicted for murder if the prosecutor had the video they had. Chad says they don't know that but Abigail calls it a slam dunk.

Brady and Nicole go home as Brady finishes a phone call about good news from work. Nicole starts to get a drink but then apologizes for drinking in front of Brady. Brady tells her it's fine. Nicole is sorry they ran into Kristen but Brady says he wouldn't have traded that for anything.

Kristen is at home as her doctor contact that gave her the vials arrives to check on her. She shouts at him about the victim not remembering. He reassures her that everything will be gone from his brain and nothing will be remembered.

Daniel checks Eric's blood pressure and it's normal. Eric apologizes for the false alarm as he feels it was a lot of trouble for nothing. Daniel says he should call if something like that happens and suggests he gets a full workup at the hospital but Eric declines. Daniel says they won't know if he doesn't do the blood tests. Eric refuses to stay in a hospital. Eric then agrees that they have to find out what's causing this and tells Daniel to run whatever tests he has to.

Jennifer talks to JJ about treating her like dirt. Jennifer brings up his arrest and what would've happened if they didn't have friends on the department. She tells him about having a criminal record. Jennifer brings up him being grounded and questions being with a woman that is not age appropriate. JJ questions her talking about appropriate and then calls Daniel a sleaze. Jennifer questions him calling Daniel that. JJ mocks Daniel being perfect and calls him a replacement for Jack. JJ says if she wants to forget about Jack that's fine but he won't ever.

Chad tells Abigail that it's over but Abigail brings up Marge and her son. Chad says they can keep their memories without knowing what Bernardi was into. Abigail says maybe he's right. Chad says he just wanted to tell her in person and now has to go. Chad mentions talking to Cameron about her today. Chad says no matter what happens, he wants them all to stay friends. Chad then exits.

Jennifer tells JJ that she hasn't forgotten Jack and will always remember him and love him. Jennifer understands it's hard to see her with someone else but that doesn't give him the right to disrespect her. JJ accuses her of mourning Jack for 8 months before she jumped in the sack with Daniel. JJ claims it's what everyone's thinking and it's like she and Jack never existed. JJ says she wants to forget about Jack and replace him with her joke of a relationship but he won't respect it. JJ then heads upstairs as Jennifer cries.

Nicole asks Brady about being fine with tonight and Kristen being bitchy and cruel. Brady says he is. Brady talks about realizing who Kristen is and he's close to being completely over her. Nicole tells him that he is better off. Brady says things are good since Sami is free and Eric is feeling better. Brady tells Nicole that life is good.

Eric agrees to Daniel's tests so Daniel takes blood from him.

Kristen tells her doctor that her friend's memory can never come back and everyone will find out what happened on her terms. She worries about him remembering and brings up that she was promised the drug was untraceable. She tells him that it better be with no hint of leading back to her.

Daniel takes Eric's blood and says they will have results soon. Eric says he will pray for answers.

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