Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/24/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/24/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen and Eric continue kissing in bed. Nicole wonders about having the right room number. Kristen tries to get up when she hears a knock. Nicole then pushes the door open and heads inside, looking shocked by what she sees.

Abe walks through the town square. Cameron rushes up to talk but Abe says he doesn't have the time and keeps on walking.

Chad and Abigail go to the coffeehouse talking about their time at the amusement park. Abigail says she had more fun than she had in a long time. Chad gets cotton candy out of her hair as they get close.

Kate talks with Gabi at the hospital as she's signing hospital release forms. Kate asks if she can help. Gabi thinks Sonny has everything covered. Kate mentions hoping that Rafe could have held the baby before she left the hospital. Gabi agrees but thinks it's best that Rafe stay in the hospital. Kate agrees, mentioning what Rafe would wake up to with Sami.

EJ tells Will not to tell Abe anything. Will blames himself for all of this. Sami tells him it's not his fault that Rafe was attacked. Will insists on telling the truth.

Nicole backs out of the room she entered having been the wrong room and walking in on two people in bed. Nicole declares that she's going to find Eric. Eric and Kristen continue kissing in bed as the knock on their door was room service which Kristen tells to go away.

Sonny tries to get through to Will. EJ tells Will that he won't be helping Sami but hurting her by providing a motive. Sami talks about fighting for Arianna. Abe enters and asks if he's interrupting.

Abigail steps back and Chad apologizes. Abigail says it's okay and she had a great time. Chad says now it's back to the real world. Abigail brings up the drama with Sami coming back. Chad asks what she's going to do. Abigail says she won't break her promise. Abigail says she knows EJ is engaged to Sami but doesn't understand why Chad is so concerned with keeping her secret. Chad says he feels like he needs to make up for what he did at Nick and Gabi's wedding as he says it's all his fault.

Kate informs Gabi that she fired Nick for violating a clause in his contract and feels she had no choice. Gabi asks how he is. Kate wonders why she cares since they broke up. Gabi says she still cares about him. Kate thinks that means Nick still has his hooks in her. Gabi says Nick makes mistakes. Kate states that Nick needs to realize he can't get away with treating people the way he does, especially Will.

EJ and Sami tell Abe that they were just talking about Will getting home. Abe asks to talk to Will and Sonny alone. EJ asks if it's not a friendly visit. Abe wants their statements. Sami says they were the only ones that weren't in Rafe's room. EJ mentions them not having legal representation. EJ and Sami exit the room. Abe says this won't take long and he asks Will and Sonny if either of them saw Sami before the shooting that night.

EJ and Sami talk in the hospital lobby as Sami worries about if Will tells Abe the truth. EJ doesn't think Will is going to slip since he'd be hanging everyone out to dry. Sami hopes he's right as they hug.

Will tells Abe that he didn't see Sami. Abe asks if either of them knew the victim. Will mentions knowing Rafe. Sonny says he saw Bernardi at the coffeehouse a few times but didn't know him. Will assumes seeing him at the police station but not at the hospital. Abe thanks them. Will stops him and says there is one thing he did want to say.

Eric sits up in bed wondering what's going on. Kristen asks if something's wrong as they go back to kissing in bed.

Kate advises Gabi not to feel guilty about Nick. Gabi says she doesn't. Kate brings up her worrying about him. Gabi thinks Kate just came up with a reason to fire Nick because of what happened with Will. Kate thinks Nick uses people. Gabi says Nick has been through a lot. Kate brings up all Nick has brought on himself. Kate explains how he let EJ and Sami get her formula and he continues to do the same things. Gabi adds that Nick would do anything for her and Arianna. Gabi says Kate has been nice to her but questions if she should be talking to her about relationships and love. Kate asks her to listen to her because she has her whole life ahead of her. Kate says she never learned from her mistakes by going from one dysfunctional relationship to another. Kate says she's realized all she ever wanted was a good man but it's probably too late.

Abigail thinks Chad is crazy to blame himself. Chad blames himself completely for everything that happened after. Chad says everyone would've been better off if he kept quiet. Abigail suggests things could've been worse since Will has a daughter now. Chad suggests talking about her instead. Chad hates that he betrayed her back then and is grateful that she managed to forgive him. Abigail calls him a tough guy to be mad at. She thinks back to her last date with Cameron and they get close as Cameron arrives looking in the window outside.

Sami and EJ return to the room. Sami questions what Will said. Sonny tells her that Will told Abe that Sami would never shoot Bernardi without reason. Sami hugs Will thanking him. Will asks Sonny to take Sami out for coffee so he can speak to EJ alone. Sami asks what's going on. Will says he asked Sonny to take her out so she wouldn't know. Sonny exits with Sami. Will tells EJ that he thinks they both know who's behind this. Will questions if EJ is so loyal to Stefano that he would risk Sami going to jail for the rest of her life.

Nicole returns to the front desk, questioning Martha about giving her the wrong room. She asks for Eric's room as George returns, threatening to call the police if she doesn't leave.

Kristen and Eric continue kissing in bed.

Cameron starts to walk away but Abigail sees him and calls out to him. Cameron enters and apologizes for interrupting and says he was just passing by. Chad goes to get him some coffee. Cameron says it looks like they had fun as Abigail doesn't seem as upset as she was before. Abigail admits they had really good time. Cameron asks if what she wanted to talk to him about before is about the two of them.

Sonny talks to Sami in the hospital lobby. Sami wants to know what EJ and Will are talking about but Sonny says she sometimes might let things slip. Sami apologizes for Sonny being dragged into all of this. They talk about Adrienne and then agree not to. Gabi and Kate walk by with Arianna. Gabi hands Arianna to Sonny. Sonny talks about how they can't wait to be home. Gabi mentions needing to change Arianna's diaper. Sonny calls it a good time for a tutorial and they walk on together. Kate mentions seeing Abe leave in a bad mood. Kate brings up that they still haven't found Bernardi's weapon. Sami admits they haven't and thinks Kate loves it.

EJ tells Will that he understands where he's coming from but it's not a question of loyalty. Will asks what it is since Stefano sent Bernardi to kill Rafe. EJ says he can't prove that. Will thinks revealing Bernardi worked for Stefano would prove that Sami was protecting Rafe. EJ explains that Stefano will lie and say whatever he needs to say to make it look like Sami had a motive. EJ says he isn't trying to protect Stefano but it's important that he remains neutral until Sami is cleared. EJ assures that he will fight as hard as he can to make sure Sami does not go to prison but he will not tip his hand to Stefano unless he absolutely has to.

Nicole explains to the front desk that she's just trying to help Eric and needs to hand him the papers. She asks them to just tell Eric that she's there. George says they can't disturb their guests. Nicole says he's a priest and wonders what there is to disturb.

Eric and Kristen stop kissing as Eric asks what just happened.

Abigail tells Cameron that what she had to tell him is kind of about Chad but not what he thinks. Chad steps out for a moment. Abigail asks Cameron what's going on with him. Cameron says she told him the amusement park wasn't a date but he saw her touching Chad's face while they are supposed to be together. Cameron says he felt closer to her nine months ago than now. Abigail argues that it's not true. Cameron accuses her of having two guys on a string so she doesn't have to get serious with either one. Abigail questions if this is about having sex. Cameron tells her to tell him.

Gabi and Sonny try to figure out diaper changing. Gabi thanks him for letting them move in with Will. Sonny thinks it will work out great.

Kate thinks Sami is being paranoid and says she's concerned about the weapon not appearing. Sami talks about knowing it was a razor. Kate questions her story. Sami tells her to go to hell. Kate says she's on her side and just doesn't think it's good to change her testimony. Sami says she's not changing it and just knows for certain now. Kate assures Sami that if anything happens to her then she will take care of Will and the baby. Sami says she's not going anywhere and adds that they can blame Kate for everything.

EJ tells Will that he's glad Stefano is out of town. Will thinks Stefano will get away with another. EJ tells him to let him deal with Stefano. Will says they have to find the razor. EJ adds that they have to make sure no one else has seen the video.

Eric collapses and passes out in bed. Kristen says she's sorry but she had to do it as she gets out of bed and reveals she videotaped the entire thing on two cameras which she takes with her.

Abigail can't believe Cameron is throwing this in her face. Cameron says he's trying to figure out where he stands with her as he thought things were changing for them but then saw her about to kiss Chad. Abigail says this isn't the place for this conversation. Cameron says maybe not but they need to have it and he has to get back to the hospital. Chad returns and Cameron exits. Chad comments on them not looking happy. Abigail admits it wasn't their best conversation. Chad hopes to cheer her up.

Kate tells Sami only she could shoot someone at point blank range and blame it on someone else. Kate accuses her of having an affair with Rafe and then throwing it in Stefano's face. Kate apologizes for it and cries that she should've known she would end up hurting Rafe when he's the one person she never wanted to hurt. Sami says she's human. Will and EJ join them as Will asks where Sonny is since he's ready to get out. Sonny and Gabi come out with Arianna. EJ offers a ride but Sonny says they are good to go. Sami tells them to call if they have any questions. Will jokes with Sonny as they walk on. Sami asks EJ to take her home. EJ kisses her and agrees. They walk on. Kate remains seated. Kate says she does feel sorry for Sami but maybe a few years in prison will do her and everyone else some good.

Nicole continues asking for Eric's room. George finally agrees to give her the room number.

Kristen puts her wig back on and says she's sorry that Eric had to pay for his bitch of a mother. Kristen repeats that she's sorry as she exits the room leaving Eric in bed.

Abe runs into Cameron in the town square and apologizes if he seemed rude before. Cameron understands he's busy. Abe asks what he wanted to talk about. Cameron tells him that he no longer has a second gig so he wondered if he could spend more time with Theo. Abe says they would love that. Cameron says he'll call him and starts to walk away but Abe stops him and asks if he's okay. Cameron says he's fine and walks on.

Chad gives Abigail a stuffed panda that he wanted to win her at the amusement park. Chad apologizes for dragging her into the whole video mess and asks if that's what she was so upset about. Abigail says it wasn't that and she doesn't want to talk about that. Abigail wants to talk about how much fun they had. Chad takes her back to the position they were in before Cameron walked in.

Will, Sonny, Gabi, and Arianna arrive at their new apartment. Will and Gabi are impressed. Sonny is glad they like it. Sonny welcomes them home and they have a group hug.

EJ brings Sami home to the DiMera Mansion where he has a candle lit dinner set up. Sami thanks him for the surprise. Sami asks about his conversation with Will. EJ says Will asked him to keep it private so he has to respect that. Sami mentions Sonny saying Will doesn't trust her to always keep things to herself and he's right. EJ wants to leave that at the hospital and make the rest of the evening about them. EJ tells her to stop worrying and promises that he won't let anything happen to her. Sami kisses him until the doorbell rings. EJ says he gave the staff the night off since he thought they would have the house to themselves. EJ answers the door and a man hands Sami a subpoena. EJ opens it and they read that Sami has been asked to appear in front of the grand jury tomorrow.

Nicole makes her way to Eric's room and knocks on the door asking if he's in there. Eric struggles with getting up and accidentally kicks the lamp over. Nicole knocks on the door asking if he's alright. Nicole finds a nearby cart and a key card to open the door and rushes inside. Kristen makes her exit down the hall after Nicole goes in. Nicole checks on Eric asking what happened to him.

Kristen tries to leave the hotel but George stops her and says she's not going anywhere as he knows what she's up to.

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