Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/2/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/2/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric talks to a nun at the Rectory about talking to the bishop until Victor arrives with Ciara. Ciara calls Eric a hero for saving the new school. Eric says he had a lot of help as Nicole enters.

Kristen sits at home editing the video of her and Eric kissing. Kristen says now it's time for step 2.

Gabi sits at home and gets a text from Nick asking to meet him at the town square. Gabi wonders where Will and Sonny are.

Nick sits in the Pub as Vargas arrives to meet with him. Nick brings up the idea of going into business together. Nick says he came up with some ideas and put it in writing as he hands him an envelope. Kate arrives. Nick introduces them as Vargas adds that they were ex-cellmates.

Sonny and Adrienne talk at the town square. Adrienne mentions the memorial service for Bernardi as Will approaches and asks if she was going to bring up Sami killing him.

Justin tells Sami that the verdict should be coming in. Sami worries about bad news. Justin is handed an envelope as Sami and EJ anxiously await the result and Marge watches on as well. EJ asks what it says. Justin reveals they did not vote to indict. Sami excitedly declares it's over and hugs EJ as he congratulates her. Marge shouts that it's not possible and accuses Roman of making this happen. Marge says Sami is the commissioner's daughter so she can get away wit murder.

Will gets a text from Justin that Sami did not get indicted which shocks Adrienne.

Victor tells Eric that he wanted to congratulate him and Ciara asks to see the new school. The nun explains that it's still being worked on but takes her to go look through the windows. Nicole offers to leave and let them talk but Eric asks her to stay and explains to Victor that Nicole was the one who found him while he was sick. Victor asks Nicole what made her come all that way to come to the rescue.

Kristen continues editing the video and says she can't let it look like Eric was hesitating and has to make it like he was into it.

Justin tries to calm Marge but she complains about Sami not paying for what she did. Marge says the fix was in and warns that she will see to it that she pays for it. A cop offices Marge out as she continues crying that Sami got away with murder.

Kate says to Vargas and Nick that people are always judged by their past. Vargas says he'll be in touch as he exits. Kate asks Nick why he wanted to meet. Nick says he came to give her a flash drive.

Gabi texts Sonny and Will that they were supposed to be back by now and asks where they are as Arianna starts crying.

Sonny asks Adrienne why Sami not getting indicted is so surprising. Will says maybe they realized she didn't do anything wrong. Adrienne talks about the shooting. Adrienne says she's just surprised there wasn't a trial. Will suggests Sami told the truth and the grand jury just believed her. Will gets the text from Gabi so he and Sonny head home.

Nicole explains that she had to bring Eric his notes and didn't know he was sick until she got there. Eric adds that she also got him to the hospital. Victor calls it an amazing story that Nicole went above and beyond. Eric gets a text from Justin and declares he has wonderful news.

Sami talks to EJ about how she was so scared and feels terrible about Marge and her son. EJ says she didn't murder him and that he died because of his secret life. EJ kisses and hugs Sami.

Kristen continues editing the video. She says Eric had no idea what was happening to him and it's too bad she had to go to such lengths. Kristen adds that this has to be perfect before she makes her next move. Kristen looks at the photo of Stefano on the wall and says she has it.

Kate asks Nick what's on the flash drive. Nick says it's something he developed while still on her payroll so it still belongs to her. Nick says what's on there will make what EJ and Sami stole look old fashioned. Kate asks if he thinks he'll get rehired. Nick says he's just trying to do the right thing. Nick says he was going through a lot personally which is why EJ and Sami were able to steal his formula. Kate asks about the envelope he gave to Vargas. Nick says Vargas is none of her business. Kate then questions if Vargas raped him in prison too. Nick responds that Vargas actually saved his life.

Will and Sonny return home. Gabi is mad about them going shopping and not texting her. Gabi complains that they are supposed to be in this together and she has to go now. She tells them that Arianna is asleep as she rushes out.

Nicole asks about the news. Eric says it's such a relief and announces that Sami was not indicted by the grand jury. Victor says God works in mysterious ways. Nicole calls it great news and says she's happy for Eric and Sami's kids. Eric exits to take care of some work. Nicole says she has work too and assumes Victor doesn't want to stick around with her. Victor says actually he does and asks her what's really going on here.

Kristen looks through her phone for a name that Stefano gave her and finds it. She takes her laptop and exits the living room as EJ and Sami return home. They inform Kristen that Sami was not indicted. Sami and Kristen joke about one another as EJ takes Sami into the living room to talk about something important. Kristen says to herself that it's too bad she couldn't have used Sami to get back at Marlena. Kristen adds that she doesn't think Sami swings that way but it could've been glorious.

Kate tells Nick that he went through a horrifying experience in prison and she apologizes for her flippant remark. Nick says he had it coming for how he treated Will and Sonny. Kate admits she was out of line and apologizes. Nick hopes the flash drive works for her and then exits.

Marge is escorted through the town square and runs into Adrienne. Marge recognizes her as Justin's wife and says she must be proud. Adrienne tells her how sorry she is. Marge questions if she really is as the cop escorts her away.

Will and Sonny talk about Arianna sleeping and hoping she wakes up soon so she's not up all night. They talk about Gabi being mad. Will thinks she has a point. Sonny says she didn't even get the news about Sami. Will just didn't like how she went off on Sonny. They talk about the three of them taking care of Arianna. Will doesn't know how they'd do any of it without Sonny. Will mentions being starving and offers to order in. Will checks his wallet but realizes he left his credit card at the baby store. Sonny sends him to go back and get it while he stays with Arianna.

Nicole questions what Victor thinks is going on. Victor says he's trying to figure out and talks about Nicole going from working for Titan like a shark to working away in the church and saving the new school. Nicole says people change. Vargas arrives outside the doorway and listens in as Victor calls Nicole the same opportunistic liar that never changes. Victor says people like her never change unless it helps them get something they want.

EJ and Sami sit in the living room and toast to new beginnings. Sami says she's grateful and relieved but it's hard not to think of Marge's new beginning as a widow. They talk about her thinking he was the perfect husband and father and not realizing he was on Stefano's payroll. EJ holds Sami and talks about how she's feeling sorry for Marge instead of celebrating her own freedom. EJ says that no matter what anyone says, Sami has a big heart and they kiss.

Kristen starts to head upstairs but there's a knock at the door and Eric arrives. Kristen asks to what she owes the pleasures.

Sonny vacuums at home while holding Arianna until a friend of his named Brent arrives from out of town. He asks Sonny if what he read on Facebook is true about him being with Will and having a baby. He then asks if he's insane.

Will runs into Kate outside the Pub. Kate mentions her meeting with Nick. She says he tried to make amends but she made hurtful remarks. Will asks what happened but Kate says he has enough on her plate. Will invites her to come see the baby but Kate says she's going to see Rafe as he's supposed to be woken up today. Will then informs Kate that Sami was not indicted. Kate's says she's so happy for him but surprised as she had thought Sami ran out of luck. Kate adds that Justin and EJ must have pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

Adrienne goes home and congratulates Justin. She mentions running into Marge. Adrienne talks about Marge going home without Bernardi. She hugs Justin and says she doesn't know what she'd do if she lost him.

Nick and Gabi meet outside the town square. He asks about Arianna. Gabi says they made it through the first night and adds that Will and Sonny are helping. Nick brings up Rafe coming out of the coma today. They hope he'll be okay. Gabi asks what he wanted to talk about. Nick tells her that he figured something out about their future if they have one.

Nicole tells Victor she won't waste her time trying to convince him that she's changed. Vargas enters. Victor asks who he is. Nicole introduces him. Victor recognizes his name and congratulates him on helping Hope find Jensen on Smith Island. Victor advises Vargas to keep his distance from Nicole as he exits. Vargas asks Nicole what his problem is and tells her not to let Victor get to her. Vargas commends Nicole for saving the new school and says who cares what Victor thinks. Nicole asks why she hasn't seen him around lately. Vargas says he's been getting his ducks in a row as he's leaving.

Eric tells Kristen that he came to see Sami. He apologizes to Kristen for what he said to her at the hospital. Kristen tells him there's no worries as Eric heads into the living room. Kristen heads upstairs with her laptop left on the corner table. In the living room, Eric hugs Sami and thanks EJ. EJ congratulates Eric on the new school. Sami tells EJ that they have to show Eric the video Johnny and Sydney made for him on her computer. EJ steps out and grabs Kristen's laptop instead of Sami's as they were both next to one another.

Kristen sits in her bedroom talking to one of Stefano's contact. She asks if he's available to edit some footage for her right now. She realizes she left her laptop and says she has to call back as she hurries back out.

Sami hands Eric the laptop and says this will change the whole way he sees himself.

Nick tells Gabi that when he met her, he pretended to be someone he wasn't and she fell in love with that guy instead of him. Gabi says he forgave her for the things she did and took care of her. Nick says it wasn't enough for her and he blackmailed her best friend and the father of her baby. Gabi asks what Nick is saying. Nick thinks so much has happened and they will always care about each other but they shouldn't be married.

Kate asks Will how he and Sonny are doing. Will says it's great and it seems like they just moved in together. Will says they both love Arianna.

Sonny and Brent talk about the baby. Brent talks about wanting a baby one day and asks Sonny if it bothers him that the baby isn't his. Sonny says she's Will's and he loves her as they talk about Gabi living with them too.

Justin assures Adrienne that nothing was rigged and he's happy it's over so he can spend his evenings with her again as they kiss.

Nicole asks Vargas about leaving. Vargas says he came to leave a note for Eric. Nicole questions him being grateful for the chance. Vargas says he's ship has come in and what he does now is none of her business. Vargas says she should address her own problems like being in love with Eric.

Kristen rushes down stairs to get her laptop. EJ approaches and asks if she's heard from Stefano. She hasn't and tries to hurry back upstairs but EJ grabs her and notes that she has that look about her. EJ questions which member of Sami's family she is targeting now.

Eric goes to look at the laptop video but there's a password so he has Sami put it in.

Gabi asks if Nick is talking about an annulment. Nick says he talked to a lawyer who said what he did could be called emotional fraud. Gabi says that means it's like they never happened. Nick says she can meet the right guy. Gabi thought he was the right guy. Nick says he's trying to do the best he can for her. Nick says she has her whole life ahead of her and a baby to think about so she doesn't need excess baggage. Gabi says she never thought of him that way. Nick tells her that he's not going anywhere so if they feel like trying again someday then they will do it the right way with no secrets. Nick asks if they are in agreement. Gabi says they are as Nick hugs her while they both cry. Nick tells her that he will never forget their time together and the way she made him feel. Nick then walks away.

Sonny talks to Brent about how it was his idea to get the apartment so Gabi and the baby could move in because of how much he loves Will. Sonny says they're a family now. Sonny adds that he loves Will. Will arrives but stops outside and listens in as Brent questions Sonny about the life he used to live and giving up climbing mountains and traveling for changing diapers. Brent says that's not who Sonny is and can't see him staying long. Sonny says people change. Brent asks if it's not just his latest adventure and if he wants to be tied down like this forever.

Vargas says Victor was right that Nicole is a liar since she's lying to herself about Eric. Vargas tells her that Eric will freeze her out if he finds out about her feelings because he'll have to and he won't break his vows for anyone.

Eric looks through the laptop to find the video. Sami hears Kristen arguing with EJ and she goes out to stop them. Sami says she's trying to convince Eric that they're a happy family. Kristen opens the laptop and realizes it's Sami's. They talk about both having the same password of EJ's birthday. Sami mentions Eric looking for a video. EJ realizes he must have grabbed the wrong one. Kristen realizes Eric has hers with her video on it. In the living room, Eric declares he found the video and goes to play it.

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