Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/25/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/25/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole checks on Eric asking what happened to him.

Kristen tries to leave the hotel but George stops her and says she's not going anywhere as he knows what she's up to.

Chad and Abigail almost kiss but Abigail pulls away and says she's sorry as she thought tonight was just about them going out as friends. Chad says he's the one who's sorry as he never wanted to be just friends.

Will, Sonny, and Gabi try to stop Arianna Grace from crying. Will goes looking for her blanket until there's a knock at the door and Nick arrives.

Daniel daydreams of Jennifer coming over and wanting to make up and then kissing. Daniel is actually at the hospital and then runs into Jennifer, who rushes the other way.

Marlena talks to a nun at the Rectory about Eric not leaving his hotel information and not answering his phone. She suggests he must be working hard. Marlena hopes he finds some time to relax.

Nicole tries to keep Eric conscious as he has flashbacks to Kristen. Nicole wonders what happened.

Kristen again tries to leave but George says she's not.

Nick asks Will if everything is okay. Will says everything is great and he's just looking for Arianna's blanket. Nick says he just wanted to bring a gift for her. Sonny joins them. Nick gives them a toy which Sonny takes and it works to stop Arianna's crying. Will invites Nick in, assuming he's there to see Gabi but Nick states that he came to see Will.

Abigail tells Chad that he knows about her and Cameron. Chad thinks Cameron is a wonderful guy but not the right guy for her.

Kristen tries to leave but a cop arrives asking what the problem is. He asks to see what's in Kristen's bag.

Nicole tries to sit Eric up and feels that he's burning up. Nicole goes to the bathroom to get a wet cloth.

Daniel finishes a call as Jennifer returns with the card he left in hand. Jennifer asks if she's interrupting but he says she's not. Jennifer tells him that she found the card and didn't know if he wanted it back or if he meant that he wanted a do-over. Jennifer needs him to trust her because she knows what it looked like when he caught JJ with the prescription pad. She asks him to let her handle JJ in her own way.

Nick tells Will that he came because he still owed him an apology. Will says he doesn't as he brought him his baby girl and put her in his arms for the first time which he will never forget. Will talks about hearing what Jensen did to him in prison and he understands and is very sorry. Nick says none of this would've happened if he was half as good of a person as Will. Nick adds that Arianna will have one hell of a father. Gabi comes out and asks if everything is okay.

Chad tells Abigail that he had a really good time with her. Abigail says she did too. Chad brings up that she had plenty of chances to turn him down when he asked her out and adds that she turned Cameron down. Abigail says she wasn't choosing Chad over Cameron. Chad apologizes and says he knows he was so angry with Gabi that he let it get in the way of everything. Chad says he tried to give her space but he can't get her out of his head and won't give up on her without a fight.

Nicole holds Eric saying she's there for him and needs him to be okay. Nicole starts to go try and get him some help but he is able to say her name.

Kristen tells the cop the bag is her lingerie. He asks George what the complaint is. George says she never paid for a room but has a key so he wants her arrested. Kristen calls it ridiculous and says she checked in. George talks about how she was determined to get one room. She offers to pay for the room but George says it's too late and he's pressing charges as he wants to know what she's really doing there.

Nicole tells Eric that she's there and was bringing his notes. She tries to ask what happened and then says she's going to get a doctor. Nicole gets up and searches her purse but can't find her phone. She tries the hotel phone but it doesn't work. Nicole tells Eric that she is going downstairs to get the help he needs and will be right back.

Martha comes to the front desk asking what's going on. Kristen says they think she stole the key. Martha calls it a misunderstanding since the phones were down. George apologizes and Kristen exits as Nicole rushes up asking for help.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he always trusts her but thinks she has blinders on when it comes to JJ. Jennifer asks what makes him so sure that Daniel is lying and she thinks he's waiting for him to screw up. Marlena interrupts asking for a moment with Daniel. Jennifer says she was just leaving anyways and walks away. Marlena asks Daniel if Jennifer is okay.

Nick says he should get going but Gabi stops him and says she talked to Kate so she heard about his firing. Nick says it's probably for the best. Nick goes to leave but Sonny stops him and thanks him since Arianna is sleeping. Sonny tells Gabi that if she wants to take a walk with Nick, he and Will got it covered. Gabi thanks him and she exits with Nick. Will tells Sonny that was so nice of him. Sonny says he figured they could use some alone time and they're not the only ones as he kisses Will.

Abigail tells Chad that she didn't see any of this coming. Chad thinks life keeps throwing them together. Chad apologizes for getting her in the middle of things with the video of Sami. Abigail says she's not having second thoughts. Chad says he knows she likes to do the right thing. Abigail doesn't want to turn the discussion into her being a virgin. Chad notes her blushing and thinks it's special. Abigail doesn't know about any of this. Chad says he didn't mean to dump all of this on her but felt there was something special between them. Abigail goes to leave but Chad stops her to give her the stuffed panda he got for her. Abigail takes it and then exits the coffeehouse.

Nicole brings George and the cop to Eric's room. The cop goes to call a doctor while George notes that Eric didn't look sick at all when he checked in. George worries about the wait last time they dealt with the hospital. Nicole says they are getting him to a doctor no matter what she has to do to make that happen.

Chad goes to Will and Sonny's apartment and greets them, talking about bringing the baby home and being a big day. They joke about changing diapers. Chad says he came to see how Will was doing and admits he also came to talk to Abigail.

Jennifer sits at home thinking about arguing with Daniel about JJ. Abigail comes home. Jennifer asks if everything is okay. She says yes but Jennifer notes she doesn't look okay but doesn't have to talk about it. Abigail doesn't know how to put it into words but calls herself a complete and total screwup.

Nick and Gabi walk through the town square. Nick apologizes that she felt she had nowhere to go that she had to move in with Will and Sonny. Gabi says it's okay as they are all getting along really well and everything's good. Gabi brings up Sami wanting to hire him before and suggests sending his resume. Nick points out that they are married but sound like strangers. Gabi thinks it's because they are.

Marlena talks to Daniel about taking care of her patients while she takes care of Sami. Marlena mentions Eric being out of town which Daniel did not know. Marlna talks about him trying to get the permit for the school at St Luke's or else he'd be transferred out of Salem. Marlena notes that she'd be lost without him. Daniel gets a call from Nicole. Nicole informs him that she's in an ambulance with Eric and he's really sick. She tells Daniel that he has to help him.

Kristen returns home with her video cameras. She says there's no rest for the wicked as she plugs it into her computer.

Sonny asks Chad if it's about Abigail and the video but Chad says it's nothing to do with that. Chad says he kind of did something crazy tonight. Chad explains how he took Abigail to the amusement park and had a very clear understanding that it wasn't a date. Sonny brings up Cameron. Chad says he doesn't like dogging him but can tell it's not over between them. Chad wants one more chance with Abigail and wonders if Cameron's not the right guy for her and if Abigail thinks it too.

Abigail talks to Jennifer about her and Cameron getting closer and telling him she was ready but she wasn't. Abigail talks about going out with Chad as friends but deep down she knew he wanted more and she still said yes. Abigail says the worst part is that she had a really great time. Jennifer tells Abigail that she needs to stay away from Chad because he is bad news.

Kristen watches the video of her and Eric on her computer until the doorbell rings. She calls for Harold but there's no answer so she goes to get the door herself. The man who delivered the viles to her arrives, checking to see if his formulas were of use. Kristen says definitely.

Eric is stretchered into the hospital. Daniel asks Nicole what happened. She explains that she found him and he recognized her for a second. Eric is taken into a room. Roman arrives as Marlena explains that they don't know what happened yet and what they have heard. Marlena turns to Nicole and tells her that Sister Anabel said he was fine when he left and alone. Marlena questions what Nicole was doing there.

Nick tells Gabi it's his fault as he made a thousand promises about their future and life together. Nick says he meant every single promise. Gabi says she knows but he was lying to himself. Nick says he tried so hard to pretend that what happened to him in prison wasn't driving everything he did. He thought if he had the perfect wife, family, and baby then it would all just go away. Nick says he knows it must feel like he just latched onto the first girl that came around but he insists that she's special and he will always care about her. Nick hopes that even though they've been through so much that they can still be friends. Gabi admits she cares about him and wants him to get the help he needs but says she needs to take care of Rafe when he gets out of the hospital and be the best mom she can be. Gabi says she has a chance to finally get things right and doesn't want to screw that up. Nick thinks she made the right decision moving in with Will and Sonny as they are good guys and a hell of a lot better than him. Gabi says she needs to go and tells Nick to take care of himself as she walks away.

Abigail recalls Jennifer telling Jack to relax about Chad in the past. Jennifer says that was before what happened at the wedding. Abigail says everyone makes mistakes. Jennifer brings up her being so close with Cameron. Abigail says if she was so sure Cameron was the one then she wouldn't keep thinking about Chad. Jennifer calls it just a confusing time for her. Abigail says she's fine and needs to be alone so she heads upstairs.

Will reminds Chad about breaking up with Abigail after the wedding thing. Will says they all make mistakes and he's over what Chad did so Abigail must be too. Will says in a convoluted way, Chad did him a favor since he wouldn't be with his daughter otherwise. Chad says he'll let them get back to what he interrupted and will see them later. Chad exits. Sonny and Will go back to kissing on the couch.

Nicole explains to Marlena and Roman that she found Eric's notes at the church and wanted to track him down so now she's praying that he'll be okay. Nicole adds that she insisted on bringing Eric here to get the best care possible so Daniel could help him.

Daniel and a nurse look over Eric's lab report wondering what is wrong.

Kristen tells her contact that she was just watching something to remember the night by since no one else will remember as Eric remains unconscious in his hospital room.

Daniel talks to the nurse about starting antibiotics. He tells her to come to him if his condition changes. Daniel goes to leave but the monitor starts beeping.

Sonny and Will continue kissing until Gabi returns home. Will asks if everything is okay. Gabi says it's great and they talk about Arianna still sleeping and how it will be when she wakes up. Gabi goes to try and take a nap while she can. Will and Sonny lay together on the couch and talk about when they were babies. Will decides he's going to go sing to Arianna.

Kristen gets a drink for her contact. He admits this wasn't just a check in as he needed to tell her about the aftereffects.

Daniel tells Marlena and Roman that Eric's heart rate is back to normal and the fever is broken. Daniel says they pumped him full of fluids as he was dehydrated and it looks like he will be okay. Daniel adds that it may not be necessary for Eric to stay in the hospital. Nicole calls him the best. Marlena thanks them both. Daniel says they can go see him when the nurse finishes checking his vitals. Roman thanks him. Daniel steps aside with Nicole. Daniel says he needs to know everything that happened from the time she found Eric to the time she got him there. Nicole asks what's going on.

Kristen asks about the effects. He says he's referring to the promise he made that the patient would not remember anything.

Daniel tells Nicole that there's no sign of bacterial infection and he's never seen it heal up this fast. Daniel says if he didn't know better, he would say that Eric was poisoned.

The man tells Kristen that it was only after he gave her the viles that he was informed of problems with the ingredients so they aren't as potent as expected. He says he can't promise the victim's long term memory. Kristen worries that this means Eric could remember everything that happened to him. She throws her drink in frustration.

Eric remains in his hospital bed shaking.

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