Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/26/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/26/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric remains in his hospital bed shaking and starts having flashbacks to what happened to him.

Chad calls Abigail and asks about her night. She says it wasn't so great. Chad blames himself. Abigail apologizes for running out on him. Chad understands that she needed space and says he should've picked a better time to say he how he feels about her but last night seemed right. Cameron enters the coffeehouse with Theo so Chad hangs up. Chad greets Theo and Cameron.

Jennifer talks to Adrienne at home as Adrienne complains about Sami and how she feels Will is going to break Sonny's heart.

Will and Sonny talk at home with Arianna about sleeping through the night. Lucas arrives and Will hands Arianna to him.

Nicole paces in the waiting room at the hospital. Brady arrives and Nicole thanks him for coming as she was there alone all night. Brady says Daniel left him a message and asks what happened to Eric. Nicole says she didn't understand any of it.

Kristen talks to her contact about how she bought the drugs with the understanding that the victim would not remember anything that happened but now he could be remembering.

Eric wakes up in his hospital bed and sees Daniel. Daniel asks if he knows where he is and if he remembers what happened last night. Eric says he remembers.

Nicole tells Brady about how Eric was delirious and shaking. Nicole adds that he was fine before he left. Brady says they will figure it out and suggests it was a virus. Nicole informs Brady that Daniel thinks Eric was poisoned.

Kristen says her one chance may have been blown because she was sold a defective drug and asks what she should do about it.

Daniel tells Eric that his fever is down and he says he feels alright. Daniel asks if he knows what started the illness. Eric starts saying no and tries to get up but Daniel stops him and tells him that he's there.

Chad talks to Cameron about spending time with Theo. Cameron then questions what kind of game he's playing with Abigail. Chad says he's not playing and he's serious about her as he told her how felt about her. Cameron asks him about setting up a non-date and then telling her how he feels. Chad says he told her and is glad he did.

Abigail gets up from bed, leaving the stuffed panda she got from Chad on her bed. She goes downstairs where Jennifer and Adrienne are talking. Jennifer talks about Will and Sonny being in love but Adrienne calls Will a liar. Adrienne brings up the wedding and the mess with Nick and Gabi as Abigail listens from behind the wall. Adrienne says Will almost got Sonny killed and then Sami killed Bernardi in cold blood. Jennifer questions what reason she would have for shooting him as Abigail thinks back to the video.

Lucas asks Will if there's any news about Sami. Will says they haven't found the weapon or any other evidence. Lucas says Sami shoots first and asks questions later. Lucas guesses she wouldn't do it without a reason. Lucas says when the real story comes out then everyone will know why she did it. Will asks what he means by the real story.

Kristen's contact assures her that the drug was still very effective and that Eric won't remember what happened. Kristen questions him being sure suddenly. He promises her that nothing will be remembered. Kristen says if the patient does remember that he was drugged and then seduced then there will be a lot more at stake.

Eric tries to talk about needing to be at the capital for the school project. Daniel tries to calm him down and says Nicole called in and got the meeting postponed. Daniel calms him down and asks him what happened last night. Daniel asks what he's feeling now and if he's remembering what happened. Eric says he's not but says something went terribly wrong.

Kristen says her plan went very well and the video quality was excellent so it should go great as long as he doesn't remember anything. Kristen says she will have to do something if he remembers. He asks if she's thinking about leaving.

Nicole tells Brady how scary it was seeing Eric shaking and shivering in the bed and she worried that she would lose him forever. Nicole cries about Eric being really special. Nicole says if Eric comes out okay then maybe she and Brady can still go on the trip they planned. Brady tells her that they both know they can't do that today and maybe not ever.

Lucas tells Will that he meant the real truth about Sami trying to protect Rafe. He asks if there's another truth now. Will says that's it. Lucas asks where Gabi is. Will says she had to make up an exam that she missed while in the hospital. Lucas asks about feeding the baby. Sonny tells him about all that they have and are good to go. Lucas offers to take over and let them go enjoy themselves. Lucas says he's the baby master and has everything covered. Will thanks him and exits with Sonny. Lucas sits with Arianna and hopes she doesn't have Sami's flare for trouble.

Jennifer tells Adrienne to stop worrying about Sonny and Will. Adrienne insists that Will is nothing but trouble. Abigail comes in and greets them. Jennifer comments on her sleeping in but Abigail says she's been up awhile and just had a lot to think about.

Cameron tells Chad that he's finally being honest opposed to lying. Chad says he's trying to be fair and gave them space. Chad calls Abigail amazing and tougher than he thinks. Cameron says he didn't give a damn until Abigail said she wanted nothing to do with him and accuses Chad of just wanting the challenge. Chad says they had become closer over the last couple of months. Cameron tells him to save the sales pitch. Chad stops him and says the last thing he wants to do is make things a mess for Abigail or hurt her even if that means she chooses him. Chad adds that after Cameron left, nothing happened between them.

Brady tells Nicole that seeing how she reacted to Eric being sick, he thinks she's in this a lot deeper than she thought. Nicole says she hated seeing him hurt. Brady says they're friends and he thinks they should put their rebound thing on hold since getting over someone is more complicated than just falling into bed with someone else. Nicole says she knows he's talking about she and Eric but asks if it's also about he and Kristen.

Kristen says she's not thinking about leaving Salem as she's staying put and will win no matter what. Kristen reminds him to stay close and not try to hideout as he exits.

Daniel tells Eric that something did go wrong as he got violently ill at an alarming rate. Eric wonders why. Daniel says he's looking for some kind of poison. Eric says he didn't eat or drink anything. Daniel asks if he touched anything strange or a smell. Eric can't recall much of anything. Daniel wants Eric to walk him through when he got to the hotel. Eric says he checked in, asking not to be disturbed, and he went back to the lobby to use the phone. Eric recalls a woman checking in and then he took a shower. Daniel asks if he remembers what happened next.

Adrienne asks if something is wrong. Abigail decides to go get some food and exits. Adrienne asks about Abigail dating Cameron. Jennifer says he's very nice. Adrienne comments that she could do worse.

Cameron asks Chad why he's supposed to believe him. Chad doesn't want them to be enemies. Chad says he can't help how he feels about Abigail. Theo rushes up talking about winning at his game on his phone. Theo asks Chad to come to the park and play but Chad says he has to work but will try to stop by later. Chad hugs Theo.

Kristen talks on the phone about Eric being taken to the hospital. She hangs up and opens a drawer, finding the keyring necklace that Brady got her.

Brady admits to Nicole that he's been thinking about Kristen a lot lately and called her yesterday but immediately hung up. Brady says he knew it was a mistake and realized that the only way to get her out of his system is to not contact her. Nicole encourages him to be strong. Brady says he will need her to help him out sometimes. Nicole says she'll be there. Brady says them leaving town together would just be him running away from what he needs to face.

Kristen grabs her things and exits the DiMera Mansion.

Nicole tells Brady that he's right that running away from problems won't solve anything and she has to face her demons too. They agree to make their friends of benefits idea back to just friends as they hug.

Eric holds his rosary as Daniel asks if he remembers anything that could help. Eric says the next thing he remembers is waking up in bed shivering and aching. Eric says Nicole was there and he doesn't know how he needed her. Daniel says he's blessed that she showed up. Daniel says he's going to check test results and then to talk to Marlena and Roman since they've been there all night. Daniel tells Eric to rest and maybe some of his memories will come back. Daniel exits the room. Eric gets out of bed and starts grabbing his things.

Abigail returns to the living room and Jennifer starts to talk to her. Abigail tells her to understand that she will make her own decisions about who she dates even if that means she makes some mistakes. Jennifer agrees to try and not make judgments as they hug.

Sonny and Will sit together at the town square. Sonny talks about how different Lucas was today and how it's nice that their parents are on board finally. Will laughs it off as Adrienne walks by and sees them together. Sonny then asks what she did now.

Eric gets dressed and Brady enters his room. Brady hugs him and says Marlena and Roman are relieved. Eric says they must be exhausted after Sami's nightmare. Brady says Sami is out on bail and at home safe. Brady mentions that Nicole stayed all night and wanted to say hi. Eric asks why Nicole happened to show up at his hotel. Brady says he didn't ask but was just glad she saved his life. Brady encourages Eric that things are back to normal and going to be fine.

Kristen goes to the hospital to leave papers for a board meeting but a nurse tells her that EJ already left copies. Kristen then sneaks a look at the patient list until Nicole approaches and startles her. Nicole questions what she's doing. Kristen says it's not her business but was just dropping off papers that EJ forgot to bring. Nicole asks why she was looking at the patient list. Kristen claims she wasn't. Daniel interrupts and asks to talk to Nicole in private so they go to the waiting room. Kristen resumes looking at the list.

Adrienne approaches and greets Will and Sonny. Sonny tells her that he knows what she said to Will even though he didn't tell him. Adrienne admits she told Will to walk away before they get their hearts broken then realizes that he didn't really know. Sonny says Will may have been trying to protect her. Adrienne argues about Sami. Will and Sonny decide to leave. Sonny tells Adrienne that if she wants him to choose between her and Will then it will be a very easy decision. Sonny walks off with Will.

Abigail goes to the coffeehouse and talks to Chad, feeling she gave him mixed signals and it's a problem that needs to be solved.

Daniel and Nicole enter the waiting room. Nicole asks about Eric being poisoned. Daniel says they are waiting on test results and says Eric doesn't remember much. Nicole wonders what it could've been and says she doesn't get it.

Kristen finds Eric's name on the patient list. She hides around the corner as Brady exits Eric's room and then she starts to head inside.

Chad tells Abigail that he's hoping she gives him a chance but knows he was late so if she wants Cameron then he'll go back to being a friend. Abigail says she's been weird lately and feels like she's trying to avoid how she really feels. Chad tells her that he's not going anywhere so she can take her time.

Adrienne leaves a message for Sonny, saying she needs to say that no matter what he does, she wil always love him. She adds that maybe she's wrong about Will and Justin can prove that Sami did nothing wrong. Adrienne says she hopes that what Sami did was right and that what Sonny decided was right. She promises to try and do her best to show him that she's behind him 100%. She hangs up the phone crying.

Will and Sonny walk out of the town square as Sonny tells him how sorry he is for Adrienne. Sonny then asks why Will didn't tell him sooner. Will says he thought maybe she had a point since his family does have a long history of drama. Sonny assures him that they belong together. Will kisses him. Sonny says a lot of people think it's not okay for them to love each other and he wants Will to promise to never tell Arianna that it's not okay to love someone. Will says they will both be there for her and they kiss.

Daniel tells Nicole that if they don't get anything on the test results then they may never know what happened but the good news is that he pretty much recovered and will be released soon. Daniel encourages Nicole to get Eric home and make him rest. She agrees to and thanks him as they hug. Daniel says he didn't do anything but monitor his progress. Brady enters and asks if Eric is ready to be released. Daniel says he's waiting on the test results. Brady mentions him not remembering anything. Nicole hopes some rest will help his memory come back. Daniel says any little thing could trigger Eric's memory.

Eric continues getting dressed in his hospital room and looks at his rosary as Kristen opens the door and they look at each other.

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