Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/3/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/3/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen and Sami talk about both having the same password of EJ's birthday. Sami mentions Eric looking for a video. EJ realizes he must have grabbed the wrong one. Kristen realizes Eric has hers with her video on it. In the living room, Eric declares he found the video and goes to play it but Kristen rushes into the living room to stop him.

Justin sits in the coffeehouse and talks on the phone about not breaking a promise to EJ. Justin says they have a firm deadline and for Mr. Shin to call him immediately.

Brent asks Sonny if he wanted to be tied down like this forever. Sonny says not in a million years as Will listens from the doorway.

Roman talks to Jennifer at her home about Sami not getting indicted. JJ comes down the stairs.

Daniel and Brady talk at the Kiriakis Mansion as Brady returns sunglasses to Daniel. Brady asks about Eric's test results. Daniel says they may never know if Eric was poisoned or what really happened.

Eric apologizes as Kristen takes her tablet laptop back. Sami and EJ come in and Sami questions what Kristen didn't want him to see on it.

Roman says goodbye to Jennifer and exits. JJ questions everybody in the town hating him. Jennifer says nobody does. JJ tells her that he apologized to the shop owner for stealing and went to class. Jennifer tells him they need to talk. Jennifer thinks he's lucky that the store owner didn't press charges. Jennifer tells him to think again if he thinks this is all over.

Brady asks Daniel about Eric taking more tests but Daniel says he's busy with the new school. Brady feels bad about all the crap he gave Eric about Kristen and questions how he ever thought he was in love with her. Brady says he was never in love with Kristen but Daniel doesn't believe him.

Kristen mocks Sami for asking about her privacy on their computers. Kristen says it's her personal property and no one else's business. Eric then questions why Kristen has a video file with his name on it.

Brent tells Sonny he knew it and came prepared with two tickets for them to go to a July 4 rave. Will's phone vibrates so he rushes away from the door. Sonny hears it and asks if it's his then checks the door but sees something. Sonny tells Brent that he would like to go with him but has to decline because there's no place he'd rather be than here.

Kristen claims that she had a meeting with a man named Eric. EJ backs her up. Kristen doesn't think Eric believes her so she offers him the computer but he declines.

Brady tells Daniel that he doesn't expect him to understand his feeling without being used and humiliated like he was. Daniel says Brady was ready to marry Kristen so he wouldn't expect those feelings to just go away. Daniel brings up Nicole and Brady's plan to leave town. Brady assures Daniel he's not using Nicole to get over Kristen and adds that they canceled their trip. Daniel says he just doesn't want to see Brady hurt anymore than he has been. Brady says he's over Kristen and doesn't ever want to hear her name or see her again.

After Sami and Eric leave the room, EJ asks Kristen what's on the computer. She tells him that he doesn't want to know and she jokes about having the same password as Sami. EJ exits the room and joins Sami and Eric. Eric apologizes for snapping at Kristen and says she had every right to yell at him. Sami says it's her house too so she wants Eric to always feel welcome. EJ seconds that. Eric is glad he's no longer sick and then exits.

Jennifer tells JJ that there will be no movies, video games, or Wi-Fi at home and he can go to the library. She tells him that he will go to school and will only contact her and Abigail on his phone. Jennifer warns him about violating her trust. JJ complains about taking over his phone. Jennifer reminds him that he could've gone to jail. Jennifer then adds that they haven't even talked about Daniel. JJ asks what about Daniel. Jennifer says she's not playing games and so much has happened these past few weeks. JJ questions if she's going to call him a no good criminal. JJ thinks Daniel twists everything around to make him look bad. JJ declares that he's done with Daniel's crap and now he knows it too. JJ tells her that he went to see Daniel and let him know that he wasn't going to let him turn her against him. JJ asks if it's too late.

Justin texts EJ with bad news that Hong Kong is back on the fence about the takeover. Justin then exits the coffeehouse and runs into Will. Will thanks him for everything he did for Sami. Justin is glad that justice was served. Will tells him to go see Arianna any time he wants. Justin mentions being on his way to see Sonny. Justin encourages him that life with a baby will get easier and is worth it. Justin tells him to call if he needs anything and then walks on.

Sonny gets Arianna to sleep. Brent questions Sonny being where he wanted to be even when he said it's the last place he wanted to be. Sonny says it's not the life he imagined but he loves it. Sonny says he loves Will so much. Brent tells him he's got it bad. Sonny agrees.

Sami and EJ go to the Pub. Sami talks about the trial being hard on Caroline and calls EJ a good influence on her as they kiss. Sami mentions going to see Will and asks EJ if he wants to come. EJ agrees but gets the text from Justin. Sami asks what's wrong.

Kristen changes her password and hands her laptop to the woman she called to edit the video. She tells her to edit it so that no one can tell the video has been altered. The woman exits. Kristen starts to get a drink but then says she needs some retail therapy and exits.

Eric prays in his hospital room until Daniel enters and thanks him for coming. Daniel says he wanted to keep an eye on him and make sure whatever it was is out of his system. Eric says he's great. Daniel wants him to reconsider taking blood tests. Eric says it's not necessary ash e thinks he knows exactly what happened to him at the hotel.

Brent asks Sonny if he's sure he doesn't want to go to the rave. Sonny is sure and walks him out just as Justin arrives. Brent tells Justin about studying in Europe and how coming home was a big change and he exits. Sonny thanks Justin for helping Sami. Sonny tells him that he can hang around and wait for Will. Justin tells him that he just ran into Will outside the coffeehouse. Sonny notes that as weird because he went to get his credit card from the baby store and that's the opposite side of town.

Will sits outside the Pub on the bench.

EJ tells Sami there's just a problem with a distributor and tells her not to worry. They exit the Pub and run into Will. Will hugs her and congratulates her. Sami thanks Will for Justin. Will says it was all Sonny that got Justin to help her. EJ mentions Sami wanting to see Arianna. Will invites them over and they walk off together.

Jennifer tells JJ that nobody tells her what to think and there's no way that Daniel or anyone could turn her against him. JJ says it seems like Abigail is the golden child. Jennifer insists that she's never favored her over him. JJ tells her that he's done everything she asked. JJ brings up interrupting her and Daniel making out and says it's obvious where her priorities are. Jennifer says he and Abigail are her priorities. JJ says he has to go do his homework and heads upstairs. Jennifer grabs her bag and exits. JJ comes back downstairs with his backpack, takes his keys and says he's got better things to do as he exits.

Daniel asks Eric about knowing what happened to him. Eric talks about saints that have suffered and how some things can't be explained by modern medicine. Eric believes God makes everything happen. Eric talks about the tests bringing up nothing and all that matters is that Nicole was inspired to save the day. Eric says he feels fine and has things to do. Daniel tells him to call if he feels the slightest symptom. Eric thanks him and exits.

Kristen walks through the town square with shopping bags and runs into Brady. Kristen says it looks like they are going in opposite directions and starts to walk on but Brady stops her.

Eric returns to the Rectory. Roman arrives and hugs him, saying he looks better than he did the last time he saw him. Eric feels better and wants to hit the gym. Roman thanks him for his prayers for Sami since it did some good. Eric goes to check his calendar. Roman tries to help him look forward it but knocks his soda over onto a folder.

Sonny tells Justin to hang out a bit and Arianna will wake up. Sonny gets a text from Brent and says he won't take no for an answer in regards to the rave. Sonny says Brent's a really good guy but doesn't like how he reacts to his life. Sonny talks about how Brent thinks everything he's doing is fun and exciting and he feels Brent sees him as his old friend sitting at home with a baby with all this responsibility. Justin tells Sonny that the greatest adventure anyone can have is raising a child. Justin gets the feeling that this is exactly where Sonny wants to be and he agrees.

Kristen asks Brady what he wants. Brady brings up her visiting Eric in the hospital and asks why. Kristen suggests she just wanted to check in on the brother of her ex-fiancée. Brady brings up him being Marlena's son too. Kristen says she went to deliver paperwork for EJ and happened to see Eric. Brady starts to walk away but Kristen stops him and says she was gracious enough to answer his question so now it's his turn.

JJ meets with Rory and Cole's girlfriend Bev outside the town square and tells them that he couldn't text because of Jennifer. They ask about the cops. JJ tells them that the store owner dropped the charges. Cole's girlfriend apologizes for Cole. JJ says he's not the guy that he blames and asks what they are going to do.

Jennifer goes to see Daniel and says she didn't want to fight over text. Jennifer brings up Maggie knowing about JJ's situation. Daniel invites her in. Jennifer says what she wants to do is make things right.

Will returns home with Sami and EJ as Justin is holding Arianna. Sonny asks Will if he found his credit card. Will says he just decided to run a few errands and says he's sorry he left him alone for so long with Arianna. Sonny says they had a great time. Justin mentions having to finish some paperwork so he exits. Sami holds Arianna. EJ says he has to go take care of that e-mail and says goodbye as he follows Justin out. EJ says Justin assured him that this matter would be settled and Stefano would be out of DiMera Enterprises. Justin says that may still be the outcome but the vote has been postponed until tomorrow because of Mr. Shin. Justin says he's very tough to read. EJ says unless Stefano got to him and they're being set up.

Daniel and Jennifer head inside. Daniel apologizes for making things worse for her and JJ by talking to Maggie. Jennifer says it's okay since everyone knows JJ has problems. Jennifer says she kept trying to figure out how to say this. She says she thought she had JJ under control but now it's clear that Daniel was right that she doesn't. Jennifer says she has to listen to what JJ is saying and the truth about Daniel.

JJ, Rory, and Bev come up with 26 dollars. They wonder what to do with that. JJ suggests Rory go get his stash and sell it for what they can. Rory suggests getting JJ's but JJ says it's too good and reminds him about keeping it separate. Rory says he and Bev will be right back then as they exit. A girl approaches JJ and asks if it's really that good.

Roman and Eric clean off Eric's desk. Eric says the board meeting got rescheduled so he will call him when he finds out when it is. Roman asks if he's sure about going to the gym. Eric suggests he may just take a shower and go to bed. Eric mentions to Roman that he saw Daniel and said he's fine.

Kristen asks Brady why he hung up when he called her. Brady says he knew he was wasting his time. Kristen asks if he wasn't trying to figure out how to say he's sorry for throwing her away. Kristen says that's the last thing she wants to hear from him. Brady tells her that he's not sorry. Kristen responds that he will be soon enough.

Sami thanks Sonny again for not telling Justin about the video. Sonny calls it no big deal. Arianna cries so Will offers to change her but Sonny says he'll do it while Will visits with Sami. Sonny takes Arianna to the bedroom. Will hopes he's not asking Sami to do too much. Sami says she's glad to be there.

EJ tells Justin that it could be a world of hurt if Stefano found out what they are up to. Justin says he knew what he signed up for. Justin advises EJ to sleep with the lights on and his eyes open.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she knows how JJ feels about him and how he feels about JJ. Jennifer says JJ is lost and she can't make any more mistakes so JJ needs to come first. Daniel questions if she's saying she doesn't want to see him anymore. Jennifer says she's just asking for a little break. Daniel says that will show JJ how much power he has over her. Jennifer thinks it's valuing his feelings. Daniel questions her thinking that he's the reason JJ is acting out. Daniel tells her that breaking up with him is not going to fix her son.

The girl asks JJ about his stash being too good to sell, meaning there's only one thing it's good for. JJ tells her that she's right.

Brady questions if Kristen is threatening him. Brady is sorry he started this conversation. Kristen tells him that he will be so sorry and so will everyone around him.

Eric takes a shower and starts to get dizzy as he stumbles back against the wall.

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