Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/27/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/27/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric continues getting dressed in his hospital room and looks at his rosary as Kristen opens the door and they look at each other. Kristen thinks back to shooting him with the tranquilizer and then kissing him.

Jennifer calls JJ leaving a message asking where he is as they were supposed to meet Cameron and explain to him what happened.

JJ and Rory rush through the town square with two others that they sold to before, Cole and his girlfriend. They talk about checking their stash as they compare what they stole.

Marlena talks to Caroline at the Pub. Marlena gets a phone call from Roman and says she'll be there in a few. She hangs up and informs Caroline that Eric is being released. Caroline calls it a quick recovery and wonders about being sick enough to go to the hospital.

Daniel, Brady, and Nicole talk about what happened to Eric and whether or not he will get his memory back.

Kristen greets Eric and he tells her that he knows why she's there.

Cameron arrives at Jennifer's. She invites him in. Cameron says her message said JJ wanted to talk to him. Jennifer explains that JJ was waiting for him and was going to leave him a message but took the prescription pad. Jennifer says JJ was supposed to be there to explain but he didn't mean to take it. Cameron notes that he keeps the pads in his drawer. Cameron adds that it's brand new and no slips are missing. Abigail comes home and greets Cameron. Cameron tells Jennifer to tell JJ that it's cool and he'll see her at the hospital as he exits.

Rory suggests going to the park. Their friend Cole suggests trying to pull on the tree nearby but JJ stops him.

Daniel talks to Nicole and Brady about memories usually coming back on their own in situations like this. A nurse brings Daniel the test results.

Kristen tells Eric that she came to drop papers off and knows they've had their differences because of Brady. Eric tells her to stop. Kristen says she was concerned about him but Eric tells her they both know there's a lot more to it than that. Eric tells Kristen that she loves to play people. Eric says he knows exactly what this is about. Eric talks about not hearing about her love for Brady or her confession. Eric says she has a ton of vindictive reasons to be mad at him and now that she heard he got ill and missed the school meeting, he thinks she wanted to tell him there were no fund and she wanted to stick it to Marlena. Eric says Kristen always wants to stick it to his family.

Marlena tells Caroline that the test results are not back yet so they don't know what happened but they are glad he's recovered. She says Roman is going to pick Eric up and they will meet him at the rectory. Marlena talks about how it is when their kids are suffering. Caroline is glad she has Roman and assumes John is doing all he can. Marlena says she just got a text from John that he was out of town for a few days and she says that's fine.

Brady and Nicole ask about the test results but Daniel says he has to go see Eric and exits the room. Brady asks what Nicole is thinking. Nicole says she may have the answer.

Jennifer is worried about Cameron being more upset with JJ than he led on. Abigail thinks there's something else Cameron is upset about. Jennifer hopes it's not Chad but Abigail doesn't want to talk about it and leaves the room. Jennifer wonders where JJ is.

JJ says the tree in the town square came from his great grand father and pushes Cole off of it, causing him to drop his bag. Cole goes ahead and rips pieces of the tree off and pours his drink over the Horton Town Square plaque. He calls the tree stupid so JJ shoves him against the wall and punches him.

Jennifer calls JJ again and leaves him another message that Cameron came and left already. Jennifer goes back and reads the card Daniel wrote her. She thinks back to being with Daniel and then to arguing with him about JJ. Jennifer continues to wonder where JJ is and what he's doing.

JJ continues fighting Cole until two cops break it up. JJ tells them about the tree. The cops notice the backpacks they dropped and the shop owner walks by, recognizing the stolen items that fell out so JJ and Cole get arrested.

Nicole makes a call claiming to be with Titan TV. She accuses a man involved in the school board of hurting Eric. They go back and forth until he tells her that the school will be approved today so Nicole thanks him and hangs up. Nicole calls it a silver lining.

Kristen promises Eric that she didn't come to cause trouble and says she wants him to get the funds for the school. Daniel enters with the test results then questions what Kristen is doing there. Daniel asks Eric if he's starting to remember what happened. Eric says something is definitely wrong.

Eric tells Daniel he needs to say something. Daniel asks Kristen to step outside but Eric says she needs to stay as she's a part of it. Eric says his illness has made him very irritable as he just started attacking, blaming, and accusing Kristen. He asks her to accept his apology. She says of course. Daniel asks why Kristen was there. Kristen says she came on business and heard Eric was will and she's sorry she disturbed him. Eric forgives her and says what happened was not her fault. Kristen exits.

JJ and Cole get arrested. One of the cops tells JJ that he had a ton of messages on his phone all from his mom.

Jennifer gets a call informing her that JJ has been arrested. She says she'll be right there and hurries out.

Cameron walks outside the town square and thinks back to seeing Abigail with Chad. Abigail approaches and tells him that Jennifer was concerned about the prescription pad thing. Cameron says he's mad at himself for not locking his drawer. Abigail asks if he's mad at her. Cameron asks when she was going to tell him since she always said she and Chad were just friends but now wants to take it to the next level. Cameron asks again when she was going to tell him.

Daniel informs Eric that all tests came back negative. Eric talks about not remembering a thing and the whole night being a blur. Daniel says he will run more tests and needs his consent for the next one.

Marlena and Caroline exit the Pub where Kristen greets them.

Abigail tells Cameron that she's tried to explain so many times that she and Chad are close but she only considers him a friend. Cameron thinks none of this would be going on if she didn't show feelings for him and he's picking up on real signals. Abigail tells Cameron she cares about him. Cameron believes her bur says it's not enough.

Jennifer arrives at the police station questioning what JJ did. She asks about him fighting and what happened. JJ explains that he lost it as the family tree and plaque were made fun of. Jennifer asks how he could do this. JJ apologizes and tells her about the stories of his grandparents and the tree. Jennifer talks about trying to live up to them. Jennifer hugs JJ and says they will get through it as the cops look over the stolen items.

Cameron tells Abigail that he'd do anything for her and he was glad they started dating again since they've been through bad stuff together. Cameron assures her that he's fine with her being a virgin and brings up his stripping job. Abigail says they got past it. Cameron says they can get past anything if they stay honest. Abigail says she's never lied to him. Cameron tells her that she's lying to herself and he won't stick around with these mind games. Cameron tells her to figure out how she feels and if she wants him then they must be exclusive, if not they are done. Cameron then walks away.

Daniel tells Eric that he wants to take blood every few days for tests. Eric wants to focus on the school for St. Luke's. Nicole and Brady enter and inform him that the St Luke's school has been approved. Eric wonders how and calls it amazing. Brady reads a tweet from the governor about it. Eric wonders how this happened. Brady calls it a good story. Nicole says it doesn't really matter. Eric hugs her and calls it great. Roman arrives and says he just heard the good news. Eric says everything will finally pay off. Roman asks Eric if he's ready to go to the rectory. Eric thanks Daniel for everything. Daniel brings up the tests but Eric doesn't want to look back. Eric says he's looking forward to the school opening and he exits the room.

Kristen tells Marlena and Caroline that she's glad they are both well. Caroline says they are on their way to the Rectory to see Eric. Kristen brings up Sami and hopes the trial goes okay. Marlena doesn't believe her. Kristen says their families are close because of Sami and EJ. Kristen tells Marlena that they will be so connected until the day she dies and then walks away.

Daniel talks to Brady at the hospital about how Eric should keep a diary of any memories coming back to him. Daniel worries about Eric going back to work and not remembering what happened. Brady says Eric recovered completely. Daniel brings up Eric losing his temper which could mean the toxins are still in his body. Daniel mentions Kristen stopping by. Brady questions her being there. Daniel asks if he wants to talk but Brady says he doesn't and doesn't want to hear her name as walks away. Nearby, Anne walks by on the phone being informed about what is going on with Jennifer which she calls priceless.

Jennifer waits with JJ. JJ blames Cole for always getting in trouble. Jennifer asks the cops if they are any closer to releasing JJ. He tells her no. Jennifer thinks it's ridiculous and thinking JJ didn't do much wrong and stopped public property from being defaced. Jennifer demands JJ get released now.

Abigail follows Cameron and stops him. He doesn't think there's anything left to say but she says there is. Abigail tells him that he was right about her lying to herself. She says she didn't know it but now realized it's exactly what she's been doing. Cameron doesn't know how to react to that and says it doesn't change anything. Abigail says her being conflicted isn't about him. Abigail asks for slack since her family is going through a rough time and she's not at her best. Abigail tells him to forget it as she calls that a pathetic excuse. Abigail says there is no excuse for playing games or hurting someone even if it's unintentional. Cameron tells her that she has to do what's right for her and not commit to someone just not to hurt or them or to be decisive. Cameron tells her to be sure who she wants to be with and that there's no one else that makes her feel the same way. Abigail says she understands. Cameron tells her not to be too hard on herself and to just try and figure it out. Cameron says goodbye and walks away.

Marlena, Roman, Caroline, and Nicole celebrate with Eric at the Rectory about the school being funded and his recovery. They toast to Eric and call it a good day. Caroline brings up Kristen and says she goes everywhere she's not wanted. Roman tells Marlena to let him know if Kristen bothers her again.

Kristen talks with her contact at home about how Eric seemed to be remembering things but didn't. He assures her that those memories will never come back. He asks if she now has a plan in mind. She says of course she does. After he leaves, Kristen goes to her computer and watches the video of her and Eric in the hotel. She edits the video and deletes the clips of Eric trying to fight off her advances.

Anne approaches Daniel talking about JJ being back in town and brings up what happened. Daniel didn't hear. Anne informs Daniel that JJ was arrested.

Jennifer argues with the cop that JJ should not have been arrested and she doesn't think the fight should be a problem. JJ reveals he wasn't arrested for fighting. The cop informs her that he stole several hundred dollars worth of merchandise by shoplifting which shocks her.

Brady returns home and thinks back to talking to Daniel about Kristen. Brady wonders what she was doing at the hospital and what her agenda is. Brady then says who cares as it has nothing to do with his life anymore.

Eric finishes a phone call with the bishop. He tells everyone that the bishop is ecstatic and they toast again to St. Luke's. Marlena says hours ago they were worried to death about him. Eric says it seems strange but maybe the school wouldn't have been saved if he didn't get ill. Eric calls it a miracle.

Kristen continues editing the video, focusing on a clip where Eric says he wanted her. Kristen says to herself that some people won't be so understanding.

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