Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/1/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/1/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Jennifer kiss outside. JJ opens the door, interrupting them then apologizes for doing so and goes back in.

Justin arrives at the DiMera Mansion to talk to EJ.

Hope joins Roman at the counter at the Pub and talks about Sami's case

Bernardi's widow Marge approaches Sami in the town square and says they need to talk as Chad and Abigail watch from a distance.

EJ and Justin talk about Mr. Shin of the board being unsure about EJ's planned takeover as EJ talks about needing to make business calls to him.

Chad thinks Sami needs backup but Abigail holds him back. Marge questions Sami about shooting Bernardi and brings up no one being able to find the weapon. Sami claims she didn't know Bernardi and swears on her children that he had a weapon and if she hadn't stopped him then he would've killed Rafe.

Roman tells Hope that he knows Sami would not shoot an innocent man and it bothers him that he didn't know Bernardi was dirty. Roman talks about Abe putting together a hero's funeral for him. Abe arrives and tells him that there's no hard evidence that Bernardi was corrupt so the department is getting heat on giving a proper service. Abe tells Roman to hang in there as Abe exits with Hope.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she should go talk to JJ. Daniel agrees that he should go home and see Parker. Jennifer agrees to call him later. Daniel exits and Jennifer heads back inside where JJ is sitting. JJ tells her that she doesn't have to explain as he gets why she hates him so much.

EJ talks on the phone about finding Mr. Shim. Justin says he needs to get to Sami's hearing. EJ says everything Sami is going through is Stefano's doing. Justin talks about needing to prove it. Justin questions Stefano leaving town and leaving Sami with all of this. EJ asks why he thinks he's so desperate to destroy him.

Marge cries to Sami about taking her son's father away. She begs Sami to change her story but Abe and Hope interrupt. Marge tells Sami that she will pay for murdering her husband. Chad takes Abigail out of the town square. Hope apologizes to Sami for that happening to her. Sami tells Hope to help her not let her family find out about her trial. Hope mentions seeing Roman at the Pub and not saying anything. Hope wishes Sami luck as she walks away.

Sami goes to the Pub to see Roman. Roman greets her with a hug. Sami asks about Caroline. Roman says she went out with Kayla. Roman says he doesn't know much about her case. Sami blames herself for him being in this mess. Roman talks about how much happiness she brings him and how much he loves her. Roman says he knows it's not her fault as they hug.

Chad and Abigail sit together at the coffeehouse. Chad calls it some scene. Abigail is sorry for Marge and her son. Chad says she knows what it's like to lose a father. Abigail doesn't want Sami to go to prison but thinks Marge deserves the whole truth. Chad says Stefano is behind all of this.

Jennifer tells JJ that she could never hate him. JJ says Daniel thinks he's a criminal and says he called him that when he took the prescription pad. JJ claims he's not a drug dealer and would never trash his car. JJ claims that he doesn't know why Daniel hates him but he does and thinks he's trying to turn her against him. Jennifer argues that she could never hate him and that Daniel isn't doing that. JJ talks about Daniel showing up as soon as he gets arrested. Jennifer tells him that Daniel is not the issue. JJ tells her that he was shoplifting today because of Daniel.

Maggie goes to Daniel's and says she came to see Parker. Daniel says he's at the park with the nanny but will have him dropped off at her place. Maggie asks him if something's wrong. Daniel says there is and he keeps making it worse.

EJ and Justin wait for Sami at the hearing. EJ notes that she's late. Justin tells him to be patient as she will be there. They meet the prosecutor Melinda. She talks about believing in justice and mentions beating Justin in the past as she walks away. Sami arrives and asks Justin about the hearing being made public. She mentions Marge knowing all about it and that she said she'd make sure she pays. Melinda calls Sami into the courtroom. EJ kisses Sami and she heads inside.

Daniel tells Maggie about JJ being arrested for shoplifting. Daniel says Jennifer was a wreck and he's sure she's even worse since JJ caught them kissing. Maggie points out that they are two adults in love. Daniel worries that it looked to JJ that she didn't care about him. Daniel talks about Jennifer feeling guilty about not being there for JJ. Maggie says JJ should be old enough to understand that Jennifer has room for both of them. Daniel doesn't think JJ gets that.

JJ talks about Daniel assuming about him with the prescription pad. JJ says he should hang out with Cole since Jennifer thinks he's a total loser and it doesn't matter what he does.

Melinda begins Sami's trial. She shows a photograph of Bernardi.

Abe begins the public service of Bernardi, speaking about him in the town square and his detective career.

Melinda asks Sami to walk through the night she killed Bernardi. Sami begins speaking of checking on Rafe and how she left and then saw a man standing over Rafe.

Another cop talks at the public service about how Bernardi was going to be the godfather of his son and calls him one of the best men he's ever known.

Melinda questions Sami about the gun. Sami talks about looking through her purse and having it in her hand. She questions Sami about changing from a knife to a blade. Sami talks about realizing through the hypnotizing. Melinda questions Sami being hypnotized by her own mother. Sami says she saw the razor and had to do something so she fired the gun as she had nothing else she could do. Sami apologizes for getting emotional as it's difficult to talk about. Melinda asks for questions. A man asks why she didn't scream for help. Sami says she didn't have time and was only thinking about Rafe. Melinda asks Sami about having no prior knowledge of Bernardi. Sami thinks back to struggling with him in the town square. She asks Sami to answer the question. Outside the room, EJ paces and wants to be in there with Sami. Justin encourages him that all Sami has to do is tell the truth and she'll be fine. Sami says she may have seen Bernardi at the police station but never had personal interaction with him. She talks about only finding out who he was later.

A cop hands Bernardi's son Timmy the flag as Marge cries with him during the service.

Sami says she had no motive other than to protect Rafe.

Maggie tells Daniel that he has to believe someday JJ will get through this phase. Daniel hopes that day comes soon. Daniel mentions ordering Parker a new train set. Maggie looks forward to seeing Parker later. Maggie asks Daniel if she wants her to call before she brings him back and Daniel agrees that would be great. They talk about not repeating anything about JJ's arrest as Maggie exits. Maggie then says to herself that she hopes Daniel won't be too angry with her.

Jennifer tells JJ that she's just trying to figure things out as he's not stupid or a baby and knew exactly what he was doing but decided to do it anyway. She tells him that he's responsible for his actions. She tells him that he will still have to pay for what he's done. She instructs him to go to school and then apologize to the store owner to see what he can do to make up for stealing. Jennifer tells JJ that he will then come right home so they can talk about his punishment and how he can regain her trust. Jennifer orders him to go to class so he exits. JJ says to himself that he will go to class after he makes one quick stop.

Sami exits the courtroom and tells EJ & Justin that she thinks it went well. Sami wonders how long it will take to make the decision. Marge arrives and says she's sure they will decide Sami should rot in prison for the rest of her life.

Abigail tells Chad that she can't stop thinking about what he said about Stefano. Chad says he and EJ both feel Stefano sent Bernardi but they can't prove it as he knows how to cover his tracks. Chad mentions Stefano leaving town the next day. Chad adds that he's disgusted to be Stefano's son and prays he does not turn out like him. Abigail assures Chad that he's nothing like him and never will be. Chad asks if she's sure and suggests maybe no matter how hard he fights it, he'll always end up doing what Stefano would.

JJ arrives at Daniel's as he's getting out of the shower. Daniel answers the door and JJ asks if he was expecting Jennifer.

Maggie goes to Jennifer's and asks if JJ is there. She tells her that he's in class and asks why she wanted to see him. Maggie tells her that Daniel told her what happened today. Jennifer responds that she really wished he hadn't.

Sami discusses the trial further with EJ and Justin. Marge sits nearby so Justin approaches her. She asks what he wants. Justin doesn't know how long things were take and suggests she go home but she refuses to go anywhere, saying she wants to be there when justice is done. Sami steps out as Justin returns to EJ. Justin tells EJ that Marge is determined to stay. Justin mentions that he got a text from Hong Kong that Mr. Shim is back on board. Justin suggests it as a sign that everything will work out for EJ and Sami.

Abigail thinks Chad would agree that no one has been harder on him about his father than she has. Chad agrees. Abigail says she was self righteous and judgmental because she didn't want him to change but she knows he never would. Chad is unsure. Abigail understands how he feels and mentions her dad's father being abusive. Abigail recalls Jack being afraid of turning into his father but he never did. Abigail tells Chad that he isn't any more like Stefano and never will be.

Jennifer apologizes to Maggie for talking to her like that when she's only trying to help. Maggie says Daniel only confided in her because they both feel bad for her. Jennifer says she needs to figure JJ out on her own. Maggie offers to help but Jennifer says she can't talk about it right now so Maggie exits. Jennifer then pulls out her cell phone.

Daniel tells JJ that he's expecting a delivery. JJ tells Daniel that he can't turn Jennifer against him so he should stop trying. JJ walks away as Daniel's phone rings with a message from Jennifer, saying she needs time to figure things out and asks him to stop discussing JJ's problems with other people which upsets him.

Sami is informed that the verdict is in. Justin states that it means the grand jury has made it's decision.

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