Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/28/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/28/13


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Sonny and Will read to Arianna until Sami arrives. Will greets Sami and Sonny hands Arianna to her. Sami says she's happy to hold her one time. Sami informs them that she's appearing in front of the grand jury today to see if she is indicted for Bernardi's murder.

Adrienne tells Justin that she's glad he's still home. Justin says he's about to meet with Sami and EJ. Adrienne argues that he can't take the case and says there's an important legal reason that even he can't argue with.

EJ is at the DiMera Mansion as Chad arrives. Chad tells EJ that he finally figured out that it was Stefano who hired Bernardi and comments on not wanting Stefano on their bad side. EJ says he's busy but Chad says he's not leaving as he has questions about Stefano's recent activity and isn't leaving without answers.

Anne tells Daniel about JJ's arrest. She asks Daniel what JJ is really like.

Jennifer questions JJ being arrested for shoplifting. He calls it all a mistake but Abe arrives and says it's not.

EJ tells Chad it's not a good time. Chad suggests he could talk to someone at the police station. EJ says he has no proof but Chad says he has a viable theory and brings up Kate's relationship with Rafe. Chad recalls Stefano being at the coffeehouse on the night of the shooting and kept looking at his watch like he was waiting for something. Chad asks EJ if he's crazy. EJ tells him that he's right about everything when it comes to Stefano.

Adrienne tells Justin that she's looking out for him and she thinks he has a clear conflict of interest since she served on a board with Bernardi's widow. Justin says the conflict can be justified. Adrienne says what Justin is doing is tearing their family apart but Justin says the only one doing that is her.

Will asks Sami if she will be okay. Sami thinks so since EJ and Justin are not worried. Will tells her that she'll be great. Sami says the video is the only evidence they had so she's grateful they kept it a secret. Sonny says he knows Sami is telling the truth. Sami says all she knew was that she had to protect Rafe.

Daniel asks Anne if she knows the charges but she doesn't. Daniel accuses her of wanting to tell anyone about JJ for a mean reason and tells her that she's going to keep it to herself. Daniel asks if that's clear.

Abe says he heard JJ was back and wishes he was seeing him under different circumstances. Jennifer brings up it being a possible mistake. Abe says they would figure it out if it were. Abe brings up the fight and then the cops finding very expensive electronics in JJ's bag. JJ doesn't think they had the right to look in his bag. Jennifer questions why he didn't tell her any of this. JJ tells her he was going to tell her in private. Jennifer asks Abe for privacy so JJ can tell her the whole story. Abe exits. Jennifer tells JJ this is as private as it gets for people who get arrested. JJ questions her being sure it was all his fault. JJ accuses Cole of putting things in his bag. Jennifer brings up that he was supposed to come straight home and apologize to Cameron. JJ claims he forgot but Jennifer tells him that she doesn't believe anything he says.

Anne tells Daniel that arrests are public record. Daniel brings up her trying to screw up his life with Chloe and how they had an agreement for him not to go to the board about her. Anne tells Daniel that there's nothing he can do about it if JJ goes down. She calls it a downward spiral and walks away. Daniel pulls out his phone and calls Jennifer but gets her voicemail. Abigail arrives, asking where Jennifer is. Daniel informs her that he heard something but doesn't know the whole story. Abigail asks what her brother did now.

Justin tells Adrienne that he didn't mean that as he's under a lot of pressure but states that her obsession with Sami and Will is driving Sonny away. Adrienne thinks he's already gone. Justin doesn't want her shut out and compares it to how if anyone challenged how she felt about him. Justin tells Adrienne to let Sonny be and let things play out. Justin says he has to go and kisses her goodbye as he then exits.

Sami says the one thing she can't get past is why they can't find the razor and talks about how many people were in the room afterwards. Will suggests a cop could've been trying to protect one of their own. Sami says she can't accuse a cop and adds that they'll think she's lying about everything. Sonny insists that Sami is telling the truth. Sonny adds that Justin will get her through this. Will asks if there's something else. Sami says she knows why Will and Sonny kept the video a secret but doesn't understand why Chad is.

EJ tells Chad that he knew it was Stefano as soon as Sami said she saw a knife. Chad asks if Sami knew Bernardi worked for Stefano. EJ thinks it's better if he doesn't know the details. Chad questions EJ not saying anything and letting Stefano getting away with it. EJ asks who said he's getting away with it. EJ talks about being ahead of the move and says his priority is Sami. Chad realizes if Stefano was involved then he would make Sami take the fall. Chad asks EJ about his next move. EJ says it's good to have a brother he can share this with and hugs him. EJ tells Chad that he's come to the conclusion that Stefano is a ruthless bastard and he won't let him get away with this. EJ declares that it won't be long until he's finished.

Daniel tells Abigail that he's sorry to have to tell her but JJ was arrested for shoplifting. Abigail says she knows he's screwed up but Jennifer doesn't need this. Abigail says she's going to get there and asks if Daniel is coming. Daniel doesn't think Jennifer would want him there and knows JJ wouldn't. Abigail says to hell with what JJ wants as Jennifer needs him. Abigail exits.

JJ continues to tell Jennifer that he didn't do anything. She talks about him blowing off Cameron and ending up breaking the law. Jennifer shouts that she's not overreacting as she's holding it together. Jennifer walks out and asks Abe what's going to happen to her son.

Sami hands Arianna back to Will and says she has to go meet EJ and Justin. Sami thanks him for letting her come by. Will offers to go with her but Sami says he doesn't need to. Sonny tells her to come by any time. Sami asks about a date for the christening. Will says they haven't set a date yet and will wait until Eric gets better. Adrienne arrives. Sonny tells her it's not a good time but Adrienne says it's important.

Chad asks EJ what that means. EJ says Stefano is getting sloppy, making mistakes, and getting old. Chad doesn't think he's slipping. EJ says Chad's not the only one who knows he was behind the attack which is getting sloppy. EJ adds that Stefano has lost his support. EJ says he won't forget Chad getting rid of the video. Justin arrives and asks Chad how he's doing. Chad says he was just leaving and he exits. Justin thinks he interrupted something. EJ says they were just talking about Stefano. EJ tells Justin to make him happy by telling him this is the day they take Stefano down.

Abe tells Jennifer that it's good that JJ doesn't have a record. He says he made the case to the store owner of it being his first defense. He says she agreed to not press charges if he returns the merchandise. Abe thinks he can convince the department to take it easy but assures what he did was very serious and can't happen again. Jennifer thanks him. Abe says grief is powerful and unpredictable. Abe says he knows JJ is a good kid. Jennifer tells him not to make excuses for JJ like she's being doing. She says she's going to stop right now. Jennifer tells JJ that they're going home thanks to Abe and she walks him out.

Sonny tells Adrienne that he'll talk to her later. Sami says she was leaving anyways for her meeting and says Justin is doing a great job. Adrienne stops her and says she realizes she hasn't been fair about all of this and admits she's sometimes overprotective with Sonny. Adrienne brings up Sami having Sonny break into the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny reminds her that it was his idea. Adrienne tells Sami that if Justin is convinced then she'll be found innocent. Sami thanks her and agrees that she can be overprotective too as she exits. Sonny tells Adrienne that she at least tried to cover up how she felt. Adrienne says she came to apologize to Will.

Daniel and Abigail talk to Abe at the station about the charges being dropped. Abe calls it his first offense. Daniel asks about Jennifer. Abe says she was as angry as he's ever seen.

Jennifer and JJ return home. JJ tries apologizing and claims the shoplifting wasn't his idea. Jennifer says he has everything he wants or needs and questions why he'd steal. JJ claims to be thinking of Jack. Jennifer warns him not to use Jack as an excuse again.

Justin tells EJ that he can't believe he's coordinated this with all that's going on in his life. EJ declares today is the day that Stefano learns just how much he is his son. Justin says he seems to hate him more than before. EJ says it's after what he's put Sami through. Justin informs EJ that the DA has decided to charge Sami with murder as Sami enters and questions it.

Jennifer tells JJ that she's had it with his excuses and using Jack makes her sick. She says Jack would be ashamed of what he's done. She says the things he's doing keep getting worse. She tells him to go to his room to think about what he's done. She tells him to think about being a man. JJ heads upstairs to his room. Jennifer exits and cries against the front door.

Will tells Adrienne that she doesn't have to apologize as he's aware of what Sonny's been through because of him. Sonny doesn't like the conversation. Will takes Arianna to change her diaper. Adrienne apologizes to Sonny for saying the wrong thing and mentions that she didn't know Sami would be there but she pushes her buttons. Adrienne blames herself for everything and says she will join Sami's fan club if it ends the tension between them cause she only cares about him. Sonny says it bothers her that he's with Will. Adrienne asks for some slack and says she's not the only person who has a problem with Sami. Sonny agrees that Sami can make things tough sometimes. Adrienne admits she was wrong about the shooting since Sami didn't have motivation or know the man. Sonny looks away. Adrienne asks if there's something he's not telling her. Sonny says no and reiterates that he loves Will and Arianna and has never been this happy in his life. Will listens in from the bedroom door as Sonny says what he has is the real thing and the only thing that could make it better is if Adrienne was happy for him. Sonny says he loves her and asks her to be happy for him.

Sami asks if Justin said murder. EJ calls it outrageous. Justin says it might not be as bad as it sounds and could work on their behalf as he thinks the DA is overreaching. Justin says he's been over the case and thinks the charge should at worst be involuntary manslaughter since she has no motive whatsoever. Justin tells Sami to just tell the truth and stick to her story. He advises her not to let the DA get her to say anything she hasn't told the police. Justin tells her not to worry and that everything will be fine. Justin says they will meet at the court and he exits. Sami asks EJ if he thinks everything's going to be fine.

Abigail goes home with Daniel and she calls out for Jennifer. Abigail doesn't know where she could be as her car is there. Abigail goes to check upstairs as Daniel looks out the window and sees Jennifer crying. Daniel exits and greets her. Jennifer asks if he came to say he told her so because she can't stomach that right now. She tells him to just go. Inside, Abigail and JJ come down the stairs as she questions him. Abigail tells him that he really blew it this time as she exits. JJ says for once she's right. JJ looks out the window and sees Daniel with Jennifer. JJ says this is all he needs.

EJ tells Sami that everything will be fine if she just sticks to her story and keeps it simple. EJ says it will be over soon. Sami hopes he's right. Sami suggests maybe it will work out as even Adrienne thinks she's innocent. Sami says she was at Will and Sonny's and talks about how cute they are together and how she hopes this doesn't screw things up for them. EJ assures her that he will take care of it. Sami says she trusts him and they kiss. Sami says she's going to visit Caroline. EJ mentions having business to finish up and says he'll meet her at the grand jury room. Sami exits. EJ looks to Stefano's photo and says this is also the last day she needs to worry about him because he can do nothing.

Adrienne tells Will and Sonny that she has references if they ever need a babysitter. She tells Sonny that she loves him and promises things will be better for all of them. She exits. Sonny apologizes to Will. Will says she's right but Sonny argues that she's not. Will talks about how she has a point about being with him. Sonny tells him to knock it off as their relationship means the world to him. Will says he just happened to overhear what he said about them. Sonny says he wasn't just saying those things and really meant it as they kiss and hug.

JJ continues watching out the window. Jennifer cries and tells Daniel that she can't take this anymore. Daniel hugs her as she cries and they end up kissing which upsets JJ. JJ says to himself that now he knows how to get out of this and he's going to use Daniel to do it.

Will and Sonny watch over Arianna and then kiss.

Abigail walks through the town square and stops when she sees Bernardi's widow Marge and her son looking at a memorial photo of Bernardi. Marge has a cop watch her son when she spots Sami. She approaches Sami and says she wants to talk to her.

EJ talks on the phone, saying he's counting on their support and assures them they won't regret it. EJ hangs up and declares the end is near and after this day, Stefano will be finished for good as he slams down a chess piece.

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